Who Shoots Stefano DiMera on Days of Our Lives?

Whodunit mysteries almost always pull in viewers to soaps. This week Days of Our Lives kicks off a “Who Shot Stefano DiMera?” arc. Anyone who has lived in Salem for any length of time pretty much has a motive, but DAYS has been laying the groundwork by giving Abe (James Reynolds), Bo (Peter Reckell), Hope (Kristian Alfonso), Rafe (Galen Gering), EJ (James Scott), Kate (Lauren Koslow), John (Drake Hogestyn), Marlena (Deidra Hall) and Will (Chandler Massey) each a reason to take aim at The Phoenix.

Who do you think shoots Stefano DiMera?

Who Shoots Stefano DiMera on Days of Our Lives?

  • Someone else (Put in comments) (52%, 2,466 Votes)
  • Will (6%, 302 Votes)
  • Rafe (2%, 111 Votes)
  • Marlena (4%, 198 Votes)
  • Kate (6%, 273 Votes)
  • John (2%, 89 Votes)
  • Hope (1%, 24 Votes)
  • EJ (14%, 644 Votes)
  • Bo (8%, 356 Votes)
  • Abe (5%, 248 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,711


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55 Responses

  1. Profile photo of pspcindy

    Knowing MarDar and their cowardice, I think the shooter is none of the usual suspects. It could be Cameron or Celeste. Unless the character who shoots Stefano is in for a bit of a rest, it has to be one of lesser importance to storylines.

  2. Profile photo of sallyv

    I chose Abe. I’ve not been watching the show very long, but it seems that with Lexie dying off, there won’t be much for him to do once she’s gone.

    I doubt if it’s one of the other characters listed since most are main characters, although Rafe would be a good possibility.

    Several have been fired from the show…maybe it’s one of them.

  3. Profile photo of The_Moustache

    maybe Joe Mascolo is taking his regular summer break?

    kind of like how Tony Geary takes a break from GH for a couple of months and other stars do the same thing??

  4. Profile photo of Yoryla

    I’m not even gonna vote. I’m sorry but this is such a stupid storyline! And he’s not gonna die anyway!! DAYS does not need this kind of nonsense. It needs something concrete and strong to stay alive.

    Soaps have far too many ‘whodunit’ -stories as it is! There is should be one whodunit per five years at the most.

  5. Profile photo of marybee50

    If Stefano is setting someone up,he could be using agent Harmon.Ana I agree with Miry,it better not be Will.He already has so many people blackmailing him.

  6. Profile photo of GatesBear

    I think the shooter will either be Lexie or Celeste.

    Lexie, only because it’s the perfect crime, she’s dying and will be found guilty only after she dies. Celeste, because she’s no longer needed, she shoots Stefano after she discovers he caused the tumor in the first place.

  7. Profile photo of dannyro

    I think its Bo. His contract negotiations aren’t going well and going on the run or to jail would take him off the canvas while leaving the door open to a return.

  8. Profile photo of Camp is not a sustainable model
    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @ChrisGa: i’m glad they don’t give her many lines. I wish the real Celeste would return in time for Lexie’s end. Because of all the flashbacks you need to do with the family and all.

    And hey, where’s Brandon? Did anyone think to call Matt Cendeo to have him come back? He and Lexie were thick as thieves when she was Alexandra Dimera. Even to the point where he “beat it up” one time. He “put it on her” one time! Now he needs to be at the funereal as does Jonah and Tek.


  9. Profile photo of pjc722

    The story will be dragged out for so long that when they do reveal the KILLER we will have forgotten all about it and not cared anymore.

    Or it will be a character brought on just for the hell of it.

    I’m telling you. The reveal of who the killer will be IS GOING TO BE weak, at best.

  10. Profile photo of pjc722

    The fact that Will picks up a gun solely based on what he has said that Stefano has done to him… and not to have mentioned what he has done to his grandmother… proves to me that this character needs counseling and not becuase he is gay because he has a tremendous amount of built up frustration inside him.

    Plus, he is the one character that I wished they did not add into this MURDER MYSTERY. Seriously, why couldn’t they just let this kid deal with coming out, allow him to play his scenes with his mother, father and family without tagging on this WHEN WILL THE PHOENIX RISE AGAIN part?!

    Days has NEVER EVER in the past 2 decades done a murder mystery (any soap for that matter) where when it was revealed the audience was like “Oh wow, I did not see that coming”. We may have been surprised but the writers in those cases always just added in story to make it ‘sell’.

