Lindsay Bushman Cast as SORASed Summer Newman on The Young and The Restless


Nick (Joshua Morrow) and Phyllis' (Michelle Stafford) "super girl" has been found! CBS Soaps In Depth is reporting  Lindsay Bushman has been cast as the now teenage Summer Newman.


Bushman is no stranger to soaps; the actress appeared on General Hospital as a young Kate. Her credits also include Fox's recently axed The Finder, Nickelodeon's Big Time Rush and Ringer. Look for her Genoa City residency to begin June 8.

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    These people running this show have lost their minds. They age these kids and never keep track of who should be what age. Really sad how they have screwed up a wonderful show or I should say, “USE TO BE WONDERFUL”. The people in charge should all be fired, especially that hack, Maria Hackerena Bell.

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    Well another young one Like I said its not the 80’s anymore just because Teens are home for the summer they not going to set around watching soaps its 2012

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    Restless Fan

    Good God! What is Maria Bell doing? I can’t believe the Bell family is letting her bury this show. Clearly those siblings learned nothing from their dad! I don’t know what he might find most offensive. That Maria pissed and crapped all over his show or that his kids and wife let her do it?

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    From what I have been reading, Y&R is going to become centered around the younger generation on this show. Other soaps are doing that. Who knows what is right and what is wrong? I see on some soaps, the older generation is brought back and instead of writing age appropriate stories for them, they are given stuff that is ridiculous. They are acting like teenagers which is silly.

    I don’t know where to draw the line in either direction.

    I find Chloe/Kevin so dam boring, I cannot watch when they are on. I do like Phyllis/Sharon/Nick but how many times can they go around? They could decide on the permanent couple there, who knows. I think that is what is behind connecting Sharon/Victor. Trying to recapture for the older characters. Why can’t they just give Niki/Victor a more mature relationship. Keep basic concept of him being manipulator and her being rich, walk around the house, wife. I think it would work.

    Write older gen as older gen.

    Realistically Y&R has same problem GH has. Some of the actors make tons of money and it doesn’t match to current ratings/profit. It is what it is. Trying to stay on topic here but some of the moves the shows are making have to do with necessity to stay on the air. CBS will not budge when it comes to profit. Even though they still have two soaps compared to one on the other networks. They didn’t blink when they cut atwt/gl. Profit is the name of the game. Along with this comes younger cheaper actors. or older vets who take paycuts.

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    Maria Arena Bell needs to be SORAS’d the hell out of her job.

    The Bell family must be out of their minds to let this hack destroy a once wonderful show.

  6. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    It’s getting beyond ridiculous. Who at Sony or CBS can believe that this woman is doing a good job?

    I’m frustrated with this show! Fire Maria Arena Bell.

    As for the younger generation to play a bigger role: Y&R couldn’t write stories for their younger set in years. And now they are trying too hard. It won’t work. All this aging will just get another couple of viewers to turn off the show, because there is no one left to care about.

    Fire Maria Arena Bell.

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    Whereas in the 80’s soaps knew how to write good “teen” stories and keep viewers riveted, I feel like that art is lost today mostly because the problems these youth have are not realistic, and they do not ‘hit home’. I am so sick of 17 year olds becoming CEOS!

    Also, I feel like that due to lack of writing skill, when soaps usually shift focus to younger sets, they all start to fail. This is like a desperation move, or as Jamey might say, a “Show Ending” move.

    In about two months, Daniel’s baby will be about ten.

  8. Profile photo of pumpkin

    I do so agree with your statement on 80’s teen stories. My mind flashes to Phillip/Mindy/Rick/Beth on GL. They had engaging teen stories filled with angst. I am speaking of period when the four were high school/20sh age. Same with other soaps on the air at that time. It was a real competition at that point on who had best story/teens.

    Not so much now. You are right on the money. Teens are running businesses and being CEO’s.

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    For my taste the last really well written “younger” set was the Glow by Jabot group, which also integrated some of the “older” generation especially on the Abbott end of things (Jack/Ashley/John/Jill) with a side of Chancellor (Katherine), with assists from Lauren and Phyllis. (When she wasn’t as obnoxiously chewing up screen time). It had not just drama woven throughout but pushed story foward into other areas that allowed characters to grow gracefully out of their teen years and into young adulthood… 0:)

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    What choice does Y&R have since they refuse to change writers. They have brought in a laundry list of vets from other soaps to what? Lower ratings. Featuring favfaves hasn’t mattered.No one cared to watch when the Billy Is Back promo aired. I’m sad to see ED leave but really the Abbotts and Ashley in particular have been a non factor for years. We all hate to see vets leave but with the economics what choices do these shows have. It’s a shame none of these shows have the guts to cut the real dead weight.

