General Hospital: Perkie’s Observations

Ewen tries to understand Kate’s ramblings. He begs her to go back to that day and explain everything.  He thinks Connie was afraid of Sonny’s reaction, but Kate admits that Sonny wasn’t the baby’s father. 

John tells Sonny that his federal warrant has expired, but he wants Sonny to pay for his sister’s death.  Sonny decides to explain what really happened and starts with the day Kate left him on the corner which prompted him to work for Joe Scully.  It turns out Joe had a son, a bully. Sonny’s job was to clean up his messes until dad sent Junior to Atlantic City.  Junior got the hots for Teresa, but when she didn’t return the feelings. Junior shot her dead. 

Dante gets home from work, curious how Lulu spent her day.  She says Johnny made an offer on the Star, to turn it into a nightclub and she’s his partner.  Dante’s not happy with this. He fears Johnny will turn it into something illegal.

Carly’s thrilled with Johnny’s new business venture, until she’s hears he’s partnering up with Lulu.  She decides she’s going to trust him and Johnny reassures her that he loves her and he’s lucky to have her back.  When she goes off to make a call, Johnny’s hears Anthony’s voice berating him. Johnny yells to shut up.  Carly wonders who he’s talking to. Johnny admits his grandfather. 

Anna comes home from her first day on the job, exhausted. She complains to Luke about how she had a run in with the mayor regarding her possible relationship with him.  Luke tells her about Tracy’s kiss. Anna says she thought they were over.  Luke says Tracy wants him back.

Tracy tells Alice that she and Luke have settled their differences and she wants him back.  Alice gets excited at the thought of Luke moving back in. However, Tracy says they have to be discreet because of Anthony’s disappearance.  Tracy says Luke can be a jerk, but he can also be sweet. He knows how to make her feel good.  Alice is sure that it’s only a matter of time before Lacey are back together. 

Kate says Joe Jr. hated Sonny.  One night he showed up at her house while Sonny was working.  Kate re-enacts that Junior raped her and cries that she was a virgin. She and Sonny were waiting.  Ewen says it was brutal, but it’s over. Junior can’t hurt her anymore.  Kate says she couldn’t tell Sonny the truth, because he would have killed Junior. Scully would have killed him. She did what she had to and left Sonny on the street corner. 

Sonny says he kept his mouth shut and John is angry that he would protect a killer.  Sonny says Scully made it all go away and sent Junior away.  John wants to know where.  Sonny’s not sure, although he heard rumors of the south, possibly New Orleans.  John says he’s going to check this out.  Sonny offers his condolences for his sister. 

Luke says he and Tracy can’t do anything while under the cloud of suspicion, but Anna asks if it wasn’t for Anthony what would he tell Tracy.  She asks if Luke wants Tracy back.   Later on, the two are enjoying a meal, joking around.  Luke comes around to give Anna a massage.  She thanks him and they kiss.

Dante thinks that because of Sonny’s allegiance to Luke, Johnny can run any scam he wants out of the Star, against Sonny, without fear of repercussion.  Lulu reassures him that the club will be legitimate. However, Dante is angry that she would go into business with a mobster.  She wonders if it has more to do with Johnny being her ex.  Dante says Johnny has changed.  He doesn’t make the right choices. Lulu thinks Johnny has changed and wants a new life and a fresh start. 

Dante asks about her job at the PCPD. Lulu admits that it’s rather dull and she wants more. She’s not quitting, she’ll just do both for awhile.  Dante’s angry that she would spend her nights at the club with Johnny and not with him.  Lulu is sure they can work things out and knows she should have consulted him before making such a huge decision.  She says this isn’t about them, but Dante angrily storms off.

Johnny tells Carly that Anthony is in his head, telling him he’s a fool for starting a new venture or getting back with her.  Carly says his grandfather gave him nothing but pain and no longer has power over him. 

Kate decides she doesn’t want to tell the story anymore, because she needs to rest. She lies down on her bed.  Ewen wants to know what happened next, what happened to the baby. 

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    Wow, what an episode.

    I don’t care for Kate, but KS was excellent today in her scenes. She even mimicked the thrusts… that was just a powerful bit of acting. I thought NB did a good job with those scenes also talking her through her memories.

    I don’t want Anna and Luke. I don’t want Tracey to want him either, but he’s going to break her heart again. It was very odd, but endearing, to see Tracey and Alice sitting there knocking back drinks discussing Luke with their feet up on the Quartermaine coffee table.

