General Hospital: Perkie’s Observations

Sam checks up on McBain, to make sure Jason didn’t kill him.  John explains that Jason found his bug. He swears he doesn’t care about Jason, just Sonny.  Sam’s curious why he wants to take down Sonny and swears she won’t tell Jason.  John says Sonny hurt someone he cares about and has a limited time to get Sonny. 

Jason finds Liz at Kelly’s with Aiden and Emma.  Emma’s frustrated, wanting first daddy, then mommy.  Jason tells Emma that he was friends with her mom and that he closes his eyes to picture her.  Emma explains that mommy is in heaven. Liz says mommy will always be in her heart.  Liz explains to Jason that Patrick is working at Mercy, to deal with his grief and she’s taking care of Emma.  She mentions how Aiden reminds her of Lucky and Jake of Jason.  Jason says he likes talking about Jake. He then explains that Sam is at the hotel to be close to McBain. 

Anna rings Patrick’s doorbell, but assumes he isn’t home when he doesn’t answer and leaves.  Epiphany shows up and insists that Patrick open up. She says she’s been covering for him at work and he needs to clean up and get back there.  Patrick says he’s not ready, but Epiphany gives him Ewen’s file. Patrick says to have Maruchi do it.  Pif tells him that he’s the man for the job. She insists Ewen is one of their own and it’s time to step up.  She tells him to look in the mirror, to see what Emma sees and decide if that’s the person he wants to be. 

Heather calls Luke to talk about what they did for their children.  Luke’s determined to get a new phone number.  Anna wonders if he’s avoiding his creditors, but Luke explains that Heather won’t leave him alone.  Anna sort of jokes that Heather is a psycho and he needs to get rid of her.  Luke says there’s something about her when she smiles, that he likes. 

Olivia overhears Heather tell Luke that she did something to help Steven. Olivia wonders what that is.  Heather claims she prayed and it all worked out since Steve is no longer in police custody. Steve still can’t believe what Maggie did.  Neither can Olivia, but Heather assures them that some women commit desperate acts.  She wants them all to go to Kelly’s to celebrate Steve’s freedom.  

Todd overhears Kate tell Alexis that she thinks Connie caused the accident. Before he can hear anymore, the police toss him out. Tea checks in to the Metro Court. Carly is intrigued by her, until Tea finds out that Todd is staying there and hasn’t left town as promised.  The two get into it about Todd.  Tea doesn’t want Carly defending him to her.

Tea is angry with Todd when he shows up at the hotel. She tells him Starr doesn’t want to hear from him and that he should leave.  Carly jokes that she likes his other ex better.  

Alexis wonders why Kate is so sure. Kate explains that she had two blackouts that night and that Connie had means and motive to do it.  Kate says she blacked out than was found by Ewen on the pier than left and has no memory of getting back to her office. 

Alexis asks how she got the gun and says she needs to speak with Connie.  Kate says Ewen did the hypnosis, but Alexis thinks she can get another shrink.  Kate’s scared that hypnosis will confirm that the gun was hers. Alexis needs to construct a defense.  Kate says she should confess so Connie can’t cause more trouble. However, Alexis tells her not to say anything to anyone. 

Jason explains to Liz how John saved Sam’s life and that he loves Sam, but doesn’t know if he can love Franco’s baby.  Liz says it’s a lot to work through and that he’ll fall in love with the baby the minute he sees and holds it.  Jason’s not sure if it will be too late for him and Sam. Liz explains how Ewen needs brain surgery and is shocked that Kate’s attack was so violent. 

Anna and Luke run into Liz and the kids.  Jason says he has something to say to Luke about Jake and thanks him for setting up the charity in Jake’s name.  Pif shows up and tells Liz that Patrick hasn’t left home for weeks so Liz decides to check in on him.  She asks Anna to watch Emma and Luke offers to watch Aiden.  When Heather stops by, she isn’t happy to see Luke with Anna and the kids. 