    My guess is y&R is looking at the success B&B has has with their younger cast and is moving in that direction. Nd in all reality they shou,d be giving the younger cast more story. And since Abby’s dreadful aging and miscast, Fenn and Summer being aged now doesn’t bother me.

  11. Profile photo of met

    Another cheap actor/actress on the scene.
    Soon Y&R’s heavy payroll will be a thing of the past.
    I wonder if Victor will be shown on the 1st and the 15th of every month now that the younger gen is coming on the scene?
    personally I wouldn’t mind that at all – then I wouldn’t have to watch Sharon Case cringe while doing a smooching or love scene with Eric Braeden, who also like her father or grandfather on the set.

  12. Profile photo of MsAgentProvocateur1

    angrierblackerman, ITA

    It’s the Writing the Writing the Writing. You can hire, fire, replace, re-cast and just plain throw out– but if the writing still BLOWS then everything else will fail. And the writing on this show has been steadily descending for the past 2-3 years now.

    TPTB can get all the guns for hire that they want but they will consistently run into dead ends (sooner rather than later, I predict) because the writer’s room is devoid of creativity, balance, focus and discipline. They only consistency the writers on this show have managed over the last few years is to write consistently unsustainable characters, leading to characters that eventually are not viable.

  13. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    I have NO interest in watching a bunch of teens and tweens running around Genoa City, but I am hoping that they at LEAST hired someone who can act. It would be even more fun if Summer turns out to be a demon seed just like her mother, the redheaded virus, and she ends up teaming up with Ricky to bring her down. But that sounds too much like a good storyline idea, I suppose………. :p

  14. Profile photo of goyankees

    They are aging and recasting these people at rampant speed, I CAN’T KEEP UP!

    Maybe if they took the time and care in the WRITERS rooms as they are in CASTING, We wouldn’t bitch so much.

    And swanqueen, I too LOVED the Glob by Jabot kids. ‘Course, I was 10 years younger (or more??!) but that was just good stuff. I loved my Brittany Hodges!!! And Mac #1; how could ya not love her?

    My guess is Super Girl will play that role of what Mac was. Will it work? Who knows. Most of us will be retching into a toilet bowl after one too many Daisy scenes to even care or notice.

    But I beg, beg, beg of these writers – when Victor and Sharon FAIL, puhhhleeese don’t age DeeDee to age 25 this fall and have her set her sights on the man. Ohhh, you think they wouldn’t?????? “I’ll show Billy Abbott once and for all!! YOU GOT THAT!?”

  15. Profile photo of tedew

    alstonboy4315 … I agree, and we have The CW for teens and tweens.

    These agings can be very jarring, especially when they turn out to be annoying penalty avoiding law breakers such as Abby and spoiled brats with new issues such as Kyle.

    I think the only recent aging that makes any sense at all was Noah as portrayed by Kevin Schmidt. He also may have some issues yet to manifest but I have a feeling that at least he could make them interesting.

  16. Profile photo of For Whom the Bells Toll
    For Whom the Bells Toll

    Let’s hope the girl can act.

    My problem is the writers and are they up to the task of writing anything interesting for a younger set of characters.They have enough problems writing as it is. I do agree the show does need revitalising and we can only pray they come up with some good stories. If they can get the adults to interract with the younger characters in a topical, believable way it could be good – I am trying to be positive here! :)

    I can imagine all this is happening because of cost restraints and they are trying to bring in a new audience.Maybe they can try some groundbreaking storylines for a change to get people interested and do promotions.They have to try to keep the show going. :)

  17. Profile photo of wasabi

    My 19-year-old daughter was just complaining last week about the way the older, interesting characters on the show are being wasted. She’s not interested in the new teenagers taking up screen time. She just finished her second year of college, but I don’t think she’ll be spending much time with Genoa City this summer. Maybe the producers should be more concerned about eroding the audience they already have instead of hoping to lure a younger viewing audience who may have as little interest in these SORASed kids as my daughter has.