    Sonny and McBain…. well, I call foul on it because the Theresa stuff would’ve happened just before Sonny moved to PC and started his club, which means he went from that situation into drugging an underage Karen and sleeping with her from his club and that means he didn’t learn anything from it and he’s just as bad as Joe Jr.

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    I haven’t gathered all my thoughts into a cohesive whole. I’ll come back to that later. I wilL only say for now:



    Sorry, all. I really do try to keep my emotions in check. I will go away now and compose myself so as to write something that will appear somewhat intelligent… 0:)

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    Scooter -Nah, That silly reality show producer who is pushing Kristina to rebel against her parents is the baby. He probably thinks Sonny is his father and is going to pay him back for deserting him by committing psuedo incest with Kristina before he discovers he isn’t related. The goal is to punish Sonny’s “loved” children for his being left behind. I am pretty sure I have seen that before.

    I was quite impressed with NewKAte. Her rape reveal was really well acted and emotional. I wish they were not adding yet another rape victim to the canvas but she was impressive. Another child of rape? So sick of it!!!

    Is this the first we have ever heard of Joe Jr.?

    There isn’t a statute of limitations on murder. Is there one on not reporting one? Can Sonny be prosecuted for withholding evidence in a murder? That was the thing I was thinking about while he was telling his story. He was basically admitting that he stood there and watched a young girl murdered and did nothing. He didn’t report it and possibly helped conceal the murder. Can’t McBain prosecute him?

    I want to shake Anna and yell NOOOOOOO!!! Eww, Luke. yuck!

    I am not sure how I feel about Dante and Carly being jealous of Johnny and Lulu yet.

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    So Richard Steinmetz is Joe Scully Jr. Congrats CarTini, you are giving us every thing that we want: more dead babies, more rape victims and more mobsters.

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    I’m convinced that “Cartini” decided to try to set a world’s record for most rapists on one show. OLTL had 3 at one time (Todd, Victor, Ford). Now GH will have 4 (Joe Jr, Johnny, Luke, Todd). I’m not even sure if Oz had this many rapists!

    Love in the afternoon indeed.

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    [quote=curacaoman] Congrats CarTini, you are giving us every thing that we want: more dead babies, more rape victims and more mobsters.[/quote]

    I also loved the EET new GH name “General RapeThemAll”…

    I HATE Luke and Anna together, it also makes me sick.
    I am just happy that Kate is not pregnant with Johnny’s baby or another of Sonny’s spawn.
    But I HATE also that she has been raped (are CarTini committed to showcase a rape by month on GH???). Please do not let Spinelli be Kate’s kid by her rapist… Please. And I hope that it proves Connie is the real personnality and Kate is the altar because I like Connie much more than Kate, so forgiving of all of Sonny’s crimes.

    HATED the John/Sonny “bonding moment”. Until now, John was the only OLTL transplant that I thought succesful but if he also starts drinking the Sonny’s Kool Aid, I am done with him too.

    I like that Carly and Dante acknowledged the previous JoLu relationship as usually on GH once a pairing is broken up it is as if it was sent in a dark hole and was never to be mentioned again. I guess it is natural for Dante and Carly to allude to the fact that JoLu were a couple before becoming partners.

    Still love Carly and Johnny together but if JoLu can break Lante and Dante end up all alone, I will join the Team JoLu and give up on CarJohn (but NO to CarTodd please! Bring back Jax instead).

    Dante disguts me. It is normal as I said to allude to JoLu. But as usual his behavior comes back to pushing a stupid filing room job to Lulu instead of pushing her to do something she really wants and she is enthusiastic about! What a selfish bastard! It is always “me me me me me” with Dante and deep down he doesn’t care one bit if Lulu likes her current job or not as long as she is next to him (for his usual sex fix?)… Obnoxious guy as usual. RUN LULU and reclaim your life and your personnality!

    Will not even consider that the new guy could have been a Ric Lansing recast because ONLY RIC HEARST can be Ric Lansing… ;)

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    Embarrassing for Kelly Sullivzn. What on earth is it with the show saviors and rapists. They are like hogan Sheffer. Stench follows them. Hey but whatever keeps GH on the air no matter how disgusting and trashy it is . I doubt Kelly Sullivan would get a legit acting job after this. Her reel would be laughed at. Turning GH into soapdish Is one thing. Making a parody of rape and glorifying rapists is another. Frankly I don’t know why folks ever bitch abOut acting on soaps where this kind of trashy reality show acting is considered good. Christel Kahil is looking better and better as an actress the more I watch this show. Michelle stafford got reemed for her hammy OTT performance the other day yet this is considered good. Oy.

