General Hospital: Perkie’s Observations

Jason tells Sam that he would have loved the baby because he was part of her.  Sam wonders what changed and why he’s telling her now and thinks he’s lying to her.  Jason thinks they’re worth fighting for and that’s what he went to the motel to tell her.

Sam asks if he was actually there to send John a message and explains that she knows he was badly beaten and that’s why he didn’t come back to take her to the hospital, because Jason made sure he couldn’t.  She wants to know if he sent someone or did it himself.  Jason admits he sent two goons because he wanted John out of the way.

Sam says John was so badly beaten that he couldn’t come back for her and the baby and that John was never the problem, Jason was.  She says he couldn’t love her baby, so instead of admitting it, he had John beaten to punish him.  Jason swears he tried to call the hit off, but it was too late.  Sam says it was too late for John and her baby. 

Kristina’s upset that the crew is still filming when her producer Trey shows up.  She tells him she doesn’t want to do the show anymore, but Trey tells her that she can’t back out now.  Family turmoil makes for good TV.  Kris wants the family to grieve the loss of Sam’s baby in private and thought the show would focus on Sonny.  Trey reminds her that her parents humiliated her and she needs to pay them back. 

Spinelli tells Olivia that he has an idea of Heather’s whereabouts the night she took the car, saying her easy pass was scanned on the highway.  Olivia doesn’t’ understand why Heather would be that far out, since the only thing around there is the Rendezvous Motel.  Spin thinks maybe Heather was meeting someone there for her own rendezvous and will continue to investigate. 

Steve catches Heather talking to herself and reminds her that she’s not supposed to be wandering around without a chaperone.  He tells her about Sam losing the baby but Heather tries to spin it that Sam didn’t want Franco’s baby anyway.  Steve says he has rounds, but wants his mother to sit and wait for him and he’ll take her home. 

Alexis wants Matt to be sure he’s doing the right thing, that once he’s signs the confession there’s no going back.  She gives him his phone and tells him to get his affairs in order while she talks to the DA.

Patrick gives Ewen a clean bill of health and discharges him into Liz’ company.  Patrick gets called down to the PCPD and is upset that Matt confessed.  Matt says he’s guilty, that he killed someone, and that he took an oath. Patrick reminds him that Lisa took an oath as well but Matt says he’s trying to do the right thing.  Patrick doesn’t want to lose his brother.  Alexis comes back with word from the DA. 

Maxie tells her parents that her marriage is over and Mac is surprised but happy that Matt turned himself in.  Maxie wants Mac to get Matt out of it.  She’s happy when Matt and Patrick show up, thinking Matt is free.  Matt says he signed the confession and that he got 5 years and needs to report to Pentonville right away.  He says he came to say goodbye. 

Ewen’s getting dressed ready to leave and almost falls.  Liz catches him.  He admits his legs were wobbly since he’s been in bed so long.  They kiss.  Steven comes in and catches them and he and Liz joke about it before Steve leaves them alone again.  Ewen apologizes for presuming Liz wanted the kiss, but she says he didn’t misread anything.  

Heather tells herself that she was righting a wrong, that Sam threatened to turn Steve against her and needed to learn a lesson.  She remembers hearing the lab tech say the results of the paternity test was in the lab and she let herself in and took them. 

Alexis isn’t happy to be introduced to Trey and wants him off her property.  Trey says the contract Kristina signed is legally binding, allowing them to shoot in her home.  Alexis says Kris doesn’t own the house and had no authority to grant access.  Trey says a judge can decide that and Alexis is happy to take him to court.  Trey says he’ll sue Kristina and accuses Alexis of trying to run her life.

Alexis points out to Kristina that Trey is trying to provoke a fight and take advantage of a personal tragedy.  Trey assures her that they will handle everything with respect and sensitivity, but Alexis says he hasn’t even offered his condolences to her for her lost grandchild.

Alexis asks Kristina to take things out on her and Sonny and not on Sam and not to let them exploit their grief for ratings.  Kristina says she doesn’t want to exploit Sam.  Alexis yells at her that she’s letting a sleazebag manipulate her and to stop acting like a spoiled brat and be smart and think about her family. Kristina says to keep the cameras rolling.     

