General Hospital: Perkie’s Observations

Shawn wonders why Carly is still holding onto the bracelet Johnny gave her. Carly tosses it in the trash.  She thinks she would have been better off with Shawn. He reminds her that she had no feelings for him. They are just friends. Shawn says he’s seeing someone else. He wonders what kind of person cheats and then expects to be forgiven.  Carly says she does and explains that she cheated on Jax with Sonny after Michael’s institutionalization.  She says Jax forgave her, yet she can’t forgive Johnny.  After he leaves, Carly fishes the bracelet out of the garbage.


Molly and TJ are hanging out when Sam shows up to take Alexis to the Lamaze class with her.  Molly doesn’t understand why Jason isn’t going. Sam tells her they aren’t together right now. Molly wants to know what happened. Sam tells her the whole story about Franco. 

Jason stops to talk to Liz, when the Lamaze nurse recognizes him. She assumes he’s there for the class, until she realizes Sam is signed up with Alexis.  Jason says he’s there for a follow up and all is good.  Liz says she’s worried about him and wants him to patch things up. She says he needs to talk about the baby, since none of this is the baby’s fault.  Jason says Sam keeps putting McBain in the way. Liz says it’s easier to confide in a stranger, as she did with Ewen.  She asks if it’s really over. Jason isn’t sure, but wants to have his life back.  He hasn’t changed his feelings about the baby.

Alexis texts Sam that she won’t be joining her at Lamaze. She continues to listen to Connie and Sonny’s conversation.  Sonny asks if Connie is proud of herself. She says Sonny should have left Kate alone.  Sonny wants to know why Connie would want Kate to relive her worst day with the wedding dress. Connie points out she was shot too, that she felt the fear and the pain. 

Anthony thinks Johnny is lying to mess with him, but Johnny says the idea was to kill Anthony.  Anthony says there were many times Johnny could have killed him. He asks why that night so special.  Johnny says Sonny came at him at the benefit and that night he had a nightmare about Claudia. She wanted him to avenge her. 

Dante breaks down Kate’s office door guns blazing, only to find Lulu there, working on the next issue of Crimson.  He says she tripped the silent alarm and jokes that a good Spencer should know how to break and enter better than that.  Turns out the printer called Lulu when he couldn’t find Kate or Maxie and is trying to the next issue out.

Lulu can’t believe Kate would attack Ewen. Dante asks her opinion about the gun. But again, Lulu thinks there’s no way Kate would have a gun and wouldn’t frame Sonny whom she loves.  Dante thinks its Johnny anyway, since he had motive and is capable, despite Carly’s alibi.  Lulu doesn’t believe Johnny capable. However, Dante says Johnny’s changed lately. He was furious at both Sonny and Anthony that night.  

Connie says she needed a guarantee and made it look like Sonny did the one thing Kate asked him not to, go after Anthony.  She says she got the gun, followed Anthony and shot out his tires.  Then went back to the office, where Sonny showed up, upset about Robin’s death and after grief desk sex, Connie returned to the office and planted the gun and made him look guiltier. 

Sonny can’t believe Connie did all that just to hurt him but she only wanted him to stop hurting Kate.  He asks about the child who died. Connie says it was collateral damage.  Sonny says their blood is on her hands. Connie yells that he left her no choice.  Kate re-emerges. 

Johnny tells Anthony to pull the trigger and get it over with. Anthony wonders why the desperation and isn’t buying Johnny’s story.  He says there were plenty of times Claudia was going to kill him and Johnny intervened. However, Johnny says he saw the opportunity.  He left Carly in bed, drove to the Q’s, saw Anthony leaving, followed, shot out the tires and thought Anthony was dead until he showed up the next day. 

Anthony asks about the gun in Kate’s office. Johnny says he figured he’d frame Sonny. He couldn’t get it in Sonny’s house because of the guards and the cops would need a warrant, whereas Kate’s office was out in the open.  He then came back home to bed, to Carly. 

