The Young and The Restless Spoilers: Nikki Finds Out Victor and Sharon Are (ICK) a Couple!


Nikki/Victor/Ashley: The socialite learns all about Victor and Sharon.

Billy/Victoria: The Abbotts are stunned by Chelsea's announcement regarding her stay in Genoa City.

Ashley/Tucker/YoHarmony/Neil/Devon/Abby: The rebel billionaire goes to Abby's to plead his case with his wife. Ashley is not budging from her decision  not to give him another chance, after his romp with Harmony. Ash knows her track record with men. If forgives Tucker, she will always be wondering if he will dip out on heragain. As Tucker is begging like Keith Sweat, Abby arrives and tells him to get out of her house! We all know the Naked Heiress never cared for her stepdaddy.

After Tucker leaves, Devon heads over to Abby's, where he learns about his bio parents hooking up. Devon is very upset since he just started to trust the two of them (How is this any of his business?). Later, Neil lets Harmony know he told Sofia about his growing attraction to her. She in turn blabs about her sheet shimmy with Tucker and bolts!

Neil is ticked by this revelation, and worries about Devon's trust issues and Harmony's sobriety. Harmony heads off to see Tucker and winds up hearing Devon giving his father a verbal beat down. She then receives one herself. Devon tells his parents they aren't fit to be in his life (Boy stop!) and leaves Harmony in tears. Meanwhile, Ashley starts to cave on giving Tucker another chance, but sees him comforting Harmony and decides her husband can hit the bricks.

Sofia: She makes a tough choice regarding her relationship with Neil.

Daisy/Daniel/Eden/Phyllis: Red and the milquetoast psychopath spot Daniel and Eden kissing at Jimmy's. Daisy is not amused, but plays things close to the vest. She knows everyone is just waiting for her to slip up. Later, Daisy stakes her claim on Daniel to Eden. Eden is gob smacked by the revelation that Daniel got hitched with that nut job. Phyllis lets her daughter-in-law know Daniel's involvement with Eden is proof positive he will never love her. Phyllis then fills Daisy in on her past with Danny. Daisy decides to tell Ricky this bit of information. Smelling a story, Ricky plans on using Phyllis' sordid past to take her down.

Cricket/Cane: The legal eagle has a tough decision for the Aussie con man to make.

Daniel:The artist is wracked with painful memories on the day marking Cassie's death.


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    [quote]Nikki Finds Out Victor and Sharon Are (ICK) a Couple![/quote] now we know how Nikki feels when she has to make out with Victor – definitely a ick momemt.

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    I’m interested to see what the Chelsea situation is all about, and….. crickets. crickets. ummm…..

    The shot of MTS says it all. I don’t want to see the scene, I don’t want to hear the conversation, I don’t want to listen to Victor mumble to Nicki waxing poetic over poking young Sharon.

    IT’S GROSS!!

    And please don’t get me started on ANNNNYTHING regarding Daisy. Cuz I aint watching a single scene involving her (no, really…. I’m not)

    Nothing about Jack. No mention of Kay Chancellor; where’s Nina?? We’d like THEM PLEASE….not a weeks worth of Daisy, Ricky (UGH) Eden and Sofia.

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    How are they going to write out Ashley?

    Will she be so devastated over her break-up with Tucker, a man she’s known for little over a year, that she’ll need to pack her bags and leave GC?

    Or will it be a mental breakdown and commitment to the psych ward?

    Or will it be the new Y&R’s favorite way to get rid of an Abbott? Killing her off.

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    I like the idea of them turning Nikki into an amateur version of B&B’s Stephanie Forrester, but they are gonna have to give Sharon more of a backbone if they are gonna pair her with Victor. Yes, it’s gross and it makes me sick to my stomach, but seeing Sharon running around town acting like such a wimp is also sickening. She lets Phyllis, Victoria, Nick and Nikki run all over her and just stands there smirking like she’s got gas. I want to see her claws come out!

  5. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    [quote=SoapArmageddon]How are they going to write out Ashley?

    Will she be so devastated over her break-up with Tucker, a man she’s known for little over a year, that she’ll need to pack her bags and leave GC?

    Or will it be a mental breakdown and commitment to the psych ward?

    Or will it be the new Y&R’s favorite way to get rid of an Abbott? Killing her off.[/quote]

    It will be Ashley getting hit by yoharmony in a car drunk and wasted and Neil and Devon covering up the crime for Yoharmony, lol. smdh. wash, rinse and repeat.

