Crystal Chappell on Going Gay Again For B&B: “I Said Yes Even Before We Got Into Any of The Negotiation Stuff”

Crystal Chappell debuted her fourth gay soap character this past Thursday on CBS Daytime's The Bold and the Beautiful. The Daytime Emmy winner—who is nominated this year for her work as the hetero Carly Manning on Days of Our Lives—is playing Dani, the partner of Karen Spencer (Joanna Johnson) and mother of B&B's latest sunkissed, blonde heroine Caroline Spencer II (Linsey Godfrey). Chappell recently shared with Soaps In Depth why she didn't even have to think before accepting B&B showrunner Brad Bell's offer to help create Dani.  

"I said yes even before we got into any of the negotiation stuff," she notes.

For more of what Chappell has going on this summer, visit Soaps In Depth.


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    Maybe Brad can give her something she hasn’t had since Guiding Light was canceled—a decent story on a network soap???? If he could only put Hope on the backburner and focus on something ELSE/ANYTHING ELSE, this show might be better…….

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    So excited to see Crystal Chappell on B&B!! Thank you so much Brad Bell for giving this amazing opportunity to Crystal.I know she will deliver a outstanding performance!!

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    I love CC. Always have. I haven’t followed her online yet so I’m struggling to think of her lesbian roles. There is of course Olivia and the new b&b character and 1 (?) on Venice. What else?

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