10 Sexiest Summer Soap Characters

The Bartender: Carmine, The Young and the Restless

Sex sells and The Young and the Restless’ Gloria (Judith Chapman) hope’s the “assets” of sex-on-a-stick Carmine (Marco Dapper) helps boost her sales at Gloworm. She wants to keep her patrons coming back and buying drinks from the sculptured fount of sexy pouring drinks at her bar.


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17 June 2009
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that Johnny Z screencap to start the post.

i see what you did there!

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22 May 2012
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Johnny Z,Patrick Drake and Deacon Sharper. Oh,and EJ for sure.

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15 January 2009
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Nikki sexy?!? She's alright but she a GILF (Grandmother Id's [not me] Like Too____).... Now Lisa LoCicero now come to daddy!

But you forget the sexist one of all Renee Jones (Lexie). I'll be the Dimera to her Alexandra anyttime!

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7 April 2011
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Hmm...I would definitely add Blake Hood (Kyle Abbot) from Y&R. He's pretty damned fine. Otherwise, soaps in general are sorely missing sexy performers! As much as I hated OLTL's Fords they sure were pretty Wink I thought GH would get an infusion of eyecandy with Ron & Frank at the helm. Of course, I'd prefer sexy actors who can act!

On another-note: Jacob Young looks more fit and attractive than he did on the last few years of AMC.

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Adam Gregory sure is some eye candy, who should attend as many pool parties as possible.^^ The same goes for Jacob Young.

Missing Blake Hood and Freddie Smith here!

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NuKristina and Laura Wright's Carly Corinthos from GH should definitely be on this list along with Lexie Carver and Marlena Evans of Days; I'm kinda young, but Deidre Hall could definitely get it....And I can't forget Avery Clark (Jessica Collins) and Ashley Abbott (Eileen Davidson) of Y&R... as for the Timeless Beauty, the slot should've definitely gone to Debbi Morgan (ex-Angie, AMC) and the current YoHarmony; that woman still looks like she's in her 20s, and I'd definitely consider her a MILF!!!!

AND GOOD GOD, how could you forget, Crystal Chappell is SUPER SEXY in every role she's ever played, that woman is a goddess!!! When she left Days, I stopped caring....

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Yes my Nikki has been looking AMAZING!!! Timeless Beauty is the perfect way to describe her...Love her and MTS is looking divine!

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A serial killer? Yeah, really sexy. Sick is more like it.

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Gosh, Johnny and EJ are really the hottest guys of Daytime TV... YUMMY

Olivia? REALLY? I can't wait for her to free my screen of her obnoxious presence. Carly is hot, Liz is beautiful but Olivia? Hot with Steve when they are boring as hell? I really don't get it...

I love Brady on DOOL too...

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OH YES MTS has aged beautifully and the wardrobe department is still dressing Nikki to the nines...that yellow dress Nikki she was wearing at the cook-out and Nikki was "busting" out everywhere...HOT!

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Nothing like Johnny Z nipples and Jackie Mack lips to start my day!

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Carly Jacks is hot and a true MILF and yes the actress that plays Caroline is hot but she has no chemistry with either of the guys

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For me it would be:

1. Todd Manning, OLTL/GH

2. Blair Cramer, OLTL/GH

3. Jack Manning, OLTL/GH

4. Will Horton, DAYS

5. Noah Newman, Y&R

6. Sonny Kiriakis, DAYS

7. Kyle Jenkins Abbott, Y&R

8. Thomas Forrester, B&B

9. Hope Logan, B&B

10. Starr Manning, OLTL/GH

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Ropes or no ropes, I'd have to choose Kristos Andrews of The Bay as one of the hottest hunks around. Smile

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IMHO, JOHNNY Z is by far the hottest guy of Daytime TV.

I would put EJ and Patrick (GH) as his closest competition.

But I will also always have something for my Zach Slater... As well as for Lorenzo Alcazar / Tomas Delgado (Ted King, you are a hottie) and Ric Lansing...

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Johnny, Johnny, Johnny, you are really one sexy guy... Love

Too bad that CarTini are throwing you under the bus to pimp their faves. It would be such a mistake to let BB go so I hope they will find a way to erase what they just do which has created so much anger against them as HW and EP of GH...

And I agree with the poster who mentioned Zach Slater. WOW, Thorsten Kaye is so hot ... Love his voice also

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Thanks for the shout out to Melody. For us over-45 crowd, she is a welcome sight.

Eileen D, when are you joining Days?

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Wow, Brandon B is all kinds of hot; alas, can't be bothered with GH because there are just too many characters that are dealbreakers for me(Sonny, Sam, Luke, Michael, now Todd and Starr).

Def onboard with James Scott(frankly, I don't know how his scene partners can even get their lines out when looking at him; he really is breathtakingly gorgeous), Chandler Massey, and Marco Dapper. I'd probably also throw in Jason Thompson and maybe Eric Martsolf or Galen Gering(the latter two both rather blah characters but top-notch lookers). And while I appreciate the inclusion of MTS, I'd argue that Eileen Davidson is possibly the most beautiful woman working in daytime(well, I guess previously working in daytime, thanks to Maria Arena Hell).

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As Rick Hearst is nowhere to be found anymore, I will agree that Brandon Barash is now by far the sexiest guy of all soaps. I don't watch DOOL on a regular basis but I will agree too that Scott James is a hottie too (and I LOVE LOVE LOVE his accent).

Team Johnny / BB all the way!