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    I wish instead of Nikki being so visibly disgusted and angry… for a woman who claims to be moving on and on and on from Victor she gets awfully angry or close to tears over him… that they show her saying to Victor with all the snide power she has “she just keeps moving up the Newman ladder, doesn’t she” and as he is screaming at her about Jack have Nikki start laughing at Victor and just turn around laughing her way out the door. THAT WOULD PUT HIM IN HIS PLACE.

    Then with Sharon, have her call her out on her deeds over the years but, again, like with Victor, turn and walk away from Sharon as sharon is trying to muster up a comeback. That would make Nikki a strong character and just piss the other two off!

    I can see what Daniel is doing to get his daughter but why is it played SOOOOO rushed like it is?! Also, what’s with the town of WHOREDOM CITY doign in the GC? Eden slept with Kyle after leaving the same bar the night before only to make out with Daniel who lies that he is not JUST married?!! Harmony sleeps with Tucker willy-nilly? Victor and Sharon next… EWWWWW.

    Why is Daniel thinking about Cassie?! Let that teen rest in peace?! I don’t see the need for that character to be brought up.

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    Why is Cane’s choice so “difficult”. Bitch (Genevieve) broke the law, and she should PAY. He seems to send his father to prison over and over again without breaking a sweat.

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    I am looking forward to some Y&R plots to come. It will be very interesting to see why and how Ricky gets out what he knows or finds out about Phyllis. It will be more of a lark to see Phyllis’ looks of indignation and the looks of stunned disbelief from those around here. It will be a delight to see her life unravel just when she thinks all is getting rosy.

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    For Whom the Bells Toll

    Nikki is being written as a nosey gossip and it’s about time she accepted Victor for who he is and who he pokes.She needs to find happiness and meaning in her life.This is wishful thinking, as the writers are incapable of “fleshing” out characters. |(

    Now to the character who annoys me the most,and there are quite a few – Abby.She is a another judgmental gossip and I find her a meaningless character.She’s always there to condemn and look down her nose at others.In which direction is her character heading? Her Paris Hiltonesque character is very dated now and why doesn’t she take a long vacation or find God (I don’t mean her Dad!!). ;) ;) I think Marcy Rylan’s portrayal doesn’t help matters either as there’s little depth to her acting.

    One more thing – all this bed-hopping and meaningless trysts are gross.There is no romance anymore on the show.No slow build-up to characters finally succumbing to their attraction. Why is Sharon making herself available to Victor unless she’s been secretly lusting for him for years?Even then it would be unnecessary to “go all the way” with the great Victor Newman!! I can’t believe either actor is happy with this turn of events,but they are doing their best with what’s handed to them.It’s their job and I detest people who pick on them for their roles. :|

    Gen and Victor sleeping together was also unnecessary-just an added benefit to the business deal for Victor…yuk! :( Now it’s Daniel and Daisy and Kyle with Eden and casual sex is all the rage.What is with this show? :~ :~ :~ Is this meant to attract new viewers.Are you seriously going to recommend watching YR?

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @everyone: Well looking back, one early sign that Y&R was on the road to hell was when they created the “To Catch A Predator” romance between Cane (a then late 30’s man) and Lily (a barely legal young woman). I was always waiting for Chris Hansen to come into the kitchen and confront Cane with the cameramen, while Cane sat in stool next to island in the center of the kitchen. And the writers played this romance like it was a normal relationship.

    I mean Cane was and still is only a few years younger then Neil. Now what father do you know that would be perfectly fine with his 18 year old daughter dating an over 35 year old man? Heck over 25 even?

    I mean remember in How Stella Got Groove back how Stella’s 20 year old boyfriend’s mother asked Stella how old she was? And when Stella said 40, the mother said 42 (her age). That was her matching their age to one another and wondering ‘what would a 40 year old woman possibly want with 20 year old boy.’

    At that point I came to the conclusion that not only the writers, but the Lane fans loved statutory rape. Because at the time Lily was 5, Cane would have been heading to his freshman year in college.

    Now that was some bad writing right there. And that was when I knew something was up.

    I mean when Dorian slept with Jason on OLTL and Dixie slept with Brian on AMC it was hell-fire and damnation for the older adults in these unions.

    Neil should have took Cane aside and reminded him that Lily was just a baby. In fact Dru would have made the biggest stinker about the age gap.

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    In her last interview, Maria said a lot of fans would be outraged by what they’d see in May sweeps and in the summer. Why would any EP in her right mind want to intentionally piss off fans?

    There’s nothing wrong with stories that play rivals in love or business against each other or with doing controversial storylines that will get the media talking and get people to tune in; but to just write stuff that will turn viewers against a show that is already ratings-challenged strikes me as either incompetent or arrogant, or a combination of both.

