It’s D-Day: TNT’s Dallas Premieres TONIGHT!

Grab your Stetson and pour yourself a glass of bourbon and branch. The soap opera to end all soap operas, Dallas, returns to television tonight at 9/8C on TNT! 

Over two decades after the original saga of the wanton Ewings and scrappy Barnes ended its 13-year run on CBS, Dallas picks up tonight with the next generation of Ewings—John Ross (Josh Henderson) and Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe)—battling it out over control of Southfork and the Ewing's oil rich legacy. Veteran players from the original series, Patrick Duffy, Linda Gray and Larry Hagman, are also on hand as their iconic characters Bobby, Sue Ellen and the nefarious J.R. Ewing.

Rounding out the cast are Desperate Housewives' Brenda Strong as Bobby's wife Ann;  As The World Turns and The Fast and the Furious vixen Jordanna Brewster as Elena Ramos—the young woman both Ewing cousins love— and Julie Gonzalo as Christopher's fiancée Rebecca Sutter. Steve Kanaly, Charlene Tilton and Ken Kercheval also reprise the roles of Ray Krebbs, Lucy Ewing and Cliff Barnes respectively. Are you as excited to return to Braddock County, Texas as we are? Watch an extended teaser below! 

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    For the love of God I am praying they did this remake right. It was a great show back in the day and if they ruin it my heart would be broken. I don’t want to see another show like the Melrose Place 2.0

  2. Profile photo of tylerbo20

    im excited to see Lucy Ewing, hope she comes back down the road to cause the cousins some trouble as she is a cousin herself and should be on the show full time too….i would also love to see Pam return, Jenna…JR had lots of children i wonder if they will be brought back for the reboot…Cally’s child and then that older guy who showed up in the last few seasons…hmmm

  3. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    I’m excited!!!!

    Lucy is set to make a cameo in the first episode and then come back for another episode later this season.

    And people should stop calling it a remake. ;) It’s a sequel to the original series, not a remake. It continues the original story.

  4. Profile photo of giogio

    I hope they find Lucy and Ray Krebbs out in the barn, doing it in the hay like the good old days. As TVGord would say, shows need some romance. Magic City anyone??? After I said Lucy and Ray, I find myself wondering, is that right? Anyone remember??

  5. Profile photo of pumpkin

    I can’t wait. I have high hopes for this show. If it keeps the quality like the Dallas of old, it will work.

    I think the fact that it is a continuation will help it.

    I also have to add: Thank God ABC did not do this. ABC screws up everything reboot, reshot show they handle. ABC/Disney are incompetent and are stretched to thin to do any quality.

    I think the cable networks are running rings around the major networks as far as quality.

    I am watching less and less network tv.

  6. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    [quote=giogio]After I said Lucy and Ray, I find myself wondering, is that right? Anyone remember??[/quote]

    Lucy is Ray’s niece. So no, this wouldn’t be right at all.

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    Jamey Giddens

    @Giogio Yes, when Dallas premiered Ewing granddaughter and heiress Lucy was screwing ranch hand Ray Krebbs, who had once dated Bobby’s new wife Pam. Lucy was insanely jealous of her new aunt Pam and even made Ray call her Pam while they were making love. Years later it was discovered that Ray was really Jock’s illegitimate son, which made his and Lucy’s affair incestuous.

  8. Profile photo of SoapyBitch

    I was always a Dynasty (1st ep was the Moldavian massacre cliffhanger) over Dallas fan, but I remember tuning over from TGIF on Fridays just to watch the opening. I loved the starting boom/boom/boom with flashes of the characters. I hope they keep that.

    I will definitely watch, but I had no idea of the history. TNT did a good job of providing the basics and it’s a classic story, which I didn’t realize:

    Now TNT needs to bring back Dynasty…

  9. Profile photo of giogio

    Wow Jamey, I watched every single episode and I dont remember as much. Guess I should have caught up on it. All I did was watch how the final episode went off on youtube. I think we were to assume JR tried to kill himself. Im hysterical about Lucy having Ray call her Pam. Im wondering, since its on cable, will they be allowed to curse and show some graphic scenes. I would love to hear Sue Ellen curse JR out like a tropper. Cant wait!!

  10. Profile photo of giogio

    SOAPBYBITCH – DYNASTY. Would love that. With all these new night time soaps going on, wouldnt it be fun in DC becomes DC/NT (nighttime) confidential. We’d be spinning all day. Revenge was the best thing that hit nighttime in ages. So excited about tonight.

  11. Profile photo of GHteenybopper

    My mom use to talk about this show and she has some old shirt that says who shot JR on it lol, I’m going to tune in because of Jesse Metcalf. I’m excited for this show and I hope it does well.

