General Hospital: Perkie’s Observations

Lulu’s at the Star and calls Luke. She tells him that someone is interested in the Star and he’s thrilled for her. Tracy shows up and asks Luke if Anthony or his killer have been found. She’s thrilled that they’re no longer suspects. However, Luke’s worried someone is trying to set them up and pin the murder on them. Luke reminds her that she should be in mourning, but Tracy wants to celebrate their liberation.

Johnny gets to the Star, but Lulu’s not interested if he’s looking for trouble. Johnny says he’s looking for Luke. He thinks his grandfather is dead and he overheard Lacey discussing it. Lulu reassures him that Luke didn’t kill Anthony, but backs off when Johnny questions her. She claims her father isn’t a murderer.

Michael finds Starr crying on the docks. She explains about Tea’s baby. She shares how it brings up memories of Hope and that it hurts. Michael assures her that someday she won’t be crying about it anymore and things will work out. Starr tells him about her talk with Todd and that Sonny was protecting Kate who has DID.

Ewen pays Kate a visit and she apologizes for Connie’s behavior, but he says she wasn’t responsible for what Connie did. He wants to find the cause of why Kate has created the personalities. However, Kate’s more upset about what Connie did that was worst and explains about the car accident.

Carly goes to Jason’s and is shocked when he tells her what happened to Sam and that the baby died. Carly says they need to help each other, but Jason says Sam blames him. He explains about the guys beating up John and Sam wandering off looking for help. Carly says it wasn’t his fault, but Jason claims that Sam thinks it was.

Liz brings Sam flowers from her sisters and offers her condolences. She asks if there’s anything she can do. Sam asks if Liz can bring back her baby and keep him alive. Liz says she understands, since that’s the one thing people asked after Jake died as well. Liz says she saw Jason and that he’s pretty upset as well. She says they shouldn’t go through this alone, which angers Sam.

Liz apologizes for upsetting Sam. She says Jason just wants to be with her to mourn with her and that he seemed genuine. Sam says she begged him to try and be a family.  She was the one who was raped. She needed Jason’s love from the start. Sam says she has to tiptoe around Jason’s feelings. She can’t express how scared, how hurt she was when he looked at them and saw Franco. Liz says it’s not how Jason feels anymore and she believes him. Sam says she doesn’t.

Sam says it’s Jason’s fault, that if John had come back, doctors could have helped the baby. Liz says there’s no way to know that for sure. Sam incredulously asks if Liz is defending Jason, since nothing is ever Jason’s fault. Liz says Jason is a mess right now, but Sam is determined to believe that the baby died because of Jason. She tells Liz to go dry Jason’s tears, to make sure everything is ok. She tells Liz that Jason is all hers and that it’s over.

Liz swears she and Jason are just friends, that he loves Sam. She says Jason is not perfect that he’s made mistakes and wonders if it’s over, why Sam is still holding onto the dragon figurine.

Johnny tells Lulu that he’s the one who wants to buy the Star, but she points out that the last time he was using it to launder money. Johnny says that was all Anthony’s doing. She points out that he owns Vonn’s. Johnny says he got rid of it. He’s done objectifying women, since Carly took him back.

Lulu is shocked that Carly would forgive Johnny for cheating. She figures he has a lot to make up for. Lulu admits that Johnny seems different now that he’s out from under his grandfather. Johnny says he has an idea for legitimate club. Lulu admits she’s been thinking of something similar. Johnny says he has the money and they can go in together. Lulu says she already has a job, but Johnny thinks she wants more out of life. Lulu agrees to the deal, but only if it’s not a scam. Johnny swears it’s above board and they are now partners.

Carly says Jason made many mistakes, but that he isn’t responsible. Jason feels Sam won’t forgive him, something Carly is sure she will. Carly is sure they can work this out and that he needs to make it up to Sam. Jason says Sam won’t listen, but Carly yells at him to keep talking to her until she does.

Carly tells Jason that she and Johnny are back together, which is fine with Jason but he warns that Johnny better treat her right this time. Carly says Sam needs him whether she admits or not.

Kate explains that Connie told Sonny she was responsible, but Ewen doesn’t buy it and thinks Connie could have lied. Kate doesn’t understand why Connie would say she did if she didn’t. Kate agrees to more treatment and jokes that she doesn’t even know what day it is anymore. Ewen tells her that it’s June 12th and she freaks out.

Tracy and Luke are enjoying ribs. Tracy declares a new lease on life. Luke gets sauce on his face, so she wipes it off and then kisses him. He wonders where that came from. She says she liked it the last time and wanted to do it again. Tracy says Luke isn’t always a horrible person, he’s capable of being generous and kind and always helps her. Luke says he cares for her. Tracy says she wants him back.

Luke is surprised and doesn’t think it would look right if they got together so soon after Anthony’s death. Tracy assures him they could be discreet and tells him to move out from Anna’s. She asks if Luke isn’t interested in her. Luke says he is, but doesn’t want to jump the gun and needs time to process. Tracy kisses him again, as Lulu shows up and sees it.

Starr explains to Michael that DID is a coping mechanism. She saw Kate and that it was easier to hate Sonny, but she doesn’t hate Kate. She feels she owes both Sonny and Michael an apology. She was wrong to accuse Sonny. Michael says he was wrong about Johnny. Starr says she hasn’t heard from Johnny about the recording contract. She asks Michael to put everything behind them and be friends, which he agrees to. Starr gets a call from Johnny to meet her.

Johnny tells Starr that this is their new club, for her recording and possible performing. Starr likes it.

Jason gets to the hospital in time for Liz to tell him that Sam has checked herself out.

Kate tells Ewen that she’s late and might be pregnant.

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  1. Profile photo of Perkie

    Someone needs to explain to me the appeal of Luke to the point where three women are interested in him. I know there aren’t very many men of that age group in town, but really. Three?

    Loved the Lulu/Johnny interaction. I’m not a JoLu fan, since I’m still sort of a Lante fan and I sort of like CarJohn, but I like the idea of them in business together.

    I hate that these writers are putting Liz in the middle of JaSam. It didn’t have to be her, it could have been Carly in those scenes with Sam. It just flames the Liz/Sam fan wars.

    Having said that, more goodness from KeMo today. Although I was a little ticked that she didn’t take her sisters flowers when she left. That’s just rude!

    Please don’t go down a WTD road with Kate/Connie/Sonny/Johnny. I really don’t want to see that.

