Is Blake Berris Bringing Nick Fallon Back to Salem on Days of Our Lives?!


This news will definitely have me cutting Days of Our Lives new regime some slack, if it proves true! Soap Opera Digest is reporting one of the best younger male actors to appear on DAYS in decades, Blake Berris, could soon be reprising the role of Horton great-grandson Nick Fallon!

Anyone who was reading Daytime Confidential back when Berris first appeared on DAYS from 2006-09, knows I was hella impressed with his performance as the lovable-but-unlucky-in-love geek. Could the possible return of Nick throw a more viable wrench than Gabi (Camila Banus) into the Chad (Casey Deidrick) and Melanie (Molly Burnett) pairing? Let's hope so!

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    Would be HAPPY if Blake came back but PLEASE… Keep him away from Melaniwiney, Chad and Gagme-Gabi. Melanie has been forced on us for a few years with no rooting value and the first try at this was when Nick was close to being written off. Along with other mind numbing plot lines in between… I was rooting for Vivian in her revenge scheme. Then they turned she and Daniel into this horrible plot related to Maggie. Yuck! Maybe he can meet up with Billie again, a part of a Kristen/Susan plot, or even better Will. If Nick comes back, keep him far away from Melanie, Chad and Gabi.

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    Blake’s Twitter says ” letting the DAYS go by” is a great does that mean he’s letting Days go bye, or that he’s “same as it ever was” in going back. Really hope he returns. Blake was awesome on Days

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    I saw a little bit of him when he was in the Billie/Chelsea story as mom tried to hide Nick from her daughter…i didn’t really give a crap cuz i hated Julie Pinson in the Billie role. But Berris played a really messed up psycho toward the end of his run, so i’d def. give him another chance. I have YET to read one good thing about Melanie or Daniel on this show, WTH can’t they write them both off once and for all?

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