The View’s Joy Behar Lands Talk Show on Current TV

Look who's getting their own show…again! The View's Joy Behar has been tapped to host a daily talk show on Current TV.

Behar's chatfest will air Monday–Thurs. at 6 PM EST and will be re-broadcast later on in the evenings. This will be be Behar's second stab at solo talk success. From 2009-2011 she hosted The Joy Behar Show on HLN.

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    TV Gord

    I like her, but her talk shows are always on channels to which I don’t subscribe. (Current TV isn’t even available in Canada.) I guess I’ll just have to settle for her trying to get a word in on The View.

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    TV Gord

    Current TV has been around since 2005. You may have heard of it, but not realized the name. It was created by Al Gore and his business partner, and that’s where nobody has been watching Keith Olbermann for the past few years (until he was dumped earlier this year).

    You might also recall that two reporters (one of them is Lisa Ling’s sister) were arrested in North Korea and Bill Clinton went there to secure their release.

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    Joy is one of the most obnoxious, nauseating people on television. I only record The View in case there is a guest I want to see. I FF the Hot Topics so I don’t have to subject myself to her ridiculous comments. She thinks she is funny, but she only makes a fool of herself every time she opens her mouth.

    Guess I won’t be watching her new show…not that it will last.

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    Joy Behar is hilarious. I never watched her first show, but I wish her luck. They are passing around talk shows like party favors these days, and since 90 percent of talk shows, like restaurants, fail, I don’t have high hopes for her 2nd show. :tired: :tired:

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    Joyless is one BORING interviewer …CurrentTV a liberal unbalanced tv station…wouldn’t waste my time or electricity on such horrible tv…can’t they just put her out to pasture.which is where she belongs–in her element!!!!

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    Basically I like Joy but I think she is like the relative who arrives and you just want to say shut up once in awhile.

    I hope if the View gets fired up closer to the election and the politicos come on, which they will, she shuts up sometimes. I know that will be one of the stops for Romney/VP and Obama/Biden and other D’s and R’s. It has good ratings and target voting group from what I read.

    Joy can be good at interviewing but for the serious stuff she has to return more to how she was years ago. She was more serious. She throws in jokes when it is inappropriate. It is like she has lost her filter. HOpefully the production company reminds her. She and Sheree should drop the nonsense when there is serious guests or conversations. I really can relate to lot of her opinions but she has become too over the top in the last few years. Pushing her ideas.

    I don’t agree with Elisabeth but she has learned the skill of debate. After the argument with Rosie she learned more how to debate. They both did not come off good when they got into it on the show. But, in the end, Rosie put her on the map so to speak. I realized how she has learned how to make conversation challenging but interesting. She is more likable than that goofball they had on the other day. Gretchen Carlson. Gretchan Carlson is so unlikable. Yucko. How they asked her to come on. I hope they are not getting any ideas there. One hour is enough of GC.

    I don’t get Current tv either. We have everything but not that channel.

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