Outstanding Younger Actor and Actress Categories CUT From Main Daytime Emmys Celebration!


I'd heard a rumor NATAS was considering this nonsense, and prayed it wouldn't prove true. I guess the Soap Gods were fowarding my calls to voicemail, because Soaps In Depth is reporting the Outstanding Younger Actor and Actress categories have been cut from the main Daytime Emmy program on June 23!

Those awards will be handed out at the Creative Arts Daytime Emmys on June 17. Okay, I've been trying to be all Namaste of late, but this is some flat out b.s!


With daytime television ratings—not to mention the Daytime Emmy telecasts—literally starving for viewers in the coveted 18-34 demo, why the heck would you cut the two categories that might possibly draw a few eyeballs in that age range? Whether the show ends up online, HLN or the Game Show Network, you're gonna want the younger fans Mad Ave so desperately craves to tune in!

One of the nominees, Shelley Hennig (ex-Stephanie) from Days of Our Lives, just did a full season on a primetime series, The CW's The Secret Circle. A savvy PR could have garnered interest from Teen.com, JustJared, etc. on just her appearance on the red carpet alone.

Beyond that, brilliant,YA actors like One Life to Live's Eddie Alderson (ex-Matthew) and Chandler Massey (Will) from Days of Our Lives deserve to have their contest presented at the actual Daytime Emmys, alongside all of their soap acting peers; not relegated to the doggone tech awards, where some cable cooking host will receive her trophies for making the best guacamole!

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    TV Gord

    With only a month until Emmy day, I can’t imagine they can work out a deal between now and then to put the show on television, and from what I understand, nothing is even firmed up online. This just has the smell of disaster all over it.

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    I am mixed, but leaning for this being good. Though it’s a bummer that they won’t be at the grown up table so to speak, considering the voters could careless about those categories this move isn’t all that bad in theory. Since NO ONE watches besides soap fans (lets be real, b/c the numbers don’t lie), I don’t agree that having them on would’ve got ppl in the demo to watch (most outside ppl think it’s absurd to have those categories by the by). And since chances of seeing this are online viewing at best at this point, again (to borrow from Sharee) the potential demo viewing audience aren’t checking for this. And as for publicity, the only one who could get that buzz would be Chandler for the story that been everywhere initially and MAYBE JMW (she’s on Maxims 100). That CW show was canceled and it wasn’t buzzy like the one about the vampires, so in the scheme of things Shelley is an interchangeable pretty face in the wood. And I am sure they’ll have the winners be a part of the ceremony like the prime time ones have the guest acting winners present at the main one, so this isn’t a bad thing. They tried doing this the first year of the “vulgar Vegas nightmare” era and I was pissed. But knowing what I know know, maybe that would’ve been for the best. That and not having the ceremony air and all ;).

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    The Outstanding Younger Actor and Actress are very important, IMO. Those are the big stars of tomorrow, probably not in the soap genre, which is almost done for, but in primetime and movies for sure.

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    ^^ I am in agreement with SoapArmageddon about the importance of the category. Sigh, it’s hard out here for a daytime soap opera fan! We are constantly getting shafted. I remember when Daytime Emmys meant something and got quality treatment with clips of the nominated actors work! Currently, I feel the Daytime Emmys will be a list of winners posted online somewhere. :-(

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    It is not unusual for the performances designated Younger Actress/Actor to outshine those of the Acting and Supporting anyway, so to omit this Category from the “Emmy” Emmys is nothing short of absurd! IF they had to put categories in with the “creative” folk it should be Writing and Directing, even though those who are nominated this year fall far short of being creative!

    Moves like these make viewers say “who cares” and “how stupid are the folks in daytime?”

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    And, the Corporate crockery begins. The Daytime Emmy’s had better be planning a 15 minute long OLTL and AMC tribute since it feels the need to cut out vital categories.

    If we see some more than 5 minutes of tired Broadway or Cirque Du Soleil BS routines, I will throw up.

    Christel Khalil (AKA OMGCOLEEEEN!) is the Rihanna of the soap world…not really talented, but somehow manages to get many industry accolades.

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    guilty pleasure

    THIS JUST IN: According to Michael Fairman’s website, the Daytime Emmys has REINSTATED the younger actor and the younger actress categories into the main broadcast on June 23rd!!!

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    You and I often have differing opinions, but for once I agree. If Khalil wins, I’d rather not even have to fight my gag reflex. Over the past few years, the younger acting categories have been a hot mess, for the most part, with embarrassingly mediocre actors such as Drew Tyler Bell pulling UNDESERVED upsets.

    And if you couple that with how downright repulsive the ceremony has been for the past three or four years, it’s enough to drive anyone to just not give a damn!!!!! :tired: :tired: :tired: :tired:

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    You know why dont the people in charge of soaps just come out and say “Screw you soap fans”. I mean it just gets worse for soap fans. Btw, are they even going to air these awards? There’s still no word on what channel the awards are going to be on.

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