Molly’s shocked, but glad that Sam confided in her. Sam thanks her for listening.  Molly wishes they could go back to JaSam’s wedding reception, so she could prevent Sam from leaving for Hawaii.  Molly thinks love is a lie based on everyone’s relationships falling apart, but she’s sure Jason will love the baby once it’s born.  Sam says the baby is a reminder that Jason couldn’t protect her.  Molly offers to be Sam’s Lamaze partner.  The two get to the hospital in time to see Jason and Liz hug. 

Kate’s confused and Sonny reassures her and tells her Connie came out.  She says she saw Connie in the mirror and asked about the gun.  Kate wants to know what Connie told sonny. 

Anthony says he raised Johnny like a son, loved him and grew the empire for him and has now betrayed him.  The two fight over the gun, which goes off. 

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    I swear to Dog, if either of the Zacharas die from this gun shot, I will be ticked. Love Johnny and this show needs him. Anthony’s a wack job, but he can bring the funny and we need him.

    I love the double confession. I thinks its an interesting way to play the story and both stories could be true. I found myself floating back and forth between whether to beleive Connie or JOhnny. One of the few times, that I liked the flashbacks, since they clearly re-created the JOhnny ones especially for his storytelling.

    I liked the Sam/Molly conversation and that she took Molly with her.

    Carly needs to poop or get off the pot regarding JOhnny. She’s taken that bracelet out of the garbage twice now. Good of her to realize how much she hurt JAx (and my eyes!!) with that limo sex with Sonny.

    Finally, we get some Dante/Lulu action and they were cute together.

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    Dante seems to be almost as focused on blaming Johnny for everything as Sonny does.

    I don’t know who shot out those tires, but I hope this storyline doesn’t drag on as long as the who shot Lisa Niles story has. Having said that, I believed Johnny’s version of the story more than I believed Connie’s today, but I’m not sure Johnny could’ve been out of bed long enough to do all that stuff without Carly noticing her new toy was missing.

    Why didn’t Alexis interrupt that bit between Connie and Sonny where he seemed to be threatening her and acting like he’s never had collateral damage blood all over his hands before?

    I hope Molly tells Jason what a punk ass he is.

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    What this show needs to redirect the action in the right direction is for Sonny to see a priest and make amends for all of his illegal doings. I’m not saying he converts but he realizes that what he has been doing all these years has dire consequences and Kate’s nosedive into insanity is the last draw. He returns to Kate and tells her he loves her and that she is his focus. Then that focus in the story will fall from Sonny to Kate as would the rivalry with the Zacharia’s as Sonny starts to dismantle his operations.

    Seriously, for years fans and critics have been saying ENOUGH VIOLENCE and the Mob centric story telling yet, once again, another regime continues it.

    As for Jason, what he needs is Monica to walk up to him after seeing Sam in Lamaze with her sister or mother and tell Jason off! Have her say that Monica stood back when Jason asked to be left alone. She stood back when she saw him killing. She stood back when he thought only of himself. BUT NOW HE IS MARRIED, his wife was raped … NOT HIM … she needs the support because she is carrying that rapist’s child. She tells Jason the part of him that is a Quartermaine is alive and well in him and that is his selfish nature. She says that he married Sam for better or worse, and right now it’s the worse for Sam and Jason is the only one to make it BETTER!

    Also, when is the new regime going to show the reaction of the Quartermaine’s to the fact that Franco was their family. I can understand Jason not telling anyone becuase he is a selfish murderer (yes, a hitman is a murderer) but Sam should be the one to tell them since she feels free to tell everyone else and the fans deserve to see the Q’s reactions!!!

    GH needs to stop telling stories from the MALE perspective. Soaps are geared towards woman yet … and it doesn’t matter what the enemic ratings for this show indicated last weekend, women arent’ watching!!! … so they need to tell that side of the story. A male hero is a man who comes to a women’s rescue, not always physically but emotionally and mentally. GH wants to be on top, than follow that rule.

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    Today’s show was very good.

    It looks like RC/FV are slowly weeding out the mob element by removing either AZ, JZ or both. We hate the mob. We love the mob.

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    Sassysdreams – I was thinking the same thing about everyone being better dressed in the Sam & Molly scenes. One thing that I will admit that Frank and Ron have done and that is make me a Kelly Monaco / Sam fan. I was never a fan of the actress or the character, but in the last few weeks and especially today in her scenes with Molly I had to admit I was a fan. The other thing – is THANK GOD they toned Molly down. Shockingly I have wanted her to get hit by a stray bullet!!

