The Young and the Restless Cans Peter Porte!

Genoa City, Wisconsin will soon be lacking a one-dimensional villain with daddy and mommy issues. Nelson Branco is reporting in Soap Opera Uncensored that Peter Porte is out as Ricky Williams on The Young and the Restless.

It's too bad Porte never received any material worth his talent during his stint as Paul (Doug Davidson) and Isabella (Eva Longoria) son. Dude isn't a bad actor! Speaking of Paul, his tear ducts will no doubt get quite the workout during Ricky's exit story, considering Soap Opera Digest is hearing it will be a dramatic one.

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    This was reported 2 days ago. Has the site been on vacation? Not much has been posted lately.

    Not being nasty…just miss seeing something new everytime I check.

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    SallyV, the people who run this site do have lives outside of posting things on the site lol, yes it was reported two days ago, but maybe Jamey had to check to make sure it was legitimate before posting it on here.

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    [quote=sallyv]Not being nasty…just miss seeing something new everytime I check.[/quote]

    Me too. ;) I love DC and always expect some news, good or bad.^^ It’s weird to hear it somewhere else first. But I get that the people of DC have a life away from that site.

    Anyway, I’m sad to see him go! I liked Peter Porte.
    And I liked Ricky. I wanted him to bust Phyllis so bad. No one deserves it like her. It’s sad that they made Ricky a weirdo and potential murderer.

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    First of all, Welcome Back Jamey! Hope it’s appropriate to say here (since I don’t really tweet much) but I’ve been and continue to send positive vibes to you and your family and for continued strength to all who need it.

    As for the Ricky character, I guess I haven’t been as invested in this character nor this show for some time. Although if people truly appreciated his talents, it probably would’ve been ideal for them to change course in the storyline and not make the Ricky character so extreme. Severely bad guys tend to have a very short shelf life. TPTB have clearly tried to change course with the Adam character, but judging from many of the comments about Adam losing many of his intriguing qualities, the jury is still out on whether this has been a success.

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    I’ll miss him. I blame the sucky writing (what else is new). Why couldn’t Ricky have just been out to get revenge on Phyllis and have daddy issues with Paul instead of all the stupid backstory about the dead girlfriend? I wish Mr Porte well!

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    I follow Jamey on Twitter, so the low postings lately are warrented…Thoughts are with you, Jamey!

    Will Ricky PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE take Daisy with him?? PLEASE!? I need to get back to my viewing! (as promised to myself, when Daisy re-emerged, I refused to watch this show. Spoilers are basically all I’m going on.)

    For the last….. 8 weeks?? When AMC became the ZARF show, I stopped watching. I’m fickle like that.

    Daisy and her teef need to GOOOOO!

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    I actually have started to like Ricky and the portrayer. I was hoping that in the end Ricky doesn’t turn out CRAZY like his mom and aunt. I think that would be just a bad way for the show to go and an extremely easy route, as well.

    It would be amazing for the character to truly just be out for good old TRADITIONAL revenge by writing this tell-all about Phyllis since Phyllis goes around acting Holier than thou to Ricky, Daisy, Sharon and Avery (and their dying dad) all the while she has more skeletons in her closet than a science lab at a university. Think about it, Paul was sooooo quick to jump on the band wagon with Ricky is crazy scenario with soooo little evidence to back it all up that it would be a great way to show what happens when you neglect your kids.

    Paul has 2 kids that he was COMPLETELY absent from in their growing up years and then they returned to town and we were supposed to be sorry for him and not them. Heather was originally written to dislike Paul tremendously for not even telling her that he was her father after he befriended her and then grew to love him. Ricky, rightfully so came to town with a grudge and although he took the pictures of Heather and Adam, it was not his fault Phyllis stole them. Yes, he took them but to say that he should have an instant relationship with Heather without even having a relationship with Paul was ridiculous.

    I would like to see Ricky proved innocent of the claim he had something to do with his ex girlfriend’s death and it to be revealed he actually tried to help her and in her desperation over losing him commited suicide before Ricky could get there. It could be a very dramatic scene when Paul tries to apologize to Ricky and Ricky says to “save it dad. It’s all too late. You discarded me to save yourself from raising a child, like you did with Heather. Then, dad, you immediately thought I was a killer because of your sister and my mom and the fact that I opted to write a bio on a woman who tried to kill you and your ex girlfriend, Christine.”

    Of course, it won’t be the way. Maria will go the predictable route and Paul will be the only sane one in his family left standing.

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    Ricky Williams is not all that one dimensional in my books;
    plus … I’d agree with everything pjc722 mentions above.