    Look at the Diane Jenkin’s murder on Y&R. There were about 8-9 suspects who all had interaction with Diane in the park on the same night and not ONE of them ran into the other. PLus, the show had the victim send out a MASS text message basically saying the same thing “meet me in the park now” kind of message. SOme of the recipients were together “Tucker and Ashley” “Nick and Phyllis” when the message was received YET they arrived att he park, had their altercations with Diane and left the park without seeing one another. Then by the time it was revealed who did it, it made no sense how Nikki got from Arizona where her rehab center was located, to Genoa City, to the park to pummel Diane to death and no one saw it happening?! Plus, the park is across the street from Jack’s so you’re telling me that NO ONE was out walking their dog, jogging or enjoying the warm summer evening?

    Plus it went on for months and months and then the reveal fell flat on the floor.

    If Days wants to do this mystery justice, it better make it only last tops 3 months and not put someone else on trial for the murder only to have it revealed at the very last second. We’ve all seen this before and it’s like hearing the same joke over and over again, after a while it’s NO LONGER FUNNY.

  11. Profile photo of pjc722

    I’ll have to go with Rafe right now because there is no one else expendable in the cast right now other than Rafe. He has no true romantic connections with anyone, Carrie has been fired so his SUDDEN I AM DEEPLY IN LOVE WITH YOU STORY isn’t going to have wings, and hopefully when he is revealed to be the killer then Gaby will run out of town because she is embarassed.

    As for Agent Hammond, I never thought of him but my biggest gripe about how they are showing him die is that whomever shoots him they have the character do it cowardly while he is sitting with his back to the killer. This is a character that has ruined countless lives in his duration on the show. And the majority of the “suspects” excluding Will, have had interactions with Stefano that would garner a more IN YOUR FACE “who did this and this and that and that and now I’m going to give you this” scene than lurking in the background.

    It sort of reminds me of WHO KILLED ADAM/Stuart on AMC where you see the suspect holding the gun and it’s not even aimed directly at the victim and then the shot and the victim is dead. The hilarity of that whodunit was the amount of people who were able to get onto an estate that has a team of guards and all escape before being discovered.

    It looks like from the promo, days just rewrote that script and just changed all the names.

  12. Profile photo of marybee50

    Sort of SPOILER ALERT-I read Abe drops his gun,so it could be anyone,like Celeste,but Abe gets the blame.The only problem I have with Celeste or Abe doing it,is that Lexie is still alive,and would they do that do her.

    Let us just hope that the ending is written,and they are not making it up as they go along.That they are waiting to see if Joe wants to come back,or whoever else could be leaving the show.To me it seems that Y&R kept changing their minds with the Diane murder.

  13. Profile photo of oobs7

    i think Lexie will do it out of love for all her friends. she knows it needs to be done, and if she does it, all of her friends and family can finally know peace of mind.

  14. Profile photo of MsAgentProvocateur1

    I just turned on that TV Channel BOUNCE and Joseph Mascolo’s character took a pretty comprehensive thrashing from SHAFT. He looks exactly the same, except younger and leaner…and sporting an even bigger pompadour!

  15. Profile photo of appleridge

    The new writers start airing July 23rd actually. The week before the olympics start but I think the begging of Juky was when Tomlin started tweaking things.

  16. Profile photo of keanna

    Could be anyone, I would bet Lexie or Celeste!! Plus like SoapArmageddon and Appleridge said, the new regime begins right before the Olympics, so it will not last long at all.

  17. Profile photo of Cath

    I agree with everyone else’s comments: it won’t be any of the underlined suspects. It’s gonna be one of Lexie, Celeste or Ian.

  18. Profile photo of DaxStorm

    Oh this one is way too easy to figure out. It’s Ian Mcallister. Don’t you notice there hasn’t been one single scene yet between Stefano and Ian Mcallister. It’s obvious that the Days of our Lives writers are trying to push Ian to become the new super villian. I am also willing to bet, he was the one who was also responsible for the bombing of the safe house. He’s currently drugging up Brady, so what else would he be capable of. Ian VS Stefano would make a great story line for Days and it’s obvious it’s what they are trying to do. I am also predicting that Ian is EJ’s biological father or set it up to appear that Stefano is not EJ’s father, but he really is, just to put hurt to him. We will see how it plays out, but I bet Ian is behind everything.

  19. Profile photo of RoseVioletDaisy

    What difference does it make? Since this is Days and nobody stays dead, it doesn’t really matter. Stephano will be back by Labor Day, he’ll declare a vendetta against his shooter, and that story will fizzle out by Halloween.