    I truly feel for those who are still invested enough in this show to tolerate the insulting dreck that those three head-writing bitches are dishing out.

    (First time I’ve ever used a curse word in a post. Luke, please forgive me.)

  12. Profile photo of Camp is not a sustainable model
    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @SoapArmageddon: You got that right. Maybe she thought it would be “good outrage.”

    It reminds me of how Ken Corday use to mock Days fans by suggesting that future plotlines were going to have them “throwing their sandwiches at the TV…”

    The problem was, when he said this the stories never turned out to be love-to-hate type of stories. They actually were the “ratings drop” type of stories.

    Anges Nixon has been the most successful at making the fans mad and still getting them to tune in. In-fact she could increase numbers by upsetting them. Come on an interracial love-triangle in the 60’s? That brought in the numbers.

  13. Profile photo of Scout

    [quote=david46208]It reminds me of how Ken Corday use to mock Days fans by suggesting that future plotlines were going to have them “throwing their sandwiches at the TV…”[/quote]

    Another Sony soap being ran into the cold, hard ground by an entitled, untalented relative. Sony has too much to gain internationally to see the shows sink into oblivion. Steve Kent, the Sony exec who oversees Y&R, needs to smell the coffee and yank this hack while this show can still be salvaged.

  14. Profile photo of MsAgentProvocateur1

    [quote=david46208]It reminds me of how Ken Corday use to mock Days fans by suggesting that future plotlines were going to have them “throwing their sandwiches at the TV…”[/quote]

    I once worked freelance for a television show (that thankfully eventually got cancelled) and the show had a viewer feedback hotline where viewers could leave messages or inquiries about something they saw on the show and believe me, there were production staff who would actually mock some of the callers leaving messages on the hotline. I don’t doubt that some people at Y&R are having a good laugh at some viewers’ pain. That’s why to me, I stopped watching a few years ago when I got disgusted with Sharon marrying her child’s abductor. Many (not all) of these people behind the scenes in TV live and breathe ratings, that is the only thing they respect. Their ratings drop low enough, they will panic and actually try to make amends.

    Perhaps thirty-forty years ago, they actually responded to the viewers but in recent years, I believe some shows like Y&R, they’ve become so jaded, that they only bond over its a ‘Us Against Them’ mentality instead of bonding over the integrity of the work (one problem being that there’s no longer any integrity). MAB seems to lap up viewers anger like Mother’s Milk– it appears to fuel her. To me, this is perverse. At this point, only money talks and this is directly equated to ratings. Any caring conscientious person would have taken a good look at the ratings over the past few years and made some serious changes in creative content and writing staff. My only remaining thought is that this crew of the Three Stooges have become totally indifferent and are laughing their way to the Gallows.

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    RealityCheck 33

    DAYS has about 18 months left in my opinion. It’s just about played out the string. Y&R has two years left at best. As the ratings plunge for these shows, the tough advertising market will spell the end of the genre for daytime TV. I just wish Y&R would have gone out with more class than this shitfest.

    MAB has done more to kill Y&R than any other person, but I also blame CBS & Sony for letting her do it.

  16. Profile photo of SwanQueen59

    David-Thanks for the update. Anybody want to guess that MAB, upon seeing this slide in the ratings will be walking around with her fingers in her ears and her eyes closed singing “Lalalalalalala. I hear nothing. I see nothing. You can’t tell me this is real.” I do not rejoice that this has happened, but for what this woman has done to Y&R, (along with a few others, mirroring aspects of GH), these ratings are richly deserved… 0:)

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @everyone: Ratings are in and both Sony soaps slipped in the ratings. Days is now the in last place in Total Viewers DAYS 2,331,000 (-52,000/+92,000) and Y&R lost a over 100k again! Y&R 4,293,000 (-152,000/-250,000). Y&R also lost 1 ratings point again in Women 18-49: Y&R 1.3/9 (-.1/-.1) Days stayed the same: DAYS 0.8/5 (same/-.2).

    Funny thing is that the only soaps to gain were the non-Sony Soaps of GH and B&B. ump!

  18. Profile photo of Camp is not a sustainable model
    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @everyone: You know, Maria is just managing a decline of once great daytime brand. She is the Margret Thatcher of daytime.

    I do though feel like that guy from the film The Iron Lady, from the Laubor Party who challenged Margret. Just call us the Traditional Soap Party. This is a play off of the scene from the film where the Laubor party leader takes Margret to task in their parliamentary meeting.