  2. Profile photo of JASAMMABBY

    Being a Sam and Liz fan I disliked those scenes.. I feel like Sam didn’t have to be so snappy and Liz should have backed off. It should have been any one else than Liz in there for sure. But I loved everything Sam was saying about Jason.. Also I felt that Sam should have realized the person she was saying it all to had experienced all that.. I agree setting off a Liz and Sam fan base war just sucks..

    Must agree about Luke- really I can take crazy Heather. Love Tracy and him but my Anna can do so much better. She is just such a class act!!

    I really enjoyed how excited Lulu was with Johnny.. However can still do with out Star and Kate. Less Star and Kate- more Lulu and Liz please!!

    As always my Kemo was FABULOUS!!!

  3. Profile photo of Angie Lucy
    Angie Lucy

    Sam probably wasn’t thinking of the flowers being a gift from her sisters when she left. I’m sure she was distracted. Also, the flowers–although well-intended–may be a reminder of the baby’s death.

  4. Profile photo of JASAMMABBY

    I thought the flowers were just another plot point to let us know that was Sams room Jason was going into… You know cause it would be so hard to figure out. ;)

  5. Profile photo of mipeony

    I have never gotten the appeal of Luke on a romantic level, and I’m someone who loved Luke and Laura for years, but then again I don’t get the appeal of the show’s other 2 main leading men either. All Luke has ever really done to Tracey is to use her for her money and connections. She loved him, and he broke her heart. He threw Anthony Z in her face today when he knows darn well that he’s the one who divorced Tracey, that Anthony was blackmailing her into marriage, and he must’ve forgotten all the unmentionable ladies of the night that he probably hit it with while he was with Lupe last year while still married to Tracey.

    I thought KeMo and RH were brilliant in their scene together today, I just wish Liz wouldn’t have went to bat for Jason. Of all the people who I figured would defend Jason to Sam, I didn’t think Liz would be the very first and while Sam was still in her hospital bed. I figured Carly would be the first forcing Saint Jason’s praises on her, followed by Sonny, Michael, Monica, and then any of the rest of PC who think that Jason walks on water. We all know why the writers did it though, to get the fanbases all riled up.

    I do not want to hear Starr sing.

  6. Profile photo of mipeony

    [quote=Perkie]Please don’t go down a WTD road with Kate/Connie/Sonny/Johnny. I really don’t want to see that.[/quote]

    Oh, and 100 percent agree with this!

  7. Profile photo of GHteenybopper

    A Sam and Liz scene! I see where Sam is coming from with her greif so I get why she was snarky, but I wish Liz would have just shut up about Jason, RH is way too talented to be propping up a character like Jason, I wish we could’ve seen Liz relate to Sam about them both losing a child and being victims of rape and see them bond. Loved seeing JoLu together, have they had scenes since Dante came along? Loved all things Luke and Tracy, but I don’t think Luke is worthy of anyone being in love with him after he killed Jake. I wonder if Jane Elliot chomping down on the corn was improv, that was hilarious. I love her and Tracy!

    As for Kate being late… Just no.
    Overall today was really good. Thanks Perkie!

  8. Profile photo of Verdilover

    OMG, being a die hard Lulu fan, I was in heaven yesterday. Finally, I got to see a glimpse of the old Lulu Spencer back, feisty and fun. loved what Johnny told her about her job at the PCPD, loved that she was sooooo quick to make her decision to work with him and loved how they said it could be a new start for both of them.

    I have said several times that I was a Logan and Lulu fan and hated JoLu for that reason. But loving Lulu so much, it made me sick to see how my girl has been totally ruined since paired with Dante. She was not herself anymore and just wanted to be that Stepford wife forbDante which she is not. She is the daughter of Luke Spencer! But I must say the very rare scenes she was allowed to share with Johnny in the past three years have made me change my mind and jumped on the JoLu ship. Johnny and Lulu have so much chemistry and Lulu is so alive and so herself when she is with Johnny.

    I hate what CarTini have done to Johnny lately but I am very thankful that they are ready to finally challenge that boredom that Lante is. Lulu deserves better and JMB deserves better also! So I am SO happy about the JoLu scenes yesterday. Dante is going to turn green and will of course try to force Luku out of it but I hope that she will tell him to go to hell!

    However, what I am pissed at is that in a post here two days ago, I was saying that at least CarTini seemed to be sparing us the end of the Ford/Jessica storyline as we didn’t get a Kate is pregnant storyline. I should just have shut up because BAM here it comes, the total copycat of the Ford/Jess storyline on OLTL…. I am going to be honest, I just want Kate to lose that child as I don’t want Johnny to have a kid with Kate and I certainly don’t need another Corinthos spawn. This pregnancy storyline is SUCH a lazy and bad idea….

    But I am still on cloud 9 because of sparkling Lulu and all those JoLu scenes. Just GIVE ME MORE!

  9. Profile photo of alexrochet

    I received so many emails and PM today (yesterday…) about the JoLu scene that I was afraid to be disappointed. I finally just watched GH and it was so GOOD!!!!

    My Lulu is back and finally out of the shadow of Dumbte! So feakin good!

    Have to go to bed so I will make t short. Verdi, I agree with turning you said about JoLu (I personally HATED Logan and Lulu so I won’t agree on that part of your post LOL).

    JoLu are pure magic together and I hope she will be Johnny’s redemption and that Johnny will allow her to be back alive and kicking as the old feisty and spunky Lulu Spencer.

    For all the JoLu scenes yesterday a big THANK YOU to Ron and Frank.

    My dreams are going to be sweet. LOL Good night everyone! :love:

  10. Profile photo of The_Moustache

    [quote=Verdilover] This pregnancy storyline is SUCH a lazy and bad idea.[/quote]

    CarTini blew all their load on OLTL, they have nothing new to offer, can you blame them for re-using old storylines on GH???

  11. Profile photo of soapbaby

    Why would the writers skip the Sam/Heather and Jason/Liz scenes started at the end of Monday’s episode. I think those scenes would have been interesting.

    Outrageous. This episode was actively annoying, with the stupid dialogue between Liz and Sam. What was that beyond riling fanbases? Sam and Liz should empathize with the similar experiences of being raped and losing children. Instead, Sam was ugly toward Liz (but she gets a short-pass because of her recent loss) but Liz going on and on inappropriately was completely unnecessary. I am beyond tired of Liz pimping JaSam. Disgusting. JaSam will reunite no matter if Sam blames Jason for her baby’s “death” right now, so why is there a need for anyone to pimp them let alone Liz? And I was mostly with Sam regarding Jason, only it rings shallow because she stated she had to “tiptoe” around Jason’s feelings? What?! She CHOSE to be hang her entire existence from his left testicle. No one made her live her life as the maid-servant of a mob hitman but her. So, excuse me while I do not appreciate her “clear” view of Jason.