Sam’s feels the baby kicking and tells John but then feels badly that she isn’t sharing it with Jason.  She jokes that she’ll have to have Alexis as a labor coach.  She gets a call from Molly who wants to celebrate Sam’s birthday, but she puts her off.  John wishes her a happy birthday and then gives her motel soap as a gift. 

Tea stops by to see John. She and Sam congratulate each other on their pregnancies.  When Sam leaves, Jason stops her in the hall to wish her a happy birthday.  She asks if he wants to come in and talk but he’s not interested and leaves.  

Liz shows up at Patrick and he admits he’s been having a hard time but that he’s sorry he lied to her.  She tells him he can make it up to her by doing Ewen’s surgery. 

Todd tells Carly that he overheard Kate telling her lawyer that Connie caused the accident and wants to know who Connie is.  Carly tells him that she’s Kate’s duel personality.

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    Looked like Carly was happy to hear that Connie may have been the doer. She seemed positively giddy when she got the info from Todd.

    Still not liking Tea. Her annoyance is making me appreciate Todd, and I’m not sure that I should be.

    Did get a hearty chuckle when Todd was being kicked out of the PCPD and he was all “the first amendment, it’s the highest one”.

    Still not liking flirty Luke with Anna.

    Not sure how I feel about Liz letting Luke spend time with Aiden, all things considered.

    Loved Pif giving Patrick the smackdown and then Liz showing up as well.

    Hey Jason, can you be more of a tool by not spending time with your raped wife on her birthday. Eesh.

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    I was surprised John told Sam about the bug, since he went to the trouble of covering up what he was doing when he was listening in with it just days ago. I feel like we got cheated out of a good fight between John and Jason. Was there a scene skipped or did they just not care to finish it off?

    Liz should NEVER have to apologize to Jason for mentioning HER son. Why this show continually shows Jason’s pain being more than anyone else’s is completely beyond me.

    Jason can spend time talking to Sonny about supporting Kate during her time of need, he can talk to Liz about his feelings about the baby and say to Liz that Sam would rather be close to McBain, but all Sam gets is a oh I wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday, no I can’t stay and talk with you a few minutes, I gotta bail on you yet again. I guess I should be surprised he remembered her birthday at all, considering that it’s not all about him.

    Okay, I am officially over Heather mentioning the damn BLT’s at Kellys. Enough.

    Anna run away from Luke! Liz, don’t let that man sit with your baby! I see the Luke whitewash tour continues.

    Good gosh Patrick is handsome even all scruffed up and looking like he hasn’t showered in weeks.

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    Jason & Elizabeth are so natural together. Loved seeing them at Kelly’s and that Elizabeth gets to be strong for Jason these days. His interaction with Emma was sweet. I like the bond that seems to be growing between Anna & Elizabeth. I think they need each other and it does my heart good to see the writers exploring and developing different relationships that don’t directly affect Sonny, Jason, or Carly.

    Love him or hate him, Luke Spencer is Luke Spencer. I can’t hate him and I think these writers are going to try their hardest to make sure I never do. Let the whitewashing commence.

    Jason & Sam. They try so hard…they really do. They almost get there and then…fizzle. I try to see/feel the emotion in their scenes but they just never quite arrive at their intended destination.

    Can’t believe I’m saying this but…I really don’t like the way Jason is treating Sam. Grow a set and at least pretend like you love her, Jason. I really can’t reconcile this version of Jason with ANY of the phases of Jason’s life before this. His attitude about this baby thing goes against every protective, nurturing instinct that Jason has displayed over and over again when it comes to women and children. Which, btw, is reason 5 million 4 hundred 61 thousand 9 hundred and 32 why I don’t/can’t buy the JaSam relationship. His heart’s just not in it.

    AND…It’s her BIRTHDAY, for the love of Pete! What a sucky thing to do to someone on their birthday! No wonder she’s having an affair of the heart with another man!

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    TV Gord

    I don’t know much about Robin and Patrick’s history, but it’s refreshing to see a husband actually grieving over his wife’s death. I still have bad memories of Knight in Shining Harmher Ryan Lavery on All My Children reacting to the death of the love of his life (Gillian) by grief-boinking his way through town. It forever ruined his character for many of his former supporters. Patrick’s grief seems real, which is better to see than ‘moving the story along’ the very next day.