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    One thing I’ve noticed is that everyone is much better dressed these days, stylish and wearing lots of color. I thought KeMo looked gorgeous in her blue and white gauzy pregnancy top and JMB looked beautiful in that fuchsia outfit!

    Kate/Connie may be claiming to have shot out Anthony’s tires but only Johnny’s story had all the small details like watching Anthony put his suitcase into the trunk of his car as he was leaving the Quartermaine’s and driving behind him with his brights on. Connie’s story was all generalities. So I guess Johnny was the one who caused the accident that killed Hope and Cole.

    Perkie, I agree with you. Today Lulu and Dante were cute together.

    I loved all the Sam and Molly scenes!! I thought they were very well done and you can tell there is a genuine friendship and closeness between KeMo and HP.

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    I prefer the Zaccharas to Jason & Sonny and I don’t want to lose either one of them but the end of the show was awesome. Johnny and Anthonny rocked their scenes and the double confession has me confused.

    One thing I didn’t like was Sam confiding in Molly about the rape, while Alexis was busy watching Skate through a window. I think Sam could have told Molly about the breakup without going into details and saved the Franco discussion for her Mom. Alexis should have been the first or second person after Jason to know.

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    oh great, another Sonny episode about how everyone else’s pain/turmoil affects him the most.


    weren’t Frank & Ron supposed to fix this sh*t!?!?

    c’mon now!

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    TV Gord

    I loved it when Elizabeth made the offhanded comment about the Lamaze nurse, that some people have nothing better to do than interfere in other people’s business! I wonder if the actress got the irony of that line comment out of her character’s mouth!

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    I am with you Sassy, Lulu looked great and I thought Lulu and Dante were cute albeit dull. I look forward to Lulu’s “action junkie” being more than a statement but an actual step in a direction, like becoming a cop or P.I. Still, I liked seeing SOMEONE managing Crimson!

    I thought the acting in the Sonny/Connie/Kate scenes was good but I am not invested in Sonny/Kate as a couple, so something falls flat. I recognize this storyline is full of holes but Connie taking the most roundabout route to get revenge on Sonny and alienate him from Kate is silly. I don’t really buy Connie or Johnny’s recounts of what happened. Pretty surprised at the ending with Johnny and Anthony struggling with the gun. If anyone dies, I am betting it’s Anthony.

    Tired of Elizabeth being used to prop JaSam. It makes sense for Jason to seek advise from his friend but it’s redundant. Clearly, Jason and Liz have a ton of chemistry and I am ready for them to discuss anything but Sam. ;-) And I am not enjoying Liz’s constant referencing of Ewen. I am not looking forward to Ewen’s recovery and their coupling. If they must be paired, I hope the character develops a personality and the actor some skill.

    I was not feeling Molly and TJ despite finding the actors appealing. I guess because it came out of nowhere. They are cute though. Sam and Molly…snooze. Glad Sam is seeking support from a family member but those scenes were boring and flat. I wonder when Alexis will be filled-in and what her reaction will be? Also, Where’s John McBain? He seems to be the only thing that makes Sam watchable.

    Laura Wright and Sean Blakemore have a nice “friend chemistry.” I sorta enjoyed Carly’s talk with Shawn short of her comparing her adultery on her husband to her short-term boyfriend’s infidelity. Carly and Johnny are too forced when the pair should have been developed before being imploded.

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    The Molly character is a disaster. I say turn her into a hitgirl or just write her off the show. Can she go live with Ric?

    Really hate Scam and Elizabitch. I hope Spam goes crazy and does a murder-suicide on Lizard/herself. Honestly, something does need to happen to La Liz before she kills any more of her children (you know it’s going to happen).

    I think Lulu should go bisexual, probably with D[o]lores. Johnny should be gay with a returned Ethan.

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    Steve Burton’s ears look really big now with his haircut lol..

    Loved the Molly/Sam scenes, even though I’m still waiting for Alexis to find out, the fact that she doesn’t know yet, and now Molly does is ridiculous to me.

