Pretty Little Liars Recap: "Blood is the New Black"

More than ever I’m convinced of Melissa’s involvement in all of this. She has often demonstrated vindictive, crazy behavior in the past, which drew suspicion. Combined with a “miscarriage,” her involvement with the N.A.T. club (members) and her grudge against Alison, she seems like the perfect fit for an A.  This goes for the literal sense as well, since minus the baby bump she would perfectly match the “Tall, size 2” brunette in the Black Swan costume from last season. Garrett’s ominous clue could match her just as much as Jenna, especially since he supposedly used to go with her to the doctor’s.  Plus, Mrs. Hastings might have taken Garrett’s case to keep Melissa’s name out of things, if he knows something.  Although they’ve had their differences, Spencer has never been able to believe that her sister could be their tormentor. 

The last scene of the night showed (presumably) A at a store buying enough black hoodies and gloves to clothe a football team. Just throwing it out there, but in the interim, this person was wearing a red hoodie, the color of Alison/Vivian’s now infamous coat, and like what Jenna wore in Emily’s flashback.  Maybe red is Team A’s off-duty color?  Or maybe the color of blood really just is “the new black?”
Until next week, Liar fans!
Photo credit: ABC Family