Molly Burnett DEPARTS Days Of Our Lives!

Soap Opera Digest is reporting Daytime Emmy nominee Molly Burnett is leaving Days Of Our Lives. Burnett revealed to the magazine:

Going in, I knew it was a four-year contract and look, it's been the most amazing experience. Everyone is so loving and so wonderful and so supportive. It's going to be so hard…. I mean, this is my family. I came out here and I knew nothing, I knew no one and DAYS just kind of opened its arms and took me in. I look at it as four years of the best training any actor could have ever been given.

Look for the actress to vacate her role by the end of June. 

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  1. Profile photo of Nk3play2

    Can’t say I’m not disappointed about her leaving; love Melanie and Chad…. however, I understand her decision to leave considering the current state of all the soaps; she was getting plenty of work before Days, and I’m sure she’ll be getting plenty after.

  2. Profile photo of marknsprmo

    I feel bad for Molly losing her job but I just hate her character. I wish her the best but I couldn’t be happier that they are moving on from this rediculously patchwork character.

  3. Profile photo of rozzberry

    It’s a good decision. They are writing less & less for her & Melanie’s become quite dull since being paired with Chad. Plus she’s so young looking that she could probably book on any primetime show or movie geared around teens.

  4. Profile photo of Parrothead

    i’m glad she’s getting out & can move on to better things. i like her on DOOL but lately most of the stories are boring & predictable & i hope to see her in primetime or movies.

  5. Profile photo of david46208

    Paging Martha Madison, Jason Cook and Farah Fath. This is the perfect time to bring back Belle, Shawn and Mimi.

    I guess i’m like what B&B’s Stephanie once said about Brooke Logan when it comes to Days.

    “The bed ain’t even cold yet…”

  6. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    She’s one of the best actresses under 30 on soaps. At first, that Joker-like smile kinda annoyed me, but she won me over. Sadly, with actresses of her caliber leaving, I am gonna be stuck with boring/overrated actresses like Kristen Alderson and Christel Khalil.

  7. Profile photo of DonnyA2001

    I really like Melanie, she’s cute and Molly does really great things with her, but she hasn’t done much in about a year or so. And with this cast as bloated as it is, I understand why she is leaving. Will Gabi PLEASE follow her? I hope they do something else with Abby and put her and Chad back together and give them a good story. No need to bring on anymore teenagers…use what they have.

  8. Profile photo of Yoryla

    I really thinks Molly Burnett is a good actress. She has fortunately been given very good storylines too, until recently. Loved it when Carly, Daniel and her were a family. However, at this stage I am not sad to see Melanie go. She isn’t used very much and since the Abby/Chad/Melanie triangle it hasn’t been very interesting.

    The one person that really SHOULD be leaving is Gabi. Ugh…

  9. Profile photo of Y2Jin99

    Gabi is super hot. Keep her around and stick her with Chad. Don’t need a Chad/Abby redux anyway. I am 4 months behind so I haven’t gotten to see the villianous side of Gabi yet. Looking forward to it. No more Goofy Melanie scenes at least. Cya!

  10. Profile photo of angrierblackerman

    Loved her work, but hated the character of Melanie being so needy. I wish her all the best! I would like to see her in a CSI/Crime type drama.

    Now if only Daniel would leave with Melanie and Nick…

  11. Profile photo of The_Moustache

    I guess i feel relieved about this???

    i mean not to bash the actress, but the character just NEVER caught on, no matter how much they ret-conned her history and made her a part of Maggie’s family.

  12. Profile photo of TicToc238

    Molly has grown as an actress, and I will miss her. Best of luck to her….

    But they do not need her on the show. The only time I want to see Melanie on Days is when Nick,Chelsea, Max and Stepanie are all on screen.

  13. Profile photo of shirls429

    I really have grown to love Molly on Days and will really miss her and hope she changes her mind and decides to stay. The writers should give her a great storyline then maybe she would stay.

  14. Profile photo of david46208

    @alstonboy4315: Given on Y&R it took a certain actress 30 years of “mini mouse acting” before she actually gave anything worthy of being called an actress. You can sure bet we will have to deal with the Alderon’s and Khalil’s of the world till the very end. You can fill in the blank as to who that Y&R actress was…

  15. Profile photo of Jon

    [quote=david46208]@alstonboy4315: Given on Y&R it took a certain actress 30 years of “mini mouse acting” before she actually gave anything worthy of being called an actress. You can sure bet we will have to deal with the Alderon’s and Khalil’s of the world till the very end. You can fill in the blank as to who that Y&R actress was…[/quote

    You can’t mean MTS, David, can you? Who else has been on Y&R for 30 years besides Mrs C?

  16. Profile photo of CtFireWitch

    I remember when she first started on DOOL and boy oh boy was she HATED!!! So I’m a bit surprised that some are going to miss her.

    I’d love to see Shawn and Belle return, since they’ve been bringing back everyone else it seems, why not them?

  17. Profile photo of Yoryla

    I don’t quite understand how bringing back Shawn & Belle would help. It’s this syndrome that when someone or a couple have been good at ONE point, it’s gonna be like that forever. But imagine if they were to come back now? How would they even fit into the landscape anymore. I mean sure there are they’re parents, but who are they gonna interact with? Will and Abigail? Sami? Seems pretty weird to me.

    It’s been ten years since the Last Blast and I don’t see how it could be gotten back.

  18. Profile photo of medavinci

    I don’t like her character at all. She “overacts” and seems very insincere as an actress. She’s not leaving according to the article. She had a 4 yr contract and they didn’t renew it. She annoys me to pieces. She would be good on broadway where y ou need that big insincere over the top drama. She looks a lot like Christa B Allen that plays Charlotte on Revenge. There are so many actors they can purge like Gabi and what’s the point of Abby being there without her parents? Jack and Jen were staples and I think they should have stayed. Get rid of Kayla and Justin and where the heck has Sony been? I don’t care for Chad either for that matter. They got rid of Nathan for no reason – but Melanie has slept with nearly all the men in Salem.

  19. Profile photo of js3557

    Although she has improved since she started, I still don’t think her acting is good. She often makes me cringe with her over acting and her facial expressions/contortions. I won’t miss her. I wish her well, though.

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