General Hospital: Perkie’s Observations

Lulu’s shocked when Dante drags Tracy and Luke into the PCPD. Dante says he arrested them in connection with Anthony’s disappearance. Lulu’s surprised to hear that Anthony is missing. She asks if he’s dead. Luke assures her that it will be sorted out. Delores explains about the blood in the boathouse and the anonymous tip, which seems suspicious to Lulu. Tracy is sure she can explain everything.

Sonny questions Jason about the arrest and why Liz was called in to help and not Sam. Jason didn’t want Sam anywhere near this problem and thinks John was behind it. Sonny asks if John is using Jason to get to him. Jason says maybe not just Sonny, but Sam as well. Jason assures him that nothing from Franco’s death can be traced back to him.

Sam asks John if he was behind Jason’s arrest and john asks what she thinks and Sam admits she doesn’t think it was. John says she understands him and admits he didn’t do it. Sam denies knowing him that well, but knows he wouldn’t hide if he was going after Jason.

Heather’s driving around with dead Anthony in the car, explaining to him that she’s doing this to help Luke. She gets stopped by the highway patrol, who asks about Anthony. She says he’s sleeping off a bender. The patrolman tells her that the highway is closed and to turn around and go home. Heather waits till he leaves and then decides to bury Anthony’s body where she is.

Todd finds Tea passed out in the parking garage. When she comes to, he tells her she missed Starr’s hearing, but that it went well. Todd offers to drive her to get checked out. They argue back and forth until Tea tells him that she needs to get to a hospital because she’s in labor. Todd gets distracted and runs the car off the road and gets stuck in the mud.

Tea tells him to get them out and to a hospital, but after several attempts Todd isn’t able to get them unstuck. They try their phones, but service is out.

Tracy says she didn’t kill Anthony and points out that Delores saw them all sipping tea on the terrace. Delores says he could have been dead, since she didn’t speak with him, which makes Tracy argue that she would have noticed if her husband was dead. Tracy claims Anthony was passed out since he’s an alcoholic.

Dante wants to know where Anthony is. Tracy tells him to check all the casinos and bars. Dante asks why they were getting rid of a gun. Tracy says she assumed it was Anthony’s and when she found it she called Luke to dispose of it. Luke tells her to stop talking until he can get Alexis down there.

Tracy wants to tell the truth, but Luke points out that she can’t say she asked Luke to kill Anthony or that he was planning on kidnapping Anthony. Dante gets the ballistics report and says the gun was fired recently and has a partial fingerprint. Tracy admits their prints are on it, since they both touched it. She swears she didn’t shoot Anthony.

Dante asks why she invited Anthony to the boathouse and shows her his phone with the text from her. Tracy wonders where he got the phone and Dante says Johnny gave it to them when he pointed the finger at Lacey. Dante tells Delores to book them.

Lulu tells her father there’s more to the story and to confide in her since she isn’t a cop. She says she wants to help and that he needs to start talking before its too late.

Sonny thinks John is playing Jason and Sam. He is worried that Sam may have said something. Jason knows Sam has confided in the wrong person, but is sure she didn’t say anything. He’s convinced John wants him out of the way. Sonny wants to know what they’re going to do about it and says McBain needs to disappear. Jason doesn’t want Sam caught in the middle.

Sonny‘s worried John will go after Kate and she’ll lose her career and her reputation and he can’t let him do that. He says John needs to be eliminated. Jason points out that John is former FBI and they don’t need that kind of trouble, but he can send a message. Sonny warns him to use people he can trust. Sonny tells Jason that he needs to work things through with Sam that she’s having a baby and it doesn’t matter who the father is. Sonny says Sam needs him.

John doesn’t want Sam caught in the middle and tells her to go home. However, Sam feels there is wall with Jason that she can’t get through and that they can’t connect. Sam goes to leave, but has a contraction. She assures john that she’s not in labor, that it’s too soon and that it’s likely false labor but that maybe they should call a doctor.

