The Young and The Restless Scoops and Summer Spoilers!


Sharon: She clues Victoria in on a tidbit hidden away in Billy's past.

Ricky/Cricket/Danny/Phyllis: The sociopath reporter is close to learning all about the dirty deeds from Phyllis' past. Ricky grills Cricket for some info on his nemesis, but she flips the script on him by wanting to know more about his mysterious past! Ricky heads to Danny's concert, posing as a reporter wanting to write about Romalotti's music. When he starts to pry about Phyllis and Danny's marriage, the rocker starts to wonder what's really going on. Once Danny shuts Ricky down, he calls Red and gives her the 411 about what happened. She quickly figures out it was Ricky!


Danny lets his ex know Ricky has a bulls eye painted on her back and to be careful. Meanwhile, Cricket fills Paul in on Ricky being obsessed with Phyllis. Paul shares his plans to get information from Ricky's ex-pal Craig regarding Ricky's dead girlfriend Rachel. While Paul thinks he's getting the jump on Ricky, his son gets word from his old college friend that his dad has been sniffing around. Ricky is desperate to keep his past hidden, as Paul is on the brink of discovering the real story behind his vengeful son.

Michael: The legal eagle gets offered the position of Genoa City's district attorney, putting a strain on his marriage.

Danny/Christine: The chemistry between the two is still there.

Noah/Eden: The ex-couple have a peculiar living arrangement.

Summer Spoilers

Victor/Nikki/Jack: Even though Mr. Moneybags is sniffing around Sharon, you better believe he still wants Nikki all for himself. Victor is determined to bust up her relationship with Old Smilin' Jack by hook or crook! Meanwhile, the fight for Beauty of Nature isn't over and Victor just might wind up losing both BON and Nikki to his arch rival.

Tucker/Ashley: The rebel billionaire will fight hard to get his wife back and it just may pay off.

Michael/Lauren: Trouble in paradise looms for Genoa City's only solid couple. Michael's new gig has a spotlight on him and it makes Lauren very edgy, considering the things she's been dealing with. The two are going to have major issues.

Heather: The barrister returns when Michael offers her the ADA job.

Ricky/Phyllis/Nick: Watch for him to hit paydirt with the information he finds out about Phyllis, which might spell trouble for Red's rekindled romance with Nick.

Genevieve: Look for her to debate making a huge choice, all for the love of her son.

Chelsea: The con artist will still be entwined in the Abbotts lives, with another hustler staying close by her side — Adam.

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  1. Profile photo of Scout

    So what happens? That faithless whore strong heroine Sharon tells Victoria she slept with Billy once upon a time? It makes her look worse than it does Billy.

    Who can excited about this crap? Even if one of these storylines sounded remotely interesting, MAB & her band of nitwits would just spin it into dog shit.

  2. Profile photo of MsAgentProvocateur1

    What about the Phyllis hit n run incident?? Will Phyllis become GC’s version of the Teflon Donna? Will this end up only putting the kabosh on her relationship or will she finally face investigation and prosecution too?

    I can’t say I trust this writing regime to do anything, so I’ll keep reading updates and decide wither I will sporadically tune in because I can’t take the foolishness.

    This show needs new writers.

  3. Profile photo of MsAgentProvocateur1

    Oh, yes, david46208!

    I think the problem might be finding an available and skilled pool of writers who know the story and feel of these shows. Personally, I think they’re out there but they’re not on the ‘inside’. Whereas 40, 50 years ago, you had people who were disciples of Irna Phillips, you probably had people who apprenticed to Bill Bell Sr., Agnes Nixon and Douglas Marland but somehow the chain has been broken.

    While I don’t like to elaborate too much on my own experiences (I’m not that interesting any- lol), while I was in Grad School I did concentrate on writing drama. There was an actual course on Writing for the Soap Opera and before I could even sign up, don’t you know that class was full?? The interest was there but by then, I think production arms like P&G were already plotting their escape from Daytime Drama, so, if they ever had Writer’s Programs/Internships, they’d certainly gotten rid of them by the time I got to Graduate School.
    ABC/Disney had a program, mainly for Primetime. Their daytime consisted mainly of Production jobs. I was not as familiar with ABC daytime and I dreaded the possibility of getting stuck on The View so I didn’t pursue it. Oh well, all the NYC shows are history anyway, so I guess, my decision to stick with theater was a better (albeit challenging) choice.