    Jason needs to learn to accept and love this kid that is apart of his wife, after all, it is his nephew ;) I just want to add how hilarious I find it that they’re using Liz to basically pimp JaSam, I mean, I do like that Liz seems to empathize and have Sam’s back, but it’s still funny

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    One thing bother me: how come Connie remembers everything Kate does, but Kate has no recollection of either Connie or what happen when she is out?

    Sounds like plot drivel to me!

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    If Alexis could get her head out of Sonny/Kannie/Maxie’s ass for 2 minutes, maybe Sam would talk to her. I didn’t like Sam telling Molly about the rape, that should’ve come from Alexis. I’m sick to death of Alexis’, “Oh, damn, that’s Sonny, he’s in trouble.”…. “Oh crap, I FORGOT I had lamaze class with my daughter.”….. “Sorry, Sam, hit me up later with your story, Maxie needs me.” nonsense. Mother of the Year she ain’t.

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    [quote]I loved it when Elizabeth made the offhanded comment about the Lamaze nurse, that some people have nothing better to do than interfere in other people’s business! I wonder if the actress got the irony of that line comment out of her character’s mouth![/quote]

    What Liz said was ‘Some of us have too much time on our hands around here.’ Not ‘some people’. I would imagine both the actress and the character realized the truth of her statement, which is why Liz chose the words ‘us/our’ in her assessment.

    It’s a shame Jasam needs so much propping. I would have much rathered watched Liz greeting Ewen as he awakened from his coma or Liz running in to her brother Steven and learning about his troubles or Liz playing with Cam and Aiden, than her being used to consistently help sell the nothingness that is Jasam.

    [quote]I just want to add how hilarious I find it that they’re using Liz to basically pimp JaSam, I mean, I do like that Liz seems to empathize and have Sam’s back, but it’s still funny [/quote]

    I don’t find it funny. It’s a waste of a character with loads of storyline potential. Liz was moving forward in her life and now she’s being relegated back to the stupidity that is Jasam. Let Molly, MacBain, Alexis, Sonny, Monica…sell their insipid crap. How many people are needed to add life to this dull pairing? Liz has paid her time in their hell. I want to see her in her life, not their lameass fake angst.

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    I loved seeing Lulu defend Johnny today.I know the REAL Lulu would forgive him and understand why he did these awful things because she saw first hand how abusive Johnny’s grandpa/father is to him.I agree with those who this Lulu could be gay or bi.I would rather see her with Sam,Liz or Maxi if she can’t be with Johnny because ALL of those choices are better then Dante.Plus JMB looked beautiful in that dress.

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    Because sleeping with her mother’s husband while the said mother is suffering from cancer certainly makes Sam the “Daughter of the Year”… Yeah sure…

    Sorry FFIT, but personnally I don’t know how Alexis ever found in her to forgive Sam for what she did and for a die hard Alexis/NLG fan like me, you are agitating a red scarf in front of me by blaming Alexis regarding the Sam/Alexis relationship after everything Sam did to Alexis.

    And you know I don’t care one bit about Jasam or Liason so this has nothing to do with it. But really? Alexis is to blame for Sam confiding in John, Molly and whoever will be next?

    On another topic, this is RIDICULOUS to think that Johnny after having escaped death from Sonny and getting Carly finally in his bed would wake up, get dressed, drive his car to the Qs, follows Anthony’s car and manage to shoot his Dad’s tires, find a way to get rid of the gun to frame Sonny (when Dante said clearly that there was nobody on the hotel tapes rather than Maxie, kate and Sonny that appeared in Crimson) and then get back to carly and back in bed and Carly saw NOTHING??? And shooting tires this way when Johnny was so drunk less than a few hours before?

    I know that Frank and Ron are doing their best to pin very possible crime and vile action on Johnny in their desperate efforts to whitewash Sonny and Todd but this is really pathetic. If Johnny would have killed someone that night it would have been Sonny NOT Anthony! Had Johnny wanted to really kill Anthony he would have done it the night he learned about Claudia. This is just plain STUPID. And as I am not drinking the Koo Aid, this certainly doesn’t make me even like Sonny or Todd more. On the contrary.