Both their cells and the land line is out as well, so Sam starts to panic, saying she had a stillbirth before and that she can’t lose the baby but that something is seriously wrong. John calms her down but she still wants to talk to a doctor. John offers to go down to the office and check for a working phone, but Sam doesn’t want him to leave her. She says her water broke.

Tea screams at Todd that she’s having the baby now. Sam tells John that she’s having the baby now.

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    Tris Drake

    Todd fixing his hair in the rear view mirror and Heather dressed like the Gorton’s fisherman were the only parts I liked today. Z should be rotting right about now. And can they shut Tea up? All she does is yell in English or Spanish. Can she go back to Llanview? Like yesterday? And Sonny needs to have a seat. No one wants relationship advice from him. At least Jason is being honest about his feelings. Not that I can stand his stupid Arse. I’m Just sick of JaSam whining all over town.

  2. Profile photo of mipeony

    I fully expected a Gordon’s fisherman ad to pop up as a sponser right after the Heather scene in the yellow rain slicker and hat. lol. Heather trying to protect Luke… well it’s better than her messing with Sam. If Heather doesn’t bury Anthony right away I fully expect him to pop up next next to a potted plant in the hospital somewhere where everyone walks right on by without noticing him.

    ME and KeMo are so damn pretty together. I loved her smile when she was talking about the baby loving the cheesy poofs! It’ll probably be months before she’s allowed to smile again.

    Jason blames either Sam or McBain for everything that’s wrong in his relationship right now. He doesn’t manage to tell any of the people he’s confiding in now that he doesn’t want the baby to the point where he asked her to give it away.

    Did Todd bang on Tea’s baby bump when he was talking to Victor Jr or did I see that scene oddly? Tea could dial it back a notch, but I still like her.

  3. Profile photo of Perkie

    I know she’s in labour and they’re in the middle of a storm, but does Tea have to yell everything? Every. Single. Line?

    Loved the Dante/Luke/Tracy scenes. Well played by everyone. Did it seem as though Lacey realized Johnny was behind the killing, when Dante mentioned the phone? I’m hoping they clue into that.

    Loved Heather being crazy enough to think she can just bury Anthony to get into Luke’s good graces. Although I call baloney on that body not stinking to high heaven by now.

    …edited to add…soaking wet Todd is kind of hot, yet I feel dirty thinking that!!

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    Missed today’s episode but the synopsis made it seem like a humorous dose of fun… well, until Sonny walked into the scene and Sam started flirting with John.

    I am still trying to figure out HOW Heather is able to do all that she does without ever getting caught. SHe must be an ox if she’s able to move dead weight of bodies around sooooo easily without detection.

    ANd Dante is the BIGGEST IDIOT on the police force (but Mac gets fired)!!! He gets an anonymous tip to check the pool house, Johnny (a mobster Dante believes tried to shoot out the tires of his dad’s car) points the finger at Tracey and Luke, Dante questions them and Tracey LOGICALLY tells him what happened and that Anthony could be anywhere, and Dante, without a body OR reason to think that Anythony didn’t skip town, arrests them and locks them up?!

    Seriously? This is the same cop who saw his father hold a gun to Johnny’s head and walked him out of the apartment without arrest. Or the man who heard that his father shot up Johnny’s bedroom with Kate in it and did even less there?!

    THis is what I am talking about when they try and portray Dante as the conflicted cop son of a mobster who is a GOOD guy. It is hollow.

  5. Profile photo of Punky

    I loved the show with TNT, Lante, Tracey/Luke, and John/Sam.

    I loved delusional Heather. Heather claiming Tracy was bad influence on Luke was funny. For a dead man, AZ is very flexible. One moment he is leaning back with his chin down and then he is sitting up straight, chin up with a slight smirk on his face :bigsmile:
    Didnt the cop find it strange that Heather’s “husband” was wearing sunglasses on a stormy night???

    I am confused about where the show is going with John and Sam.