Jason says he’s sorry, but Sam doesn’t think he is.  She says she had her own questions and doubts.  She was the one raped, pregnant from it and asks if he has any idea how that affected her.  She accuses him of wanting to give the baby up and congratulates him on getting what he wanted. 

Jason says he was there when she lost her daughter and wouldn’t wish that pain on her again. Sam says it hurts just as much because she wanted this baby and he didn’t.  Jason swears he did.  Sam says she doesn’t know what will happen to them because they can’t go back to the way they were before, that what they have is broken.  Jason says he won’t give up on her, but Sam yells at him to get out. He leaves her with the dragon figurine.

Jason runs into Liz and tells her that Sam lost the baby and he lost Sam. 

Maxie begs Patrick to stop Matt, saying the hospital needs him and to tell Matt that he’s just as good as Patrick.  Patrick says Matt is listening to his conscience and he has to respect that choice and not fight it. 

Mac tells Matt that he’s doing the right thing.  Matt tells Maxie that Alexis will handle their annulment since there is no longer a need for them to be married.  Spinelli arrives as Matt is leaving.  Felicia asks about the annulment, but Maxie defiantly says she’ll remain Mrs. Matt Hunter. 

Steven finds Heather waiting for him.  She says she was thinking of Sam and the baby and wants to see her.  Heather tells Sam that she knows what she’s going through. Sam angrily says her baby died and wasn’t sold.  Heather says the baby is in a better place. 

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    Great big giant fat kudos to Kelly Monaco today. I said I wanted icy cold not hysterics and for the most part, that’s what I got. She parked that blame right at Jason’s doorstep where it belongs.

    Finally I saw heat between Ewen and Liz. Not on the first kiss, but on the second one, that Steven interrupted. And I loved the fun brother/sister stuff between the Webbers.

    Alexis, why not just kick Kristina out and the camera crew will have to go as well. She’s not going to go far without money.

    Funny line of the day:
    Heather to Steve: What kind of trouble can I get into here?
    I swear Robin Mattson’s inflections are hilarious.

    Maxie’s annoying me.

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    Finally by CeCe Peniston is playing somewhere right now!!

    I loved Sam today, it has taken her quite some time but she finally said it “i was the one that was raped”
    Kudos to Kelly Monaco.

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    Tris Drake

    I’m no Sam fan but I cheered when she told Jason to kick rocks,without hysterics. Well done.

    I loved the Patrick and Matt scenes. But I knew I would. I found it hilarious that Maxie wanted Patty to tell Matt that he was as brilliant as Patrick. He Just turned his head. Love that man!

    Loved Steve and Liz joking. Same reason I love Matt and Patrick. Good family times that this show seriously needs. And I don’t mean Sonny and his spawn.

    Note to CarTini,even if Nathin Butler does every scene half naked,I still don’t think I will ever like Ewen. He had better turn out to be Jerry Jacks evil son or a Cassidine with a quickness.

  4. Profile photo of mipeony

    Is Trey the new Keifer? I see mind games at play already. Kristina played right into his hands and Alexis wasn’t helping herself out much. That being said, again I have to comment, Alexis needs to tell the girl to hit the bricks and the camera crew has to go with her. Let them go film at Sonny’s.

    Liz smiling at Ewen was great. Shirtless Ewen was even better, now take the big bulky bandage off your head! Darn that Steve for interrupting them… I thought we might actually get some love in the afternoon, and that brother of hers had to leave his crazy ass mama alone just to interrupt them! I loved how she shooed him away and loved how after Steve went out Liz closed the blinds for privacy!

    Loved Sam giving Jason the what for today. Loved that she finally got to say that it was her that was raped and it was her that was pregnant. Loved that she told him McBain wasn’t the problem, he was. I did wish that she would’ve picked up the figurine and thrown it against the door after he shut it behind him, but that’s me. lol.

    Poor Matt and Patrick, I even kind of felt a little sorry for Maxie today, but just a little.

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    [quote=The_Moustache]LOL @ that letter. it looks like they didn’t even bother putting any effort into it.[/quote]

    My thoughts exactly on the letter/prop. GH is awful at portraying medical realness. From the letter that looks like it was printed on parchment to the “old school” notion that the letter is the only evidence, no computer backup, no copy sent to insurance, and nothing in the file.

    Did Sam pay for the DNA, the birth, and prenatal care using Jason insurance from the coffee mob? Remember when Lucky was hounded to pay his bill? Perhaps, the GH docs are so bad that they are just giving away medical care?