  20. Profile photo of CCFLASH850

    I beleive no one in the promo shoots Stefano ? Lexie will findout hes the case of her future death and ultimatly be his demize … but as always helll rise from it THE PHEONIX

  21. Profile photo of Freckles07

    Oh, my money is on Lexie, she over hears Abe blasting Stefano because he has the proof that Lexie’s tumor was caused by toxic fumes in the tunnel where Andre held her captive for 6 months, and Stefano pretty much created a monster with Andre so Abe blames him, I would too!! Lexie is so distraught, over this she loses it. And, she has nothing to lose by offing Stefano, causes she is about to die!
    However if I was one of the writers I’d have John take him out, he deserves to end Stefano!!

  22. Profile photo of marybee50

    After today’s episode,I totally could see it being Lexie.If she finds the gun,after hearing what Stefano did to her also,she would have more than enough motive,plus her anger would be out of control.And her tumour could make her do something she wouldn’t normally do.

    Then if she passes out or becomes too weak to confess,someone else could be blamed.It could be interesting if the writers invest some thought into it.

  23. Profile photo of medavinci

    We’re not sure if Stefano dies first off, since it doesn’t say he’s leaving. A couple of things, it does make sense Celeste (since she’s probably not on regular contract and would serve no purpose once Lexie dies unless they want to pair her up with Abe which is doubtful – I mean if they can get rid of Jack and Jen then getting rid of Celeste is a no brainer) or Lexie (since she’s so upset, but she wants peace; however, now that she sees that her life with her family is being taken away, she may decided to pull the trigger so he can’t hurt anyone else).

    He could set it up so that he wants someone to take him out and not know when that person is coming. He might order his own hit. And yet, he might survive and wind up in the hospital. Maybe everyone else shows up right after this person shoots him and he is saved. Maybe he has already shot himself and the person who comes to shoot him thinks he is killing him when stefano has already put the bullet in himself…

  24. Profile photo of flacalicious

    My first thought was Lexie since she is already on her way out. That way he could keep his promise to not hurt the people she cares about after she is gone. But i changed my mind after hearing that Ian is leaving the show. I’m guessing its gonna be his last gift to the woman he loves, Kate. :Sp
    Which is fine with me cause he is creepy.

  25. Profile photo of msgunn

    Wait… What storyline does Rafe have left? Not much! Maybe Rafe?
    Why else would they swing Nicole’s storyline in the direction of Daniel, unless maybe Rafe is leaving??????

  26. Profile photo of marybee50

    Funny how all the main suspects touched the gun except the shooter,who wore gloves.So I think you can rule out everyone who did touch it.That leaves Lexie,Ian,Rafe,Sami and Lucas.But what about Will’s gun that is missing?I do hope they do this story right and do not drag it out too long.

  27. Profile photo of Adriennes1

    And… he/she checked for a carotid pulse with 2 fingers after shooting… So shooter had to have medical knowledge. Meaning Lexie! She did say she’s been having “dreams” about her father, waking up sad. She’s leaving the show anyway. She can make a last minute deathbed confession after the wrong person is charged and the cast doesn’t lose any more central characters while solving the crime.

    Then again, could be the CIA extracting him after he did so much damage and he comes back months later a changed man.

  28. Profile photo of Beauti70

    I think Lexie did it because she’s dying any how. She heard her dad and husband talking about them chemicals, that’s taking her life. It’s never the person you think it is, Abe wouldn’t be stupid enough to leave his gun. I think Lexie did it and took her husband’s gun and left it there without thinking.

  29. Profile photo of ChrisGa

    I think it’s Ian; he just seemed the least affected–to the point of showing literally no emotion one way or the other–by the whole thing once word got out. Plus, he’s not one of the primary suspects and we all know in soaps the killer is always NOT ONE OF THE PRIMARY SUSPECTS(which would also leave room for Lexie and Celeste I suppose).

  30. Profile photo of ChrisGa

    [quote=c.c]Stefino is not dead he’s in witness pertection.[/quote]

    Wow…I knew deep down there’s no way they’d kill him off but that theory never crossed my mind. Got to be what it is.

  31. Profile photo of tineke

    My choice was someone else. My first thought was Ian simply because he is leaving but then I thought that since Stefano is supposed to be coming back, I think he is currently in the CIA Protection Program. Remember good old Steffie double crossed the arms dealers during the Arms trade bust and since there were many Salemites gunning for him, a hit man waited his turn and shot him.

  32. Profile photo of marybee50

    Ian is definitely the prime suspect now in shooting,not killing,Stefano.And now that he kidnaped EJ,you can be pretty sure Stefano is behind those curtains on the promo.Also,makes me wonder if Ian changed the DNA results at the police station.He must have a mole there.

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