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Spinelli gives the DA the photo, but the DA wants to know who’s in the photo.  Alexis points out that it’s clearly a man and not Maxie. She asks that the confession be set aside.  The DA disagrees.  The DA thinks the photo could be a forgery. Unless the man can be identified he’s not convinced.  The judge agrees and wants the confession to stand. 

Maxie meets with Matt, who’s upset to see that she has a black eye.  Matt tells her she’ll be getting out soon, because Spinelli found a photo showing a man killing Lisa.  Maxie’s upset that Spin went against her wishes to leave it alone.  Matt thinks Patrick did it and blocked out the memory.  Maxie says it wasn’t Patrick. 

Alexis tells Sonny that she spoke with Kate and that assaulting Ewen is the least of her problems.  All she’ll tell Sonny is that she believes Kate’s story and wants another psychiatrist to get Connie out.  

Tea lets Starr know that Todd is still in town, which could complicate things.  She’s worried about Michael’s testimony. Tea says she’s done some digging about him and knows that he’s been convicted before. She will use it to discredit him.  Starr doesn’t want her using dirty tricks and that she doesn’t blame Michael.

Starr says she and Michael understand each other. They have a connection and not to use Claudia’s murder.  Tea promises to let it drop for now.  She says the arraignment is later today and for Starr to be contrite, calm, sincere and to plead not guilty.

Todd introduces himself to Michael, who’s now on his hit list.  Carly isn’t happy with the threats.  Michael says Starr tried to kill his father and he’s going to tell the court.  Todd says Starr was grief stricken. Michael understands Starr’s loss, but she could try again.  He says he trusted her once and won’t again.  Todd asks if Michael has compassion, but Michael says he has to do what he has to do. 

Liz is concerned that Ewen won’t have the best to operate. She didn’t know how bad things were with Patrick.  Epiphany says people grieve in their own way. Patrick shows up, ready to work. He says he’s doing it for Robin. 

Patrick apologizes to Liz for lying and Liz is just glad to see him back.  Epiphany wonders what it was that got him off the couch. Patrick says it was her.  She says she wasn’t sure he was listening, but Patrick says he took a look in the mirror and didn’t like what he saw.  Patrick thanks her for that push. Pif says he has a lot of people in his corner.  Patrick worried he’s pushed Matt away.  Pif says she’s proud of him and Patrick says that’s worth a lot. 

Todd goes to Sonny to ask him to drop the charges, but Sonny says Starr is on the hook for trying to kill him.  Sonny says he has nothing to do with the accident. Todd says he believes him.  He promises Starr won’t come after him again. If Sonny doesn’t get Michael to back off, Todd will tell the DA that Connie was responsible for the accident. 

Carly tells Michael that he doesn’t have to testify, but Michael questions whether she would let it go if something happened to Joss and Jax.  Michael mentions Johnny again, but Carly shuts him down, saying Johnny was with her that night.  She remembers what Todd said about Connie.  She understands that Michael trusted Starr and cared about her. This is how Starr paid him back and asks if that’s why he’s throwing her to the wolves.  Michael says none of it changes the fact that Starr is guilty. 

Maxie tells Matt that Patrick isn’t the killer.  Matt realizes that she’s known all along who it was and asks who.  Alexis explains that the judge and the DA don’t want to look like fools for convicting Maxie of something she didn’t do.  Spin says he has something to say and that Maxie is not a murderer.  The judge asks if Spinelli knows who the killer is. And after much back and forth, Spinelli says it was Matt Hunter. Maxie tells Matt that he’s the killer. 

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    I’d forgotten just how purty Patrick is when he’s all cleaned up and smiling. So happy to see him back.

    Absolutely adored the scenes between Patrick and Epiphany. JT and SE did a bang up job. The caring they have for each other was evident.

    Interesting strategy on Todd’s part to get Sonny to do what he wants.

    I’m tired of the constant flashbacks. I just saw Carly and Todd talking about Connie, I don’t need to see it again. My memory is short, but not that short.

    Kudos to Jen Lilley today. Loved her indecision and fear about telling Matt the truth. And I’m glad that secret is finally out of the bag and we could move on.

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    I’m glad to see Patrick back at work. I’ve missed his gorgeous face.

    I’m also glad the truth is finally out about the killer, but will be sad to see Matt go…mainly because he’s Patrick’s brother and I’m afraid they may write him off now too.

    QUESTION: I’ve read that there will be a killing spree and Jason, Spinelli, Maxie, Patrick, Kate, Olivia, Steve and Delores are among the ones to be killed off. I’ve ONLY read that on SoapZone, so don’t know if it’s true or not. I’d like to see some of those characters gone, but WTF? So is it true? Has anyone read this anyplace else??

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    So happy that Patrick finally pulled it together…loved Epiphany and Liz with him at the hospital.

    I thought JC did a great job of being shocked when Maxie finally told him that he was the one responsible for Lisa’s death.