    Also, does Ewen have such awful insurance that they are kicking him out while he still needs that much gauze on his head? He looks like a bride on SAY Yes to the Dress. I know his girlfriend is a nurse, but let’s get this guy a MRI, and a transfer from the doctor who is too depressed to notice a head injured patient.

    Love GH, but they need to update those medical props

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    This was the episode I was waiting for, finally!!!!!! KeMo was much better today, and I LOVED that Sam told Jason off, it’s been a loooooong time coming! oh and Liz finally got some action woot woot!
    Was I the only one who thought the producer dude looked a little too old? Today was a good episode, I like Sam better when she isn’t with Jason, and half way up his douhetastic bottom. I wish she could’ve slapped him but oh well, what she said was good enough.

    Thanks Perkie!

  7. Profile photo of soapbaby

    Big ups to Kelly Monaco. Sam never takes responsibility for her role in anything but Kelly Monaco did a good job as Sam blaming Jason. I cringe everytime Jason mentions “Sam’s baby.” Um, these people are married! I don’t like the couple but they are married and Jason treats Sam like he doesn’t even like her let alone love her. It’s sickening to know they will eventually reunite after this.

    And I was beyond tired of Heather talking to herself and I kinda love Heather but enough already.

    And Steven Lars should only be featured in either one of two modes: 1.) competent doctor or 2.) joking big brother to Liz. I actually liked Steven Lars for the first time in years with this episode!

    And as wooden as I think the actor is, there is no denying that Nathin Butler is GORGEOUS. He works so much better for me when shirtless and smiling. I just can’t buy him as a psychiatrist. He and Liz do not have much chemistry but, boy, they sure are pretty! All I could think during their scenes was “Get it, girl!” ;-) I wish for Liz and Ewen to have a wonderful, fun, sexy romp with lots of sex before he leaves town to never return.

    FFWDed all things Spinelli, Olivia, Maxie, Kristina, the missing Ford Brother and Alexis, so I missed anything Mac, Felicia, Matt and most of Patrick. I hate how Matt is going out. Couldn’t he just have accepted a new position in a different city/country because of his groundbreaking medical research? Remember, he made some medical breakthrough. Oh, that was dropped in favor of him being written as the killer of a homicidal maniac. Argh.

  8. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    The letter about the paternity really was a complete joke. I’d also like to question how Heather was able to forge it so fast that it got in time to Kelly. Medical papers shouldn’t be that easy to fake. A stupid plot that isn’t working for me.

    Anyway I love Heather and her way of believing that she just got even with Sam. What a hilarious crazy woman! Robin Mattson rocks.

    I haven’t seen any spark between Elizabeth and Ewen … until that episode. And there it was. A smile, a kiss and they convinced me. I didn’t feel anything with the first kiss, but the second definitely made the difference.

    I loved Sam for telling Jason that she was the one who was raped. He behaved like an ass … and as I wanted a Liason reunion before I have to say now, he has to stay away from Liz! I don’t want Liz with that thug. I rather have her with Ewen until in some magically way Lucky finds his way back to her.

    Maxie’s getting on my nerves. They should just let this character leave town. She can come back if Kirsten Storms should ever be ready to return to the role. Enough is enough.

    Great scenes with Patrick and Matt. I’m going to miss Matt. And even though he’s doing the right thing … he’s still in Port Charles. There are murderers we have to see EVERY DAY on our screens … and Matt has to go to prison for murdering some wacko, who’s tried to kill before and kidnapped a little girl? Matt did anyone and us viewers a favor. If you punish him you have to put MAJOR justice on Jason, Sonny and Johnny too. A hitman, mobster, rapist/mobster are on the loose. NOT FAIR CarTini!!!!

  9. Profile photo of The_Moustache

    while i loved & applaud Sam’s bashing Jason, in the long run it won’t matter or have a real impact because in 2 seconds she’ll forgive him and take him back because he is Saint Jason.

  10. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    This was the first time I really saw Sam’s ovaries, so I was greatly enjoying those scenes. I guess we’ll have to wait a day or so to see if her words actually sink in with a lunkhead like Jason.

  11. Profile photo of Carol2

    Robin Mattson should get a bonus for the shit she had to play today! Wow! I’ve seen better writing and acting on a websoap filmed in somebody’s bathroom.