    Tracey and Luke’s disgusting food-sex, Ethan/Kate drivel and Michael/Starr dryness. ARGH. Johnny acting crazy as ever. Admittedly, I do think Lulu and Johnny have chemistry but he’s so despicable and a lost cause, why should I bother investing?

    After a decent Monday episode, I could not believe how poor Tuesday was.

  12. Profile photo of Madithusa

    [quote=GHteenybopper] Loved seeing JoLu together, have they had scenes since Dante came along? Loved all things Luke and Tracy, but I don’t think Luke is worthy of anyone being in love with him after he killed Jake.
    As for Kate being late… Just no.
    Overall today was really good. Thanks Perkie![/quote]

    To answer your question, JoLu has been allowed to share scenes where they actually talked to each other seven times in the past three years of the Lante nightmare. Seven episodes in three years because TPTB were so scared to jeopardize their Spencer / Corinthos coupling from hell as each time JoLu shared a scene, there was a great buzz on the net. Except Liaison there are the only pairing consistently in the SID Top 10 for years without sharing scenes. Guza threw JoLu under the bus because his beloved wife Meg Bennett had made the decision of the LANTE pairing BEFORE DZ was even cast. carTini threw Johnny under the bus in order to pair Carly and Todd. Too bad the backlash and the fury at them was so big that they had to switch strategy. To keep Johnny and Carly apart, let’s throw Lulu in the mix!

    I know I am still manipulated but this time I don’t care because I got more JoLu yesterday than in the past three years all together. Because of how their chemistry is even bigger because they have both grown up. Because they shine together. Because Lulu can be herself without thinking of how Dumbte will judge her. Because, unlike Dante who laughed at her when she said she wanted to buy the Haunted Star and worked there, Johnny didn’t even discuss it and embraced her as a partner immediately. Because Dante will be green and I LOVE IT. Because I got my JoLu back on screen and it is the first time I enjoyed GH in a VERY long time.

    Please give me more. Let us have a real triangle with Lulu-Johnny-Dante or Lulu-Johnny-Carly. I am impressed by how big the buzz was on Twitlter for JoLu yesterday. They are fresh and they are both passionate. They were each other’s first love… And you never forget your first love!

    I don’t care about how CarTini have recently destroyed Johnny because the Johnny I know is the guy who risked the death penalty to protect Lulu.

    Cannot comment about the rest of the show as I barely watched.

    But please spare us the full Jessica / Robert Ford redo. This is pathetic. Johnny first kid should be with Lulu and we certainly not need another Sperminator’s spawn.

    Sorry I have to do another happy dans, JoLu is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And hotter than ever! TEAM JOLU ALL THE WAY!

  13. Profile photo of curacaoman

    Sam in angry mode: check
    Tracy slipping Luke some tongue: double check
    Lulu and Johnny in business together: WTF?
    Kate’s new indentity, Messica Buchanan: WTdoubleF?

  14. Profile photo of Tris Drake
    Tris Drake

    Tracy wearing a plastic bib? Yeah right!

    As a Liz fan, I want her to stop pimping Jason. He’s been a jerk since his head hit that tree.

    It was nice to see Johnny smile and not talking to himself.

    I don’t want to hear Starr sing either. Because she can’t. She ain’t no Mary Mae.

  15. Profile photo of soapfan616

    Sam, so wonderfully written yesterday, returns to the same old Sam today. She’s just gotta protect herself against anyone who might steal her man, even though she supposedly sent her man packing yesterday. In the real world, would women who have shared the same kinds of pain really behave this way? Perhaps not all but I don’t always want to see the worst of womanhood on my screen.

    The appeal of Luke? There is none. I love AG as an actor. I could even love Luke in a story at this point. But what’s the infatuation with needing every character paired up romantically? Luke and Anna turning romantic makes my skin crawl. There is no logical reason she’d go there.

    We finally get Lulu away from Dumb Dumb. Too bad she’s run straight to a rapist/murderer/sociopath. Oh well, it is GH. That is what real women do, right? Redeem Johnny? Well the writers do think we are brain dead so anything is possible.

    And the possibility of a who’s the baby daddy story is so intriguing. (laugh) It seems this regime hasn’t run out of soap cliche! What this show really needed was ANOTHER female character wondering if her killer boyfriend or her rapist impregnated her. I always said this regime was better than Wolf. But now they are recycling his garbage!

    Wishing I could take back my compliments about the previous two shows. Clearly, this regime hasn’t turned over a new leaf.

  16. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    While I understand those who don’t see the appeal of Luke, but I have to say I like the story. Anthony Geary has chemistry with both women.

    So Kate might be pregnant? That’s the thing they come up with now? Plot-driven mess! I don’t need a storyline like this specially after all this baby drama.

    This was actually the first time I enjoyed Starr and Michael together. Not a big fan but I didn’t mind their scenes.

    I liked the JoLu scenes a lot. All the more reason that it hurts me what the writers did with Johnny. Anyway I’m happy to finally see Lulu without her husband.

    These Sam/Liz scenes … I know that they want to go for this shipping war to keep people talking and everything but the way it’s done doesn’t do them any favors. Jason appears to be an ass right now who hasn’t deserved either one of these women. And we all know that Liason is just a tease … that they going for this friendship thing and there really isn’t happening anything romantic.
    And this makes these scenes between Sam and Liz so unnecessary. Perkie, you’re right – Carly could have easily be the one talking to Sam. It shouldn’t have been Liz. There is too much history on both sides. These two women really should stay out of each others personal life.

  17. Profile photo of Jon

    Have always loved Johnny & Lulu so I was ecstatic. I would enjoy seeing Lulu vs Carly again. When I heard Johnny mention singing at the new club and he called Starr I said, OH SHIT!

  18. Profile photo of js3557

    [quote=soapbaby] And I was mostly with Sam regarding Jason, only it rings shallow because she stated she had to “tiptoe” around Jason’s feelings? What?! She CHOSE to be hang her entire existence from his left testicle. No one made her live her life as the maid-servant of a mob hitman but her. So, excuse me while I do not appreciate her “clear” view of Jason.