  12. Profile photo of giogio

    Thanks RYAN SCOTT – lets all toast tonight to Dallas. I hope its good and we are not bitching and moaning tomorrow. I hope it does well. So excited!

  13. Profile photo of SoapArmageddon

    I hope they don’t change that theme-song one little bit. Dallas, Dynasty, the Colbys, and Falcon Crest had the best theme-songs ever created. Just hearing them sent chills up my pre-teen spine.

  14. Profile photo of Mets82

    I think its been very good so far. I loved how in interviews Linda Gray, Patrick Duffy and Larry Hagman made it a point and stressed how it will be like the old show and pay homage to the old show. How many reboots and remakes have come down the pike and stunk?? Looks like based on what Ive seen so far, it looks like we got a winner.

  15. Profile photo of marknsprmo

    Loving every minute of it. I especially love the fact that Dallas started out with the wedding. It pay homage to the very first Dallas episode when Bobby brought his blushing bride Pam to Southfork. Only this time the bride gets her due….. or does she? It appears this new girl is a little more complicated than her dead mother in law. I love all the twists and turns especially that John Ross is trying to outsmart his father lol. Yeah that’s gonna happen! NOT!
    Seriously this is the best southern soap of all time and it has not one bit of tarnish on it after all these years. If I had one critique, it is that they should be sure and play the older members of the cast as equals to the younger ones. More Ray and Lucy. And for lords sake where are Gary and Valene? There was way more going on in Southfork than just JR and Bobby’s fight. Yes that was great but I would love to see more of the other people that populated the Southfork world too!
    Speaking of Southfork, it looks great! The interior has been updated nicely and I love that they are using the ranch setting alot.
    The girl power is great as well the new girls Rebecca and Elena and the mystery girl are all strong women with big secrets. I certainly noticed the chemistry between Elena and Christopher. They appear to be the rooting couple. I wonder who sent the email though. Maybe Rebecca? Maybe that was the begining of her worming her way into Christophers life.
    Anyway Kudos to TNT and everyone for a great begining to the new Dallas!

  16. Profile photo of giogio

    ABSOLUTELY GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was so surreal. I felt like I was back in the day. Except I didnt have to get up to adjust the antenna and I was able to rewind it and put it on pause. Unbelievable. It was so good. The plot thickened very quickly. When I heard John Ross say bullshit it made me so happy cause I want to hear Sue Ellen curse JR. I love him, but that kind of fighting needs some cusses. Very good. When I heard the music I went into orbit. Hope all you guys enjoyed it. This makes for a happy summer. Hugs!!!

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    Jamey I didn’t watch the original on CBS back then, but this reboot is so good…This is one show I can say the remake is great!…I can’t say that for 90210, or Melrose Place…..Dynasty needs to be up next onTNT, and read Esther Shapiro is ready with a script in hand…..

  18. Profile photo of Ryan-Scott

    My only issue was I would have liked to have seen cast pics during the opening credits like the original version but that’s nothing.

    I had my doubts about Josh Henderson but he did really well. Loved when he said “bullshit”. Also, I loved seeing Brenda Strong. Loved when she was handling that rifle like a pro.

    The woman behind this show, Cynthia Cidre, I had never heard of and I was concerned about what stories this show would open with.
    It turns out that like with what we say about daytime needing NEW talent behind the scenes and not the same burned out hacks this did well for this show with a new and fresh perspective from a new person. Kudos to her.

    I hope the ratings were good.

    I will be re-watching both episodes this weekend.

  19. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    I watched it once but I’m going to re watch it … thus far it far exceeded my expectations! The writing is phenomenal it kicked ass and took names…when the theme song kicked in (they didn’t change it) with the entry I actually got teared up….Fantastic premier five stars all characters were on point Hackman was umreal JR stayed true to form … I saw Bobby as was although they are older they are still in character…

    my favorite scene is with Sue Ellen giving the girl the money for the oil talking about herself back in the day…Love this show already…

  20. Profile photo of soapbaby

    [quote=Ryan-Scott]My only issue was I would have liked to have seen cast pics during the opening credits like the original version but that’s nothing.[/quote]

    ^^ Agreed! Also, I loved that they used the original theme but somehow it didn’t sound “in stereo” to me. It seemed a little muted.

  21. Profile photo of giogio

    Im still flying high. Need to watch it again tonight. It was just so Dallas. They are known for double, triple and then some crosses. They held true to form. Oh how I wish this would be a regular show again, followed by knots, dynasty, falcon crest. It was just so juicy. I had not seen that kind of juice until Revenge. Finally, some good stuff.

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