  12. Profile photo of curacaoman

    [quote=Carol2]Robin Mattson should get a bonus for the shit she had to play today! Wow! I’ve seen better writing and acting on a websoap filmed in somebody’s bathroom.[/quote]

    Very true! It is like they used all their creativity writing for Sam.

  13. Profile photo of sallyv

    [quote=Perkie]Great big giant fat kudos to Kelly Monaco today. I said I wanted icy cold not hysterics and for the most part, that’s what I got. She parked that blame right at Jason’s doorstep where it belongs.[/quote]

    I agree…FINALLY she got some balls and let him have it. Please, please let it stick. They need to be apart and she should be with John when the truth finally comes out about the baby.

    [quote=Perkie]Alexis, why not just kick Kristina out and the camera crew will have to go as well. She’s not going to go far without money.[/quote]

    That would make too much sense. This story has more legal holes in it than I can list here. There is no way in hell that any of this nonsense could be going on in real life. This production (?) company would be sued for everything they’ve got.

    [quote=Perkie]Maxie’s annoying me.[/quote]

    She’s just NOW starting to annoy you? She’s been annoying me ever since Kristen left the role. LOL

  14. Profile photo of js3557

    IT was good that Sam was upset with Jason, but putting all of the blame on him was wrong. Sam never takes responsibility for any of her mistakes or choices, so I don’t know why I even expect her to. She ended up in that motel having her baby because she chose to stay at an out of the way motel while pregnant. Jason does have to share responsibility for what happened because he had John attacked, but it is not his fault alone. Both Sam and Jason have reacted badly and made poor decisions since the rape (which I still think is a fake rape). They have had little to no communication, which is not surprising coming from the couple who have never addressed the horrible things they have done to eachother. This is the couple who say they don’t want to talk things out and just want to move on. Well, this is what happens when you can’t communicate honestly with eachother. The first time one of them (Jason) tried to be open and honest about his feelings, the other (Sam) runs away.

    Loved the Webber siblings! They have great sibling chemistry. I agree that Liz’s second kiss with Ewen was better than the first, but I did not really feel any chemistry. I think she has had better chemistry with Patrick and Matt than with Ewen.

    I’m going to miss Matt.

    Mac is looking hotter and hotter these days. I hope we aren’t going to lose him.

    As an attorney, I can tell you right now that Alexis could have had those fools thrown out of her house and off her property with an injunction with no problem at all. Like she stated, Kristina does not own the house, so she has no right to give anyone permission to film there. Also, Kristina can’t give the producers the right to film any person but herself, especially in their own homes. Finally, Alexis should have told her to hit the bricks when she said that if they didn’t tape the show she would leave. How far is Kristina going to get with no money, no clothes, no job, etc.? I would tell to get out with what she arrived in this world with – nothing. Her spoiled ass would have caved pretty quickly.

  15. Profile photo of Perkie

    [quote; mipeony]Let them go film at Sonny’s. [/quote]

    See, now that would be genius. Kristina even said she wanted the focus to be on deal old dad, so why are they set up at the lakehouse where Sonny hardly ever goes. I want to see Trey dealing with Max and Milo!!

    [quote; soapbaby]Couldn’t he just have accepted a new position in a different city/country because of his groundbreaking medical research[/quote]

    Another good idea. Have him follow dad Noah to Doctors without borders as his “punishment”.

  16. Profile photo of soapbaby

    @js3557: Per usual, I agree with everything you wrote. I couldn’t even elaborate on anything with Alexis because I do not enjoy the character being so dumbed-down. This Kristina story makes Alexis look weak and stupid.

    @Perkie: Matt Hunter had huge potential and it was completely wasted. I hate how the whole investigation into the murder of Lisa Niles was closed until Maxie confessed, reopening the case! I can’t even recall how she was cleared of murdering the first mate. She confessed to that murder too, right? Patrick should despise Maxie for sending Matt to prison (inadvertently) and after her outrageous behavior at Robin’s funeral when she yelled at Emma: “I killed your mommy!”

    Speaking of Patrick…let’s get him a storyline please.