    Lulu and Dante? Didn’t miss that horribly boring couple one second. Too bad that they are back. And of course Lulu cannot share any scene with someone else. And of course Dante blames Johnny. Daddy would be so proud. Send Dante back to his closet. I certainly like him better when I don’t see him.

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    [quote; sassysdreams]Kate/Connie may be claiming to have shot out Anthony’s tires but only Johnny’s story had all the small details like watching Anthony put his suitcase into the trunk of his car as he was leaving the Quartermaine’s and driving behind him with his brights on[/quote]

    I thought this too. But at the same time, Anthony provided the answers for Johnny. He showed up the next day and told Johnny that Sonny had found him at the Qs and he was planning on leaving the country, so Johnny would have known that to use in his version of the story. Johnny also knew from Dante where and when the gun was found.

    I just don’t think there was enough time for jOhnny to do it. Sonny left his place and went straight to the Qs. They argued for a few minutes before he left. Than Anthony packed his bags and left. All that took, maybe an hour. Johnny would have had sex with Carly, fallen asleep, had a nightmare about Claudia, decided he was going after his father and gotten to the Qs to see Anthony leaving with his bags? I’m not sure I buy it.

    However, Connie’s version of the story means we have to accept that she shot out car tires, at night.

    [quote; soapbaby] Still, I liked seeing SOMEONE managing Crimson! [/quote]

    Part of me was thrilled, because it makes sense for Lulu to pick up the pieces at Crimson, but the other part of me was wondering why the printer would have called her in the first place. she hasn’t worked there in what, a year? Wouldn’t there be news about Crimson’s main employee and CEO beinging in jail for various crimes? If Kate is as popular as this show often wants to tell me, it would be all over the news that she’d been arrested for assaulting someoen. Isn’t there a board of directors or something that would have to deal with the magazine in Kate’s absence, and not a former employee? See, I like it because it gives Lulu something to do, but at the same time, makes no sense.

    [quote; mecasey]I would have much rathered watched Liz greeting Ewen as he awakened from his coma [/quote]

    Based on Liz’s reaction to Ewen surviving the surgery and then coming out of the coma, I think they’re going with a pairing there, but it does seem odd to me that we’ve been hearing about Ewen but haven’t actually seen the character/actor in weeks. I don’t want Liz to have another offscreen relationship, like she did with GV’s Lucky. i’m hoping the lack of Ewen means they’re bringing soemeone else on, who might actually have chemistry with Liz, because I didn’t see it with the current actor, not enough to build soemthing with Liz anyway.

    [quote; FFIT]If Alexis could get her head out of Sonny/Kannie/Maxie’s ass for 2 minutes, maybe Sam would talk to her[/quote]

    I love Alexis, but I sort of agree with this. Now granted, Alexis doesn’t know that what Sam is trying to tell her is that she was raped by a serial killer and is carrying his baby. But it does make Alexis look bad that she’s constantly ignoring her duaghters’ needs for her clients.

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    Loved seeing Liason together, but hated the Jasam pimpage. I get (but don’t agree with) Liz forgiving Sam for all the horrible things Sam did to Liz and her children, but to take it a step further and pimp her to Jason? That is beyond stupid. Liz should listen to Jason as a friend, but she should not be encouraging to him forgive Sam for lying and get over the baby being Franco’s. Liz should just tell Jason that she supports whatever he decides to do and leave it at that. The day I try to help someone who hurt my kids is the day I need to be smacked upside the head.

    Loved the Liason hug at the end! They are so pretty together.

    I want Kate to have shot out Anthony’s tires. I would rather lose Kate than Johnny. It looks like Johnny will have killed Anthony, Cole and Hope by the time this is over. :( I think writing Johnny off is a huge mistake. If they want to tone down the mob, they should get rid of Sonny. I’m a fan of MB, but it’s time for him to move on. TPTB missed a huge opportunity with Jason’s brain surgery. He should have woken up as a hybrid Morgan/Quartermaine. This culd have led to him taking over ELQ and Sonny moving on (and out of PC). Oh well…

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    Perkie – I’m hoping for someone new for Liz as well. Ewen is nice, his abs are too ;). However, he’s been on the show for quite awhile and the writers haven’t done much with him outside of his professional life. It doesn’t appear they want to write much for him. I don’t need Liz rushed into a new relationship. I’m okay with her living the life of a single parent. I’m okay with her dating. I simply want to watch her moving forward in her life.

