Jeff Branson Heads Back to The Young and The Restless; Will John Driscoll Follow?

Soap Opera Digest  is reporting Jeff Branson is making his return to The Young and The Restless. According to the stie, Branson will turn up in Genoa City on June 26. So far the show is keeping mum on just how long he'll stick around. Could Malloy's half brother Chance (John Driscoll)  be not too far behind? My spies tell me the character of Chance is definitely returning, I guess we'll have to wait to see who is playing the part.

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    Why does Maria keep bringing back either of these characters without delving more into the personal dynamics that make them tick or make them rival brothers… good cop/bad cop?

    This will be the third time that Rowan returns to the canvas and with Phyllis in the throes of pregnancy and walking down the aisle with Nick, I am sure he’s not coming back to stake a claim on the Red Herring. But with Heather coming to town does it mean that yet another HEATHER-triangle with Nina’s boys is in the offering?! Seriously, who is interested if the story isn’t played out long term?

    OLTL used to bring back Tuc Watkins for several months and then he would leave and they did that for years. I was not a fan of that process because just when new fans of the show (yes, I see the inside joke that there are no longer NEW fans of any show) got used to him and his humor, he was gone. The same with Nina’s boys. They come in and have a BIG story, usually a murder mystery and then just when you see a glimmer of hope with them and start to care, they leave the canvas. It just doesn’t work for me. There are so many other characters/actors on the show that could use a storyline that bringing these two characters back for few months mean nothing.

    Plus, Nina hasnt been seen since the guys last left and to listen to Nina sit on the Chancellor sofa and whimper that she wants her boys to confide in her is a waste of an actress and the written word. Nina needs to be more of a central focus on the show and her boys would work into that otherwise, dont bring them back. No matter what, when they return, it’s all about getting to know them again as NEW characters on the canvas since they don’t pick up where they left off.

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    What is the point in letting these brothers return every six months or so??? Either keep them on the cast and give them a decent storyline or just leave it. Do we really have to see another round of these pointless storylines that end with both of them leaving town???

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    I didn’t mind John Driscoll but it was evident the writers didn’t care for him so I’m on board with a re-cast for Chance just so we can see him. I hope they choose well,so we can keep him. There should be at least one real blood Chancellor living in Genoa City.

    I’ve had enough with Chance as a cop though, leave that to Ronan. Jill should mentor Phillip at Chancellor Industries so he can take over the company his grandfather founded. Just because someone comes from the military doesn’t mean they can run corporations, I hate that the writers think the only job he’s suited for is cop. He’s Phillip Chancellor the IVth, but last time no one even asked if he was interested in CI. Kay isn’t concerned with the company or anything Chancellor anymore she’s too busy tending to her new bio-son’s sexual and fidelity issues. *eye-roll*

    I second soapjunkie88 on keeping these characters in town. I’m not going to invest in more temporary characters, if Ronan and/or Chance is just dropping in again I’ll FF them.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    This TRICK needs to be pimp slapped and shown the door by Sony! She can take her two Gigolo’s with her too!

    And to call them out before they post. There is one poster or a few who just like every casting Maria and company does. Now matter how low she sinks there is always someone who thinks it’s the best thing ever or damn near it.
    “We didn’t land on Maria Bell. Maria Bell landed on us!” –Soap Viewer X

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @everyone: Next week Maria will cast Alf in a guest role as a Muppet at Finmores. Then the week after that she announce Gary Coleman in contract role as a man from Sophia’s past. Finally, Erika Slezak will be cast as Phyllis’s babysitter Ethel.

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    That would really be something cuz Gary Coleman passed away a few years ago.
    It was on my birthday actually.
    Him one year and Phil Hartman back in the 90s.
    What is it about May 28th??

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    @Ryan-Scott…ahh kindred fellow air sign, kudos… I will toast you! :beer: :beer: S) the Twins…you are my friend a true doppelganger…hehe! I hope your boyfriend or husband is a either Fire or another Air sign, especially Fire sign. You know what they say “Fire warms the air as air fans the flames” ;)

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    Maybe MAB will bring Gary Coleman back with a tupac inspired hologram. I don’t mind Ronan coming and going. It’s mostly work related and he runs out a story and disappears. I don’t want Chance back unless he’s recast. I like JD but he’s a bit of a misfit on soaps IMO. A heather/ronan/Abby triangle might grab my interest if they outsource the writing.