    I think it is very annoying to bring a new character in and then extremely unfair to us to have Paul have yet another wacko family member (if that is how it all turns out to be). From his cape wearing, sauerkraut and ribs baking mother … and on to his priest brother and then Pattycakes and Rickycakes;
    Paul needs and deserves better.

    I still watch in fear that Phyllis will be sainted and not vilified when all of this is done with and put to bed.

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    I loved Ricky. His character kicked posteriors and took names. He was giving it to Phyllis. I love how any character who stands up to Phyllis either gets a pink slip or trashed over.

    I much rather have him versus the annoying Heather. Why the hell is she back?

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    @tedew….what’s wrong with Paul’s brother. He’s a priest. He’s not evil or crazy. His mother was annoying, but not loco. IMO, Paul’s the one vet I would be okay with getting a pink slip. He’s so boring. I would love to see him on BB.

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    Ricky Williams and Peter Porte are BOTH deliciously complex and riveting. I can only assume that Michelle Stafford felt threatened because he was getting too much attention, complained to the writers and got him canned??

    It wouldn’t be the first time she’s contributed to someone’s departure from this show…… :D :D :D

    But, seriously, I am a Michelle Stafford fan, folks, so don’t beat me down too much!!!! Truth is truth….

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    Melvins mom

    It has become beyond annoying to watch Y&R fire people who can actually act because they don’t know how to write for them (yet we’re “blessed” with the likes of Daisy over and over and over…). I grew to like Porte’s portrayal of Ricky–granted it was one-dimensional, but that wasn’t his fault.
    I just hope Ricky can reveal all of Phyllis’ past misdeeds before his exit. Sigh.

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    I hope Ricky doesnt die but if he has to, I hope he goes out the hero saving someone maybe Paul or Heather & then exposes taht Phyllis ran down his Dad & christine in 1994. I also hope this ex who died , I hope it comes out that the guy Paul was to meet killed her. I hope we find out Ricky had nada to do with it. Then Paul has to deal with that he didnt trust his kid & just how bad a dad he is & I really like paul but comeon he is a deadbeat

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    Ricky wasn’t bad but when you start him out as a murderer (allegedly!) there’s nowhere to go from there. Heck, even Phyllis worked up to the bad stuff!

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    I’ve actually come to like the actor and the story, although it is a retread of the Fletcher/Ben Reade story on GL. Remember when Matt Bomer played the role, and GL took Ben Reade into such a dark place? I think he even had the same dead girlfriend. You know it’s bad when Maria is recycling fifteen year old scripts from cancelled soaps.

    I actually think Peter Porte can act and was actually intrigued by Phyllis getting her comeuppance. Maybe he can get a role on B&B as a love interest for Steffy?

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    ER Writer

    This show is such a mess!

    Why/how are the fans supposed to stay invested in this show when the head writer/exec producer isn’t?

    It’s so frustrating.

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    I thought PP was a little stiff when he first started, but once he settled in I thought he was actually a good actor(hell, Julia Pace Mitchell has been around almost 2 damn years and she still hasn’t settled in; she makes Zima look like a true thespian–yeah, I said it). And I agree with some of the other posters in that I wouldn’t consider him one-dimensional either; I think the character is fairly complex on a few levels. I’m usually not one who enjoys morally-challenged characters–I’m rather boring and typically root for the good guys and gals–but there’s something about Porte(besides his obvious physical gifts)that made me kinda like Ricky. I’ll definitely miss him.

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    [quote=dqh257]I actually think Peter Porte can act and was actually intrigued by Phyllis getting her comeuppance. Maybe he can get a role on B&B as a love interest for Steffy?[/quote]

    I could see him as Brooke and Ridge’s forgotten son RJ, who should be a rival to his half-brother Thomas for Caroline’s heart. Not 30-something Rick.

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    Dyllan … you of course are right; I was just trying to point out that Paul does have a rather wacky family in varying degrees.

    The thing I’m finding with all this now though is that it seems that all performances (especially with Paul) are aimed and projected to a foregone conclusion concerning Ricky.

