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At Sam’s appointment, she explains to Kelly that she’ll be doing Lamaze classes with Alexis, because Jason is still not sure if he can accept the baby.  Kelly tells Sam that her blood pressure is a little high and that she needs to relax. She learns her iron is low and the baby will need to be tested after it’s born. Otherwise, she’s on track for a healthy baby. 

Molly tells Alexis that she’s going to school with a friend, so Alexis leaves. Alexis runs into Sean at Kelly’s. The two talk about putting limits on Molly and TJ.   Meanwhile TJ shows up at Molly’s. The two start kissing. Molly’s worried that they’ll get caught if they aren’t careful, but that it’s unreasonable for Alexis to forbid them to see each other. 

Todd tries to see Starr, to warn her about Kate. However, the police won’t allow it, nor will they take his money when he tries to bribe them.  He gets thrown out of the station. 

Kate and Starr are sharing adjoining cells.  Kate says she has something to say, but Starr thinks it’s about Sonny’s innocence. She doesn’t want to hear it.  Starr talks about becoming a mom and her life with Cole. She wonders why this happened to her.  Kate asks if knowing who caused the accident would lessen her grief, but Starr doesn’t think so. 

Spinelli brings a photo of Lisa’ murder to Jason. He explains that Matt is the killer, but Maxie took the blame.  He wants to bring the photo to the DA to exonerate Maxie without telling them that it’s Matt.  Spin asks about Sam, but Jason tells him that he didn’t want to talk to her.  Spin tells him not to give up hope. 

Johnny gives Carly a charm bracelet she once said she wanted as a child.  Carly’s wants nothing to do with it, despite Johnny telling her that he wants to make it up to her.  Carly says she won’t forget seeing him in bed with Kate.  Johnny grabs Carly’s arm as Todd shows up and tells him to get his hands off her.   

Johnny says it doesn’t concern Todd. Todd realizes this is the Johnny who cheated on Carly. He calls him an idiot for letting a good thing go.  Carly introduces them and Todd wonders how Johnny knows Starr.  Johnny says Starr stole his gun to go after Sonny and that he bought out her contract.  Todd tells him to stay away from Starr and Carly.  Carly tells Johnny that they are over and gives him back the bracelet.  Johnny tells her to throw it away if she doesn’t want it. 

Carly tells Todd she can take care of herself, but Todd’s angry with Johnny for working Starr and giving her the gun.  Carly reminds him Starr stole the gun.  Todd feels he needs to tell Tea about Johnny. He is worried about Kate being in the cell beside Starr. 

Carly asks if he’s sure he heard Kate say that Connie was the shooter because she has a hard time believing it.  Todd feels Kate is responsible.  Carly asks if he’s planning on exacting the same revenge he would have on Sonny. He can’t go after Kate because she’s sick.  Todd says he knows about DID, as it runs in his family, and that it’s not an excuse for bad behavior.  Todd says Connie doesn’t get a free pass. 

Michael and Sonny briefly talk about Ronnie and Starr before Alexis shows up.  She feels Molly is testing her.  Michael offers to swing by the house to take Molly to school.  Alexis tells Sonny that she saw Kate and things are more complicated.  Sonny wants to know if she can get Kate off of the assault charges and how.  Alexis claims attorney client privilege.  Sonny says Kate has no control. She did not intend to harm Ewen and that Alexis should plead an insanity defense. 

When Michael gets to the lake house, he is shocked to catch Molly and TJ kissing.  Molly admits they’re seeing each other behind Alexis’ back and have been since the party.  Molly begs Michael not to say anything, but he doesn’t want her to do stupid stuff like he did and mentions sex.  Molly swears they aren’t and have no plans to.  Michael promises not to say anything, but figures Alexis will find out and be very angry. 

Kate tells Starr that the accident was random, that no one wanted the family to die, but Starr feels that whoever did it needs to pay.  Kate wants to tell Starr the truth, but Alexis shows up and warns Kate not to say anything and asks for time alone with Kate. 

Kate says it’s heartbreaking to hear Starr’s story and that she needs to know the truth.  Kate wants to let Connie out because she needs to know what happened that night. 

Johnny runs into Sonny and wants to say something, but Sonny is not interested.  Shawn butts in with a comment about Carly. Sonny says Carly dumped Johnny.  Johnny wants Sonny to blame him and not Kate.  Sonny thinks Johnny is just making excuses for Kate, but Johnny defends Kate because she’s sick. She loves Sonny, but that Connie hates him. It was all her doing.  Johnny feels it’s the right thing to do because of Carly. 

Sonny says Carly doesn’t care about Johnny, but he says he’ll do anything to get her back and that Kate loves Sonny and doesn’t deserve to lose him. 

Michael stops by to see his mother. Carly tells him Starr was arrested for trying to shoot Sonny.  Michael explains that he saw it happen. Todd arrives to hear Michael say that he was the one who turned Starr in and will be the key witness. 