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    I agree TV Gord. You can see the depth of pain in his eyes…JT is all over this one. I’m glad TPTB are giving this story the respect it deserves. The quality of this story reminds me when Lucky died all those years ago. I was unspoiled at the time and I remember sobbing the entire hour. I’ve watched soaps for many years and I’ve run the gamut of emotions but I never straight up boo-hooed until that day.

    It’s so good to see GH getting back on track. I had all but given up hope it would ever be worth watching again. I’ve never been more glad to be wrong.

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    For Whom the Bells Toll

    I agree doodleynoodle about Patrick’s grief being brilliantly portrayed by JT and also giving a realistic storyline.I remember how my mother reacted to my father’s death and the emotional turmoil she was in.She was in a “fog” for quite a while,just like Patrick is. :(( :(( :((

    Loved the dialogue between Sam and McBain especially when he said he was talking about a different Sam.The birthday gift scene was so cute too.They have untapped potential especially when you see Jason slinking in to wish Sam a “happy birthday” with no emotion whatever. :love: :) :) :bigsmile:

    Also mipeony I’ve had enough of Heather’s BLT’s too.Love the character but her food obsession is a bit much,even though she is definitely psycho!Lisa better watch herself. J) J) J)

    Special mentions to Finola Hughes and Rebecca Herbst who always light up my day.Also to Roger Howarth and the look on his face when he got caught eavesdropping!!!! ;)

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    LOVED all the Luke and Anna scenes and I thought the babysitting scene was very sweet!!! I had a nice laugh at Luke trying to deal with his telephone company which as we all know is next to impossible.

    Heather is one scary piece of work!

    Loved Epiphany setting Patrick Jr. straight! SE and JT play well together and JT’s been turning in one outstanding performance after another since this storyline started!!

    Love Brooklyn’s portrayal of Emma! A beautiful child who feels like an old soul.

    I’m not amused by Todd’s buffoonery!! Carly researched him on the internet but doesn’t seem to know that he’s a convicted rapist, kidnapper and murderer! Really? :Sp

    The Sam and John birthday scene was cute!

    Jason visiting Sam at the motel on her BIRTHDAY with no gift, not even flowers and not giving her a hug or staying for a few minutes really sucks!! Jason is a schmuck (google it if you don’t know what it means)!!! :Sp :Sp

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    Why do soaps set up stories so lamely as Todd overhearing Kate say Connie may have shot out Anthony’s tires killing Starr’s family to ALexis in the interrogation room and NOT ONE PERSON HEARD THE DOOR OPEN or the increased volume in noise or JUST OUT OF THE DARN CORNER OF THEIR eyes that the door was open JUST for that ONE SPECIFIC moment.

    Why can’t they write it as if Todd is a reporter and doing research and discovers the idea of Connie committing the crime? I hate how soaps are taking HUGE liberties in how they write stories to the point of “THAT WOULD NEVER HAPPEN especially in a police station”.

    The Heather story with Luke is humorous and wish the show went that direction ONLY instead of writing this lame and UTTERLY boring story of Heather being truly dangerous to others because then it just makes Luke and Anna look dumb in the end, Steve a wimpy momma’s boy to Olivia’s YOUR MOTHER IS DANGEROUSLY MAD!! comments all the time. It would have lightened up all the MELODRAMA on the show much more than having Heather trying to save her son and falling for Luke all over again.

    Jason and Sam are both IDIOTS. Sam knows that Jason doesn’t like John and that John is out for Jason’s best friend and boss and says to John: Tell me I won’t tell Jason. Isn’t that why Jason is partly mad with you because you are confiding in this guy you just met?!!! ANd then you have Jason who has more chemistry with Liz that everytime I see them together I wish they were together! (Did Jason ever explain to Liz why he couldn’t be with Liz because of the safety of the kids BUT has no problem with being with Sam and, for a time what he though was his kid, her baby? (Thought the new regime knew the show)

    Carly is done with Johnny and now going with Todd. Fine. My only gripe with this show is the utter arogance that they are writing reTODD with this time around. When Todd was first around there was a BAD BOY/I did wrong mentality to him. Then that Todd disappeared and nuTODD appeared. There was arogance to that portrayal as well but there was always a redeeming quality to him that came through in the portrayal. Now we have reTODD and it’s all a comical arrogance portrayal that he knows ALL BEST that makes him the identical version of Sonny who knows ALL BEST but Sonny is all SERIOUS and NO JOKES allowed.