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    I actually like Jeff Branson so him coming back doesn’t really bother me(wonder whose murder he’ll be investigating this time? Hmmm….). As for JD, like him but don’t like Chance so I’d rather not see him. And I guess Nina will be trotted out for her annual appearance to ponder why Ronan’s not a bigger part of her life. Such a waste of Tricia Cast’s immeasurable talent.

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    [quote=alstonboy4315]Chance should ONLY return to the canvas if he’s accompanied by an actual PERSONALITY! Otherwise, why bother??[/quote]

    Sadly, I’d take no personality over the disgusting personality Sheffer gives every one of his manly men (Ronan, Billy, Kyle, et al).

    Ronan is an awful character. He was brought on to hate Nina and Chance for little reason, other than someone’s failed idea that men puffing up their chests = entertainment. He had even less to do with Nina each time he slunk back into town because Jeff Branson couldn’t get a pilot. He had no chemistry with Liz Hendrickson, Eden Reigel, or Michelle Stafford.

    This show has become a handout for pet actors who can’t get hired elsewhere. It’s not based on talent, or chemistry, or any other purpose. I liked Jeff Branson in his other soap roles but I do not see any point for him here and I actually HATE that they degrade Nina’s character for this garbage.

    Does anyone have millions around, and can you produce a show that will star Yvonne Zima, Billy Miller, Daisy Duke, and Jeff Branson, so that Y&R can close up the ATM?

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    WHO CARES?!? Watching paint dry is more exciting than watching these morose characters.

    Funny how Ronan remains the same age, but Kyle is 12 years older – really, MAB?!? REALLY?!? Do you think this little of your audience – REALLY?!?

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    [quote=For Whom the Bells Toll]Happy Ronan’s returning and if John Driscoll is not returning as Chance,please give us someone with good looks and acting ability.I’m sure there’s some ex-OLTL boys who could play Chance. :)[/quote]

    Driscoll actually is good looking and has some talent, but Y&R never bothered to make an effort. If we go by Y&R over the last few years, then Debbi Morgan, Genie Francis, Eric Roberts, Eden Reigel, Maura West, etc. had no talent.

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    [quote=ChrisGa]And I guess Nina will be trotted out for her annual appearance to ponder why Ronan’s not a bigger part of her life. Such a waste of Tricia Cast’s immeasurable talent.[/quote]

    Isn’t that the truth. I adore Tricia.

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    I like JB alot, but I’m getting sick of this ‘now you see him, now you don’t’ b.s.. He was completely wasted his last stint. His pairing with Phyllis was an absolute nightmare. They didn’t give him a thing to sink his teeth into. I felt we didn’t get to know him any better during this last time, if anything he regressed thanks to MAB. Also I wish tptb would give Chloe & Ronan a real shot, instead of teasing for a handful of scenes. IMO EH & JB have had great chemistry ever since they were pair on AMC.

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    [quote=alstonboy4315]Chance should ONLY return to the canvas if he’s accompanied by an actual PERSONALITY! Otherwise, why bother??[/quote]

    My man Alston, as usual U have it right. Don’t know why they are even bringing this dude back, although he was much better than the guy playing Chance, but we really don’t need either, we just need a writer for the show.

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    Hell to the no with a triangle with Abby and Heather. Abby and her bug eyes who just screams and whines about Tucker needs to go. Gwen and her drabby posterior (overrated I mighht add) is not needed.

    I like JB and he had great chemistry with EH but this come and go crap is getting old. I’m ready for him to get a permanent pink slip.

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    I don’t really mind Ronan coming back but hopefully to explain why he is always so weird and what he has been hiding. I just hate it when they bring back these characters so they can ply their super sleuthing techniques for all to cry woe over.

    Both Ronan and Chance are kind of boring but Chance bugs me with his goody two shoe, let’s help humanity and self righteous attitudes.

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    I am very happy to hear Jeff is coming back to Y&R. Hopefully this time he’ll be doing something people care about. His last go round, his last episode (which was great) is all I remember about him. That goodbye betweehim & Phyllis was incredible.

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    So glad that Jeff Branson is returning. He is so sexy, loved him on Guiding Light as Shayne and as Ronan.

    I agree with pjc that Nina should be on contract and be a regular character on the show. I didn’t care for her back in the day but I think she adds so much to the show, so much that is needed!

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    If their return means more storyline for Nina-great. But when has MAB ever done a great storyline. I hope the baby is Ronan’s. I know I am in the minority but I really hate Nick and Phyllis together. MAB seems to be intent on destroying the character of Sharon to prop up the Nick/Phyllis paring.

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