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    [quote=SwanQueen59]I haven’t gathered all my thoughts into a cohesive whole. I’ll come back to that later. I wilL only say for now:



    Sorry, all. I really do try to keep my emotions in check. I will go away now and compose myself so as to write something that will appear somewhat intelligent… 0:)[/quote]


    Totally agree. I literally could not watch this episode fully nor could I even have it playing in the background while doing other things as I frequently do when watching GH.

    Has rape as a theme every been so prominently featured (yet mishandled) on any show, much less a soap, before? Now even back stories involve rape. Sam: raped. But will Jason forgive her for the rape? NuKate: raped by Johnny. Carly: will she forgive Johnny for raping NuKate? Of course she will, it’s only rape after all. No big deal. And as if GH didn’t have it’s own legacy rapist to contend with, we have to bring on another show’s legacy rapist for good measure. Now we’ll get to see how many women can swoon over rapists in one episode.

    GH tried admirably to address its legacy of rape in the 90’s when Lucky found out Luke had raped Laura. What had been whitewashed was brought out into the open. But since then, rape has been a cheap plot point to create long lost children or a way for two male mobsters to fight over a woman. It’s serious overuse as a theme by this regime is starting to speak volumes of their opinions of women. Must GH go off the air like this?

    Anna + Luke: terrible idea. Why couldn’t Anna stand on her own two feet for more than a few months. The minute she’s given story it has to be a romance with Luke? There’s no character driven reason she’d go there. And other than libido, there’s no character driven reason Luke would go there either. It’s just like Luke + Felecia. A terrible idea destined to ruin the integrity of characters and the show.

    NuKate: if anyone can watch those scenes and tell me that the writers have more than a high school understanding of psychiatry, mental illness or the human condition in general, I’ll eat my shoe. It’s hard to even cut through to the performance when the set up is so preposterous and the dialogue so nails on the chalkboard bad that I want to bury my head in a pillow. But yeah, NuKate’s Emmy reel is set. She’s next years winner. This is the same kind of crap that the Emmy voters loved from Guza. No reason why they wouldn’t award this as well. Another Emmy for a character with DID. The soap press and Emmy voters will continue to support the exact kinds of stories that have made soaps a laughing stock for years.

    Sonny as Saint: even though my biggest problem with GH is it’s misogyny, the Sonny character continues to be its downfall. This regime just doesn’t get how overstuffed with Sonny we’ve become, how nauseous we feel whenever we are force-fed Sonny as saint and savior. If ever one character has killed a show, Sonny’s it. But at this rate, the last scene of GH will be Sonny smirking while two women fight over him. No wonder viewers have rejected GH steadily for years. Can anyone blame them?

    Stay tuned. Who’ll be raped on the next episode of Misogyny hospital ? Which Port Charles rapist will get the honor of having the next victim?

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    I think the Connie/Kelly scenes were very compelling…and very hard to watch, but I couldn’t turn away. Congrats to her for turning me around, at least for awhile. Once she is “cured” and goes back with Sonny, I’m sure I’ll start FFing her scenes again, but right now I’m enjoying Kelly’s acting very much.

    As for what happened to Connie’s baby, I hope she lost it and there is no surprise offspring showing up next week. And I especially hope that Spinelli has nothing to do with this storyline. I couldn’t take another story where he is front and center again.

    I am so upset that they “went there” with Anna and Luke. That was the total opposite of the compelling Connie scenes. The Anna and Luke’s scenes were vomit-worthy. I hated watching him come on to her while Tracy and Alice were all excited and talking about when Luke could come home again. I can’t believe that CarTini is going to hurt Tracy like that again! Oh wait…YES I CAN because they are just that awful.

    Back in the day, I used to like Lulu and Dante, but lately they have become boring to the extreme. I hope that this is the end of their relationship. I really saw some sparks in the Lulu/Johnny scenes the other day and she came alive again. TPTB wouldn’t have to re-visit the romance angle, but as friends and partners, they could have some INTERESTING stories, unlike the Lante crap we’ve had lately.