    But because these shows never developed a great relationship with the great Dramatic Writing programs, these shows never developed a reliable pipeline of talented writers who know the history of the show and have apprenticed to the great writers. This is only my opinion, but I think this is one of the reasons why you can have a writer who was fired from one soap land on another soap in the same capacity.
    They don’t want to take a chance on an unknown commodity (however talented) that is yet unproven, so they keep relying on the same network, even if some are mediocre and shouldn’t be working there.

    I tell you from working in theater, it is almost the complete opposite. If a person even shows up late, there’s usually someone waiting in the wings to replace that person. Anyone who messes up may find that it could be a long time until they even get another chance. The theater is littered with stories of people who are still trying to get a second chance. I’ll have to resist the urge to mention one or two of these stories so as not to sound like an incredible gossip.

  4. Profile photo of Coffee_Junkie

    Being Prictor’s LAP DOG and at his beck and call for a DECADE doesn’t put a “strain” on Michael’s marriage to Lauren, but being the DA does? Ridiculous.

    And when did Danny and Cricket become Phyllis’ ally? If anything they’d be helping Ricky to DESTROY her.

    How can there be summer spoilers for Ashley if the actress has been “let go?” Unless they are hiring a new Ashley, most likely an actress from one of MAB’s favorite ABC/NBC soaps.

    Whatever. |( This show is toast, anyway.

  5. Profile photo of harlee490

    These summer spoilers doesn’t sound bad on paper, I’m intrigued…but again we all know how MAB and her cronies can f*ck-up a wet dream. I’m looking forward for the returns of Danny & Cricket. I’m truly enjoying Jiki, PB & MTS sizzles on the screen together. Now this is where I like Victor (not hiring or bringing in psychos) but being green with envy about Nikki & Jack, this is classic Victor\Jack\Nikki and this time Nikki is SOOO onto Victor makes me smile even more when they are bickering and Nikki isn’t taking his shit! I love this week Victoria (AH strongest scene in months) reading Victor & Nikki at the same time about growing up and act there age! Victoria clocked on their asses. It was a hoot! I’m happy that Lauren & Michael is having some problems, more story for both actors to play. Free Lauren up and have the “sex kitten” side of Lauren emerge again, love when TB plays the sexy vixen with men :love: Genura…ugh.

    Unrelated but Thursday’s episode of Y&R was the best complete episode I have seen since returning to Y&R in this past Jan, yes there was a touch of Daisy & Ricky (with her going, GONE maybe Ricky is going to kill her), but all the vets front and center, with Jack, Nikki, Katherine, Ashley, Lauren, Michael, Daniel, Victoria, Billy, Abby, Kyle I’m truly enjoying this actor. He’s hot, GOOD actor and showing some love toward Jack was awesome. In the beginning had problem aging him so fast but I’m OK with it now. All the characters was interacting together which made it so more enjoyable to watch. :) I’m loving Adam & Chelsea, those two rock! MM & MCE has excellent chemistry.

    I’m reading “rumors” and all over the boards and hearing a blood bath is coming to Y&R like DOOL this summer because the screams from fans is finally being heard at Sony & CBS is stepping up putting big pressure on Sony to clean house, not only with actors but changes behind the scene. A big name HW was spotted at CBS daytime…hmmm…not sure if any truth in these rumors so keep your fingers crossed! :beer: :beer: :beer: This time I want a network to step in and carry a big stick wailing at Sony :bigsmile:

  6. Profile photo of Coffee_Junkie

    Y&R isn’t Y&R to me without Jill so I’ve quit watching and will start watching again when (if) she comes back.

    And there NEEDS to be a bloodbath ON screen, not just behind the scenes. This cast is TOO huge. Characters all living together, never shown at home, or living out of their OFFICES?? Ridiculous. They need to kill off at least TEN characters, starting with:

    that Jersey Shore cast off that keeps lusting after Chloe

    I can think of at least five more, but that’s a start. Basically anybody MAB brought on from other soaps that she was a fan of, with the possible exception of Billy Miller. And (personally) I’m looking forward to the return of Colin– but not if they attempt to pair him with Genaura.