    The rest of the show just felt like filler to me and was a bit boring…Though I am loving Todd and Tea in PC…Starr can leave immediately…but leave McBain, Todd and Tea.

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    Hi Sallyv, this column is supposed to be spoiler free…as is Perkie if I am not mistaken. I think if you want to talk spoilers you are supposed to go to the forum section. The reason for this is there is a lot of posters that are spoiler free that post in here….

    To answer your question though…honestly anything is possible in soaps…and while I haven’t read about this killing spree…I highly doubt that all these characters would bite the dust that fast. I could be wrong…it certainly wouldn’t be the first time ;-)…but I sincerely doubt the validity of this one…FV and RC are notorious for keeping things under wraps also…

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    [quote=sallyv]GHFan777…Thanks for the response. I didn’t think about this being a spoiler. Sorry. The rumor seems a little far-fetched to me.[/quote]Oh no problem…I hope you don’t think I was out of line for answering you either…I personally wouldn’t mind losing some of those characters…but I don’t think that FV and RC would risk alienating GH fans, by killing so many of the cast of like that…especially with all the back lash they are getting over OLTL additions.

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    SALLYV/GHFAN – I read that also. I thought what writer in their right mind would do that in this day and age with 4 soaps left. Thats why I stay away from other soap sites. I guess I didnt do a good job in my resolve not to read them. When I hear it here, good or bad I know its true.

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    Great seeing Patrick back to work. Patrick and Epiphany were lovely. Although, I think Liz and Patrick would make a great-looking couple I wish that the seed was planted there instead of her ringing her hands over Ewen.

    I FFWD Sonny and Todd. Todd drew a gun on Sonny and threatened to kill him in a courthouse in front of four witnesses, including a cop! Now, we are to expect Starr would be held accountable for threatening Sonny at gunpoint? It’s dull. Todd blackmailing Sonny is stupid. Sonny should have a better “poker-face” being a mobster and all. He should call Todd’s bluff regarding Connie.

    Although it’s a tad hypocritical, I appreciate Michael’s stance on testifying against Starr and standing up to Todd’s bullying. Hated how Carly allowed Todd to behave that way toward her son. Loved seeing Tea in warrior-lawyer mode. I’d choose her over Alexis as a lawyer any day. Love Alexis but would like to see her drive a storyline versus supporting others. Glad to be seeing her regularly though.

    Spinelli and the courtroom outbursts are beyond contrived. Mac and Felicia standing around looked laughable. The acting in the scenes was wonky. Bradford Anderson is a talented man but misused completely. On the otherhand, I thought Jen Lilley and Jason Cook were DYNAMITE! I have liked Jason Cook since she was Shawn Douglas on DAYS but never thought he was much of an actor and he impressed me. JL and JC were so good I momentarily forgot how stupid the whole storyline is! Not sure how proving Maxie did not kill Lisa clears her from killing the First Officer.

    Maybe I am confusing the episodes and the flashbacks do not help as I tried to catch up on a few episodes back-to-back last night. Everything is so repetitive!

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    Confused. THe only 2 witnesses to Starr holding Sonny at gun point is Sonny and Michael.

    HMMM, let’s see if Tea can get this thrown out purely on the fact that Sonny was on trial for murdering Starr’s kid and boyfriend so Tea could easily say it was retribution for putting him on the stand. As for Michael, a convicted murderer and the son of Sonny.

    DUMB DUMB DUMB. There is no suspense.

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    I loved the Patrick and Epiphany scenes and I love the friendship that is developing between them! The warmth and respect these two actors and characters feel for each other is clear and I like that Patrick has Epiphany to lean on. And doesn’t he look handsome all cleaned up and in a suit no less!

    Thank goodness the truth is out about Maxie and Matt and hopefully this storyline can finally move on! But I am sad about Matt going as it leaves Patrick without any family other than Emma and Anna and he really does need family right now.

    It’s really nice to see Alexis on more frequently!

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    [quote=Jon]Kristina Wagner’s “acting” is beyond help….[/quote]

    I see the same thing. I’m trying so hard to look past it because I’ve always loved her as a part of the “legacy characters” back in the 80s. However, it is just glaringly awkward and one-note. I do want her to stay, so maybe she’ll hit her stride in a few more days/weeks…LOL

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    ^^ Kristina Wagner has never been the strongest actress but I do enjoy seeing her as Felicia as I am reminded of a time when General Hospital had soul!!!

    Also, I don’t find her jarringly bad and her scenes are minimal. Now, there are others who are oft-featured and terrible actors…ahem, Kristen Alderson. ;-)

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    Ulgh…. Matt’s face in his last scene yesterday was too much for me to bear. I was bawling like a baby (the last couple days have been heck on my sinuses, I was in tears Tuesday over the last 30 seconds of NCIS, then GH yesterday afternoon, and then Ghosthunters last night!). Poor Matt. Poor Patrick. First he loses Robin, now he’s going to lose his brother. From the moment Maxie went to Anthony about it, I figured she was protecting Matt, now hopefully we can put to rest the story of greasy Lisa altogether!