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    Kelly sullivan like watching Marlena possessed or Linda Blair in the Exorcist. And this is the theme with this regime. Rape is hip cool and OMG Soapy goodness.

    I’m really not sure I get anymore why Y&R’s writing is so criticized and lambasted after watching an episode of this show, Crappy production, one dimensional scenery chewing, no heart or warmth left. I’m also not sure why Garin Wolfe was criticized for having an HIV infected syringe as a weapon when this stuff is treated as soapy. But I’ll just bet if that was Carlivati’s idea it would have been praised to the nth degree.

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    I’m spoiler free, but I’m assuming that were going to be seeing Joe Scully Jr showing up in town sometime in the near future.

    Glad to hear that the original SKate story is correct, that they never did the deed and that there isn’t another possible Corinthos out there in the world.

    I like Kelly Sullivan and I think she’s been doing a decent job, but she’s not a pretty cryer and she’s been doing a lot of that lately. Girl must be exhausted when she goes home at the end of the day. She and KeMo must be keeping the Tylenol industry in business right now!!

    Interesting Lante scenes. I could see where his anger was coming from. going into business with someone and not telling your spouse plus going into business with your ex, plus going into business with a mobster. Not good.

    Luke/Anna…, no, no, a thousand times NO. Anna, you can do better. Heck, she had chemistry with McBain, set them up for a try.

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    I don’t know why but KSu’s acting never touches me. To me she overacts everything, and there are no nuances or sublteties in her interpretations. Maybe part of the problem is I have been resistant to this recast, as I feel she is way too young to be a believable Kate…but I still feel her acting comes across forced for lack of a better word.

    I HATED that kiss between Luke and Anna and HATE the thought of them together. I cannot express just how disgusting that would be for me.

    I also agree that lately a lot of these story lines, feel old stale and reused. I know that ALL soaps rely on these basic story lines (rape, DID, paternity, baby switching)…but RC needs to start coming up with some twists and surprises to make them seem different and fresh….or run the risk of people turning away from boredom and predictability. The new Dallas show and Revenge are good examples of this. Dallas started out exactly how the old one went…with JR’s and Bobby’s sons on opposites sides…but just when you think you know what is going to happen…a twist is revealed and they surprise you…This is what the audience wants…they don’t want the predictable. Cartini has been too predictable unfortunately, and reusing his own former work…As a former OLTL watcher, I can anticipate what he is going to do on GH, based on his past MO. :-(

    I don’t want McBain and Sonny friendly either…I love that he hates Sonny. Please keep it that way.

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    My eyes are still bleeding from that kiss..Maybe its me but I never see Luke as romantic when he started moving towards Anna it felt pervy to me. I wanted her to kung-fu his ass to the ground.

    In a town with a MAC (even Coleman) why would any woman choose Luke.

    I must admit that the entire reanactment from KSul had me, she hit that scene out of the park for me. Like the above poster mentioned she even had the movements down. I hate we are seeing another rape story but this one is tied to an already established story. DID usually happens because of a trauma and for me it finally explains why Connie truly left Sonny.

    Hated Tracy gabbing like a teenager over Luke

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    Will wonders never cease? EET and I agreeing twice in one week? Are there pigs flying somewhere? ;) I also threw up a little in my mouth with the Anna/Luke kiss. I have always loved Anna, and the thought of her with that child killing rapist skeeves me out. She deserves SO much better! I could see a Mac/Anna/Felicia triangle before a Luke/Anna/Tracy triangle.

    KS was amazing. She made me feel her pain, horror and disgust. I was shocked by her performance (in a good way). She should win an emmy for that scene alone.

    Johnny needs a haircut and a younger woman.

    Dante looked hot.

    I actually felt a twinge of the old Sonny when he was explaining Theresa’s death to McBain. He reverted a little to the old mobster with a heart of gold.

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    Luke is repulsive all on his own!

    Laura was raped by Luke while married to Scotty Baldwin, Liz was raped as a teen, Emily was raped, Jax was raped, Michael was raped in prison, Sam was “maybe” raped since Franco was probably playing mind games and now we find out that Connie was raped as a teenager.

    I would have much rather found out that Connie killed Joe Scully, Jr. in self defense BEFORE he could rape her and disposed of the body, which also could cause her to block it all out and move on as Kate Howard.