  7. Profile photo of Ryan-Scott

    I hope some kind of non-baby story is planned for my favorite little sweetie pie Billy Miller.
    Little baby’s contract is up in August. Let’s give him another kind of story for him Maria so hopefully he won’t split!

  8. Profile photo of Ryan-Scott

    Big name HW spotted at CBS??

    I hope it was Jack Smith and/or Kay Alden crossing the hall from B&B!
    (Kay Alden lives and works in Illinois but let’s hope she was visiting and was the one spotted!)

  9. Profile photo of Mets82

    Btw, can there be at least on female on Y&R to root for? I mean, not to sound sexist or anything but some of the females are getting on my nerves. You have Nikki who, Im sorry, I know her history but shes been really nosy lately. Geez, mind your business and worry about Jack. Then you have Phyllis, who I cant really get invested in because she changes all the time. First, she does whatever she wants, then her dad dies and we feel sorry for her, then Phyllis gets nosy again and then we are supposed to be feel sorry for her when she gets taunted by Daisy.

    Maybe Im reading to much into this but Abby has been really acting like a spoiled brat lately. I mean I can see her telling off Tucker. That I get but why is she chewing out Eden? What did she do? And lets not forget, the almighty heroine, the person who gets saved the most, Sharon. I mean I really dont mind Victor and Sharon, its just Sharon has been whiney lately. I mean she tattles to Victor about everything. Honey, you were this close to spending your life in jail, suck it up and figure out what you want.

  10. Profile photo of tedew

    Some of these spoilers sound interesting, some rehashings just don’t …

    I do hope that Ricky does somehow unravel Phyllis with whatever he already knows or will somehow find out. I still strongly feel that a possible lurid Ricky past being drummed up by Paul and his cronies really is one very big red herring. However, if anything, could it be that Saint Isabella of the Loonies has something to do with that mysterious death or … (not too likely but then this is Y&R) maybe this Ricky isn’t really Ricky at all?

    Whatever Sharon “has” on Billy, it would have to be fairly minor and have little effect on that precious Villy union. Also … if Sharon wants to sample some sauerbraten or bratwurst offered up by Victor then she will. After all she seems to have had every other man in Genoa City and when Victor grows weary she can jusy move on up to Murphy.

    Worst of all though … are we really going to have to put up with the ever increasing annoyingness courtesy of Phyllis? Her ranting and raving and repeating is excruciating. If and when Paul, Christine and all start to clue in that there may be a much badder Phyllis from the past; I will so enjoy her downfall.

  11. Profile photo of AlbertoTulsa71

    I am foaming at the mouth with anticipation over Ricky or ANYONE FINALLY bringing Phyllis down. It’s about time she paid for her past crimes. Everyone was so gung-ho over Adam paying for his crimes. Looking forward to seeing Phyllis get hers. For that reason alone I’ll be tuning into Y&R this summer.

  12. Profile photo of Dyllan

    I would actually give BM the pink slip. You know he hates it there. And I would send little Ms. Bug eyes (Abby) right after him. Blah. Can’t stand her. I haven’t read of anyone liking Kyle. They all complain about his voice.

    The only storyline I am interested in is the Ricky one. I want someone to bring down the little Red hoe. OMG, Phyllis’s character needs to be taken down a notch or two.

  13. Profile photo of tedew

    Billy does seem to be in the background and maybe BM is just waiting for an exit. Abby … please remember what your new age is supposed to be.

    I still think that Ricky is much too obviously psychotic right off the start to actually be that way and may quite possibly tone down. But please, only after you have destroyed Phyllis.

    Kyle does seem to have toned down and I hope so because we really don’t need another spoiler suddenly aged child around to wreck havoc.

  14. Profile photo of shane1969

    I don’t seriously anything will happen to Phyllis. They basically re-wrote her trapping Danny into marrying her while pregnant for another man. Daniel was never bothered by it. And Danny has no problem of his son living with Phyllis.

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