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    This past show has me seesawing back and forth…

    First I love any scenes with Jason and Elizabeth in them…They have always had the best chemistry together in my book…My problem is I object to her pimping JaSam, and supporting Sam…after all Sam did to keep Jason and Elizabeth apart. It just doesn’t ring true to me. Even if Liz felt that Jason and her were completely done, with no future…not too many women would support and back a woman that watched their child be kidnapped, and then taunt this very same woman over his death….sorry…Sam has NEVER been a friend to Elizabeth, nor has she ever had her back…Liz can be a friend to Jason and listen…but as far as backing Sam in seems way too contrived. I want Liz to have her own story…and while I enjoy seeing her have air time with Jason… not if it is only going to be about Jasam…

    Sick of Konnie…this has to be one the worst stories to ever airhog a show …it seems EVERY other story line is relegated behind this one or supports this one. I don’t care about this Kate…and I have never been a Sonny fan…Can’t stand Starr…I do like the addition of Todd and Tea…they have been the only saving graces in this s/l.

    I am going to miss Anthony…he really was good for comic relief… I am afraid now though…is this the handwriting on the wall for Johnny also? Is he the next one to exit, if he is responsible for Anthony’s death.

    My other problem is with Sam/Alexis/Molly…There is no reason what so ever that Sam has not told Alexis what happened to her…Sam is mad that Liz knows…she told John….Kelly her doctor knows…It is not as if other people do not know…Alexis knows that Sam is not with Jason, yet Sam refused to tell her why…but when Molly… her 14 year old sister asks…she tells her??? Makes me wonder if Sam is even mature enough to be a mother at this point, if she makes decisions like this. There is no way she should have told Molly this first, before her mother…It should have been Sam AND Alexis telling Molly what happened.

  22. Profile photo of FaisonFanInTexas

    First off, I never said Sam was daughter of the year, I also never said Alexis is to blame for Sam not telling her except that whole thing about how Alexis has barely had any cases lately suddenly she has 12??? Whatever. I would ALWAYS take time to talk to my kid. Suddenly everytime Sam’s in the room with her, she has something pressing to do somewhere else. I also never mentioned McBain or who Sam gets to talk to OR who Jason gets to talk to…or Liz. I am also an Alexis fan & none of this has to do with the Liz vs Sam crap. And btw~ALEXIS seems to have forgiven Sam, so that’s what I’m going with whether I agree with it or not. I try to be pretty clear about my feelings & opinions, I’m not good at beating around the bush.

    As far as agitating a red scarf in front of you, that’s not what I was doing cuz I wasn’t actually commenting to anybody’s post, but that’s hilarious.

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    Always happy when I make you laugh FFIT :)

    Honestly I am not sure I would make time for my kid if she had slept with my husband while I was sick. Forgiving would already be HUGE. So stopping everything to listen to that kind of kid? Don’t think so. You are a bigger person / better mother than me.

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    Yesterday’s show was interesting if also incredibly dark and depressing.

    I don’t think Johnny was behind shooting out Anthony’s tires, but I’m beginning to think Kate/Connie isn’t either. Johnny, I think, knew all the details behind the accident because he made that deal with Delores to get all the PCPD’s info against Sonny during that pseudo trial, right? But as others have said, the timeline doesn’t seem to fit, and also didn’t they say the security cameras at Crimson only had Sonny and Kate entering her office that night? And the gun was different from the one they found in Kate’s office, the gun in this flashback looked like the same gun Starr stole from Johnny to hold up Sonny.

    I did also get the feeling Connie’s story wasn’t exactly true either, but who knows. Maybe if it was some other party, the rumors that Hope is still alive are true, and this mystery party has her stashed somewhere.

