Bruce Weitz OUT at General Hospital! Well…Sorta

SPOILER ALERT: Anthony Zacchara will meet his maker, at the hands of his son/grandson Johnny (Brandon Barash), this week on General Hospital. This means Bruce Weitz, who plays the crime family patriarch is leaving Port Charles. Only he isn't…at least not right away!


 Look for Papa ZaCrazy to stick around, haunting Johnny for a stretch of time. Will you be sad to see Anthony sleep with the fishes? Sound off in the comments!

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    I definitely want Johnny to stay – he’s now my favorite! I love him with Carly, but doubt that the writers will allow them to become an item as I believe they are trying to throw Carly and Todd together. I think Todd will take the place of Anthony as the evil/comedy character. I didn’t much care for Anthony’s character at first but he was funny – when he wasn’t being horribly evil. ;)

    I’m not a proponent for the McBain/Sam pairing because I watched OLTL and I love him and Natalie together and so even though McBain doesn’t have a “love interest” onscreen I know that Natalie is there in the wings.

    Shawn and Alexis? Hmmmmm.

    Elizabeth (er, the Actor) is absolutely GORGEOUS! But I’m not sure she and Ewen have chemistry. Wish Lucky (JJ) would come back – I loved these two together.

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    I predicted that Anthony would stick around to torture Johnny or Tracy….he is just so good at taunting and getting under people’s skin! The character needed to go a long time ago in my opinion. I think from the beginning the Zacharras were kinda forced into the canvas just to give Sonny and Jason new enemies. It wasn’t done organically. However, Bruce Weitz is a great actor and brings to life an entertaining villian…

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    I remember sitting with my dad every Thursday night, watching “Hill Street Blues”. Part was because the original creator of the show was from upstate WNY. The other part was because BW’s Belker was my dads’ favorite character. Daniel J. Travanti and Veronica Hamel may have been the
    “glamour” on the show, but BW was the grit and grime that drove it. BW’s Papa Z was a character that, despite how vile and repulsive he was at times, was a great foil, not just for BrBa’s John but for his later involvement with AG, JE, and JL. It’s a great actor who, at the height of his heinousness can still make me smile and appreciate the craft he displays. The reveal about Claudia, the planning of/wedding to Tracy, and the current struggle to bring John to heel have been great examples of the range he’s brought to what could have been a simplistic, one note villian. Will I miss him? Since he’s part of the mob element, not really. At least we’ll get to see him “haunt” John, which should be good theatre. But I will miss the obvious relish that BW brought to the role. Total professionalism at it’s best. For that I thank him and wish him all the best… 0:)

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    This sucks! He was the epitome of crazy villain goodness. God! Could you imagine if he had joined forces with Heather? That would be like the Joker and Jokeress (sorry can’t think of any great female comic villains) taking over Port Charles.


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    Glad to see Anthony leave the canvas of this show. Sort of was an annoying character that seemed to bark but then run and hide when the time was right. How many times did he stand up to Sonny and DEMAND SONNY TO KILL him only to go running when he though Sonny would actually do it?!

    As for Johnny being the killer of Starr’s family, I am disappointed. GH finally scripted a character who through his tenure on the show has been the RELUCTANT mobster drawn into the mob by his family and then stayed in it out of revenge for the likes of Sonny. I always wanted him to stay above the fray of Sonny and Jason and not exact the UNREDEEMABLE revenge of murder and just to continually ruin Sonny either through warehouse explosions, teasing Sonny about dating his daughter, dating Sonny’s ex Carly and just be the opposite of what Sonny was in character.

    Even Johnny’s scenes recently with Starr made it seem as though this character was being written as the reluctant mobster when he denied killing Cole and Hope.

    GH has taken a character once again down a road that will eventually ruin him and then there will be the obligatory exit either through a whodunit murder or a shoot out where at the last minute we all listen to his sad speech, most likely to Lulu, where he says that the life he led went out of control and that he never wanted it but that it was chosen for him. Just as he is about to die he will whisper “I’M SORRY”.

    The next day on the blogs there will be praise and chatter about how wonderful the new regime is and all of a sudden there will be a new mobster in town shooting up the hotel and Jason coming to the rescue as Sonny stands tall and annouces that he can’t shoot people in his town speech!

    Ah, things won’t change

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    I have hated his character since day one. Glad to see him finally gone. Todd is clever and still mean, yet you like him. Johnny is better off without crazy grandfather. I love the twist that Johnny did the shooting – not Kate/Connie!
    I like Anna and Luke together – John needs to be with Natalie, not Sam.
    Hate Star…..
    again it’s MAY people – throw away the leather jackets and winter clothes!!!!