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    Hi Jamey,

    What is up with the Bell offspring? They have a lot of storyline that could be gold mines on both shows and what happens get rid of Sean Kanan and now Peter Porte, if Y&R just bypass the Phyliss comeuppance they will be deleted off my DVR along with B&B. Is it me or is the actors having more to say about what goes on in their storylines than the writers. I guess like the NBA, can all coaches and writers and see how well they will do. I want storyline that have me ansy that I cannot wait until next episode to find out what is happening. I want layers and complexity. Ricky makes me want to give him a good old Alabama hug and ask, What happen to hurt your soul like that Bey? Instead of Paul trying to build evidence against his son, show Ricky’s side and let him show how hurt he was being without a father. There is no excuse for him live with his unstable ex wife family. I want Phyliss to get caught and hell I want Christine to press charges and Michael to prosecute his best friend. Since Paul wants to talk to everybody about his son but to his son, let’s bring out his skeletons. Let’s talk about when he gave Niki an STD when they were young or when he cannot be what the rapper Common wants and Be A Father To Your Child. I’m sorry, kind of lost it. Maybe I am having a psychotic break myself.

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    The Ricky trying to bring Phyllis down story was the first Y&R has done in a long time that actually had me excited. IF Phyllis is made to be a victim and Ricky is killed off as evil, as a fan since 1982, I will be DONE with Y&R. Instead of writing a potentially great story for Paul and Ricky, they decided to (yet again) make this ALL ABOUT PHYLLIS.
    This writing regime has DESTROYED all the characters I love. I don’t give a fuck about Genevieve, Chelsea, Sarge, Harmony, Tucker, Sophia, Eden, etc etc.
    I am sorry to see Peter Porte go. I know I’m only 1 viewer but, my Nielsen Box might start reporting a new and better show.

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    I’m hoping that wonderful Peter Porte gets matched up with wonderful performing opportunities in his still very young future!

    Brian :party:

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    [quote=Greeneb2]I’m hoping that wonderful Peter Porte gets matched up with wonderful performing opportunities in his still very young future!

    Brian :party:[/quote]

    I also want to add that the very young & talented Peter Porte is a viable talent to watch out for on the small/large screens & theatre stages around the world, it seems to me. Since he is indeed a graduate of New York University Tisch School Of The Arts, he is an actor with legitimate training & classical theatre skills.

    The entertainment media (TV, Music, Film, Theatre) should remember to treat mental illness (Ricky Williams’s medical condition) as the serious medical condition it is with compassion, empathy, humanity, love, & tolerant understanding.

    Thanks For Reading Jamey & Fellow Bloggers!

    Brian 0:)

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    THANK GOD! it is about TIME… this dude has got to be the WORSTE actor to ever be on television… it is like watching a cardboard cutout.. I mean, he is goodlooking – but his acting is HORRIFIC… id rather watch paint dry! i heard the actor is going to be in a musical… THAT seems way more up his alley than trying to play a straight man on a soap opera… SEE YA!!

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    I guess this means that old Phyllis will be vindicated, yet again. So stupid, so predictable, so, so boring. On another note, how aggravating is it to watch Paulie Pervo holding court at the Athletic Club, so that he may preach on and on about the evil that is his only son, Ricky? What a horrible excuse for a father! Who the Hell does this?

    Just why is it that NOBODY can ever win against the Phyllis and Victor characters?!? It really is stupid, and quite obviously, driving the viewers away in droves! Why, why, WHY don’t TIIC get it, OR, are they deliberately trying to kill this show (a la AMC)? Also, why is it that Michelle Stafford seemingly enjoys such power behind the scenes? Seriously! I really want to know! This woman is like a cancer for this show, and I am sick, sick, SICK TO DEATH of watching the damn “Phyllis Show”!!!

    Whatever – count me in as one who was enjoying the whole “Phyllis Gets Her Comeuppance” storyline, and I was totally cheering poor Ricky on, every step of the way. If that stupid bitch winds up relatively unscathed from all of this, then I may just join the legion of other (disappointed!) viewers, and turn this ridiculous show off for good!


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    [quote=tedew]robotricky … valid opinions aside, your comments in post #30 of this thread do seem rather mean spirited.[/quote]

    Almost as the one about Phyllis and her sprerm.

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    Gosh. I LOVED Peter as Ricky!!! I HATE the character of Phyllis and I was happy he’s bringing her down!! LOVED it when she was on the floor loosing the baby. She deserves it!! BRING PETER BACK!!!!!!!

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    hey mon

    Sad to see him go. The guy I thought could be the future of Y&R is being ushered out of town as the Psycho-of-the-Month. Stupid writing from MAB. The guy should/could be bedding down young women on the Show, instead MAB has him crazy-stalking Phyllis? Would have been much more believable if Phyll had bedded him first, rejected him, then her went crazy.

    Well folks, you know how I feel about us Latinos and the Y&R. Yet ANOTHER wasted Latino s/l wasted. Ricky is just SIMPLY crazy like his mother.

    I suppose I should be doing cartwheels that the Jersey Shore Italian Mafia mobsters are gone.

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