    Exactly! She chose to live her life that way, and now I’m supposed to feel bad for her that her constant kowtowing to Jason blew up in her face? And thanks for making me choke on my coffee!

  19. Profile photo of js3557

    [quote=EricasEvilTwin]How many PH stairs will Liz climb this time? Oh wait, ho-fully she will be able to take the elevator this time round.[/quote]

    I should just ignore this but… can you go there? Liz flat out told Sam that Jason loves Sam, and then pimped the hell out of Jason and Jasam being there for eachother. To top it off, she was kind and compassionate while Sam was bitchy and rude.

    I couldn’t believe Sam had the nerve when Liz asked if there was something she could do for her, and Sam rudely asked if Liz could bring her baby back. You know what Sam? No, Liz can’t bring back YOUR baby, but you could have brought back HER baby when Jake was kidnapped by Maureen. At that point, Liz should have reminded Sam of her actions during her supposed “mental breakdowm” and walked out. Of course, Sam would have been confused because she was never written as having a mental breakdown, but whatever, right?

  20. Profile photo of Perkie

    [quote; EET]How many PH stairs will Liz climb this time? Oh wait, ho-fully she will be able to take the elevator this time round.[/quote]

    Well, Sam’s hurting because of her loss and we know how she behaves when she’s like that, so I guess it’s a good thing Ric’s in LA and Alexis isn’t currently married.

    [quote; soapjunkie]So Kate might be pregnant? That’s the thing they come up with now [/quote]

    What’s worst is that in order for her to be pregnant, JOhnny would have had to be unprotected. So, not only did he actually go all the way when all he needed to do was pretend, but he supposedly wasn’t protected either?

    I can fanwank that Sonny and Kate wouldn’t use protection because they were in a relationship but that’s not real either since I’m sure Sonny doesn’t want any more kids and would have protected himself and Kate, as a big business woman who never seemed all that motherly, would have been protected as well.

    WTD stories only work some of the time, not all the time. They shouldn’t go to that well for everyone. I think if she is pregnant they should be brave and have her have an abortion.

  21. Profile photo of GHteenybopper

    I co-sign your post #21 JS3557!

    LOL EET, are we watching the same show?? For the past month or so, we’ve seen Liz pimping JaSam which is the most ridiculous thing they could have Liz do, if she wanted Jason, she would have never been taking Sam’s side which is what Liz has been doing this entire time. She would’ve taken the opportunity to trash Sam to Jason instead and I’ve never seen her do that. I know you hate Liz, but ummm I think you’re seeing something that isn’t there, even RH stated in an interview that Liz has no romantic interest in Jason, and it’s all strictly friendship. Maybe you think she wants to go to his PH to boink him because their chemistry is 10x more than JaSam will ever have. And Jason is a grown douche, even if Liz was after him, he can turn her down.

    I thought it was nice of Liz to go see Sam, I’m choosing to overlook how bitchy Sam was because of thee circumstances, but a lot of the people on twitter weren’t so nice about how she was with Liz.

  22. Profile photo of pjc722

    A couple of points that I just don’t agree with on this show or from the new regime.

    Point 1: Sam’s baby. Sam is totally right when she says that if Jason didnt have John kidnapped and beaten she would have been in the hospital. 100% true. The baby was delivered and they would have been at the hospital because at the time, the child was alive. Yes, according to what she knows the child had a disease so it “could” have died at the hospital or en route.

    BUT now, lets move forward to the reveal that Tea has Sam’s baby. Again, Jason’s fault. Same scenario. If Jason hadn’t had John picked up and beaten, Sam would have been in the hospital and out of reach of Heather. Simple fact.

    If the writers are going to truly write this story and make Sam a true female heroine or role model, they will have her tell Jason that life doesn’t revolve around him or Sonny. That because of his selfish actions/self-serving actions, she can not be with him. Even when the child is returned because no matter how you look at it, Jason is just as guilty in this as Todd is for switching the kids.

    POINT 2: Starr and her easily forgiving the death of her child and the child’s dad. This story should be written that Starr could understand the condition that Kate is suffering from because of her aunt and cousin, but that she should demand that Kate still pay. For months, Starr has cried and demanded action to bring the killers to justice. Then in one clean conversation with her father she’s like “oh. OK” I don’t care what the familiar history is with this condition but neither Starr’s aunt Vicki or cousin Jessica KILLED INNOCENT PEOPLE when in their alternate states.

    In this case, Starr should be demanding that Kate be locked up. Yes, at trial Kate could walk free (not a true depiction of INSANITY pleas) but at least Starr fought til the end to make sure justice was brought for the loss of life.

    But it wont happen. Now Starr, an 18-19 year old, is a lounge singer in a bar in upstate New York owned by a mobster. And she is a relative UNKNOWN singer to HEADLINE a new club/bar?!!!

    POINT 3: Defending Jason or Sonny. The writers write women like they are fools. Liz walking into Sam’s room to defend Jason was ridiculous. Sam should have been screaming for Liz to mind her own business. I love the character of Sam but it would have been more realistic if they just had Liz go into the room and chat with Sam about losing a child and how her own doubts about Jason made it more about her dealing with her grief with family and friends. This defending Jason or even Sonny by Kate or Carly or even Robin when she was alive is a ridiculous depiction of idiotic women who overlook the true nature of these men and that they are criminals, killers and ego-maniacs. NOT SEXY.

    POINT 4: Kate pregnant?!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, this is the Jess/Tess story all over again!!! Does this new regime have any new ideas?!!! Seriously!!! WHere are the critics on this one? Kate will discover she is pregnant and then in the mirror we will see Connie saying the child is mine and I will take it back and then there will be the exact story as before on OLTL.

    POINT 5: OK, how many offspring on this show are the products of killers: Alexis’ 2 daughters Molly and Kristina and even Sam since Alexis is a Casadine. All of Carly’s kids except Joycelyn. Starr is because of Todd. Dante. Now Kate’s unborn spawn. Sam’s child… whichever daddy it turns out to be. Tea’s dead child because I believe nuTodd killed and got away with it.

    Women in Port Charles. Start traveling out of town for sperm to have babies. Better gene pools.

  23. Profile photo of soapfan616

    [quote=pjc722]A couple of points that I just don’t agree with on this show or from the new regime.