    I’m getting ticked off about not getting to see certain scenes. I wanted to see McBain and Jason getting into it over the bug the other day and I really wanted to see Liz try to snap Patrick out of his funk and ask him to operate on Ewen. The flashbacks irritate me a little, but I figure it’s probably a cost cutting thing for them now…. it’s probably cheaper to splice and dice a scene than to actually write for it, produce it, and pay for the actors time to say yet another line or two.

    Michael’s such a damn hypocrite. He’s just like his daddies, Sonny and Jason. I think Carly hit the nail on the head with Michael about Starr.

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    Kristina Wagner’s Felicia she’s never been a great thespian but I’ve just always liked her inspite of the that & hatchet job Guza did to her but he’s always had a great disdain for GH vets when I now look at old soap storylines there are quite a few very popular veteran characters who were awful actors…(and many are still on the show today) Starr’s acting is so awful for the most part (Micheal’s in this eppy) I’m immuned at the moment.

    Good seeing so much of Alexis lawyering up …

    Great Elizabeth/Patrick/Epiphany scenes “at the hospital” YAY!! Imagine a hospital storyline on General Hospital. Great seeing Milo again…

    Have to say I enjoy Sonny/Todd scenes. Maurice saying the word “else” is like when I use to wait for Stefan Cassadine to say “parapet” a thrill.

    Spinelli shut up go through a real lawyer duh!

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    [quote=giogio]Tea needs to leave her belly alone. She holds it like its going to fall off!![/quote]

    Hahahahha, was thinking the same thing. Does she have a weak uterus? She does act like the kid will drop out any minute!

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    [quote; curacaoman]Does she have a weak uterus? She does act like the kid will drop out any minute![/quote]

    Especially in that dress she was wearing. It was short enough, you could practically see the baby’s head!!

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    Oh God, Im hysterical. She had one hand under and one over the belly yesterday and was looking as if she was going to have a conversation with it.

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    [quote; mipeony]Michael’s such a damn hypocrite[/quote]

    Call me crazy, but I understand what he’s doing and in this case, I dont’ think he’s being hypocritical. It’s not about what Starr did versus what his father and Jason do (unlike when Spin got on his high horse to MAxie about MAtt commiting a crime when Spin himself has helped his employers try to kill a cop. that was high hypocrisy at it’s best.

    With Michael, he put himself out there for Starr, despite his father’s warnings, helped her, fed her, gave her a place to stay, connected via their grief and he thinks she was putting him on in order to get close to Sonny so she could kill him.

    MIchael trusted and thinks she used him. I understand that.

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    TV Gord

    Does anyone else remember the judge from another soap? I recognize him from a show that goes way back, possibly to The Edge of Night or Ryan’s Hope. I think he was a cop.

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    Mipeony–I hope that you’re not a Greys fan as you’ll be bawling your eyes out again with tonights finale :(

    I’m happy this whole Lisa murder “mystery” is done with, can’t say I’ll miss the character of Matt as Jason Cook was wasted, I was hoping for a Matt and Liz pairing but oh well, Jason Cook will flourish where ever he goes.

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    GHteenybopper- I watched Greys tonight for the first time since they stated they were cancelling the soaps. I’ve been boycotting ABC television except for GH and OLTL (I watched up until it ended) but I just had to watch Grey’s after all the hype on the internet this week about the finale)…. and yes, I cried like a damn baby!

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    GREYS – okay im glad that you all are talking about it because im madder than a hornets nest right now…and the timing couldnt be better that sallyv was admonished for spoilers in perkies. I went out with my friend tonight and have greys on the dvr. its one of my guilty pleasures. I log on quickly to dc and there at the very top where it cant be missed is Greys sets up for future without ……. (im not going to repeat it in case someone was blind and missed it). WHY in gods earth do entertainment sites (and i thought most had gotten better about this) ruin things by putting the details IN THE BLOODY headline???!!! How about SHOCKING DEATH ON GREYS or Greys sets up for future without key character? or heartbreaking loss on greys finale. put the da**&*& spoilers in the meat of the article NOT the headline. AI GOES TO FINAL 2. then I have the choice to watch the results hour or read the article. ARGGGGGHHHHHH

    Matt – what a loss. great character, good actor and gh did nothing with him until the end. I like Spin but honestly I think matt belongs with maxie and spinelli belongs to georgia. If they are going to get rid of a character and there are potentially people coming back to the show, lets have georgie back from the grave and let spin and georgie leave for a happy ending. And darn it the show needs more doctors and patrick needs his brother.

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    maxsmom is the big spoiler, I will never forgive them for spoiling Project Runway, there have been others but that for me was the worst. I have tried to figure out how to complain to them because as stated it’s at the top of the page to draw one’s attention.

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    Well I watched Greys after I signed off and the epi made me bawl like a baby, but knowing who died really did make it way less dramatic for me. Im really glad they didnt spoil Scandal. There was one big surprise I did see coming (the one in the garden) but there were several others that I didnt predict.

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