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    So sad… BW is a fantastic actor. Only one of the GH cast to have won a PRIMETIME EMMY not a Daytime One which is a hell of a performance (but he was fantastic on HSB). But CarTini are keeping many less talented actors of course starting with the girl playing Starr who is a disaster… Go figure…

    And of course they are pinning it on Johnny. Poor Johnny/BB… Since CarTini took control he has gone from the reasonable monster who will not take advantage of Michael or Kristina and protect Dante for Olivia’s sake to a pseudo rapist (but Todd atrocious rape of Marty is of course NEVER mentioned… or how to whitewash CarTini’s pet in 5 minutes by throwing someone else under the bus), in charge of an organ traffic (???), killing his dad and probably responsible of Cole and Hope’s death… WOW. Thanks Ron, Thanks Frank… WHat is it? Was BB supposed to get out but after the huge protest the week end the rumor came out, they changed their mind and decided to keep Johnny but ruin him instead? Be careful Mr Valentini you said yourself that BB was not going anywhere so Liar, Liar, pants on fire?

    But I still love Johnny much more than Sonny or Jason or Dumbte. You could do so much with this character and BB has chemistry with everyone on screen.

    Why would CarTini care about the characters of GH and dig into their history on the show? As long as they can pair their precious Todd with Carly…

    I have a feeling I am going to be done with this show for good soon. When I thought I was happy to hear that CarTini was coming to GH. STUPID ME.

    Farewell Mr Weitz. I will miss you (especially when I will have to watch KA or LLC trying to act on my screen). A lot. But I still have You Tube to watch you as Anthony and DVDs to watch you as Belker on HSB… :(

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    Anthony was a funny sick bastard. LOL
    I get why he bothered some and maybe Ron and Frank made the right call by letting him go, but I’m going to miss him.

    Bruce Weitz is a terrific actor. He likes to play a little bit over the top some times, but I always thought that came with the character Anthony Z.
    Yesterday’s scenes with Brandon Barash’s Johnny were amazing!!!! The look on Anthony’s face when Johnny admitted that he tried to kill him – awesome work.

    I like that he’s staying around for a while to haunt Johnny beyond the grave.^^

    But as for this attempted murder … was it really Johnny??? Did he really want to see Sonny go to prison for something he did? And then with two innocent people dead!?
    Isn’t the Johnny I used to know and lets me think that Barash could still be on his way out. His character is written into a corner since Ron took over … :(

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    I wonder what the story will be.

    Will Johnny be blamed for AZ’s murder, or will Tracy/Luke be blamed since they were trying to kill him? At least Sonny has an airtight alibi. Will AZ’s death draw Carly back to Johnny?

    Will anyone even know that AZ died?

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    [quote=thecourt99]I wonder what the story will be.
    Will Johnny be blamed for AZ’s murder, or will Tracy/Luke be blamed since they were trying to kill him? At least Sonny has an airtight alibi. Will AZ’s death draw Carly back to Johnny?
    Will anyone even know that AZ died?[/quote]

    I think that AZ will “disappear” and that Johnny somehow is going to find a way to blame his disappearance on Tracy and/or Luke, who may or may not even suspect each other.

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    I agree with you but Connie also said she shot out the tires. It might have been both. Hope we find out soon. I won’t criticize the writers because they are the best in the biz. Just love to watch and crack up every time I see Heather Webber. GREAT SHOW.

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    [quote=nmelman]I agree with you but Connie also said she shot out the tires. It might have been both. Hope we find out soon. I won’t criticize the writers because they are the best in the biz. Just love to watch and crack up every time I see Heather Webber. GREAT SHOW.[/quote]

    Amen! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Heather Webber. Can’t wait for her to tangle with Anna, but I hope Heather stays around for a LONG time.

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    I love Bruce Weitz!!! From his days on Hillstreet Blues to now, he is a terrific entertainer. I loved his banter between Luke, Tracy and Maxie aka Cookie. I think the character has run its course. So I am not too sad.

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    This is great news.

    I actually liked the introduction of the Zaccharas way back when. I liked how they tied in the family lawyer, Trevor Lansing, to Ric and Kate. I enjoyed Claudia. I was sucked into that Wyndemere horror move where Anthony terrorized everyone, but after that he was just too cartoony for me. Sonny needs a foe that’s just as menacing as he is and the cray cray just doesn’t match. I just found him irritating.

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    Thank God!!!!!! I would like to add about ten more names to the exit list, wait its actually more like 15 names. Get this show back to the characters and families that made it such a legendary show. We want Spencers, Webbers, Quartermaines, Hardy’s, and Scorpios!!!!!

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    I will miss Anthony Z. Bruce Weitz is a great actor. I read an article where Brandon B.said how much he admired and learned from him. The funniest scenes was when Anthony was running around Wyndemere on Halloween scaring everyone. They kept bringing him back because he was so good. But, I guess the character went as far as they could take him but now poor Johnny has no family.
    The scenes of dead Anthony, Luke and Tracy are hysterical. I love that they are bringing more humor to the show. Have a feeling crazy Heather took the body and will use it to get Luke.0

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