  16. Profile photo of Tris Drake
    Tris Drake

    @ moustache,I feel you. If they ever recast Ric I will throw my tv at Cartini. That kiss made me puke. And we have more crimes committed by someone we have never heard of. Oh boy. I could have done without Late thrusting,made me rather ill. Kudos to Nathin Butler for not cracking up. I did. KS acting…Just horrid.

  17. Profile photo of soapster

    For those who actually thought that KS acting was compelling/good/etc I am glad you enjoy the scenes. For me I was embarrassed, that was the worst thing I have ever saw depicting such a serious subject, I do not know what took over her body but she was trying hard to get rid of it.

    This is why non-soap viewers laugh at soaps, this is why the industry doesn’t give soap actors their due, this is why soaps can’t bring in a new audience. This is why some say you pick up bad habits in daytime. I was torn between WTF and laughing hysterically. These actors have to find other work and there already is a stigma following them stuff like this just proves it.

  18. Profile photo of edenpark

    TrisDrake, I think it was me and not The_Moustache about the Rich Hearst recast (answering to EET’s comment that freaked me out LOL).

    And you are right, Sonny is also a rapist. They should open a club because soon there will be more rapists in PC than non rapists.

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    I don’t want Luke and Anna, that was disgusting. After all Luke has done, to pair him with Anna, I’m not for it. KSul was actually really good yesterday, her scenes were great. I hate how GH has had so many rape stories, it no longer has the effect that it should, not too mention that they hardly ever show the victims viewpoint, it’s always about how the males in their lives are coping with it, and quite frankly, I find it very offensive.

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    Luke & Anna NO NO NO NO NO

    A lot of forums are saying Kelly’s performance in this was godawful but I’m glad some enjoyed it….

    General RapeThemAll LoL That’s a good one EET…I can’t stop laughing
    so there is another rape? Another rapebaby storyline? I can’t go through another…

    NO MORE BABIES please I’m tired of long lost, babies, rapes, rape babies all of it…

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    Ahhhh my eyes!! Need a bleach bath for them.. Sorry Anna is way to good for that scrub. I would rather see her with Coleman or hey how about McBain. But Hell to the No with Luke. Sorry Luke is a character that is just done for me- he can leave! I love TG and his acting but sorry the character I am so over..

    Kelly Sullivan was great however I still have no connection with the character.. Just don’t care that much..

  22. Profile photo of ConqueringBlue

    So grossed out by that Luke/Anna kiss. It just seemed so many kinds of wrong. I also hated seeing Tracy finally letting down her guard and ready to take Luke back while he was hitting on another woman. I have been a Luke/Tracy fan for years now, but now how can I honestly want her to take him back? He’s done so many atrocious things over the years, treated Tracy like a bank, cheated on her, etc, but whenever they had serious scenes together, I would melt and want them back together. But now I just can’t. Tracy deserves better than that, and she’s no saint by any means. But listening to her say she was ready to let him come home while he was shrugging off their kiss from the other day and hitting on Anna just made me feel ill. As for Anna, I’m thrilled that FH is back, and I’m all for her having a story, but PLEASE no pairing with Luke! I wouldn’t have even minded a Mac/Anna pairing, but it looks like TPTB are going with Mac/Felicia again.

    Re: Lante. I can understand where Dante was coming from, Lulu made a pretty drastic decision without talking to him about it, and they ARE married. I’m not saying Lulu shouldn’t be able to have a job that she enjoys, or that she needs to be stuck at Dante’s side, but married couples should talk about big decisions like that. I’m also all for a Dante/Lulu/Johnny triangle, as it would give the three of them some juicy material, but Johnny IS a mobster. Doesn’t matter if he claims to be trying to go legit when just a few weeks ago he killed his daddy/granddaddy, was responsible for Hope and Cole’s deaths, and also slept with a woman who is mentally ill. Oh and that doesn’t even include him trying to frame Lulu’s FATHER for Anthony’s murder. That said, I enjoyed the JoLu scenes at the Haunted Star, and I’m looking forward to seeing some music back on GH. Also wouldn’t mind seeing Johnny and Dante fighting over Lulu, but as a Lante fan, I want the two of them back together in the end lol

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @Everyone: Ron C is sure somewhat following in the footsteps of James E. Reilly on this one, cause Passions had most of the women as desperate enough to rape a man and as I always remind people he had 3 sexual assault storylines happening at the same time. There was the double rapping of Fancy and Sheridan in which for weeks we watched the gloved rapist repeatedly go into fancy’s “secure bedroom” and rape her. Then Sheridan became the next victim of the gloved rapist. Theresa around the same time was being raped by her then husband Alistair on a weekly basis. Jessica was a prostitute being raped and beaten by her pimp Spike. Before that Liz tried to rape Julian with a letter opener in a hospital office. And this is just a sampling of the stories that ran co-currently with one another on Passions. And these stories were supposed to be funny and/or campy. And you have to remember this is a genre targeting women.

