ABC Benches Susan Lucci’s Devious Maids; Hayden Panettiere and Jonathan Jackson’s Nashville Gets Series Order


Several daytime soap alums will be heading to ABC primetime this fall, but the genre's biggest star won't be one of them, at least not in Devious Maids. ABC has reportedly passed on Marc Cherry's Desperate Housewives follow-up, which was set to star All My Children's Susan Lucci.

While the Mouse House passed on Cherry's soapy mystery series, they did pick up the music industry-themed sudser Nashville, starring daytime soap alums Hayden Panettiere (One Life to Live, Guiding Light) and General Hospital's Jonathan Jackson. From creator Callie Khouri (Thelma & Louise), Nashville centers on a fading, female country crooner (Friday Night Lights' Connie Britton) dealing with a rising, young honky tonk starlet (Panettiere). Jackson is set to play a sexy, songwriter in the vehicle.     

ABC also ordered the mob soap Red Widow to series. From Twilight screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg, Red Widow is the saga of a woman (Radha Mitchell) who must take her slain husband's place in a crime syndicate, to both avenge his death and maintain her family's lavish lifestyle. Somewhere Bob Guza is calling his agent to pitch himself for the Red Widow writing staff. 

Are you bummed that La Lucci's show didn't make the cut? Excited to see JJ and Hayden in prmetime again? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Profile photo of angrierblackerman

    Really sucks! I was so looking forward to seeing La Lucci again! Yay for Jonathan Jackson!

    Whoever produces “Hot in Cleveland” should give Lucci’s agent a call. She was cool on that show!

  2. Profile photo of Katiebug9624

    To be honest i’m still mourning the loss of GCB to give any new show on ABC a chance. I’ll probably watch Nashville IF its picked up for a second season.

  3. Profile photo of MsAgentProvocateur1

    So it’s official then? I know that it had somehow been rumored that Smash got the boot but I read in the NYTimes this morning that it was being held back by NBC until January so that they can roll out all episodes consecutively with no reruns (following the cable strategy) as networks claim that viewers lose interest in some serial shows when they are interrupted by reruns that disrupt the continuing storyline.

    Given the success of Desperate Housewives, I can’t imagine that some other outlet wouldn’t try their hand with the show.

    And speaking of mourning shows, I’m still pissed that Pushing Daisies got the Ax!!

  4. Profile photo of SoapyBitch

    I want to see Lucci, but I’m kinda glad this didn’t make it. It seemed more GCB than DH. GCB was on the mediocre end. I forget the details of the story that ran here about a Valley of the Dolls redux and I would love to see Lucci in something like that.

    I am still pissed about Pushing Daisies too. Throw Popular into the mix. That may be why I didn’t like GCB completely. I was like, weren’t you just in high school with Mary Cherry? How can in the hot hell can you have a daughter in high school? I guess it’s been over a decade. It makes me feel old. I mourn The WB too.

  5. Profile photo of Dariclone

    I’m happy will get to see Nashville, but I’m *so* mad about Maids! I just told my mum about it last night as were consouling over DH’s finale. I haven’t even really had time to react over GCB’s cancellation. I’m starting to think ABC *Primetime* doesn’t care about their viewers eithier.

  6. Profile photo of js3557

    I’m glad about JJ because I don’t want Lucky back on GH and I am a sucker for shows with singing involved. Sad about GCB….that is a really funny show.

  7. Profile photo of sallyv

    [quote=appleridge]Anyone think ABC just doesnt want to have to deal with Series creator Marc Cherry anymore?[/quote]

    You just may have something there! I’m sure that the PTB were not happy about that whole law suit thing.

    It’s too bad Maids wasn’t picked up, but if it was going to be anything like GCB, I would have gotten sick of that show too after 2-3 episodes. GCB was just too over-the-top campy, to the point where I was bored watching it. I did like a lot of the actors on that show though.

    I hope other things open up for Susan. She was great on Army Wives and there are many other shows she could guest star on so at least we’d see her once in a while.

  8. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    I hope La Lucci gets something as well…glad JJ’s series got picked up…I’m almost afraid to watch how Lucky will be written if he was to return to the role…I was badly burned the last time LL2 was written horribly.

  9. Profile photo of SoapArmageddon

    Did someone mention Popular?

    I LOVED that show! The Glee characters of Sue and Santana would have fit perfectly on Popular.

    I suspected that GCB wasn’t going to make it. The only new shows I got into this season were Scandal and Revenge. However, Revenge somehow doesn’t seem as good after it came back after that long hiatus. The networks will keep losing viewers as long as they keep doing things the same old way.

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    We Love Soaps announced that another soap actress will be hitting primetime.

    NBC has picked up INFAMOUS described as “an opulent soap in which a female detective returns undercover to the wealthy and troubled Lawson family she grew up in — as the maid’s daughter — to solve the murder of the notorious heiress who was once her closest friend.” Victor Garber and Tate Donovan star, as well as former ONE LIFE TO LIVE Emmy nominee Bree Williamson.

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