Pretty Little Liars Recap: "Blood is the New Black"

Spencer (Troian Bellisario) was still visiting Garrett in lockup. He wouldn’t really reveal anything until Spencer secured him her mother’s legal representation. He did hint that someone close to her was lying, and could be exposed through their medical history. Garrett would get what he wanted, but Spencer never got any more clues or answers. When Mrs. Hastings found out about Spencer’s secret visits, she forbade her from going back to Garrett, to keep her safe. She then took his case so Garrett would stop talking to Spencer, since she knew her daughter wouldn’t listen. 
Spencer began investigating Jenna’s summer vacation. Toby joined in, and they started finding evidence that Jenna’s eye surgery had actually been a success.  Eventually, the girls set a trap to see once and for all if Jenna was faking. They placed the earring A sent on the bathroom sink, to see if she’d notice when she thought she was alone. She did, and picked it up, but you couldn’t tell if there was any special recognition there, by the look on her face.  Regardless, our Little Liars knew for certain Jenna had rejoined the sighted. 

Hanna and Emily wanted to throw down, while Aria was ready to hang a sign reading, “BITCH CAN SEE!”  However, it was the level-headed Spencer who convinced them to keep their discovery secret from Jenna, and use it to their advantage.