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    Watching Carly with Todd makes me like her less because Johnny at least showed some resemblance to Jax’s nice side and you could see her going for that type of person because of her love for Jax. Now with Todd, I don’t get Carly liking him.

    reTODD is very much like Sonny (and that’s not the reason after fighting for Jax, fighting with Jax, fighting to keep Jax and then finally, FIGHTING TO KEEP JAX SAFE) and I don’t see how with all the progression the character has taken that Carly would choose reTODD for anything more than pure sex or to gain revenge on Johnny or Sonny. I just don’t see her falling for a duplicate, although slightly funnier version, of her ex husband.

    I just don’t want to see this happen.

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    Love, love, love Liason’s sparkle! RH looked absolutely gorgeous. She has such beautiful skin and hair – so jealous! The only time I really have ever enjoyed Jason is when he is in scenes with Liz, Robin or Brenda. He just kind of fizzles and becomes an autobot with everyone else. Oh….he is also good with kid scenes.

    McBam has a lot of chemistry. I can’t stand Sam, but even I have to admit that she finally has chemistry with another character. It’s interesting to me that the mob wife walks into a police officer’s room and says that she was worried that her husband had killed him. Why Sam? Is your husband a hitman or something? Way to tell the police you know Jason kills people. Also, she said to McBain that Jason isn’t involved in “all of Sonny’ crimes”, indicating that Jason is involved in some of Sonny’s crimes and she knows which ones. What’s next? Is she going to take him on a romantic walk through the Pine Barrens and show him Jason’s favorite burial sites?

    My heart aches for Patrick every time I see him (which is not often enough). JT is amazing.

    Love the chemistry between Anna and Liz. It feels so genuine and real.

    I think Todd is officially the first person ever thrown out of the PCPD! He must have forgotten to pick up his all access pass when he checked into the hotel.

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    I can’t help it but I like Luke and Anna together. Finola Hughes and Tony Geary have great chemistry and it feels very natural between them. I loved them watching their grandchildren together. And I’m glad that Liz gave Luke the chance to spend time with Aiden.

    If it’s still the same day in Port Chuck then Jason already saw Sam when he went over to McBain to confront him with the bug. He didn’t think of her birthday then??? He rather told her that he hasn’t come to see her but McBain? And now he gets over there again to just say “Happy Birthday” and then leave again??? What a tool. -.-

    I hope that Sam gets out of this marriage as soon as possible. I want to see McBam!!! :love: I loved him giving her this little birthday present – more than I can say for Jason.

    It’s great to finally see Patrick grieving on-screen.

    I wish Heather would just stay away from Luke. I like her craziness but I rather wish that she would finish off Olivia instead of being obsessed with a man who just wants nothing to do with her yet again.

    Are we supposed to be on Tea’s side? Because with all her screaming and her hostility towards people I don’t like her… -.-
    Anyway Carly should just mind her own business and don’t get involved in a situation she knows nothing about. She knows Todd for like ten minutes and already knows that he killed someone and yet is somehow defending him to the woman who’s husband he killed!? Carly should get her own screwed up life in order.

    Connie is responsible for killing that girl and her father? I don’t think so. I believe that Anthony wasn’t in any danger for even a minute and that he maybe staged the whole thing with Connie in order to hurt Sonny once more.

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    “Liz should NEVER have to apologize to Jason for mentioning HER son. Why this show continually shows Jason’s pain being more than anyone else’s is completely beyond me. ”

    mipeony, I read that scene differently from you. I thought she was apologizing for referring to the DNA comment she made about how strong genetics are in that Jake was just like Jason and Aiden like Lucky. I think once she said it Jason had a vacant constipated look, and then she realized that the DNA issue is very sensitive for Jason right now,but maybe not.

