Pretty Little Liars Recap: “Blood is the New Black”

This week’s Pretty Little Liars revisited the past and revealed a surprising misdeed about one of our favorite characters. After Alison and Aria (Lucy Hale) discovered her dad was having an affair, Aria made him promise to break it off, which he did.  That’s what viewers had learned, but what was revealed last night probably included Aria’s first time breaking the law.

In flashbacks we saw Alison and Aria breaking into her dad’s office, looking for clues to see if Byron ended the affair. After Alison showed Aria a pair of earrings she found, she said they needed to make it look like his mistress, Meredith, was Glenn-Close-in-Fatal Attraction-crazy.  They wrecked his office and Meredith got the blame.

Now, Alison was a master manipulator so I wouldn’t be surprised if she orchestrated this whole thing just to push Aria’s buttons. On the other hand, it could also mean Byron has more than one skeleton in his closet. Regardless, Meredith later told Aria the earrings didn't belong to her, but who knows what her word’s worth? 

Even though it’s been two years, Aria confessed all to her dad.  Aria said seeing Meredith at school, where she was interviewing for a job, made her want to come clean. Her real reasons had more to do with A.  Since Meredith’s trying to work at a school where the wife of her married lover works—there’s no question this harlot is definitely a villain!  Byron insisted Aria apologize to Meredith.  Afterwards, Meredith proceeded to thank Aria for helping them get back together.  From the look on Aria’s face, I think she threw up a little in her mouth. 

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