    Florencia Lozano did a great job portraying a woman having labor contractions unexpectedly, on a stormy night, stranded on side the road with her least favorite person in the world, with no cell service, after passing out, and a car crash.

    Todd and Tea were hilarious and I loved their dialogue. Tea telling Todd “Turn around” Todd turns around and Tea yells “Turn the CAR around” :bigsmile:

    I loved Todd telling little Victor “it’s a cruel and unpleasant world out there is no need for you to join us”

    My favorite was Tea “I don’t care that the car wont move, press it, pull it, MOVE IT WITH YOUR MIND” *dead*

    The writers and the actors did a good job.

  6. Profile photo of ACMallet

    [quote=Punky]I am confused about where the show is going with John and Sam.

    The way their scenes together are being written, I think they will end up being related. Brother/sister, uncle/niece, we’ll see.

  7. Profile photo of diremommy

    Have the writers never heard of a little thing called rigor mortis? How about decomp- that body should be getting puffy and ripe right about now, but Heather’s just toting him all over town, bending him, whatever.

  8. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    When Téa told Todd to turn the car around, I expected Todd to say, “This is a soap opera! You know damn well we’re stuck in the mud!”

    I enjoyed Todd and Téa today. Todd asking whether anyone wonders what Victor’s death means to HIM! (I’m a fan of dark whimsy.) I also laughed a lot at Téa’s moaning and yelling, because I knew it would make so many of you happy! ;-) For a while, there, I thought I was listening to a Shakira album.

    Tracy and Luke were a hoot, too. It really struck today how they are having so much fun with their storyline, in contrast super-serious Lante and Dudu.

    And for the record, I feel I must add that I have never been a fisherman.

  9. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    How does Heather have a car, anyway? She just got discharged? I didn’t even know she had a place to live, let alone a car! ;-)

    And how many cops from the PCPD are going to get a whiff of Weekend at Anthbernie’s without realizing that’s a dead body they’ve got right there.

  10. Profile photo of J Bernard Jones
    J Bernard Jones

    On a non-storyline/acting note: bravo for the lighting and production crew. After all the changes modifications to the the sets (from redesigning the the police station to shrinking many others), it seems Valentini’s crew was finally able to put their finger on the right button with a great balance between making the sets look great (loved the lights shining down on Dante & Lulu as Dante checked the computer) to the rain effects to how the actors really great, especially Jane Elliott. Well done.

  11. Profile photo of Steph570

    I’m a little confused about this whole Beaches Corners thing and it’s driving me a little batty. From what I remember Jason shot Franco at his studio or some random warehouse and then set the place on fire. So why on Earth are police from Beaches Corners arresting Jason, at Kelly’s no less in the middle of Port Chuck, for Franco’s murder?? I must be missing something here but it’s driving me up the wall given that this show has mention the word jurisdiction about 400 times in the past few months. Anyone know what’s up with this?

  12. Profile photo of SwanQueen59

    Steph570-Can’t help you about Beecher’s Corners but as regards the Franco death, yes, Jason shot him at his studio but apparently he did not set the fire. Spinelli’s FOS network alerted him at the penthouse and Spinelli relayed that extra info to Jason who seemed mystified by it. As I recall there wasn’t a lot of attention paid to it at the time. There has been a rumor that a current character on canvas set the fire but that hasn’t been addressed… 0:)

  13. Profile photo of sassysdreams

    [quote=Perkie]I know she’s in labour and they’re in the middle of a storm, but does Tea have to yell everything? Every. Single. Line?[/quote]

    I know you didn’t watch OLTL so the answer is yes. Tea is known for her screaming. Almost every single line, no matter the scene!! :tired:

    [quote=TV Gord]How does Heather have a car, anyway? She just got discharged? I didn’t even know she had a place to live, let alone a car![/quote]

    I guess you missed it but while talking to Anthony today Heather said I hope Olivia doesn’t miss her car. And she’s living with her son Steve per order of her release.