    In any case, I used to be a Jasam fan, not a diehard fan as i also saw the chemistry in Liason. HOWEVER, I wouldn’t wish this new @$$hole Jason on my worst enemy! The way he is treating SAM in UNFORGIVABLE. They are MARRIED now, so for him to be pulling this crap is ridiculous. I hope both Sam and Liz find men that are worthy of them and treat them right. Jason is not that guy and he doesn’t deserve either of these ladies!

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    Per usual, I agree with everything js3557 has stated.

    I am glad Epiphany and then Liz confronted Patrick but I just don’t enjoy Ewen, so I wish him to die off ala Maggie. The character/actor doesn’t work for me and I do not look forward to his eventual return.

    Like others, I too, was fatigued by Heather’s non-stop mentioning of BLTs and Olivia’s general attitude. Robin Mattson and Lisa LoCicero are strong performers and need more to do than recycle the same dialogue over and over. They also do not need to revolve their loves around Steve. Could there be a more boring character/actor?

    I may be in the minority but I enjoy Tea’s addition. Florencia Lozano is a dynamite actress and the character is not suffering foolishness (like Carly’s inappropriate behavior) or heinous crimes (like Todd’s justification for killing Victor.) With the exception of Starr, I think TPTB have chosen wisely in the Llanviewites residing or visiting Port Charles (I have a feeling Tea’s stay will be short-term.)

    I admit, I saw chemistry with Luke and Anna but she needs to be given a POV versus just reacting to everything going on around her. Does she have feelings for Luke? I have no idea. I am beyond fatigued by The Luke Spencer Redemption Tour 2012.

    I found it interesting that Jonathan Jackson’s child played Aiden. Clearly, the actor and wife are connected to GH. Hmmm…I pray that he would return with a soul and some self-respect. The sniveling, whining, teary-eyed version of Lucky we had for the past two years still impacts my one-time love for the character. I mean, he abandoned his children on Christmas! Before the show ends, can we get a Lucky/Elizabeth reunion? They were once so great. In the meantime, I’ll just enjoy all of my lovely Liason scenes ;-)

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    Yay Elizabeth is out of the hospital setting & out of scrubs(still with babies but I”ll take whatever I can get)

    Here’s hoping General Hospital shows the love for the hospital characters like Liz, Patrick, Steve and Ewen (maybe even a promo just about them)

    Gosh I’m sick of Liason talking about Sam this & that geeze…

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    I’m happy for the Liason fans that are enjoying this douchebag visiting with their girl while she goes on and on about the DNA of her various children and their various baby daddies with total insensitivity to Jason’s feelings. But for me, all I saw was a schumck having an unpleasant conversation with someone that feels like she’s his sister. :Sp :Sp

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    I saw a guy with baby rabies hanging out with his relative too. I think jason would gladly raise any baby right now – now that hes decided its safe – as long as the baby isnt francos. He didnt think at all how sam would feel if she happened to come in for lunch seeing him drooling all over aiden as a substitute for jake and for baby jaSam.. And yes, while I still only see a distant cousin kind of vibe between liz and jason, its strange to have a scene designed to make a fanbase think romance whilst having the woman stand there droning on about all her kids and their various WTD paternity issues. Not exactly an enticement for jason unless shes trying to remind him shes a fertile myrtle and hes looking to knock her up again. I think maybe they are teasing this because becky doesnt seem to have chemistry with anyone but patrick and they cant really go there as long as he is grieving. She didnt have chemistry with gvs lucky or with jjs last go around – gv had much better chem with kemo and jjs lucky had much better chemistry with both siobhan and maxie, she doesnt have nearly the chemistry with ewan that kate has shown with him (although personally I can do without the character of ewan altogether), matt is better with maxie, and jason is better with sam. Im not really sure where that leaves her, so I guess they will tease her with a variety of people and esp. jason until they know whether the show is going to have a shelf life or not. I have a feeling they will play to that fan base here and there until they see and if the show doesnt have much more than a year, jason will go back to sam around the time of the end and they will beg lucky to come back long enough to give the a HEA.

