Tim Daly Hangs up Scrubs at Private Practice

Private Practice is losing a doctor. Tim Daly tweeted the news he’s not returning for Private Practice’s sixth season.  

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    I have to confess that I never liked his character. I was even surprised that he made it to the show after he seemed to have no chemistry with Kate Walsh in the back door pilot and was planed to be the romantic lead of the show.

    After that a lot of Pete’s history was just bugging me. The hate for his first wife and then eventually his relationship with Violet, which he ruined completely for me.
    But nothing compared to that awful reunion he had with Addison a few seasons back, where they were playing family with Lucas.

    Maybe it’s a good decision to let him go. Maybe Shonda and her team can somehow rescue Violet and bring this show still to a good end.

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    Admittedly I wasn’t crazy about him this season, but prior to that I liked him with Violet. It’s gonna be weird to not have him around to atleast wrap up his SL at the beginning of season 6.

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    Awww I liked Pete, but then Im not crazy about Violet. She would drive me bananas shrinking everyone all the time and trying to micromanage everyone and everything. My fave on the show is Charlotte. I didnt watch the first few seasons but when they started to focus on charlotte I found the show far more interesting. I also LOVE benjamin bratts character. If I were Addison, I would choose him hands down over Sam.

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    I totally agree with your post EET.

    I liked Pete…can’t stand Violet…

    LOVE Charlotte…

    and want Addison with Jake…I hated Addison and Sam together…You never hook up with your BF’s ex… Naomi was Addison’s “person”. The one person she could totally count on…and when Naomi found out about Sam and Addison… she was really angry, hurt and felt total betrayal…yet Addison and Sam went back together behind her back….I thought so little of Addison at that time…not so much Sam…men are men…but Addison owed her loyalty to Naomi, their friendship should have come first, after all Naomi and Addison had shared…Ever since that happened…I have been against Sam and Addison …the plus side to this…I actually like Jake with her. Jake is sweet, kind, gentle and thoughtful… Sam is a selfish B….If he really loved Addison he would have stood by her during her fertility issues.

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    [quote=liason4real]I wonder if Addison is going to eventually end up on GA after PP wraps up and maybe that is Shonda did not reunite Lexie and Sloane?[/quote]

    I could see that happening. Shonda pretty much knows that this is PP’s last season. And if Sloan should ever have a serious love interest again it should be Addison.

    All of Addison’s men on PP are way to messy to have a normal relationship with. I say get her out of there and be done with it.

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    ETT, I <3 Charlotte as well. The character has come such a long way since she really came into the fold. KaDee does a stunning job with the role. I’ve always sort of been curious if initially she was intended to grow into one of the leads or if the character/actress caught on & the show was smart enough to recognize that. I just didn’t get the vibe early on she was intended to be a focal point in the future. Whichever way it was, I’m glad she is. Charlotte/KaDee have become a real pleasure to watch.

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    777 I heart you. I totally agree about Jake and you are dead on – if sam loved her he would have loved her no matter what. It sort of feels now that hes coming back only because he doesnt like Addison moving on. I wonder if addison will go back to greys and they will wrap up jake by having him move on with dereks sister??

    Rozzberry…I think thats totally right – that the role originally was a throw away role, the bitch who serves as an obstacle to the members of the practice “doing the right thing” but KaDee was so phenomenal in the role that they realized they had gold. We could be wrong but I had the same instinct. I thought what she did with the rape story was some of the best acting on television in a long time and I love that shes almost always the one that insists they follow the rules because shes usually right. The story with pete totally annoyed me in that he took NO responsibility for the fact that he knew he had a terminal patient with a marriage that wasnt legally recognized and he never counseled the man to fill out the appropriate paperwork. There would have been no reason for Pete to illegally pull the plug if only he had been a thorough caregiver. So yeah Charlotte was the hardass that called the cops and Im sure next season we will get sanctimonious Violet blaming Charlotte, but she had a job to do and in my book she did what was appropriate in her context as administrator to protect the hospital. If I had my way, given that PP is going off, if someone is going to cross over let addy ride in to the sunset with someone and let charlotte dump her hubby and move to seattle! I think Charlotte is FAR more compelling than the other female characters and sloan wouldnt know what hit him LOL.

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    Totally agree yet again with your last post EET and rozz…

    When Addy was on Grey’s she was one of my favorite characters…I was so sad to see her go…and she is the only reason I even watched PP…so yes I would love to see her go back to GA… if… and when PP ends. I would also like to see her take Jake with her, as I don’t see her reconciling with Mark. I also think that Amelia is going to end up with Sheldon, EET. I think they both love one another.

    Charlotte is the best character on PP without a doubt. I am afraid I don’t see her moving on to GA though, because of feasibilty…BUT Shondra seems to take care of the people she likes, and reuses them….Seeing this on Scandal with repeats of characters from GA….I don’t think it would be the last we see of Kadee is what I am saying.

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