    Steph570 – You’re not the only one who’s confused. You are correct, Jason shot Franco at his studio. But he did not set fire to the building. That was done by some unknown person. As for where the studio was located, they never said but it seemed as if it was in Port Charles. Beachers Corners hasn’t been mentioned in decades since Luke and Laura stayed there, so I’m not sure why they’re throwing that town into the mix now.

  14. Profile photo of liason4real

    Todd and Tea aka TnT had me laughing my head off. I thought Tea was going to smack Todd in the back of the head. RC had better not mess with my Tea and Victor love child!

    Heather is all kinds of cray cray and I love it!

    RC’s attempt at redeeming Luke is sort of working, but I still want Luke to realize that he did NOT hit Jake last year with his car.

    It’s nice to see that the PCPD is working on another case and not off screen for the next six months.

    Pfft. Jason’s latest brain boo boo has changed the man and that is what most fans wanted. He’s not willy nilly agreeing to raise babies and other children at the drop of a hat. Yes, we know that this is all RC angst and Jason is the baby’s father, but at least Jason is showing some growth!

  15. Profile photo of sassysdreams

    I always enjoy watching when Luke and Tracey are on my screen and as always they did not disappoint!!!

    The Heather and Anthony scenes were hysterical.

    I feel like the world has tilted when Sonny’s advice to Jason about the baby makes sense. And Jason is still a douchebag!

    Love the chemistry between Sam and John!!

    Beyond that, my first reaction when the episode ended today was GOOD GRIEF!!!

  16. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    I reiterate all previous statements regarding McBam. If they make these two kin they are missing the boat. The story of two people coming to terms with the idea that the ones they are with were not persons they truly were meant to be with.

  17. Profile photo of curacaoman

    Perkie, you are so right about Todd. Roger Howarth is hotness personified, more so when he is wet. “It’s raining men” was inspired by him.

    I have said it before: SuperHeather! Plotholes anyone?

    And Duncete is really getting on my nerves. What a stupid asshat! Padilla was working with Nameless Black Cop, why did Duncete have to get involved?

    Does anyone else believe LuLu will solve the Anthony case? And be the one to shoot Johnny dead in the process? Wouldn’t be the first bf she kills!

  18. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    Thanks, sassydreams. I have to admit I didn’t pay close attention to her scenes yesterday. I edited her scenes and the scenes of my pals from Llameview, and I will be dubbing them onto a disc later today (with Friday’s show), so I’ll be more attentive then. :-)

  19. Profile photo of Perkie

    [quote; pjc722]and Dante, without a body OR reason to think that Anythony didn’t skip town, arrests them and locks them up?![/quote]

    Well, there is the text from Tracy telling Anthony to meet her at the boathouse. Someone called in gunshots. Anthony’s blood was found at the scene, he’s nowhere to be found and Lacey were trying to dispose of the gun. That’s moret than they have for most cases.

    [quote; sassysdreams]I know you didn’t watch OLTL so the answer is yes. Tea is known for her screaming. Almost every single line, no matter the scene[/quote]

    People in Lanview must be hard of hearing!!! Someone should tell her that people in PC aren’t!!

    [quote]And she’s living with her son Steve per order of her release.[/quote]

    And he’s supposed to be supervising her. Where is he while she’s running around town with a dead mobster.

    Anybody else think the show missed the boat not hooking up Anthony and Heather while he was alive? Think of the mischief the crazies could have gotten into.

    [quote; curacaoman]why did Duncete have to get involved [/quote]

    Because he was already involved. He got the search warrant for JOhnny’s place about the car accident which then lead to the Lacey/Anthony stuff.

    NOw why a judge would have given him a search warrant for a case that happened 2 months ago and why he thought JOhnny would still have any evidence lying around is beyond me.

  20. Profile photo of GHFan777

    I loved this whole episode with the exception of Sason…Blech….I can’t believe the moronic things that Jason and Sonny say at times.

    McBam chemisry OFF THE CHARTS!!!

    Original TnT…hysterical…I don’t even care if Tea screams…their chemistry and one liners are priceless.