  17. Profile photo of SwanQueen59

    js3557-How funny that you mention the scenario wishing Alexis had told Kristina to “hit the bricks”. I just relayed my own “story” to some friends about trying to do the same thing with my folks way back when. I was twelve. I packed my suitcase and was about to go out the door when my mom stopped me. “You can’t take the suitcase.” “Why?” said I (with as much contempt and derision as could be mustered by my “tween” self.) “If you leave here, you will leave exactly as you came here. No clothes, no shoes, nothing. Just as you arrived the day you were born.” Needless to say she gave me a lot to think about! Ah, yes, scenes from childhood/young adulthood, sometimes mirrored on our soap. Oh. Wait. Kristina’s not being tossed out on her a**. Rats. What was I thinking?… 0:)

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    There’s been a subtle and very welcome change on GH in the past two episodes. (No, I’m not referring to the absence of GH’s lovable mobster father of the year although I thank the soap goddesses above for his absence). The change started Friday’s episode with Anna’s super fast return to the PCPD. The writing and acting combined to show a woman fully in charge, a woman who would not be run over or out smarted by a brain damaged hit man. At the time, I wanted Anna’s rage to be stronger but now looking back, I think it was played to perfection. After all, a strong woman has no need for a loud voice when she knows she’s in control.

    And now on today’s episode, wonder of all wonders, we have Sam FINALLY taking control of her destiny. When her scenes began my first thought was: This regime is finally listening to SOME woman in the writers room. Could it be Jean P., much maligned by soap fans, who is bringing a woman’s voice to the table? I don’t know who it is but somebody started writing the woman’s side. Has this regime decided that a soap needs to be about women? Only time will tell if the writers allow Sam to move beyond her fair maiden stand by her man status with Jason. But today’s episode was certainly a quite brilliant and refreshing start.

    More of what I liked: Dr. Hottie + Liz. I’m not above gratuitous shirtlessness and thank goodness this regime and I at least share that in common. Besides Dr. Hottie’s obvious physical charms, he and Liz are starting to spark. When inappropriate boundaries Steve walked in and tried to play big brother, I wanted to scream. Let your sister have some fun! HIs sister is kissing a half naked man and he just walks right in. What kind of boundaries does THAT family have?

    I still love Felecia. She’s simply too good to be window dressing. I STILL love Mac. Not sure I buy his wanting her back right off the bat but I like their rapport.

    But as GH has been for this regime’s entire tenure, a lot of bad nearly drowned the good. Where to even begin?

    Were we supposed to be shocked that the switched baby is Jason’s? YAWN. It’s the most non-shocking surprise since we found out Robin was alive. The inner voice talking Heather’s explanation of how she switched the results WAS beyond bad. My beloved RM has been reduced to this? I knew this regime would take Heather to the campy side of the street. But this? It was implausible and reminded me of a scene that should have been on a soap in the 1950’s. I wished I could have laughed at it. It just made me embarrassed to be watching.

    I absolutely hate the reality show crap! And the writers made a Jersey Shore reference. REALLY? Is this how this regime shows that it’s on the pulse of society? Is this how they make GH socially relevant? Come on. Soaps used to lead the way in breaking down social barriers. And once again, the implausibility of the whole story line makes me scream. Yes, Alexis could have thrown those people out. Yes, she could have thrown Kristina out. It’s just all so stupid. NuKristina has lost some IQ points while at Yale. It’s a shame since this character had such potential to be written as a smart young woman, the polar opposite of most women in Port Charles.

    Hypomanic, never take a breath Maxie: I’m over it. If this is all the writer’s can do for this character and actress, I’m ready for her to go. Maxie is so needed as she connects so many GH veteran characters. But I want her off my screen. I don’t understand her logic, her childishness. I don’t understand why anyone tolerates this from her. I can’t put the whole problem at the actresses’ feet. She’s shown she CAN be effective in a toned down scene. But it’s getting nails on a chalkboard bad every scene she’s in.

    My final critique is the jumpy nature of all the scenes. It doesn’t allow for tension and build up. Does this regime think we all have ADHD? Are they programming for the same folks who watch Jersey Shore? It’s annoying and distracting from the story.

    So Bravo to whoever the woman’s voice is in the writers room. Maybe it’s even one of the men who finally had an epiphany. If we could now just have some strong women in a half-way believable story, I might join in with the others who sing this regime’s praises.

