Cricket and Danny RETURN This Week on The Young and the Restless!

Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) spits nails this week on The Young and the Restless, when Jack (Peter Bergman) asks Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) to marry him. Meanwhile, Paul (Doug Davidson) suspects Ricky (Peter Porte) of murder and wonders who he will target next. If that doesn’t have you tuning into Y&R, maybe the return of supercouple Cricket (Lauralee Bell) and Danny (Michael Damian) will? Watch this week’s The Young and the Restless promo after the jump!

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    While I can appreciate the return of LB and MD, I’d love it if LB could be the one to boot MAB (along with SH and HS), through the SONY goalposts, away from her father’s show. The woman, along with those other writers, needs to be kicked out of bounds. And while I was always hoping Phyllis would be found out as the one who mowed down Cricket and Paul way back when, the way the show is written now, I’m not sure it’s worth revisiting this chapter. But that’s me. As for Jack and Nikki tying the knot? I’d love to see it last for, oh, I don’t know, longer than a month or two. Before Nikki decides she wants to go back to Victor… 0:)

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    Seriously, Paul needs to go nuts or major depression if Ricky is a murderer. That will make his sister, his ex-wife, his son and possibly another lover, if I could only think of who else was nuts around him, all LOONIES! If they do go down that road, I look forward to it because Paul and the actor who portrays him are great! It would be a great way to recast his religious fanatic mother and have her help Paul through everything.

    Seeing Mary go up against Nina and her past would be priceless.

    As for Christine’s return to GC, I hope they play out her relationship with Paul in this rekindling of the romance with Danny. It’s needed because if they don’t cross paths … especially with Ricky being the son of the woman who tried to kill Lauren … then the show and it’s writers are missing opportunities that are right in front of them left, right and center.

    They’ll miss it. Who am I kidding.

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    I liked the last part of the promo,hopefully this will help Daniel.AS for Jack and Nikki,here we go again.Victor over hearing,and now will he go to Sharon to try to get her to re-marry him.So tired of revenge sex and marriage.

    Are they going to kill off Eden to further Ricky or Daisy’s stories.That either one could have killed her.I hope not.I’m beginning to like Eden.Also is that why Noah would come back.

    Yesterday,I half watched Y&R.Only really paying attention with Jack and Billy,Eden and Kyle,and Ashley.

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    It always looks good then they stop writing…I’m sure they will for Cricket & Danny but is this a drive by guest appearance or will it be a real storyline…

    Where is Sarge? Are they writng for Darnell?

    Oh no poor Jack Nicki will dump to go back to her abuser….

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    I took Y&R off my DVR weeks ago. Is this worth putting it back on you think? I’m thinking no, but I am prepared to be persuaded otherwise…

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    Remember when Ross said the wrong name at his wedding to (Retch!) Emily on FRIENDS?? That’s bound to happen to our friend Jack…This is his….9th wedding in 15 months?? LOL

    If they make Peter B. recite that SAME LAME ASS LINE about ‘never being happier” and “…Love for the rest of our lives” to Nicki, (who’s sitting on the same couch, in the same spot Dr. Emily and Laura Spencer just did) I’ll cry.

    Sigh. I haven’t watched Y&R in 2 weeks. This is the longest stretch I’ve had not tuning in. It’s accidental, of course. But you know the one epi I finally catch ,Jack will be sitting there “Say Yes, ….. Say yes….This is the happiest I’ve ever been”….ugh.

    Everythig else: I don’t care. I just leads us to Daisy.

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    I really don’t see much to look forward to with the return of the Blando Couple. But as previously mentioned, if it helps start a domino effect for the long past due downfall of Phyllis then great!

    I’ve also just mentioned this a couple of times in the previous thread … I highly doubt that Ricky is a demented killer because Paul does not need any more psychotic close family members. This is all happening much too suddenly and too obviously and seems to me to be yet just another big red herring. There will be suspicion and all from all around but all will be for naught in the end.

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    This show is on life-support as is – now they throw Christine (totem poles show more emotion!!) and Danny back into this over-bloated mess of a show being trampled into the ground by Lauralee’s sister-in-law???

    She should be ashamed to be so willing to come back to this mess!! >8c(

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    It says something about the state of this show right now that I’m actually looking forward to seeing Cricket and Danny again. And when they were originally on I always fast forwarded my **VCR** through their scenes.

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    hey mon

    tedew — I think it’s going to be the opposite. I think we are going to find out that Phyllis is ‘innocent’ of the drive over. That it was someone else in the wig, or something like that. With the sainting of Phyllis Newman over the last year, anything is possible.

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    hey mon … unfortunately you are probably very correct. Like I’ve mused before, Phyllis seems to have the Hans Gudegast Clause attached to her contracts so her past can be rewritten and she will be absolved from all suspicions of guilt. I am, of course, still wondering how after all this time any of this can be brought up at all let alone be proven.

    Maybe it doesn’t even matter anymore. With all the rapid aging of the kids most of the adults are probably doomed to the back burner or just to be slyly extinguished.

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