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    I say potatoes…you say PO-TOT-TOES
    I say tomato…you say TWO-MOT-TOES
    It never really does work out does it?

    EET…you and the other couple of people on here who don’t like Liason can get as nasty and as insulting as you want to about Elizabeth. It doesn’t take away from the fact that Liason is and always will be what a huge majority of fans would prefer to see. At least the ones that aren’t completely pissed at Jason right now. :)

    Just because the writers and TPTB have insisted on shoving JaSam down our throats for the last so many years, doesn’t mean it’s been working. They are honestly THE most tedious couple to watch. I used to think it was KeMo since she’s never really been able to make Sam work with any of her pairings but she’s proven me wrong with the McBam hotness.

    Sometimes couples just don’t have what it takes to keep people interested. Sad but true. When you’re hot you’re hot…when you’re not you’re not. JaSam is lukewarm at best. I wish they’d just put us all out of their misery, put a fork in it and call them DONE. At this point I don’t even care WHO Jason or Sam is with…just PLEASE, make it STOP!

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    Laison is not what the majority of the fans want!!!! :(( :((

    @EET-I agree with your viewpoints on your post. Unfortunately Becky does have limited chemistry with the majority of the males on the show. Have they ever tried her and Johnny? (Just asking)That is the only other male I can think of.

  19. Profile photo of js3557

    EET – Liz may not seem to have chemistry with anyone but Patrick to you, but the fact that she has had numerous successful pairings with large fan bases indicates that there are many people that would disagree with your assessment. I think that TPTB know that Liz has chemistry with many characters because of her fan mail and couple fan bases. Over time, Liz has had numerous couples in the top ten polls at the same time. I have seen Liason, LL2 and Liz/Nik in top ten polls at the same time. She has also had a popular pairing with Ric.

    For me, the only man she hasn’t had chemistry with is Ewan, and I think that is more on him than on her. He is a dud of a character.

    They could pair Liz with Jason, Patrick (eventually), Johnny, Matt (just re-hire him!), or Dante (I can’t stand Lulu) IMHO.

  20. Profile photo of liason4real

    Becky Herbst has amazing chemistry with her male collegues. All you have to do is read Jason Cook’s comments about Becky and you’ll see why a lot of the male actors want to work with her. I was suprised to read a few years ago that MB wanted to work with Becky, when a friend reminded me that Liz used to have lots of scenes with Sonny until Frons came along and pushed her out of the way for ALW/Courtney.

    Ewen is a very nice looking man, but he’s way too stiff when around Liz.

    Liz has had several popular pairings in original LnL2, Liason, LiRic, Niz (blech), Latte, with Zander and I’m sure there are others out there waiting in the wings like Piz and E&E.

  21. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    How is it that when I say Liz lacks chemistry with her partners – and list who all those partners were better with – thats being nasty and insulting but when you say sam couldnt make it work in any of her pairings (and given that shes only had 4 and they havent really chem tested her with anyone else thats not really saying much) THAT is not nasty or insulting but rather its speaking for the “vast majority” who you somehow must have, what, polled? I said what I, EET, saw in that seen. I dont claim to speak for the great unwashed masses lol. I just thought it was odd the way they played it and was wondering what the intent was of tptb – that if its to tease romance having her stand there talking about this kid being like this dad and this kid being like that dad was offputting (and it makes me think hmmm I guess she cant really talk much about zander since she didnt really know her best friends husband all that well when she boinked him and got knocked up and Im assuming she doesnt like to think much about the guy she nearly murdered with a crowbar and later allowed her husband to basically gun down.) It just was odd to me. And writing jason as a douchebag now – i mean Im not sure if I want SAM with him the way he is acting and she is MARRIED to him. I cant for the life of me understand why a LizFF would want her hooked up with a man whos married to another woman and treating said wife like crap – A man who told her that his life was too dangerous for her to be with him and raise their child together only to turn around and marry another woman and plan a family with that woman. I guess historically liz hasnt much cared whether the guy she wants has a significant other, but I wouldnt WANT that for my favorite. If I was a true Liz FF I would want her with someone who wanted her more than anyone else. Someone that could give her a fresh start. And someone that even the haters would have to say she has chemistry with.

