Is Days of Our Lives’ Molly Burnett Leaving Salem?

Say it ain't so! Soap Opera Digest is hearing Days of Our Lives cutie Molly Burnett (Melanie) may not renew her contract when it's up this June. According to Digest's sources, Burnett—who has appeared on CSI: New York, True Blood and Good Luck Charlie all while starring on the sudser since 2008—has had to turn down additional outside gigs because of her DAYS job.

 If rumors of Burnett leaving prove true, I will be sincerely bummed. This actress is proof positive of what an excellent training ground daytime soaps still are. I was one of many critics who hated the character of Melanie—and wasn't kind at all about Burnett's acting—when she first premiered on DAYS. However, the NBC sudser putting the starlet in storylines with daytime acting greats Suzanne Rogers (Maggie) and Crystal Chappell (ex-Carly) helped Burnett grow into quite the promising little thespian. I'm sure whatever she decides for her career future will lead her to big things!   

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    I’ve also grown to love MB. I was just listening to a DC podcast from 2009 when she hadn’t won anyone over yet. She’s come a long way. I didn’t think I’d ever be a fan. I hope she sticks around.

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    Molly Burnett is one of the FEW female actresses on soaps under 25 who doesn’t bore the crap out of me or make me want to cringe. But I do think she’s strong enough to transition to primetime and film. She’s versatile enough to do comedy and drama, which few starlets on daytime can boast these days.

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    I liked her before they teamed her with Chad.She seemed more involved,however that could be the story and writing not her.

    But,you are so right David,bring back Shawn and Belle.

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    Cordelia Chase

    She’s painful to watch. Every time I see her, I’m reminded of Andrea Evans, all big eyes and breathy catch, but with MB, it’s annoying and calculated instead of campy and amusing.

    Get rid of her.

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    I like the actress but they’ve nothing with the character for a while now. I hope MB moves on to bigger and brighter things. The DAYS cast is rather bloated.

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    I personally think she sucks, so I agree with the poster who says, bye. All of her storylines have been mediocre to terrible, her acting (if improved), is still lacking. If she has been booking jobs outside of DAYS, then more power to her, but DAYS needs to focus on the characters and stories people want to see, especially with every soap’s endgame approaching.

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    I for one will not miss her. I never cared for her and I fast forward through her scenes. With that said, if she is indeed leaving, can she take her dad along as well as Gaby and just clean the slate clean? It was several months ago in an issue of “Soap Opera Digest” where Shawn Christian basically said they sent him off the canvas because they didn’t know what to do with him. Maybe it’s me, but isn’t that good enough reason to get RID of him since the cast is so large? So if she’s leaving, then Daniel’s only link is really Maggie and he can go do the Doctors without Borders that all the Hortons do when they leave the canvas. And can the execs REVERSE the decision to let Matthew Ashford go?

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    Thank goodness, she’s one of the most annoying actresses I’ve ever come across. I hope she is a big success in primetime or movies, so she never comes back to DAYS.

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    Forewarning: I’m a Molly Burnett fan. I have never been an “I told you so” kind of person. However, to those viewers who hated Molly Burnett at first, and have grown to love her, congratulations! You have recognized this actress’ valid talent.

    From day one (Molly’s debut on Days), I recognized the unique, interesting actress in her (having done some acting myself, in the past). I also liked her character, Melanie’s, entrance story and the way she grew as a person. When she hit Salem, she went from a lost girl, who didn’t have much of a family, to (1) getting a job as a nurse; (2) displaying compassion for people in trouble AND helping them; (3) winning new friends, most of whom adore her; and (4) finding a new, loving family. I love this character and the awesome actress who plays it.

    I really can’t, for the life of me, understand the angst against Molly Burnett. If Molly chooses to accept more projects, I am confident that she will be successful. My very best wishes to her!

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