    JE and TG are also priceless…Two such great vets…Their scenes were wonderful yesterday. They have GREAT comedic timing delivering their lines.

    ….and as for my girl Heather….OMG…I loved it…I don’t care if Anthony should be hosting a worm party, and stinking to high heaven…when she put a smile on his face…I totally lost it.

    I can’t wait for today.

  21. Profile photo of SwanQueen59

    Perkie-I’m just guessing on the search warrant for John’s penthouse but I thought there was reference to the fact that since the bully was found innocent of shooting out Anthony’s tires, the case as it stands is now considered open. Which leaves John as the one suspect they can investigate since (I’m guessing here also), they can’t get access to Kate with her being admitted to Shadybrook… 0:)

  22. Profile photo of sallyv

    Sorry everyone…This show was one of the worst…in my opinion. There were so many ridiculous contrivances in this show it was unbelievable. They used every cliché in the book!

    I was really looking forward to Robin Matson coming on the show based on watching her on AMC as Janet. But this Heather character (which I didn’t previously watch) is beyond ridiculous. There is no way in hell that a just-released mental patient could do/get away with all that she has done and is supposed to do. I FF’d all her stupid scenes with Anthony.

    The plot set-ups for Sam and Tea going into labor at the same time were so obvious. Of course Tea was going to be with Todd and Sam was going to be with John. Of course Todd and John are going to deliver the babies (EWW on so many levels). And of course we all know what’s going to happen when they get to the hospital. :angry: Just can’t take another one of CarTini’s switch stories.

    Not even going to talk about Sonny…it goes without saying that he was atrocious.

    The only scenes that were fun/enjoyable were Tracy and Luke. Of course the brain-dead cops weren’t fun/enjoyable, but still, they were about the only scenes I watched.

  23. Profile photo of Madithusa

    [quote=pjc722] ANd Dante is the BIGGEST IDIOT on the police force (…)
    Seriously? This is the same cop who saw his father hold a gun to Johnny’s head and walked him out of the apartment without arrest. Or the man who heard that his father shot up Johnny’s bedroom with Kate in it and did even less there?!.[/quote]

    He is the biggest idiot for sure. But he is so full of himself always thinking that he is this good cop. What a joke… With his list of crimes and felonies, not only should he have lost his badge years ago but he should be behind bars!!! And for a long time!

    He always has this vendetta against Johnny (even though Johnny protected his cover when he was Dominic Pirelli and even though Johnny has done more to protect Micheal from SOnny than Dante ever did…). When you think that Dante knows that Sonny was the one who put a bomb under Johnny’s car and almost killed his own sister and once again what did he do? NO-THING.

    So if Dante could just stop talking… or just go somewhere far away from Port Charles, what a relief it would be. We have two good cops now, Anna and John, so send the rotten ones like Dante AWAY.

    Still not buying the BS about Johnny turning in a split second into this “bad guy”. Not drinking the Kool Aid. But after the way Luke sold his secret to Sonny, I would be happy to see Johnny score one against Luke and make him pay. Whatever CarTini do, they can’t throw Johnny under the bus to make Todd, Sonny and Luke look good and hope that the audience will go with it like sheeps. We are not THAT stupid and THAT easy to manipulate.

  24. Profile photo of Tris Drake
    Tris Drake

    @tv gord Shakira album! Lmao I used to love Tea but she has to go. Everyone else on the show whispers or mumbled and then hear her loud arse comes.

    Why is Steve not watching Heather? It’s a soap. And Steve is useless unless you need somebody to die. I would let Epiphany operate on me first. Good thing he has a hot body.

  25. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    [quote=Perkie][quote; pjc722]
    [quote]And she’s living with her son Steve per order of her release.[/quote]

    And he’s supposed to be supervising her. Where is he while she’s running around town with a dead mobster.


