General Hospital’s Jane Elliot: “I Think I’m The Only 65-Year-Old Actress in Los Angeles Who Hasn’t Had Plastic Surgery”

Just when I thought it was impossible to love Jane Elliot any more, she goes and gives a hilariously direct interview to TV Guide's Michael Logan. The multi-soap vet, who originated the role of mean-spirited, daddy's girl Tracy Quartermaine on General Hospital back in 1978, shared her thoughts on the soap's new showrunner Frank Valentini and her plans should GH come to an end. Here's a snippet:

TV Guide Magazine: What's it like after all these years to still play scenes with Geary?

Elliot: It is so rich. We go back to 1978. That's 34 years! Off-screen, we're great friends. We travel together. There's nothing like having all of us — Tony, Finola, Robin Mattson [Heather] — back in the building as a group again. All those years we spent together are still in our muscle memory and it really pays off. When Tony and I look at each other on camera you see all of that history. It goes beyond the words. It's two people who have spent more than half their lives together. [Laughs] Tony and I went on a trip to Norway and we were at the bottom of a funicular, one of those trolley things that goes up a mountain, when this couple came up and said "We knew Tracy and Luke were on vacation but we never imagined you'd be here!" If we could have crawled into a hole together we would have. Tony and I have the grace of a gnat when it comes to being recognized. But it's one of the things that bonds us.

TV Guide Magazine: How would you be if GH came to an end?

Elliot: I have so many paths in front of me. Part of me wants to get an agent and stay in the business. I think I'm the only 65-year-old actress in Los Angeles who hasn't had plastic surgery, so somebody's gotta play the old-lady parts! I'm the only one who will look my age! I do know this: I am not going to die sitting in traffic on the 405. My goal has always been to retire to northern California. My kids want to reconvene there someday. My daughter, Annie Rose, is now in the Midwest. My son, Adrian, is in San Francisco. I want to end up somewhere around there but not for a few years yet. If I am going to pursue work I need to be in L.A. But do I need it? I've done theater, TV, film. There are mornings when I wake up and go, "I don't need this anymore. Just go, Jane! Move on! Get to the next part of your life!" I have nothing left to prove.

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  1. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    Jane doesn’t need plastic surgery HD loves her & she looks marvelous; I rather like seeing women age naturally its very sexy & quite unusual…just wish they would give her a kick-ass storyline…but at least she’s still on the show…

  2. Profile photo of Ryan-Scott

    I have admired and loved her since she played Anjelica on Days. That was the first time I saw her act.
    What a talent! If I read in Perkie’s re-caps of Tracy doing something I want to see I will watch it just to see her.

    Ms. Elliot doesn’t do press very often so what a treat this interview is.
    And what a great mother she is. Her children are lucky.
    She once said in an interview: good parenting is good role modeling.
    I never forgot that.

    I hope to meet her someday. She is a true role model. :beer:

  3. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    I really hope she doesn’t retire! She has so much left to offer. And I agree, women over 40 who waste so much money on plastic surgery HOPING that it’s gonna help them get more acting work are doing nothing but throwing money down the toilet, and ruining their legacies.

    There’s nothing wrong with plastic surgery if it allows you to look BETTER, while still looking like yourself and not losing your identity, but one need to only look at Hunter Tylo, Meg Ryan and Jackie Zeman to see that these Hollyweird doctors are selling these women a bill of goods: horrible cheek and lip implants and a bunch of Botox that freezes their faces, leaving them able to do little else other than stand there and look surprised.

  4. Profile photo of SavePortChuck

    Old-lady parts? Good luck getting those when you’re looking THAT good at 65!

    Wonder if her co-stars who have butchered their faces are saying “hmmm…. should have done what Jane did… NOTHING!” Instead, one’s collecting unemployment and the other has no control over her eye lids.

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