Melissa Claire Egan Guest Stars on Men At Work

The Young and the Restless' Melissa Claire Egan has landed a guest spot on the new TBS comedy Men At Work. The actressed tweeted:

Men At Work follows the lives of four friends who work at a magazine. Danny Masterson (That 70's Show) headlines as Milo, a man who finds himself navigating the dating waters with the help of his friends (James Lesure, Michael Cassidy, and Adam Busch), after being dumped by his girlfriend.  Look for Egan to play Jessica. Men At Work debuts Thursday at 10 PM EST on TBS.

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    This actress is amazing. SHe was badly used over at AMC with the ridiculous writing on that show. Now that she is on Y&R I hope they use her talents to make her an even better actress. I could see her slowly replacing Sharon as the heroine on this show since they are redeeming her character with non other than pairing her with Adam, of all people.

    The character of Sharon has been ruined beyond repair right now on the show. With her “I am thinking of the kids” and “the world isn’t perfect is my lesson to the kids” speech to Nick yesterday, I think once the duration of the Victor and Sharon pairing comes to an end, that the character of Sharon should leave the canvas for a while… a year at most. It would allow the character to return without having to try and redeem her through months of countless fights with Phyllis and Nikki or even Nick.

    In the meantime, Chelsea could start to show more vulnerability while still remaining strong. With Adam, who would be redeemed to being a true product of both Hope and Victor (a nice guy who doesn’t get pushed around or walked over), Chelsea could start taking on the stories that made Sharon a darling until Maria Bell made her an IDIOT!

    Plus, if the producers aren;t careful with Ms Egan, her star will rise before the show realizes it and she will be taken away. She is amazing.

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