    ROTF! And THIS is one of best examples of why I love soaps! :-D

  26. Profile photo of GHFan777

    LMAO thank you Swan. I don’t care what anyone says, Heather totally cracks me up, as does this picture of her. I don ‘t think I have ever laughed as much at GH, as I have lately. Of course the show does not make sense, but soaps rarely do. It has been entertaining though.

  27. Profile photo of wasabi

    I’m guessing that since Anthony’s only been dead a little more than 24 hours (Johnny moved him the morning after he shot him, Tracy and Luke spent the afternoon with him, and now Heather’s taking over babysitting the body for the evening) that he wasn’t giving off an odor when Heather was told the road was closed. And since rigor mortis begins to wear off after 12 hours or so, he’s flexible enough to move around and be posed.
    Still wondering why Johnny’s apartment wouldn’t have lots of stains on the floor from both blood and fluids. Maybe besides having insanely soundproof walls so no one heard the shots, he also has super absorbent carpet, or excellent stainproofing.

  28. Profile photo of mufasa

    Did anyone EVER address HOW Maggie wrote a suicide letter when she couldn’t move? Didn’t Heather fake it and no one did testing on that?

    Todd is the best thing on there – he is too funny….if Tea would stop yelling, it would be fine…..bring Blair back and send John away to Natalie….

    Sad that Johnny can’t be redeemed….they must think Brandon is leaving the show and this is how it could happen.

  29. Profile photo of edenpark

    Dante is just so ugly on that picture LOL You would think he is going to show vampire teeth and bite Tracy…
    And I agree with the comments stating that he is an idiot. The more I see Dante on my screen, the more I am on #TeamJohnny (as Ravennite launched the trend here in DC yesterday! :) ).

    I love Tracy. Still can’t stand Luke. I loved the Heather / Anthony parts. Too bad that BW is leaving the show. They are getting rid of the best actors and keeping the mediocre ones, that makes sense…

    Finally, so happy to see Ric back as your avi Perkie :)

  30. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    Cops are always idiots on soaps. I think back to my soap mainstay, AMC. First Derek and then Jesse were bumbling cops, because it always had to turn out that “heroes” such as Tad and Ryan solved the crimes. (Hell, while Jesse was Police Chief, he COMMITTED more crimes than he solved! Covering up deaths, etc.)

  31. Profile photo of mipeony

    When Heather was talking to Anthony in the car yesterday (while listening to the hip hop on the radio) she was rambling about how she used the same guy to forge the suicide note that he had used with the greasy Lisa mess.

  32. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    I have to say I’m enjoying Heather more today (Friday). Perhaps I’m “getting with the program”. Her lugging the body around reminds me of when Robin Mattson was Janet on AMC and she, Skye and Erica buried Jonathan Kinder in the rose garden. That was one of my all-time favorite storylines.

  33. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord is reporting Kassie is returning to GH as Blair this summer. Sorry to all the GH fans who are tired of all the Llanview intruders, but I’m excited about this!

  34. Profile photo of ANGELWENDY15

    I am totally enjoying GH right now and I wasn’t able to say that in awhile. It may not be perfect but I am enjoying the humour on this once dark show. Tracey and Luke are just so funny and Heather in that yellow raincoat (yes she does look like the Gorton’s Fisherman!) When she put that smile on Anthony’s face I totally lost it. I will miss Bruce Weitz so much, just his face is funny. I hope he haunts for awhile!

    Love the Sam and John scenes. I can’t help it, they just look at each other and I melt. Haven’t seen a soap couple in a LONG time that has this much chemistry. Loved the Todd and Tea scenes. She could tone the screaming down a bit, but again these are 2 actors that work so well together. Roger does the one-liners so well and Wow, he looked hot all rain soaked!!I hear Blair is coming on soon, so glad. These 3 work so well together. Would love Trevor to come on, at least for a little while. I read a recent article where he said he didn’t want to do any more soaps though.

    Can’t wait to see what happens with the babies. I think Sam and Jason will get back together for awhile, he’ll probably fall in love with the baby, until Sam finds out what he did to John. I am rooting for a MCBAM union!

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