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    I too am sick of the “years” of Franco storyline focusing “mainly” on Jason “why aren’t the Qs brought into this now for something different)? Its been how long now? This is a prime op to get them “in a friggin storyline” not just reacting to Jason’s turmoil sure its only two or three left but it would be something else for Monica & Tracey outside of brown nosing Jason/Luke….but nooooo

    Again what is different here its the same ole’ same ole’ but hey ratings are up fans are loving it so what do I know. I liked Konnie meeting Stumpy. A lot that was dialoged re: Kate being so forgiving is true Stumpy kicked her to the curb not for danger but Claudia when Konnie says, “all hair no brains” LoL

    I’m likin Todd most of all on here, yes I know…I was raggin the OLTL characters LoL But I too find the show dark (somewhat depressing)

    Re: Elizabeth kissing JaSam’s ass? Basically she always has since 2004…. She’s rarely written to get angry about much let alone that it last more than two or three eppys…..Jason, Lucky, Luke, Nik, Sam, Lulu who treated her like crap quickerthanthis all is well..Elizabeth issue is “writing” but despite of writing her not to be popular or giving her the sympathy card…she is a fan favorite.

  26. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Im with those that think neither Connie nor Johnny shot the tires. I mean really, I dont buy connie being able to make the shot and I dont buy johnny having the time. As for johnny – it does feel like they are prepping to write him out, but Im honestly more than happy to forgive johnny for what he did with anthony today. If Anthony didnt want to get shot (and again Im assuming johnny kills anthony and not the other way around) then Anthony shouldnt be holding a gun on him and waving it all around like a tough guy. And you know what – if johnny shot out anthonys tires he should have felt pained and taken some responsibility for the repugnant way he treated both of his “kids”, but most especially the way that he treated claudia. If he had shown remorse and forgiveness and regret towards johnny, maybe johnny wouldnt have lied to him about the car wreck.

    the other mother daughter combo in todays epi is sam and alexis. The Moustache – its clear sam doesnt care about alexis?? really because I see a daughter whos first instinct when she found out that franco was the babys father was to go to her mother and when jason refused to go to lamaze the first person sam thought of to share this experience with is her mother. Hardly sounds to me like someone who doesnt value the relationship. As for whos to blame that alexis doesnt know – I think its just honestly a series of unfortunate events. I put a little more of this on alexis, but she has tried to find out but unfortunately every time she has pushed she did so in a crowded room not knowing that what sam had to tell her was extremely personal and wouldnt be something she would share at a diner or in the middle of sonnys bday party. Hey Mom I was raped by a serial killer and this is his kid, oh an have you tried this canape, not as good as a kellys blt but absolutely delish! And while I think she needed to make time for her daughter, having a friend in the midst of a mental breakdown and having another friend with a daughter facing life in prison would be justifiable reasons for her being a tad distracted. And just like I think anthony should forgive johnny for being enraged (even though shooting at someone is a pretty big deal) I think it was absolutely appropriate for alexis to have forgiven Sam. I think the bar has to be set pretty high for a parent to write off their child, and though what happened in both cases is extreme, I think neither parents hands are clean in the course of events. I think alexis sees in retrospect that she didnt try to accept sam back then and was pushing sam to be what she wanted her to be. She knows that were it not for her demands and the legal steps she took to push jason out, its unlikely that jason would have left sam in the wake of the shooting, and that all the mental anguish that sam went through would not have happened. that doesnt make it alexis’s fault but she knows that what she said to sam right before sam and ric had sex was pretty hateful and her words and deeds played a huge role in sams choices and therefore I think shes chosen to forgive her. I think alexis also spreads a lot of the blame for their ons on ric. Finally we have also seen sam agree to parent kristina and molly had alexis died from the cancer, we saw her save alexis’s life at risk of her own in taking on diego, and we saw her risk her life during the b&W ball when she fixed the boat that allowed jax to pilot her to a hospital for emergency surgery. I dont know about anyone else, but given that my nature would be to try and forgive my kid, if I saw them taking those kinds of risks and making those kinds of huge sacrifices, and I knew that part of the reason my daughter made the mistake she made stemmed from my poor choices, yeah it would be water under the bridge.