    And Jasam your right, johnny seems to make anyone more likable to me. Maybe they should have tested those two together. I dont think i have it in me to hate a johnny pairing.

    I also see that possibility with patrick down the road. He has chemistry with everyone and once they give him a good long time to grieve, if he wants to stay with the show and kimM doesnt want to come back, I could see him moving on with liz. I dont think i could hate a patrick pairing either.

    I will add though (giving the whole I could never thing an *) I would have thought i could never hate a jason pairing either until they had him leave sam in the hospital and now this – so out of character both times that its ruining his viability with me.

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    [quote; liasonforreal]Ewen is a very nice looking man, but he’s way too stiff when around Liz. [/quote]

    I blame that on the writers who never fleshed out the character. You can’t play someone if you don’t know who he is or why he does what he does. Is Ewen a Cassadine? Why did he care so much about Cassandra? Does he know the Jackes? Who is he? He’s like a cut out doll that’s been inserted into a story.

  23. Profile photo of liason4real

    IMO Journey and JaSam are both agenda driven pairings mandated from Frons, and had nothing to do with whether or not Jason “really” was in love with Elizabeth. Frons is gone, and now we’re seeing Liason in multiple scenes after no contact for three years. I applaud RC/FV for realizing that it is a soap opera and pairings change all of the time.

  24. Profile photo of liason4real

    Perkie, I don’t think it has any thing to do with the lack of information on Ewen’s background. NB is a good looking guy, but Ewen is so stiff when in scenes with Liz/RH.

  25. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Liz and jason had scenes plenty of times over the last few years they just werent scenes that teased a possible reunion. Thats what they are doing now and thats smart – get the liason fan base to buy in even without a payoff. I dont see them going there unless mcbam suddenly erupts with the fans (and given how popular jolie is I dont see that happening, unless they are trying to recreate the whole jovan jolie fanbase war on that side. And I would think at that point they would test jason with a bunch of people before the settled for one pairing or another. I could totally see jason with lulu – just for example. And they could explore the dynamic of him falling in love with the daughter of the guy who killed his child. Could he deal with luke on a reg. basis. Dont forget too separating jasam at this time could be a precursor to the contract talks. If jasam is together tight the way they were and steve decides to leave, how would they then break them in the middle of a story? this way if steve bolts, jason could say I cant watch you raise francos baby and leave town and if they wanted a happy ending, should the show ends, the could then just have sam finding out that the baby was jasons. even if steve wouldnt come back for a few epis (and I think he would) she could be shown determined to find her husband and her babys daddy and we could see her lighting out to find him.

    And yes, liz has had decently received pairings because liz herself has a sizable fanbase that supports whatever pairing she is in, but the truth is that emily was better with both nik and zander than the liz pairing, rexis was better than liric, jasam is just as popular if not more so than liason, and ll2 with gv and now liz/ewan have flopped. Even JJs lucky and liz didnt work second go round. And while matt/liz was doable, I dont think it was near the pairing that M&M were with either versioin of maxie. yesterdays scenes were awesome.

    Does jason cook love working with her – I would hope so. I may loathe liz, but im sure becky is a wonderful person to be around. I would also say that about kelly, laura, kesul, megan ward, etc. etc. they all seem like nice people and even if they werent jason cook is not going to say in public oh dear lord never pair me with becky in the press. his comments therefore are not really indicative of anything other than the fact that shes pleasant and professional just like the rest of the cast.

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    Again, EET, it’s your opinion that Rexis was better than Liric, that GV’s Lucky flopped with Liz, that Jasam is better. There are many people, myself included, that believe the complete opposite. I don’t think either one of us can say that our opinions are fact. It doesn’t bother me if you think rexis or jasam are better than liric or liason. I just take issue with how you state your opinion as if it is fact.

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