Will Stefano Have The Last Laugh on Days of Our Lives?

Bo (Peter Reckell), Hope (Kristian Alfonso), John (Drake Hogestyn) and Rafe (Galen Gering) were so proud of themselves for outsmarting the great Stefano DiMera (Joseph Mascolo). However, it looks like Salem’s Phoenix may rise from the ashes again! Watch this week’s Days of Our Lives promo after the jump! 



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    Sick of Stephano always getting away with everything. It would have been great for him to go away for a year or so. Then he could come back because his case was overturned or something. I need a break from his repetitive stories.

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    Am I the only one who feels like they are setting up a murder mystery of Stefano?It could be real or him faking his own,but there have been so many people who have threatened him.And now he is blackmailing Will,which could add more suspects to the mix.

    I read where there was going to be something big before the 2 week Olympics break.Renee’s last day is june 28th,and I don’t think anyone would do anything before that.It is just a feeling I have,and I could be completely wrong.

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    This is precisely the storyline twist that fans are sick and tired of seeing on their shows. It’s absolutely lazy writing on the parts of the writers and producers to lead the fans down a road, hook them in and then drop a DUMB… change that UTTERLY RIDICULOUSLY STUPID… twist that the likes of Stefano DiMera was working for the CIA this whole time.

    Now, the man who has tried to kill Salem several HUNDRED times is somewhat of a United States of America HERO?!! DUMB!

    Maybe this is why the writing regimes were switched so quickly into their gigs on the show after the amazing reboot. It’s not necessarily the writers that drop the ball though, it’s the producers, NBC, and the showrunners, and an EVEN BIGGER PART TAKEN BY Ken Corday for losing sight of what makes shows good and what makes them bad. This is BAD.

    Soaps need to make people pay otherwise when the good guys are framed it pisses up off and not in a good way. In a way that we just don’t want to watch anymore. Stefano should go down not because of his deeds but because he has no basis in town or any real THREAT to anyone to speak of. He is a cartoon villian.

    I hope this leads to a good WHODUNIT with the entire cast as potential killers. BUT I BEG DAYS TO KNOW WHO THE KILLER IS BEFORE THE MURDER AND TO WRITE THIS STORY TIGHTLY AND WITH AN END IN MIND. If that is the direction.

    The cast is being trimmed down but on any given day in one shot but there needs to be more one on one scenes between characters. The scenes with Marlena and Will or even Lucas and Sami or Sami and EJ or EJ with Nicole work because the writers and the scene concentrates on 2 people and not a group. Fans can concentrate on that one specific scene and the dialogue instead of thinking “Listen, Carrie, talking lovey dovey crap to Rafe on one side of the sofa while Austin sits on the other, isn’t the smartest move cause HE CAN HEAR YOU!”

    There are 6-8 characters having separate conversations in ONE TINY ROOM. This is days and we have seen the sets, my NYC bathroom is bigger than Kate’s boardroom. We would probably care more for Chad and Melanie is they had scenes that showed them having fun as a couple and not just walking in and meeting Gaby or Abigail (2 wierdos with the same storyline).

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    Days, needs a RE-reboot. I am for the smaller casts. I think this show could be strong with half the cast it has now if it dealt with stories that made sense and were topical. The stories could be told just as quick in the number of weeks from beginning to end but they would have more dialogue or action that showed a reason for the conclusion or the action. Right now things happen instantly and we, as fans, become less interested or invested in it.

    English soaps have large casts but tell tighter stories in a shorter time frame. Most English soaps are 30 minutes 4 nights a week but when I lived over there, not a night passed when I watched them that I didn’t wish for a full hour.

    Daytime needs to rethink how the shows are presented that way. With a smaller cast, the sets could be a little nicer, larger and more opulent. Right now, the bedrooms look like the hospital rooms but with curtains. Boardrooms look as bad as offices on the final years of Guiding Light.

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    Unfortunately, a smaller cast for Days means more scenes with Sammi and her man of the week. No thank you. I want more story and less blah, blah, blah. Things have to happen, movement along the plotline must move toward a conclusion. Far too often this does not happen. Why not concentrate on two stories at a time and let our screens rest from too much Sammi ranting and raving and too much EJ posturing like a puff adder. We know now he is not Stefano’s son. Let us see EJ trying to deal with that once word gets out. Come on, writers, move stories forward. Show us some action. We know the characters can emote, a monkey can do that. Give them some action to deal with.

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    JS3557, you have echoed my very thoughts about Stefano and his storylines involving perpetual, looming, doom-and-gloom-over-Salemites. What more can I say? I’m downright sick of him, also. Can’t he go to another soap that I never watch? :)

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