    Re: liz, she DOES have too much time on her hands apparently LOL. And if liz fans dont want her in the middle of the jasam relationship, this jasam fan agrees – i dont want liz in the middle either. Perhaps liz taking sams side in this shows that liz has learned something over the last year – not to judge other peoples choices when shes made mistakes herself. What is she going to say to jason, yes Im supporting you, you do what you think is right?? Isnt that kind of saying yes Jason I think its okay for you to be mad that sam lied even though I lie ALL THE TIME and oh yeah so do you jason, including the big lie that we foisted on sam a few years back. And hey jason its okay for you to be mad that sam hasnt talked to the people you deem acceptable about HER rape, even though I got to tell who I wanted when I wanted when i went through the exact same horror. Supporting jason would be just about the most hypocritical thing she could do. But if she was really taking sams side when jason started confiding in her, she should have said Sam asked me not to fight her battles and while I care about you, i think its not right or fair for you to berate sam for confiding in john while you are talking to me, so im not going to be able to be your sounding board in this, esp. when i disagree with your choices and think you are capable of loving the baby. Im choosing not to be in the middle – and then she should have walked of to spend time with ewan. Unfortunately, like she said herself, shes got too much time on her hands. As for all these characters treating poor put upon liz like shit, the only one I would agree with luke which is why ive said time and time again that there can be no redemption for me with luke til he tries to right the scales with liz in some meaningful way. He cant undo the accident but he should attempt to address all the horrible things he said to her. I dont see that the rest have treated her horribly any more than she treated them horribly.

    Lulu and sam looked beautiful today.

  27. Profile photo of syren515

    [quote=mecasey]It’s a shame Jasam needs so much propping. I would have much rathered watched Liz greeting Ewen as he awakened from his coma or Liz running in to her brother Steven and learning about his troubles or Liz playing with Cam and Aiden, than her being used to consistently help sell the nothingness that is Jasam.[/quote]

    IA, Mecasey. I certainly would have preferred seeing Liz with Ewen as well but lately she seems to be a JASAM cheerleader.

    [quote]I don’t find it funny. It’s a waste of a character with loads of storyline potential. Liz was moving forward in her life and now she’s being relegated back to the stupidity that is Jasam. Let Molly, MacBain, Alexis, Sonny, Monica…sell their insipid crap. How many people are needed to add life to this dull pairing? Liz has paid her time in their hell. I want to see her in her life, not their lameass fake angst.[/quote]

    I’d like to see Elizabeth have some happiness in her life after all she has been through. Even if it’s short-lived. I am so hoping that ReRon does not make her the ‘other’ woman. Jason already has a lot of hate directed towards him. Cheating on your pregnant wife who was raped isn’t going to endear him to anyone.

  28. Profile photo of Miry

    Oh come on now, EET, lol, no one is that damn altruistic! Who cares if Sam doesn’t want Liz “fighting her battles”, Liz is being a good friend to Jason (by listening to him) AND by giving him good advice.
    For some strange reason Jason just cannot see Sam’s side of things & Liz is the one who is explaining things to him (he has always needed someone to explain things!) & giving him real-life examples/reminders of how this situation parallels with other situations that she herself has been a part of [i.e. telling a stranger about her life b/c it’s easier; reminding Jason that he collects babies like ppl collect underwear; speaking to Liz about the baby reminds him that Liz was raped & that it might be hard for her to discuss this, which in turn reminds him that HIS WIFE was raped!(though I will never understand why he needs that reminder!), etc.]. All the while Liz is championing their relationship & trying to help him to reconcile with his wife b/c she wants him to be happy. Plus, every time he talks to her he feels a little bit better about the situation & he seeks Sam out.

    That girl (character) can’t win for losing with you guys.

  29. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Miry she could win with me focusing on patrick. Theres something about JT that makes me like any scene hes in. I actually see chemistry there and wouldnt mind her trying to help her best friends hubby trying to cope, esp. if they let it really develop organically slowly over a long period of time.

  30. Profile photo of Miry

    LoL, sorry but there is NO way I believe that!! You know you’ll be all like “there she goes again, sniffing after somebody else’s man!” “esp. her dead bff’s man!” “didn’t she already do that with Nik?” I can see it now…

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