11 New Soaps We Can’t Wait to Lather Up With!

There may be less soap operas to watch in the daytime, but primetime and cable is about to spill over with frothy, new suds! Here's a list of 11 upcoming soaps that have us ready to do a little scrubbing!

No. 11:  Hollywood Heights, Nick-at-Night

You can bet displaced, former daytime soap opera professionals—not to mention the genre’s fans—will be paying close attention to the success or failure of Hollywood Heights this summer. If HH proves to be a hit, it could lead to a slew of similar five-day-a-week, English-launguage sudsers!

Nick-at-Nite's attempt to create, produce and market a daily soap opera at night has a lot of sudsy cred. The series is based on a telenova and is written and produced by former daytimers Josh Griffith and Jill Farren Phelps. Several daytime actors are also in the cast, including One Life to Live alum Brittany Underwood in the lead role of aspiring songwriter Loren.

Nick’s Viacom cousin TeenNick has had success with this form via imported daily dramas Degrassi and House of Anubis. Here’s hoping they can do it again when Hollywood Heights premeires at 9 pm EST, June 18 on Nick-at-Nite. Like Hollywood Heights on Facebook

Photo credit: Nick-at-Nite

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No. 10: The Following, Fox

There’s something about Kevin Williamson writing about serial killers that takes you back to your college days, when every other girl had The Rachel haircut and Third Eye Blind was blasting on the radio. The Scream franchise and I Know What You Did Last Summer scribe is tackling the subject anew in Fox's The Following, a serialized crime drama about an escaped, homicidal maniac and the legions of cult-like fans who worship him.

Kevin Bacon stars as FBI agent Ryan Hardy, who caught the SOB the first time he went on a rampage, and now must come out of retirement to stop him again. Rome’s James Purefoy plays the lethal Joe Carroll. Natalie Zea (Justified, Dirty Sexy Money, Passions) plays Claire, Joe’s ex-wife, who became romantically linked with Bacon’s Ryan during the first investigation. The Following will air at midseason on Fox. For Fox's complete Fall 2012-13 lineup, click here!

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  1. Profile photo of GHteenybopper

    Josh Henderson and Jesse Metcalfe= YUM x1000 OMG! My mom use to tell me about watching Dallas back in her day so I’m looking forward to watching it, I hope it doesn’t turn out like the remakes of 90210 and Melrose Place, cause those shows are HORRIBLE! I’m also looking forward to Beauty and the Beast, with Kirsten Kreuk, I was a huge fan of her on Smallville and I have to support my fellow Canadians! The rest of the shows don’t look too appealing from what I’ve read, I’ll just have to wait until the pilots air.

  2. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    I’m so excited for “666 Park Avenue” and “Nashville”. These two I will definitely check out.

    I guess I’m not the target group for a show like “Hollywood Heights”. But if the show proves successful I’ll be excited for the industry – even with Phelps at the helm.

    I don’t know what to expect of “Infamous”. It’s this NBC style – which has nothing glamorous – that turns me off.
    CBS and a serial!? I believe it when I see it. ;) “Vegas” sounds promising but can CBS actually have a success with a retro serial???

    “Emily Owens” looks horrible from what I saw, but I’ll check it out because of Justin Hartley. I’m not sure what to think about “Beauty and the Beast”. Guess I’ll wait on that one until midseason and see how it’s doing.

    I’ll check out “Dallas” and “Political Animals” for the summer!!!! :D

    What about “Red Window”? I thought it looked promising…

  3. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    What about Erica Durance’s new medical series, Saving Hope, which starts in a few weeks on NBC (and CTV in Canada)? It sounds pretty soapy to me.

    I’m counting the days until I get to visit with The Ewings again! I sure hope they do it right!

  4. Profile photo of bishbay

    Mamie Gummer is a terrible actress and doesn’t bring much else to the table. Hope her show bombs. She doesn’t have the talent to be a successful actress, and nepotism pisses me off.

  5. Profile photo of snags

    Jason George’s show isn’t gonna make it. He was on “Eli Stone” and that medical drama in the jungle. He hasn’t had a good streak of shows. It’s like he’s a show killer. I like him but let’s face it, he isn’t a good omen for new shows.

  6. Profile photo of sallyv

    [quote=snags]Jason George’s show isn’t gonna make it. He was on “Eli Stone” and that medical drama in the jungle. He hasn’t had a good streak of shows. It’s like he’s a show killer. I like him but let’s face it, he isn’t a good omen for new shows.[/quote]

    Simon Baker used to be a “bad omen” for new shows…now he finally has a hit with “The Mentalist.” Sometimes it takes a while to find a show with the right fit.

    Now, I don’t know anything about Jason George, but maybe this will be his “hit.”

  7. Profile photo of sallyv

    “666 Park Avenue” and “Nashville” look like the most promising of this list.

    “Vegas” and “Dallas” could be good, but it will be hard to beat the original “Dallas.”

    “Political Animals” should be good since it’s vaguely based on real-life (colorful) characters.

    I’m going to give “Hollywood Heights” a try, but since it’s on VH1, it probably won’t be in my demographic.

  8. Profile photo of harlee490

    “666 Park Avenue” has quite intrigued me, sort of Dark Shawdowy theme and it has Vanessa Williams big fan, the youngest son from Brothers & Sisters which I loved. I will definitely follow this soap.

    “Nashville”, I will give try sounds good.

    “Dallas” baby can’t wait!

    I for one I’m looking forward to which isn’t on the list is “Scruples” I will follow that soap. Loved the book and the mini-series at the time.

    Forgot to mention I will not follow or support “Hollywood Height” the premise sounds good but it’s due to fact one person “Jill Farren-Phillips”…she destroyed every soap in which was involved with maybe not SB, she did win there, once SB cut her lose, she butchered every soap and IMO only why should I support a someone that went out of way to kill off beloved characters fans loved but she didn’t have any love what soever on her watch. Myself and many soap fans have always wondered why soaps always recycle EPs & HWs and move to another soap to do the same thing and destroy that soap every time. I have NO LOVE for this woman! |( “Poof you have no power here Maleficent”!

  9. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    [quote=harlee490]I for one I’m looking forward to which isn’t on the list is “Scruples” I will follow that soap. Loved the book and the mini-series at the time.[/quote]

    Sorry but “Scruples” wasn’t ordered to series.
    I would have liked to seen this too. The description of the show sounded really interesting.
    I’m also disappointed that “Americana” didn’t make it. One of these shows could have been the lead-in to “Grey’s Anatomy” on Thursdays. Don’t see “Last Resort” making it that far.^^

  10. Profile photo of harlee490

    Soapjunkie88….thanks for the updated I didn’t know, darn I was so looking forward to this as prime time soap :(( Maybe it could be mid-season replacement because some bite the dust of course like any series. Geez, this is depressing but maybe someday.

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