Can Emily Save Nolan and Take Out The White-Haired Man on Tonight’s Revenge Season Finale?

ABC’s Revenge has easily been one of the best shows of the 2011-12 TV season. We can’t wait to see how Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp) sticks it to the Grayson family in Season 2!

Before that can happen, our vengeful heroine has to contend with the white-haired man who killed her father, and now has her trusty, sidekick Nolan Ross (Gabriel Mann) held captive. Watch the promo for “Reckoning” and several  sneak peeks after the jump!

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    This is one of my favorite shows. I look forward to the day when the revenge that Emily is going after has come and then to see Victoria wage her REVENGE against her. Emily Van Camp is an amazing actress on this show and brought more to the role than I thought she could.

    My fear is that if she is not revealed to be who she really is, it will weaken the strength of other characters. What made JR (Dallas), Alexis (Dynasty), Abby (Knots Landing and even Angela Channing (Falcon Crest) so strong on their shows was that eventually they would fall just a little. JR was shot more than once or lost out to Bobby, Pam or Cliff… a little over the years. Alexis was one-upped by Krystal or Blake or Claudia a few times. Abby always got what was coming to her from Karen or Val or Gary. And Angela always had Chase, Maggie or Melissa exacting revenge on her. All this may have taken a full season but it happened within that season.

    Revenge producers have indicated that Emily will marry Victoria’s son, Daniel, next season. That will mean with all the money and power that Victoria and Conrad yield they have been extremely slow in discovering what their murdered head of security discovered before the middle of the season, that Emily has been successful in showing how inept Victoria and Conrad are, especially since they have been successful at keeping their duplicitous past secret. If the producers wait to long the excitement for the PAY-OFF will have been wasted.

    I think the show needs to pay attention to that and move faster to get a reveal. Even do a WHO SHOT EMILY mid season cliffhanger with her identity finally out there. The entire show would be suspect and the nice adage of Victoria being the queen bitch will be so much sweeter.

    BUT I STILL LOVE THIS SHOW AND CAN”T WAIT FOR TONIGHT. Though I am sad they are moving to Sunday nights next season.

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    I have to say this show has lost some steam for me since it came back after the winter break. I loved the revenge-a-week procedural aspect to the show and there was such momentum leading up to the engagement party.

    Once it was revealed who was murdered it’s become repetitive. Revenge, already. I hope the show rights itself tonight and I hope they do a flash forward and build toward it through the next season. I think that was part of the fun.

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    luverica…I think he’s alive, too. The plane blowing up? No way did those people die…no way. I think it’s a set up. They’re all in witness protection. Wouldn’t it be a wild twist if that’s where David Clark is too? And he and Victoria emerge…together. OMG. Emily would flip.

    Poor, poor, Jack & Emily. :( So close…

    I’m so glad Nolan was OK. One of my favorites.

    Didn’t care one way or the other about Daniel so it’s a relief to finally be given permission not to like him.

    I can’t believe we have to wait for 3 WHOLE MONTHS! ARRRGGGGHHHH!!!

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    Forgot this part…

    I can’t quite get my head around the humanity in Conrad when it comes to Charlotte. It’s a little confusing to me because he spends most of his time being so ruthless & heartless, yet when it comes to her – you can see that he genuinely loves her. She’s the only thing that keeps him from looking like a complete animal…yet, he was an accessory to her father’s murder. It’s a complete dichotomy which tells me one of two things…there’s more to him that what there seems, or, she is the tool they are using to keep us from hating him completely.

    3+ months is a long time.

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    SPOILER ALERT!!!!!! If you haven’t watched

    I don’t care one iota that the chick killed herself but I hate that Deckland (sp?) will probably feel guilty…and Conrad probably will milk it for all it’s worth.

    Wonder how Daniel will feel with a “dead” mother and sister.

    Emily can’t tell Jack who she is because at this point, Jack will be angry. Because of Emily’s lies, Jack is tied to a stranger that he thought was Amanda. Yeah, it was his choice to sex her unwrapped, but still. He wouldn’t have looked twice at her if he didn’t think she was Amanda.

    At least Emily and Nolan are tighter than ever..but for reals…Nolan needs to share his info. He is a slow leak so far.

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    ER Writer

    I wanna know what Ashley’s deal is? She’s been calculating in the background for far too long. She knew telling Daniel and Jack and Emily’s kiss would break them up.


    That kid isn’t Jack’s. I hope it comes out half Japanese, that’s the only way he’ll be able to tell. Aside from Conrad and Nolan, the men on this show aren’t too bright.

    As far as Charlotte – sigh. I hope she gets a back bone next season, and doesn’t fall into the Grayson trap. I am kind of sad Emily and Daniel broke up. Can you imagine the bitchery from Victoria at THAT wedding reception? It would have been epic.

    line of the night goes to Victoria to Lydia – “You’re taxi cab bounce will look a trip to St. Tropez.”

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    ****SPOILER ALERT************

    OMG. That finale was so damn GOOD. I really hope that the baby isn’t Jack’s I was so crushed when FauxAmanda showed up with that big ol belly of hers, then I was hoping it was fake, and then he touched it at the end and it’s real. I can’t wait until season 2 starts, it’s gonna be a long wait.

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