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    [quote=Tris Drake]@ soapbaby,I thought I was the only one who thought Trey looked like a Ford brother! Someone also said a young Cord Roberts.[/quote]

    They don’t call him ReRon for nothing. Trey is the GH version of the first Ford brother to appear on the scene. Be on the lookout for the others!

  20. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    Js- as usual, i agree with you. Sure, it makes sense that Sam should be upset with Jason. I have wanted her to grow a backbone for years. Blaming Jason for doing his job while she is in labor seems a little off to me though. If he was a bus driver, would she be blaming him for driving the kids to school? Is it his fault that she placed herself in a remote place away from medical help? Didn’t he offer her the penthouse? Isn’t sending goons after John a bit like sending goons after young mothers and children in the park? Isn’t having goons on the payroll for these tasks part of the mobbed up life her fans say she is suited to? Isn’t that the life she married into? Doesn’t that pay for the penthouse? Is she now trying to take the moral highground? Isn’ t it the same lifestyle that got her shot and forced her to take extreme measures to conceive? Now, everything is Jason’s fault? She chose to marry a mobster. She chose to get pregnant. She chose to leave Jason and the safety of his home. How is Jason all to blame?

  21. Profile photo of soapster

    I guess Sam also choose to have John beat up because Jason was fully insecure about his manhood. Sorry but Jason sending goons to beat up John has nothing to do with Mob life and everything to do with Jason not handling his business like a man.

    Yeah Sam tell Jason he can go stare someone place else he is not needed at the moment.

  22. Profile photo of Tris Drake
    Tris Drake

    Liz is propping JaSam and now Patrick is propping Liz and Ew. What is going on? Patrick should be over greiving in the soap world. Please put these two together already!

  23. Profile photo of JASAMMABBY

    The most annoying thing about Alexis and Kristina is that it still shows Alexis favors Kristina over her other children. Same way with Carly and Michael. The fact is Kristina should be kicked out just to protect Molly. Kristina is mortified about what happen at school but is willing to put her little sister all over tv. Molly is just in High School. If Alexis didn’t want to make her homeless she should have paid for her to stay at the MC- or save money with the flea bag place.

    It really is awesome to be a KeMo fan right now. I love how the writers are writing her. Nuff said. I can only hope that the vision I see in my head is what will play out on my screen..

    “After all, a strong woman has no need for a loud voice when she knows she’s in control”. Soapfan- truer words have never been spoken. I think this is why I can’t stand characters that get their emotion across with screaming. Like Carly- I love the acctress but just because you scream everything doesn’t make you control it..

  24. Profile photo of ACMallet

    [quote=GHteenybopper] ACMallet, you are probably the most annoying poster on here.[/quote]

    My apologies to you and anyone else I have annoyed, irritated or offended.

    [quote=GHteenybopper] … if you’re so tired of our “bitching” and us voicing our opinions, read the articles, and refrain from reading the comments, it’s quite simple.[/quote]

    Quite simple, yes, and probably the best solution. I won’t post here anymore.


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    I read where this stupid baby switch story ends July 13. I hope so. No doctors are that stupid that blood work wouldn’t be done. Is Tea gone?

    SIDEBAR – HELP someone please
    on Days of Our Lives – KAYLA is wearing jacket and BOOTS in June? What is wrong with the writers/wardrobe people? It’s like the day it wasn’t raining at Horton Square – is it covered?

    And I think Kayla may have shot Stefano…..

  26. Profile photo of maxsmom

    From NLG’s twitter, a CNN video, sorry to reveal my complete lack of computer skills:

    Nancy Lee Grahn ‏@NancyLeeGrahn
    Watch @CNN video about #GH with @NancyLeeGrahn @finolahughes @valentinifrank @krisalderson |

  27. Profile photo of JASAMMABBY

    @maxsmom- thanks for the link. I really enjoyed looking at them behind the scenes. I wish we could see more of that- how they look when they are getting ready for scenes. It does look like super hard work but I have always thought GH has the strongest cast on daytime. Thats one of the reasons I think some cast members come in from other shows and just don’t fit as well..

  28. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Soapster post #26 is RIGHT ON – this has nothing to do with the mob life and everything to do with jason feeling threatened as a man.

    Im also calling foul on people calling out sam for being at a remote place – werent the two out of towners using the major road to get to the hospital not all that far from there – the major road that sam reached not steps from the hotel?

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