    Women in Port Charles. Start traveling out of town for sperm to have babies. Better gene pools.[/quote]


    LOL. Love this! but unfortunately, the majority of women in PC would need their killer boyfriend’s permission to leave town. And the minute their controlling (oops, I mean protective) boyfriends were not by their side, the women would most certainly be raped or victimized in some other way. The rape would then cause a mob war and who’s the baby daddy drama but we’d never see the woman’s side of the story. The baby, because of all the trauma, would contract DID in utero. Heather would discover that the baby is actually twins and devise a way to sell them After months of struggle, at least one of the babies dies in an explosion or car accident. They are, after all, the leading causes of death in Port Charles. The other, the lucky survivor is taken to a celebration at the Haunted Star where Starr is singing. The baby’s first words are “please make it stop”. The baby then dies from the terrible terror and neglect. Close ups of Sonny and Jason tearing up. Another close up of Todd arching his eyebrows. Yes, he caused it all. Flashback to his paying Starr to use her singing voice as a murder weapon. His revenge is complete.

  24. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    In regards to Pt 1 – One small note – SAM chose to leave the confines of the warm cozy penthouse and head over to the hotel stuck in the middle of the woods during the height of her pregnancy. Also if Sam would have done the one thing her husband asked her and stay away from McBain maybe he would not have felt it necessary to have thugs beat him up.

    Moral of the story when your husband offers you the penthouse take it and send HIM to the sleaze bag motel

    I was not sure what to expect when I signed in today but it was nice to see that overall everyone saw the same thing I did with the Liz/Sam scenes.

    Soapbaby you slayed me…and the mental image of her hanging from the left one is priceless

    Well EET in Liz’ defense would she have the right I mean Sam practically handed Jason on a silver platter to her.

    I am ok if I never go another day without the image of Tracy sticking her tongue down Luke’s throat. Even hubby commented

    Love Ya JS3557

  25. Profile photo of JASAMMABBY

    I just don’t think you can blame Sam for that whole conversation. She was snarky but Liz was totally inappropriate. It is one of those scenes I choose to forget happen. It was obviously there to lead up to the scene we see today that was on the promo.. IMHO it is just a fan base war that doesn’t need to be riled. I also saw that the reaction was pretty even on twitter and message boards. Unless of course you went to a Jasam or Liason only sight..

  26. Profile photo of soapbaby

    [quote=Perkie]Well, Sam’s hurting because of her loss and we know how she behaves when she’s like that, so I guess it’s a good thing Ric’s in LA and Alexis isn’t currently married.[/quote]

    See, I was going to give Sam a pass but, boy, she is one of the least sympathetic characters in soaps. We also know when she’s hurt, she’ll hire goons to draw guns on a mother, preschooler and toddler. Only when Sam’s hurt she’ll see Jason for who he is but when she’s over it, she’ll prop herself on his couch with cheap takeout and her rose-colored glasses. And I get hearty laughs of all of the close-ups of the cheap Chinese restaurant party favors to represent JaSam’s “love.”

    @js3557: Sorry my earlier post made you choke on your coffee! I am really holding back regarding Sam because Jason has been worse and Sam believes she was raped and baby is dead. I was rather appalled about her reaction to Liz’s considerate and benign, “is there anything I can do for you?” Sam asking her if she could bring her baby back was outrageous, especially considering Jake is dead. Now, Liz should have walked away versus defend Jason. Just phooey! Remembering those scenes makes he want to spit out my coffee!!!

  27. Profile photo of Steph570

    Sam wasn’t at the height of her pregnancy, she delivered unexpectedly early. And who’s to say the penthouse would’ve been any safer, in theory the motel should have been safer but apparently this is the only hotel on the planet without any staff (really dumb writing). I can’t get behind the concept that Sam should have stayed with the man who was pressuring her to give up her child so she could be in “a cozy warm penthouse” while her husband ran around ordering cops beaten to a bloody pulp for the crime of speaking to his wife. Sam’s supposed to stay with a man who rejected both her and her child after she was raped AND only speak to those he allows? Give me a break. Sam’s only real mistake was marrying that guy in the first place. I used to be a fan of this couple but I cheered when she told him off. Jason’s starting to make Sonny look like a saint and he has even more women running around excusing his nonsense than Sonny ever did. The whole thing is absurd.

  28. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    Liz should just send another nurse to Sam’s room. Sam doesn’t deserve personal attention. How ungrateful? Her comments to Liz about Liz having an open field prove to me that she has never been confident in Jason and she knows him less than Epiphany. How long before she waves her “friendship” with Mcbain in Jason’s face? We All know how Sam reacts when she is rejected and Jason has rejected her. Ste wanted him to fall in line and get over himself but he needed time and wasn’t willing to lie. She ran away from home and wanted him to beg her back. He didn’t. She will retaliate. It is coming.

  29. Profile photo of thecourt99

    I will simply say that I don’t understand Sam. Like at all. I don’t have the history that many have, but I am not understanding Sam. Maybe I should say…the writing for Sam makes no sense to me.

    When she was first raped, it was Jason that told her. It was Jason that was there for her, but she didn’t want to talk to him about it. Jason understood when she talked to Michael about it. When she found out she was pregnant, Jason was there for her and the writing showed them BOTH as being happy when they found that Jason was the father. There was no further concern shown after that point, at least, not about the rape. Granted, other things were going on.

    Before Jason’s surgery, Sam had every reason to keep things from him so he wouldn’t pop a vein, but after the surgery and assurances from the doctors, she CHOSE to keep what she learned from Heather from Jason. She also CHOSE to open the results in front of John, thereby telling him first before Jason found out. She CHOSE to leave the house after Jason didn’t instantly respond the way that she wanted. She chose to stay on pins and needles around Jason and now she is blaming him for that?

    Now the worst has happend, and I can see her blaming Jason since he did beat up John. But to blame Jason for everything? And to snap at Liz for trying to help? I don’t understand that at all. Maybe this is her grief talking and it will pass, but her writing has made no sense to me.

  30. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    Steph – the length of Sam’s pregnancy is rather confusing. The honeymoon was about 2 months long. Didn’ t Tea find out she was pregnant in January? when did Sam? I remember that one day she just popped a huge belly which is rather realistic. I did the same with my first child. But, with Sam it seems like she discovered the pregnancy and a week later she was showing. I understand why some wonder which woman was further along.

    As for where Sam was staying, were those the only choices? The penthouse or the fleabag motel in the woods? Perhaps, if she hadn’t made Jason the center of her universe, she would have a friend or two? Are there not still rooms above kellys? How about the floating rib which is right across the street from the hospital? If your pregnancy is high risk, is it more important to be near medical attention or to wave another man under the nose of your husband?