    The Fans: Can the right honorable Maria Bell deny, that having brought about the highest ratings loss since 1999, the biggest fall in all key demographics since 2006, and the biggest collapse in creativity since 2005!?! Can she also accept that her Stunt Casting Economics, designed to bring new attention to Y&R, ensure that these newbies get more screentime and the VETS ARE IRRELEVANT!

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    Devon and his parent angst … just get over it because in spite of the faults you don’t approve of, they are still your parents. We have enough whining complaining pre-teens, teens and post-teens to contend with these days. Besides your precious Father figure Neil certainly can’t be holding up any pure white angel wings.

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    They should have left Sharon with Adam.

    Victor has always had a crush on Sharon. He has just done a better job of hiding it than Bill Spencer on BB who I believe wants to vicariously marry Steffy through his son. I dont even think he is deeply in love with Sharon though he probably wants to sleep with her so he can see what all the hoopla has been about :Sp . He knows dating Sharon will upset Nikki who is dating Jack. My issue is that this is the second time Victor is using Sharon and again she seems oblivious that she is being used.
    I hope Sharon has a breakdown at the end that somehow excuses her actions. Though I dont know how Shadam can reunite if she actually sleeps with Victor.

  21. Profile photo of RealityCheck 33
    RealityCheck 33

    Of course they should have left Sharon with Adam. They were HOT and getting more and more popular. The actors actually had chemistry together and there could have been some wonderful soapy stories written for them. MM and SC put so much into their pairing and now this.

    How anyone could get the incestual Shicktor past the point of a laughable pitch in a writers meeting is beyond me. What’s next, Nikki fucking Adam? Genevieve fucking Devon? Jeffry fucking Chloe?

    Come on show, get your shit together.

  22. Profile photo of ER Writer
    ER Writer

    I feel that in the next year Maria will figure out a way to kill off Sharon.
    I mean she’s already destroyed her figuratively, the only thing left is to get her off the show. Does she have a thing against blonds?

  23. Profile photo of Camp is not a sustainable model
    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @ER Writer: She’s a wisogynist (female misogynist). She writes an approves stories that do women and men no justice. I think before she tries to kill Sharon she’ll bring on Marco Dane and have pimp her on the street. That will be her attempt at trying to copy Karen Wolek from OLTL. Yet she’ll have Sharon killing her “jon’s” Passions style. Then she’ll put her in a Theresa Lopez Fitzgerald rape situation where she marries a man (Alistair) make Nick jealous and constantly gets rape him.

  24. Profile photo of tedew

    I agree that Victor paired with Sharon is beyond belief and beyond silly.
    But … one thing it is NOT is incestuous (in literal terms).

  25. Profile photo of Coffee_Junkie

    [quote=ER Writer]I feel that in the next year Maria will figure out a way to kill off Sharon.
    I mean she’s already destroyed her figuratively, the only thing left is to get her off the show. Does she have a thing against blonds?[/quote]

    She would only kill off Sharon if Eric Braeden says it’s okay. MAB is allowing him to call the shots and dictate storyline direction. She has to run things by him first.

  26. Profile photo of Mets82

    A couple of things. I think Devon has a right to lash out on Harmony and Tucker. Right now, they got to be parents. Tucker has one fight with Ashley (which btw, I dont get) and he gets plowed and sleeps with Harmony? Whats that about?

    Btw, I couldnt stand Sharon two Fridays ago. She was very whiny and judgmental. She made her choice, deal with it. Although, last Friday, she gave Nikki, the whatfor when she said about how “she didnt have to strip or crawl out of a bottle” or something to that effect. Good for her. Nikki has been way too preachy lately. You know what, Nikki, mind your own business and worry about Jack. Frankly, why should anybody care? How about that scene at The Athletic Club when Chelsea and Adam and there staring at Victor and Sharon? You know what, let Victor and Sharon do what they want. Its no concern of Adam, Chelsea, Chelsea’s mother, Nikki, Jack or Nick.

    One more thing. I like her and all but Abby has to keep her mouth shut. I say that considering she ran Tucker down and Tucker kept her secret and kept his mouth shut. I dont think she should goad Tucker because he can turn her in, right?

  27. Profile photo of tedew

    Mets82 … I like your post #37. But I do think that Devon should just let all of his parents be because none of them are perfect and never will be, especially Neil. Just live with it all and get over it because no one can ever live up to your saintly ideals.

    I do however like your take on Nikki because I have not found much to like about her for ages and she rather bugs me.

    Regarding Abby … I do think she should have some loyalty to Tucker for her past transgressions but she does also have her Mother to consider. But the last time we Abby was anywhere near likeable was when she was being parented by Nanny Shani Wallis.

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