Anderson Cooper to Self-Proclaimed Human Barbie Doll: “I Just Think You’re Dreadful”


Don't mess with the Silver Fox! Anderson Cooper got fired up Tuesday on his self-titled daytime talker, when guest Sarah Burge came on to defend her astronomical, 100 plastic surgery procedures.

Burge, who dubbed herself the "Human Barbie", showed up on the media's radar when she confessed she allowed her underage kids to partake in cosmetic surgery also. Burge admitted she gave her 7-year-old daughter a voucher for breast augmentation as a birthday gift! Burge attempted to defend her decision to give her 15-year-old daughter Botox; this did not sit well with Cooper. Watch Cooper lay the smackdown after the jump!


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    This was a ridiculous and horrendous way for someone to treat a guest! Absolutely disgusting. NO MATTER what Anderson Cooper thinks of the guest, he and his show invited her on and the woman isn’t an idiot to not realize that she would be attacked for the use… the ridiculous use… of botox on her 15 yr old daughter.

    But to kick a guest off who, from just the clip, was being polite and not obnoxious or arrogant in her responses, SHOULD NEVER EVER have been kicked off the program.

    You can guarantee that Anderson will put this woman on his ridiculous and self serving RIDICU-list on his low rated nighttime show, which is similar to the dismal ratings on his daytime show.

    I like Anderson. He can be a very good reporter. But this was just the rudest and most obnoxious display from a “better than you” individual that I have ever seen.

    Anderson should not be praised or complimented on his actions. He should be ridiculed.

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    In this case Cooper is an asshole. He invited her on. He should have had enough “questions” to last the entire segment. While I in no way sympathize with the guest’s actions, she was behaving politely as a proper guest.

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    TV Gord

    I’m a fan of Anderson’s, but he’s doing so many silly things on his show to attract ratings, and this is one of them. I watched the entire show, and I came away with the feeling that he had her on just so he could kick her off. It reminds me of Geraldo’s worst days on his daytime crapfest, where he’d have a white supremacist on just so he could stick a finger in his face and pronounce, “Sir…(dramatic pause)…I…don’t…like…you”.

    Anderson should be better than this stuff. When the show returns in the fall from its new, less appealing set, I think it’s going to sink like a stone unless he drastically changes what he’s doing.

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    That was rude, disgusting, inappropriate, stupid, foolish, obnoxious, shameful and a sin on Anderson. If he thought she was so despicable, he should have never had her on his stage. She is a human being. No-one should have been so humiliated like that, that she had to LEAVE HIS STAGE. EFF HIM. He should stick to war zones, tornados, and hurricanes. He reports very well in that enviroment.

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    In reading your comments, I had amend my post as upon thinking about it I was wrong.

    This woman and her NEED to inject her kid with Botox is vile and revolting but I do think Andy could have maybe had the audience ask questions or something to fill out her segment instead of cutting it short with those comments and her leaving.

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    This is why I don’t watch most of the talk shows, outside of fun shows like Ellen. The hypocrisy of paying this woman to come on his show and then act like he’s so offended by her is pathetic. His money is going towards her surgeries – why is he so judgmental?

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    This woman should be arrested and put in jail, so that a 400-pound woman named Bertha can enjoy her hideously overpriced “fun bags.” It’s a shame that trash like this is allowed to procreate. Her children are gonna grow up with insecurity issues and complexes that it will take them a LIFETIME to be cured of, if they get cured at all. Crap rolls downhill. Shame on her for trying to convince her kids that they are not good enough.

    So I can’t find any real reason to NOT agree with Anderson that this woman is ABSOLUTELY DREADFUL!!!!

    But I have to agree with the consensus: Why bring her on and give her PUBLICITY, knowing that she’s a publicity whore who craves attention, only to try to make yourself look good by calling her “dreadful”? He’s just trying to get ratings, but I think Anderson Cooper is nothing but a silver fox in sheep’s clothing. Leave the brutal “tough love” stuff to Dr. Phil and Steve Wilkos.

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    I would be disgusted with her also. I’m on the fence, reading about this before I watched the clip I thought it was rude of Anderson, but after watching it I can’t say that I blame him. I mean botoxing a child? That should be against the law, same with having them tan. Or anything those toddlers and tiaras parents do to their children!

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    Actually, for those of you who have not seen the entire segment, I would urge you to watch it before passing judgement on how “rude” Mr. Cooper was to her. I watched the entire segment and from the beginning, she started off as very belligerent toward the press and her attitude went down hill from there. Her tone was completely inappropriate toward Mr. Cooper far before he started with her and then she even went so far as to insult the audience as well. One can question whether this was an appropriate guest to have on a talk show, but I don’t think that it is fair to say that Mr. Cooper was rude to her without cause.

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