  31. Profile photo of Cyberologist


    plot pointed writing has a tendency not to make a lot of sense… Its not the first time .. won’t be the last… also when you get too much air its time for for some characters to sit on the bench for a couple of minutes but I doubt that is happening so whatever…

  32. Profile photo of JasamForever

    @GHvetfan-Jason will soon be begging for Sam to take him back so be ready.

    I have not watched today’s episode of GH nor last week’s. I have no desire to see scenes that were written to just rile fanbases. It would be more productive for Sam to have a conversation with her mother or someone else. It seems all Liz is good for these days IS propping Jasam or being a support to others.

    If Kate is pregnant, then the end is near.

    Starr can’t act, so why would we want to see her sing?

    There are just so many things wrong with GH. At this point, trying to be patient with three different regimes, I honestly don’t even care any more. I want to support GH, but I will not watch nonsense. RC and FV fail in my opinion.

  33. Profile photo of Steph570

    GHvetfan- I agree about the timeline with Sam’s pregnancy being screwy, I’m strictly going by Sam saying to John that it was too soon for her to be going into labor. I’ve completely given up on trying to gauge time on this show. I burst out laughing yesterday when Kate asked Ewen what day it was. Good question!!

    As for Sam not having any friends, she was apparently only allowed to speak with her family and people on Jason’s approved list of acquaintances. She used to hang with Maxi a bit, but all the female friendships on this show have died out it seems. Which is really a shame, I used to like the interaction between Sam and Maxi (at least back when Kirsten was playing her). So many female friendships have fell by the wayside though. Maxi and Sam, Alexis and Diane, Maxi and Lulu, Carly and Olivia etc, etc. I miss that. Personally, I wish they’d create a real friendship between Carly and Sam, if nothing else because I like to see the two actresses interact and the one scene where they bonded for a few minutes there was kinda neat.

    But I still think there’s a big double standard here. Sam’s not allowed to talk to another man, but Jason’s practically got a harem going over there! Carly, Liz, and Robin (before she died) all leap to his defense no matter what and in some cases, completely disrespect Sam’s role as his wife. But Sam talks to one dude and she’s breaking her vows and responsible for the current situation? That just doesn’t seem fair.

  34. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    I never got the impression that Sam could not have male friends it was that John was a cop and Sam was spilling their business to a stranger.

    As for Sam’s pregnancy..for me according to timeline (and many SamFF) she was at the height. Her honeymoon was in September it is now June this would make her 8-9 months pregnant.

    Jasamforever wrote “@GHvetfan-Jason will soon be begging for Sam to take him back so be ready.”

    Good and when Sam takes him back and falls back into the same he is my life routine I will laugh my ass off.

    Let’s remember something Jason has threatened to kill her and wanted her to terminate her baby why would you want your girl with him.

  35. Profile photo of JasamForever

    @Ravennite-If you are referring to me, I never said what my views on Sam taking Jason back are. I just stated that Jason will start running after Sam.

    From your perspective, why then would any woman want to be with Jason with how he has treated his own wife? Who is he a catch for?

  36. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    Jasamforever wrote “@GHvetfan-Jason will soon be begging for Sam to take him back so be ready.”

    Will he? That doesn’t seem like Jason to me. He has always just accepted the decisions of the women he has been with. I have always found it rather annoying. But, I wouldn’t mind a male character having to crawl for once even if it was to Sam who has essentially thrown him away. I get flayed all of the time but she really hasn’t allowed him to be supportive and now she is blaming him for it. I am interested to see how long McPain will be gone and how she behaves while he is away. Who will she lean on? Alexis? I would hope so but will that happen? I kind of expect her to go the Monica and Edward route to get someone else to get Jason to beg her back. On today’s show, it looked like he was willing to let her go.

    His hug with Liz looked totally platonic and she looked all kinds of flirty with Mcpain and regretting that she couldn’t make a move. It will be interesting to see how she tries to make Jason pay.

    Steph – Question -When you said this – – –

    “As for Sam not having any friends, she was apparently only allowed to speak with her family and people on Jason’s approved list of acquaintances.”

    Did you mean that Jason was controlling and wouldn’t allow her to have male friends? I totally never saw that. This is Jason. She use to sleep with his best friend and had a child with him and he never seemed to think twice about Sam and Sonny’s past relationship. We never saw him controlling her. She had Spinelli to talk to. She had her mother. Why does she have to confide in the cop who arrives and declares he is going to end her husband? I get that people like the chemistry between McBain and Sam but she is betraying Jason by telling his secrets to a cop. I never had the impression that Jason was jealous. He was concerned that McBain was using her. He had numerous conversations with Sonny about that. He told Sam that. She chose to ignore him. To hurt him because he was responsible for her non-rape?

  37. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Raven I dont want my girl with him unless he shows true remorse and growth. The bottom line is characters on a soap take us on an emotional journey which often involves doing horrible, reprehensible things and you cant watch a soap and root for characters unless you can most of the time forgive these characters for the terrible things they do, typically when its written where the character shows change and contrition. Part of my problem with sonny is that ive forgiven him so often Im exhausted by it. Part of my problem with luke and liz is that ownership – with luke its one BIG thing that he hasnt dealt with and with Liz is a series of smaller things that she never took responsibility for. Tracy is one of my favorite characters and she was willing to commit patricide. She killed her first mob husband. She was willing to also kill Anthony. She changed Alans will. She schemes with the best of them and STILL I love Tracy Q. Im A SamFF and still I feel for todd. I may scream at the tv GIVE SAM HER BABY BACK but i can understand his desperation even if I dont agree with it. He cant stand to bring this unspeakable heartache down on tea believing he has already cost her so much. He knows his actions are unforgivable and completely indefensible and though he couldnt even look at sam in the eyes he still could not speak the truth. If his remorse is eventually palpable and his regret results in actions, I will forgive the character, again because thats the nature of soaps. So if i forgive tracy and todd and once upon a tiME Luke for a horrific rape and I loved Lucy Coe despite her numerous schemes etc. etc why one earth wouldnt I forgive jason for being angry with sam for her role in jakes kidnapping (not stopping maureen when liz was careless) and wanting her to put his wifes rapists baby up for adoption, especially when I understand the emotions behind both of those positions?