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    Ooooh, Todd’s going to be sooo mad at Michael!

    I’m getting tired of Starr talking through her gritted teeth all the time. Once in a while, fine, but all the time is annoying.

    So, we haven’t seen Molly and TJ in months, but we’re supposed to be invested in them secretly dating now? I just don’t buy it. And it’s been so long since we’ve seen Shawn that I’d forgotten he’s working the counter at Kelly’s.

    Why has there been no follow up of Matt seeing the photo? Sure, we had Spin showing it to JAson, but nothing from Matt’s end.

    And where are Dante and Lulu.

  2. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    I don’t even want to talk about Starr anymore but since she is constantly thrown in our face …
    It’s just hard to watch a scene with her because all you get is screaming, whining and her gritted teeth. Annoying is a good word for it, Perkie.

    Todd has to mind his own business and so has Carly. I don’t want these two together and fighting battles for each other. Besides that everything Todd/Carly seems forced – don’t like it.

    Jason’s looking good these days. If he only could have a change in his behavior.

    Don’t care about Molly and TJ secretly dating. We saw TJ only a couple of times about two or three months ago. I thought he was gone.

  3. Profile photo of mipeony

    Lamaze class with Alexis…. hum… why do I have visions of Sam rubbing Alexis’s back as she hyperventilates into a paper bag while sitting in front of Sam on the floor? I love me some Alexis, but I can see that class being all about her not wanting to be a gramma yet. Hum…. A Cassadine blood problem mention? Foreshadowing maybe? I hope the first thing that baby does when it gets born is urinates all over Jason’s sorry ass.

  4. Profile photo of The_Moustache

    soaptownusa said that Frank & Ron KNOW that all the viewers don’t want Starr on the show anymore, but they love her and will keep her on for the foreseeable future.

  5. Profile photo of liason4real

    I am so use to seeing Starr with her family that it is rather jarring that we don’t see Blair, Dorian, Addie,etc.

    There would be no need for Starr if GH had taken the time to build their own late teen and early twenty set. Jeez. Michael was sleeping with his mother’s doppelganger the exotic dancer and that is just not right!

  6. Profile photo of sassysdreams

    [quote=The_Moustache]soaptownusa said that Frank & Ron KNOW that all the viewers don’t want Starr on the show anymore, but they love her and will keep her on for the foreseeable future.[/quote]

    All those years on OLTL being mollycoddled haven’t done KA any favors!! If they insist on keeping her then they should put her in acting classes IMMEDIATELY!!!

  7. Profile photo of pjc722

    OMG, I did not see yesterday’s episode of GH but if the NEW REGIME is going to start writting another TEEN PREGNANCY with Molly that is disgusting!!! Is this all that this team can think to write are TEEN pregnancies?! They had 2 on OLTL and just killed one of the off-spring on this show!!!



  8. Profile photo of sallyv

    [quote=Perkie]So, we haven’t seen Molly and TJ in months, but we’re supposed to be invested in them secretly dating now? I just don’t buy it. And it’s been so long since we’ve seen Shawn that I’d forgotten he’s working the counter at Kelly’s.[/quote]

    I was so happy to NOT to see Shawn and TJ on my screen anymore. Now they’re back and TJ and Molly are an “item?” Give me a break! TPTB should have just let those boring obnoxious characters go and now they’ve ruined the perfect opportunity. Everyone had forgotten about them, so why bring them back?

    This show is just getting worse all the time. They keep characters they shouldn’t, they bring on horrible characters from another show (a rapist, a screaming teenage shrew) and they re-write characters OUT of character. Are we really supposed to be excited about RAPIST Todd getting involved with Carly and the two worst teenagers on the soaps having a romance?

    I’m already making plans for what to do with an extra hour in my day.

  9. Profile photo of curacaoman

    Enough with Starr recounting how she misses her boyfriend and her daughter (notice the order) EVERY DAY, Kate explaining how her disease works EVERY DAY and MyKill, being as asshat EVERY DAY!

  10. Profile photo of GHteenybopper

    awwww Molly and TJ…I don’t want a teen pregnancy storyline with these two, not Molly pleaaaaaase!!

    It was nice to see Shawn again, part of me wants Jason to show up for the class in the next episode, but the other part of me hope he doesn’t. He doesn’t deserve Sam. I’m 110% on the McBam bandwagon.

  11. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    IA I was hoping because I don’t relish a teen pregnancy (interracial) storyline; but figured it was coming (along with a D.I.D). These are two themes predominant in OLTL storylines.

    minnew Enough with Starr recounting how she misses her boyfriend and her daughter (notice the order) EVERY DAY, Kate explaining how her disease works EVERY DAY and MyKill, being as asshat EVERY DAY!

