Sherri Shepherd Files Charges After Tweeter's Rape Threats

The View's Sherri Shepherd is not putting up with cyberbullying! The talk show host and comedian got fired up after someone tweeted she should be dragged into a back alley and raped. The Twitter drama began when Shepherd asked her followers for names of hamburger restaurants on the Upper West Side of New York. See below:

 Shepherd fired back with:


The Newlywed Game host then went to the poilce station to file a complaint and later tweeted:


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I'm not one for Twitter because, sorry, Sherri, I don't care whether you or someone else just ate a burger. Or got their nails done. Or farted (thanks, Ashton Kutcher for that one since it made the news feed somewhere in the world).

I think being blissfully UNknowledgeable about every little thing about a person's life is a great OLD FASHIONED WAY of living life.

That being said, I am tired of how the internet, facebook, twitter and whatever other social media sites allow for this type of crass, rude, vulgar and downright ILLEGAL speech to exist in our society.

I THINK SHE SHOULD PRESS CHARGES. I hope that she doesn't settle or let the person off. MAKE AN EXAMPLE.

Sorry that she had to get that kind of comment from a ANYONE KNOW OF A gOOD PLACE FOR A BURGER ON THE UWS!

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i'm glad i don't twat or read people's twits.. i hope she does find out who this wack job is..maybe then the law will follow..if this happened to anyone in person, can they be arrested?

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She had better also seek some protection...with all the crazies stalking celebs now, it is essential! I hope they catch this person!

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Hell yeah pjc222! I thought I was the only one who doesn't find it necessary to find out every time someone takes a crap or goes to buy milk at the corner store. (And why am I not surprised that AK would tweet that he passed gas?)

If I was Sherri I would start packing some heat. Lots of nuts out there.

I am no IT person but I've always been under the impression that everything written online can be tracked thru the IP address so locating this person shouldn't be too difficult, right?

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So glad I know nothing about Twitter. And what I do know doesn't interest me at all!

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I don't care if one is the P.T. Barnum of the Twitter-verse, no one should have to endure threats and abusive language. When I started using the Internet in the early 1990s, it was something of a Wild West environment but I never could fathom some of the out of control behavior that exists today. In the late 90s/early 00s when the Internet began to blossom in the mainstream, the biggest threats were spam mail, Internet hoaxes and crazies hanging out in chat rooms (which I learned quickly to avoid). But now, it's as if the criminals have also discovered the power of the Internet! I don't know what the solution to all of this is, other than individual action, the way Sherri Shepherd is taking direction action, but it is really disturbing the way people are now greatly abusing one of the Internet's great achievements-- the ability to communicate. It makes me sad.

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IIRC, Twitter DOES have a feature that allows you to report people. And they are efficient about it, too.

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I don't see this going much farther.
Illegal speech? or free speech?

He didn't threaten her and say he wanted to rape her.

He obviously said something crude like she deserves to be
dragged into a back alley and raped but never implied
that he was gonna be the one to do it.

Are the police really gonna do a search and try to figure out who this guy
is to give him a warning? I doubt it.

She just wants to be in the headlines for any reason possible.

Twitter is a great news source. I don't use twitter to follow celebrities
and find out what exactly they are doing.

I do it for the latest news on soaps, sports, entertainment, current events, news.

Want real breaking news ? Its on twitter right away.

Daytimeconfidential has twitter. If a new article is posted on this site
its tweeted and I can check it out.

Those who play fantasy sports get sports transactions up to the minute.

if you watch days of our lives you can meet alot of people and talk about the show together. Just type in #dool and you can see what everyone is talking about.

Its actually a cooler site than you think.
Its not a stalk celebrities site. Besides smart celebrities don't tweet and give their exact location.

A few do but they must not be worried or anything.

Cady McClain (Dixie-AMC) tweeted a picture of her at Yankee STadium
the other night.

I don't know. I think Sherri is blowing this out of proportion
just for attention.

He never threatened to rape her. HE just said something stupid.

If this guy does jail time or even gets a fine I will be shocked.