  18. Profile photo of Camp is not a sustainable model
    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @everyone: Now there was poster on a previous posting who suggested that Maria’s latest guest star would or could bring more eye-balls to Y&R. To that I have this to say:

    Who would want to watch a show that is in such a terrible state? You want to bring eye-balls to a soap that has lost close to 1 million viewers in under 18 months due to the bad writing, casting etc…?

    I mean I would not even try to sell Y&R to my worst enemy and I got a few them lying about.

    Also, no amount of stunt casting is gonna save this show. Put it like this:

    Casting Brad Pitt or Denzel Washington is not gonna do a hill of beans for Y&R as long as the ‘destruction team’ is still at the helm.

    You can cast Jesus and Y&R will still lose two tenths of a point and will be overall down 400,000 viewers that week from the previous year.

    And knowing Maria, Jesus would be a psychopathic Prophet from the Ashram whose the long lost father of Victor Newman… Played by that doctor from those 70’s cigarette commercials.

  19. Profile photo of beaglesimpson

    I am not wasting anymore of my time on his show. 37 years to be exact. The nail in the coffin this week was ED being “let go”. I can’t keep watching this show crash and burn. I just hit the “Cancel Series Recording” button on my DVR.

    Goodbye Y and R. You were great for much of the time I spent with you but no more.

  20. Profile photo of hey mon
    hey mon

    I posted this on another Board:

    There will be no more getting back to the ‘core characters’ of the last 25 years.

    2 months from now, Y&R will look like “Y&R: The Next Generation”. The ratings for Y&R are down from a year ago. The show is posting ratings of 2.9 and 3.0 regularly, instead of the 3.7’s of a few months ago, or the 4.3’s and 4.4’s of a few years ago. PLUS, Y&R has always skewed towards an older group of people. It’s #1 because of loyal viewers from Y&R’s heydey of 1985-1995, who are considered OLD like me. I’m not 18-35, I’m almost 50.

    Advertisers ONLY want women aged 18-35 as their target audience. I don’t know why, I don’t understand it. I have a degree in Marketing, and I don’t understand it. Cause when I was 18 yrs old, I had NO MONEY, and could hardly buy anything. Now I have much more money. But that is what advertisers want, women in their 20s as viewers.

    So, the Show is going to start revolving around the under 35 crowd. Abby, Devon, Fen, Summer, Kyle, Eden, Noah, Ricky, Daisy, everyone in the teens and twenties. Those over 35 will be seen ONLY as types of advisers to their children, such as Jill’s new role. Jill advising Cane, Jill advising Billy. Over 50-yr old romances like Tucker and Ashley will soon be a thing of the past. Nick, Sharon, Phyllis, they have a year or two before the chopping block comes for them.

    SONY, CBS, and the advertisers will put up with 2.9’s and 3.0’s IF the show has a large 18-35 female fan base, BUT SONY/CBS will not put up with Y&R’s ratings with its current fan base.

    Eileen Davidson was most likely asked to take a pay cut. She is an accomplished author, and is a spokesperson for a facial enhancement firm. In other words, she doesn’t need the money that bad. She most likeley doesn’t need to be on the Show once or twice a week to ‘advise’ her daughter Abby, or to ‘advise’ her nephew Kyle. So she decided to leave.

    But I am liking the new Summer, as far as looks goes. But I don’t like the feeling about ‘looking’ at someone who is too young.

  21. Profile photo of GHteenybopper

    My number one soap that I consistently watch although it’s hard at times, is GH, but in the summer sometimes I do watch Y&R, and I barely recognize half the people on there, there’s some creepy dude named Ricky, some mini Adam looking clone who’s playing Kyle who was like 11 last month, and all the stories surrounding the SORAS’d kids suck…When I do tune into to watch Y&R during the summer it’s most definitely not for the crappy tween stories, the last time Y&R had a good teen scene was with Mac, Billy, Brittany and Raul way back when I was probably in grade 5-6. Now it’s sad to see how much they’ve ruined Sharon, now Ashley is leaving and probably because of another breakdown, they have Sharon going through the Newman men like it’s nothing, there’s a crap load of new characters for which I couldn’t care less about and now they have Daniel proposing to Daisy…what in the entire hell happened to this show?!?!?! All the older or vet characters that can actually drive story are being used to prop these..teenyboppers lol this needs to stop. Whoever this MAB lady is should go take a hike somewhere.

  22. Profile photo of jgrace2000

    I happen to know this actress can kick ass on the screen. You should see her work. She is amazing don’t call people cheap when in reality you don’t a thing.

    God Bless You.

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