    This is what I find annoying not only here but there is repetition in dialog across the board… this is air time that could be used for GH characters who don’t have a storyline or need more beats played in their storyline …. e.g. Alexis (I’ve given up but I have a ray of hope) now Elizabeth Webber and/or Robin’s demise …. I loathe this dialog being repeated & a recap of OLTL history its annoying… I got it OK? can we move on…

  12. Profile photo of katclaws

    Holy Anvils dropping everywhere.

    Some real surprises here…. only Not.
    DID, Baby Switch s/l, WTD Paternity BS, Summer Teen Scene,
    Hypocrites coming out of the woodwork–Carly, Sonny, Jason, Todd et al.

    Yeah, GH might be getting better DIALOGUE, but the writing is on the wall–since it’s the same tired, writing/story lines that have been used for the past decade or two. How about some REAL TWISTS??!! Creativity??

    How about keeping it Franco’s baby? How about a NORMAL birth instead of in some abandoned cabin in the wilderness? How about Jake being alive? Stop keeping other characters that we’d like to see from living in limbo–ahem…Mac, Patrick, Piph, Diane, etc?

    Did Noah ever get out of Emma’s room? Would Robert really just show up just show up ONE day, just leave on a wild goose chase? Matt conveniently killed Lisa Niles in a drunken state? Where is Bobbi? What was the point of bringing back Maggie just to watch her die on screen? We know she drank the Kool Aid? So much WTF’kery. Seriously, I’m glad GH made it to another year, but let’s pick up the creativity pace.

    Rinse, wash, Repeat. jmho

  13. Profile photo of KMG4GH

    Why all the hateing on the only BLACK actors on the show? Shawn and TJ are not any worse that Sonny and Michael, Jason and any child except Sams.

  14. Profile photo of SoapyBitch

    I don’t know necessarily that it’s hate. I’m not a fan of Shawn’s only because I think the mercenary/war vet character is not interesting and thus I just don’t find him or his family interesting. I sorta just lump him in with that blond doctor, the australian shrink, the white lady in white, the dead white stripper, the latina cop. All dull. I really cannot recall liking any new character introduced in the last year and a half, aside from the OLTL characters that I already enjoyed.

    The show needs a Jasper Jacks for 2012. If Shawn was originally cast as a business tycoon type then I have no doubt he would’ve rocked it. He has a strong presence, but it always comes down to character. I just don’t want to deal with adult angst. And now as an appendage to a teen storyline, he is just not interesting.

  15. Profile photo of loungta

    Wow… Of course… If we don’t like Shawn and TJ it must be because of the color of their skin???? What about the fact that they are useless characters? Shawn started as a mercenary for the Balkan and had no problem beating Johnny like crazy and kicking his foot into Johnny’s stomach just because Johnny refused to help the Balkan make Brenda pay. Shawn had no problem helping the Balkan to help hurt Brenda and he had no problem putting Sam in danger in the process. Such a GREAT guy… And TJ is just such a cliche… Sorry, I was also hoping we would not see any of those two ever again. Being an Alexis die hard fan, I hope that the rumors that she could be paired with Shawn are false. I want Ric back and my Rexis reunited.

    You want a great black character? BRING BACK JUSTUS WARD!

    And BTW KMG4GH, I am African American!!!

  16. Profile photo of Angie Lucy
    Angie Lucy

    Maybe they can say that Shawn is really Justus, with a face lift and brainwashing courtesy of random bad guy. Because I agree that I like the actor but don’t care about the character. And TJ can just go away like the third sibling on Family Matters.

  17. Profile photo of loungta

    Please no, don’t insult Justus who was so sexy and so charming by turning Shawn into Justus… No way..
    Just let him go like their other bunch of newbies…

  18. Profile photo of GHfan-4now

    And TJ can just go away like the third sibling on Family Matters.


    AHAHAHAHA! OMG, JUDY! She was so useless, all they needed was Laura and Eddie. Judy was so “extra”, so they got rid of the right one. LMAO!

    Speaking as a POC as well, Shawn and TJ serve no purpose, at all. I liked Shawn with Carly at first, but that was a giant bust and he’s been DullCity ever since.

    And the last thing Molly needs is a BOYFRIEND. GMAFB, Ronald McDonladVati.

  19. Profile photo of SwanQueen59

    loungta-Agreed. No Shawn into Justus. Joseph Philips was suave and debonair
    and I loved his Justus with Cynthia Preston’s Faith Roscoe. Sadly, it’s another example of short sighted PTB letting two talented actors go who were wonderful on their own and had a delectable sizzle when they paired them. I also loved when he shared scenes with John Ingle’s Edward. JI just twinkled. Delightful. JP was on Castle as the mayor the first season. I was hoping they might make that a contract role. I like Sean Blakemore but his character has been tainted with the Balkan/mercenary mix… 0:)

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