    as for the scenes yesterday – I remember when maxie found out that aiden wasnt niks and people were SCREAMING on Elizabeth Webber Confidential (aka Daytime Confidential) that maxie had no business trying to support liz or getting in her business because maxie slept with lucky and gave him pills – that their history made her involvement inappropriate at best. Had almost ANY other character come in to sams room, no one would have thought twice about sam being abrupt because they would have said she was lashing out because shes upset about losing yet another child. Moreover ANY other person would have seen that Sam was upset and would have offered condolences AND LEFT. The LAST thing that sam needed was a woman all up in her business between her and HER husband when said woman is the same woman that boffed her on again off again finance and then covered up a paternity secret, wrecking their relationship. Liz had no business running her mouth because their history alone made her involvement inappropriate. And I think its funny that someone said oh if Liz wanted him she would have been making her move already since apparently liz brought up the cake park incident today at jakes. Why on earth is Liz all over this jaSam conflict now when she knows sam has asked her to back off? I find it comical that folks are bashing sam for talking to mcbain since sam has zero interest in him when jason seems to have carte blache with the same people to talk to liz whenever he feels the urge. Which person is a bigger threat to the marriage, the random friend or the woman that hubby was intimate with not all that long ago. And no Im not threatened by the imaginary chemistry that is liason, its that jason is hurting and liz pretty much walks around with an Im available sign tattooed on her head. All she needs is a sign around her neck that reads will hump up 29 flights of stairs for sex.

    And why didnt sam go to a friends instead of the inexpensive yet perfectly clean hotel (i love the snobby fleabag reference) – hmm she said clearly why she didnt want to go to alexis’s – she didnt want to answer a bunch of uncomfortable questions and given the rape I think thats fair. Maxie was in jail. Carly is a friend but more of jasons friend and there too she would have to answer a ton of uncomfortable questions. Ditto sonny. Lulu has a one bedroom apartment and while they arent super close if she had a bigger place she might have gone there but given the lack of space that wasnt really an option. Im not sure even where spin is living these days. Michael has a one bedroom too. Robin is dead. Where would that leave? And since we are slamming sam for this lack of friends and deeming it proof that she is “wrapped around jasons left testicle”, given the craptastic way this show writes women, where the hell are all these other female friendships that apparently all the other characters have (or are they all wrapped around jasons right testicle)? Most of them we havent been seen in eons if they exist at all). Not ONE female visited maxie in jail aside from her attorney. Not ONE female attended lulus wedding except olivia and she was there as dantes mother. Only Olivia has come to see Kate since she was committed (I dont count starr because she came there not as a friend but as the mother of the victims) I believe Liz was the only female character to attend robins funeral and by gh standards Robin was “beloved”. Im not sure Diane is even on the show anymore so who is alexis’s friend? So lets not EVEN go there.

  38. Profile photo of Steph570

    GHvet – I totally agree except for when you say “this is Jason”. I would change that to “that was Jason”. How you describe him is exactly how I would have until a few months ago. Now he is controlling, manipulative, and always thinking about how everything affects him and him alone. He never used to be like that, he probably had the best moral compass of anyone, (despite the whole mob enforcer deal). It slowly started changing after the rape (or maybe after his surgery?). I don’t know if it’s a writing issue or what, but he’s turned into a jerk in my view.

    I also don’t think Sam ever blamed him for her rape or non-rape. We still don’t know for sure (unless I possibly missed something?) Just because Franco’s not the father doesn’t necessarily mean he didn’t rape her because even if she was raped, Jason could still be the father of the baby (she was on her honeymoon after all).

    And just to clarify, I’m not a McBam fan per se, I think they have a more familial relationship, they seem to be writing it that way anyway. I like their scenes together but I don’t see a whole lot of romantic chemistry there. And not a small point, McBain never declared he was going to end Jason, his beef was always with Sonny. He did tell Jason he would use him to take Sonny down, but Sam didn’t hear that conversation.Overall, McBain has been protecting Jason, even after he got a beatdown courtesy of the guy!

  39. Profile photo of JasamForever

    @GHvetfan-Not sure if you have been watching the show but it is apparant Jason is a bit jealous of Mcbain, he has flat out asked him if he was trying to get to (interested in) Sam and in his recent conversation with Sonny, Sonny asked him if it bothered him their closeness, which Jason admitted it did and was concerned by it. Enough that he decided to have Mcbain beat up!

    And to concur with Steph570 Mcbain has said numerous times he is interested in Sonny not Jason. So he is not trying to get to Jason, he wants Sonny.

  40. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    JasamForever –

    How would getting Sonny not be getting Jason though? They are business partners. Is there a way to take down Sonny without taking down Jason? Jason has been all about protecting Sonny, Carly, and Michael since long before Sam ever arrived in Port Charles. Jason took Sam in because he was protecting the Corinthos family from Sam and her baby. How could anyone believe that McBain going after Sonny isn’t also going after Jason? How could Sam not see that?

    Yes, I have watched the show on and off in the last month. I have been travelling with my husband but my phone is really good for watching shows. I hate having to watch the whole show and not be able to fast forward though. So, I missed a few episodes and I made it a point not to go on message boards. I would rather spend time in the sun. I haven’t seen a jealous Jason at all. Sam, on the other hand, showed that she doesn’t trust Jason’s feelings when she offered her husband to Liz. I guess she didn’t know her back up plan was on his way out of town.

  41. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    Steph – How could witnessing your wife’s rape and not being able to protect her not change a man? Add into that the fact that Jason saves everyone and of course he has profound feelings. Why is OK for Sam to not share her feelings with Jason but not okay for Jason to not share with her? Although, he tried and she was lying to him. He has been honest about his feelings. She hasn’t.

    Don’t get me wrong. He needs to do some work on himself. I don’t want him with Liz. She deserves a romance that isn’t filled with angst. She deserves some smiles. Jason isn’t in a place to provide that. I just do not with Sam on him. Their is no happiness in that relationship. It certainly has never been an equal partnership.

  42. Profile photo of JASAMMABBY

    I have seen all sorts of crazy jealous Jason. IMO he is freaking that McBain wants Sam. I am however a Kemo FF and a Jasam lover. I feel like the new writers are gonna make him beg and fight for Sam.. When I see that I will be in Heaven. I don’t think Jason has ever fought for a women- and I don’t mind it being Sam. For some reason if he was fighting for some other ladies in town I think a lot of you would cheer it..

