You Decide: Worst Soap of the Week

Which show was the Worst Soap of the Week?


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15 January 2009
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Without a doubt Y&R is the #1 BUMMER!

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3 July 2008
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Y&R takes that home once again. Shictor, Daisy and yet another rushed proposal (Nikki/Jack) make it possible. Y&R used to be so good at writing relationships. Now it's all about "surprising" hook ups that eventually become a marriage and then a divorce - in less than three months. -.-

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29 May 2011
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I KNOW I am in the minority here but, I really enjoyed Y&R this week. Am liking Adam & Chelsea's relationship, LOVING Ricky looking for a way to bring Phyllis down, was happy to see Cricket & Danny return and I thought Victor & Nikki each attempting to tell each other the truth, (so they can reconcile) just in time to see the other with someone else was CLASSIC Y&R. How many times did Bill Bell pull that one on us?
Phyllis telling Daisy how her attempts to keep Daniel by her side are futile (who would know better?) is a nnice attempt by the writers to mine it's OH SO RICH history.
This is just MY opinion. SO please don't everyone hate me for voicing it. I am aware everyone on here is hating on Y&R.
I just don't happent ot be one of them.

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12 February 2010
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Y&R wasn't THAT bad.........I found it to be, at the very least, watchable.

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26 February 2009
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What a brilliant and "soapy" idea to have three interchanegable blondes yelp their way through various traumas while the big strong men do their best to save the day. Starr's scenes grind what little momentum GH has to a halt. The expository screamfests between Todd and Tea are out of place and reinforce just how bad this crossover has been. The "twist" with Johnny is just further trashing of one of the few men on the show who can act. And for good measure, we get more of the rapist and child killer Luke trashing the Quartermaines.