Sean Kanan on Bringing Deacon Back to Bold and Beautiful: “Sunny Los Angeles Sure Beats Cold Wisconsin”

Mark your calendars, Deacon Sharpe lovers. Sean Kanan is finally reprising his popular bad boy on the soap where the character originated, CBS Daytime's The Bold and the Beautiful! Look for Deacon to start sharing scenes with villainous publishing czar Bill "Dollar Bill" Spencer (Don Diamont) starting May 24.

Kanan spoke to Soap Opera Digest about his excitement to be returning to B&B after a seven-year absence, which saw him appear as the character on the 30-minute sudser's sister soap The Young and Restless for a couple of stints. Said Kanan:

"Deacon is at his best when he's interacting with The Bold and the Beautiful characters. If the fans respond well to my return, there's a possibility that I can continue on there. I would really love hanging around for a while. Sunny Los Angeles sure beats cold Wisconsin."

Alright fans, you heard the man. Start responding! For more of Kanan's interview, pick up the May 21 issue of Soap Opera Digest.

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    I am not sure how B&B expects to have this character exist on the show. The 2 Bell shows create characters that fans like/love or loathe but the writers write them to the point of no return and then continually bring these characters back as if the fans forget everything they did before, whether on the present show or when they crossed over to the sister soap.

    Deacon has a son somewhere in hiding that Amber fought to have and lost the love of her life over, Daniel, over on the Young and the Restless. Once she got back to B&B the kid is forgotten and the struggle to get him/her is lost. I don’t understand why they bothered with the kid to begin with and if Amber wanted to protect him then why isn’t she there or just working any job to keep him safe (and herself out of the spotlight from those who want to destroy him?!)

    Paul is the same. The writers on Y&R gave him 2 kids that he willingly gave up to be raised by others and never looked back. Jack the same with his 2 sons. He has Keemo whom he never knew about and is no longer on the show or even mentioned. Now he has Kyle whom he let Diane raise but the lazy writers opted out of just having the character (who is wealthy enough to buy and sell companies willy-milly) fly to see the son without us, the audience, seeing him but just getting acknowledgement that he is stilll around.

    Phyllis fights tooth and nail for her granddaughter but the writers barely have her mention her child with Nick or have Nick and Sharon enter a room to see their child (Sharon is always saying the NANNY has faith or hope whatever her kid’s name is). It just doesnt ring true to me.

    Thankfully with Chloe, Delia is a major part of who her character is and, although she is 5 now and mostly likely only 2-3 in reality, the audience sees this child all the time. Reed is another one. Vicki lost custody of her son but the show is always mentioning him or bringing the actor back and that’s great!!! Fen is mentioned often although he is in Canada with his older brother Scott. It would be great to have Scott return even if for one day just so we see Lauren’s entire family together. But the writers are doing justice to them by keeping them fresh on our minds.

    It’s the FORGOTTEN CHILDREND OF THE SOAPS that annoy me because then when they return we’re to accept the situations they are in.

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    [quote=met]hmmm…..the atmosphere on the set at Y&R is that cold eh???[/quote]

    I don’t even want to know how poisoned the set really is. LOL But yeah when I read “sunny Los Angeles” and “cold Wisconsin” I was thinking the same thing.^^

    I’m happy that Sean Kanan is back where he belongs. I just hope that Brad Bell does write for him. You know when he doesn’t want to write for a character you show up to a family dinner once a year.^^

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