    And I hope that after he fights for her and wins her I get to see them at the Q mansion watching Monica and Edward hugging all over that baby. I want them to finally have a chance to be in a grand childs life. It was something that Carly or Liz never cared about- so I am loving that Sam wants it!!

  43. Profile photo of JASAMMABBY

    On a side note I don’t get how Sam telling Liz she can have him has anything to do with jealousy. Liz was the one that came to her pleading Jasons case. If I remember correct it was more of a you think he is perfect go dry his tears- you are welcome to him. If Sam were being jealous she would have used his guilt to bend him to her will. I know alot of people are saying she will probably do this or that but till she does I hardly think it merits guessing or saying she will.

  44. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    When she said that Liz was welcome to Jason that to me signaled that Sam wouldn’t be surprised if Jason turned to Liz. Liz was all about Sam giving Jason a chance since she wants Jason to be happy.

  45. Profile photo of JASAMMABBY

    Yeah but if Sam is the big manipulator that you may think who wants to keep Jason at all costs- why not just keep him while he was begging her to. In that right since Jason is begging to stay with Sam the only reason he would turn to Liz is because he was rebounding.. Again I hardly see jealousy as her motivationn for saying that…

  46. Profile photo of Steph570

    GHvetfan – The more I think about it though, I think I misspoke earlier about Jason treating Sam badly since the rape. Jason was really supportive immediately afterwards, he started being a jerk after he woke up from the surgery and Robin’s wonder drug. As soon as he found out she hid Robin’s death it didn’t matter what Sam did, she was wrong in his eyes. So they’re kind of rewriting history a bit in my view making this all about Jason’s guilt for not protecting her from Franco. He was dealing with that and he did not act really act hostile to Sam until much later.

    On one hand I’m still holding out hope that they would make Jason have a personality change from Robin’s drug, because they were kind of going that direction and it could have been interesting. But as it is now he’s just acting like MiniSonny and displaying all of Sonny’s worst traits (and this is coming from a Sonny fan believe it or not). That’s what’s really testing my patience. From the overreaction to the Robin deal to treating Sam like his property and the absolutely jaw-dropping adoption suggestion, that’s all stuff I can easily see Sonny doing.

  47. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    Steph – Hasn’t Jason always gone to Sonny for advice? The adoption suggestion was out there and out of character for Jason. That I will give you. I still haven’t seen him treating her like property. It is more like she doesn’t know how to conduct herself within the mob and he is worried she will get used by McBain. You would think that a ride or die chick would know that confiding in a cop is breaking rule #1 of mob madness. Perhaps, she does and that is the point.

    Jasamforever sees jealousy and I do not. I trust her as Jasamforever has always struck me as fair minded. I cannot say that for all SAMFF who I believe wear leather blinders. She shoots fair from the hip. So, there must be something I just ain’t seeing.

  48. Profile photo of JasamForever

    @GHvetfan-Jason has always been jealous in regards to Sam. Whenever a man comes sniffing around, he reacts. Spinelli used to tease Sam, and Jason would react, although it was limited, as he knew Spin would not cross that line. Manny, of course. And not to mention whenever they were trying to solve things and Sam would flirt to get info, Jason hated that. He did not want her hardly talking to Lucky when JJ came back into the role, and also when GV was leaving. I would hope to say I am pretty fair-minded, but let me ask you this. if Mcbam was not interested in taking down Sonny and was not a cop, do you really think Jason would be okay with their relationship. Not a chance.

  49. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    Jasamforever – I have never seen Jason as jealous. Can you give specifics? Times? Who would be jealous of Spinelli anyway? Sam was never all that nice to Spinelli before they became partners.

    I have to be honest here and tell you I fast forward Sam a lot. But, I have always liked Jason so having her paired with him just makes me crazy. I watch him and have to fast forward her. That is just so much trouble.

    To answer your question – If McBain wasn’t a cop, I am not sure Jason would have a problem with it. That would kind of change the dynamic. Is Sam confiding in McBain still because she can’t tell Jason? I do feel she should be honest with her husband. I do think it is wrong to tell intimate secrets and feelings to another man while keeping the same from her husband. Why does she trust McBain and not Jason? Hasn’t Jason proven he is a forgiving man? Hasn’t he proven that he is an accepting man? He forgave her hurting his child. I would never forgive her. He was willing to accept Sonny’s child as his own. How many men would do that?

    I feel that if Sam had told him right away that there was a chance that Franco was the father and allowed Jason to participate in the 2nd DNA test he would have been supportive. Yes, he would still have concerns and he has a right to his honest feelings. Sam expressed the same concerns. She shut him out and expected him to get to point B when she did even though she started at point A 3 to 4 weeks ahead of him. How is that fair?

    To top it off, when he found out about Franco, he also found out she was lying. That is a dual kick in the guts. Does it matter who she was confiding in besides him? I doubt it. She displayed her mistrust and he reacted. He forgave her past betrayals and she isn’t willing to see that? Will Sam ever recognize the similarity between Jason forgiving her for endangering Cam and Jake while Jason endangered Jr Jason? THe difference would be that his actions were not premeditated and hers mostly were.

    I guess my answer would be that Jason would have a right to be upset about Sam developing a relationship with any man outside their marriage regardless if the man is a cop. The Popo aspect just adds to the betrayal. She is telling another person information that should be shared with her husband first. I think Jason would have a right to be upset if she was telling Alexis first. That isn’t to say that I don’t think Sam has a right to confide in her mother but he can still get upset that she wasn’t willing to talk to him frst.

    Liz confided in Bobbie about her rape before Audrey ever knew about it. That was mostly because Lucky sought Bobbie out and Liz had the right to seek help whereever she wanted it as Sam does. But, Audrey had every right to her feelings about Liz not turning to her as well. I seem to remember Audrey expressing hurt feelings that Liz hadn’t told her after Audrey found out.

  50. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Vet Im not going to argue the rest but to be clear Sam flew to where heather was being held which i believe was not far and found out Heathers version of events. She came home and went DIRECTLY to jason. He wasnt home. She went to her mothers where she ran in to mcbain where I believe he promised her the dna. THe next day in pc time she had the test. At that point we are 24 HOURS in to things give or take. The next day she got the test results back and the second she got those results back she told jason the truth – not because she got busted, not because there was an angle in it, etc. etc. – but because it was always her intent to tell him the truth when she got the test results back. Even if you fudge a few hours here and a few hours there at best you are talking about her having an emotional “headstart” if thats what you want to call it of three whole days NOT nearly a month.

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