The Talk Co-Hosts Don Big Hair and Sequins for Dallas Reunion

CBS Daytime's The Talk celebrated the return of Dallas to the airwaves with a special reunion episode today. Co-hosts Julie Chen, Sharon Osbourne and Sheryl Underwood dressed up in sequins and wore Texas-size wigs as they interviewed Larry Hagman (J.R.), Linda Gray (Sue Ellen) and Patrick Duffy (Bobby). Watch the clip below to see the iconic stars dish about reuniting almost 35 years after Dallas first premiered!


The two-hour premiere of Dallas starts at 9/8C on TNT.

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  1. Profile photo of goyankees

    I’m embarrassed to even see this mess on my computer screen.

    RIP ATWT, GL, etc. CBS ruined their soaps, please don’t let these hens ruin DALLAS.

    And am I missing something?? If Chenbots hubby wasn’t so busy stealing this shows idea from the View and cancelling his soaps, he may have done what TNT is doing. Cuz, ya know…… DALLAS ORIGINALLY AIRED ON CBS!

  2. Profile photo of tylerbo20

    i watched this and have to say this was the best dallas interview for the reboot…i watched the view yesterday and it was horrid that the view ladies including Barbra really had no idea what was going on…quote from barbra walters..” in 91 JR was going to shoot himself and now we will finally know” well granny fans know what happend they made 2 movies after dallas left the weekly line up…another point rewarded to The Talk..good job ladies

  3. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    “The Talk” did pretty good at it. Even though I never considered “Dallas” to be the soap opera with the big hair … that was always “Dynasty” to me.

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    TV Gord

    I agree, soapjunkie88. That’s the same thing Tylerbo20 was saying about The View. Neither of them seemed very clued in about the original show. On The Talk, what annoyed me was Sheryl never shut up long enough to let Larry talk. We hear YOU all the time. Let YOUR GUESTS Talk once in a while!

  5. Profile photo of possum jones
    possum jones

    One of the worst shows on TV. The only reason the show is on the air is because Julie Chen is married to Les Moonves. I remember when she was on CBS This Morning. One day she was working with Harry Smith and Maggie Rodriguez, Then she left for the Talk. 1 week later the entire show was canned. Some coincidence.

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    Kendall Troy

    I actually thought Sheryl was very cute with all her enthusiasm. I can’t see how people watch this show on a daily basis and would much rather “As The World Turns” was still on the air.

  7. Profile photo of pumpkin

    The show has started promoting more. In the beginning stars would come on and they never mentioned the network, etc. Seems they do that more now. Why would anyone come on to promote and then not have specifics mentioned. They never mentioned rival networks. Seems they are doing that more now.

    CBS ruined atwts/GL. They still have two soaps left which is why they have escaped the wrath that abc is getting. ABC only kept GH because of the wrath of the fans. ABC would never have kept GH otherwise.

    This show still annoys me. They come on in the pm here and they copy the View constantly. I would think they would actually look for other news stories or discuss something that had a new development in the morning that they could talk about that would make the show worth watching. This group is a little less annoying than the original group the talk had but I hate that the audience constantly clap at dumb things they say especially when they say something simple minded or so obvious.

    I remember another host of another show telling her audience not to clap unless they mean it. This show needs to do that.

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    I’m such a huge Dallas fan just seeing the core vet characters of Gray/Hagman/Duffy does it for me…I enjoyed this it was fun seeing them in 80’s gear giving these icons their props … talking about the show..

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