    Now when it comes to GH, OLTL (in the past) and heck even Y&R. You have to wonder if these writers have loss their narrow mind. Yes there were some great stories in the history of Daytime that dealt with sexual assault. Many soaps had 1 character that remained on the show who was rapist and most writers wrote a great storyline that didn’t miss a beat.

    When Jack raped Kayla on Days it dealt with spousal rape which was a controversial subject during that time. Americans were still grappling with what defined rape.

    When Margo was raped on ATWT it dealt with what happens when an officer of the law is assaulted. How she pull herself back together.

    When the African American Toni was raped on Another World it dealt the implications of an interracial rape, since the aslant was white.

    Even in the case of Erica having Kendall, which is generally called Child Molestation; actually amounts to a rape. And even that story when Kendall was first cast did justice to it.

    But then again there is that person who always tries to defend everything wrong with daytime by point out a time period where people were willing to watch the “theater of the absurd.”

    So i’ll close with a question, if you had to choose would you would rather be known as a critically acclaimed writer (Nixon, Bell, Marland, Phillips) or as a box office draw (Carlaviti, Reilly)?

    Also to add while Tyler Perry may fill seats, Spike Lee (whom has also filled seats with many of his films) has earned critical reception through his thought provoking films and has also earned himself a place in film history books and college courses alike.

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    As a Lulu fan, I certainly don’t want Lante to end together ConqueringBlue! ;) (I remember we had some pretty interesting but always cordial conversation about Lante and Lulu in 2010! :) )

    For the first time in three years I have seen a glimpse of my Lulu with Johnny so I don’t care who Lulu ends with as long as it is NOT Dante and she is back to the old Wildcat Lulu Spencer instead of Dante’s personal Barbie…

    Regarding Johnny trying to frame Luke, sorry but I have no problem with that. Luke found some very damaging info about Claudia being Johnny’s mum and found nothing better than selling them for a ton of cash to Sonny (when Carly requested the info and offered him a room at the MC as payment), Johnny’s worst enemy. It was really nasty and petty considering that Luke had good relations with Johnny. So let make Luke pay, Johnny, go ahead as since he killed Jake, I am done with Luke Spencer (by the way pairing him with Anna is just disgusting!). We all know Luke like Sonny never pays for anything so let’s have a little fun. In any case Johnny seems to be Cartini’s scapegoat so…

    I hope my girl is going to cheat on that scumbag Dante who treats her as his possession and never thinks about what Lulu would like to do of her life. He is a controlling freak and even if I am sure that being a Corinthos spawn (and a rotten cop) he will win in the end, I hope Lulu is going to put Dante back in his place and get her inner Spencer back.

    KICK HIM TO THE CURB LULU. The only thing he wants from you is sex and sex and sex. Have fun with the HS, with Johnny or with anyone else (but at least JoLu have tons of chemistry when Lante are always so forced…). Show us that you are alive and kicking again girl! (And JMB seems so happy of this storyline!)

  25. Profile photo of soapbaby

    @david46208: You beat me to it with noting that only PASSIONS rivals General Hospital in the number of “rape-based” story lines at once. In fact, the number of rapes on PASSIONS caused me to tune out completely. It became too harrowing an experience to watch when those stories dealt with the serious issue so playfully. In the past few years, soaps have treated rape as a plot point and not the basis of the story. Your citations of those well-crafted soap stories only reminds me of how much the genre changed for the worst. Ellen Dolan’s performance as Margo on ATWT during her rape story should have earned her an Emmy. The issue of her potentially contracting HIV through her rape was thoughtfully explored and I think that’s the only story in daytime soaps to do such.

    I haven’t watched this episode of GH yet but after reading the recap, I am inclined to delete it from my DVR without putting myself through it.

    And, I am upset at the treatment of Tracy and Anna to bolster Luke. He’s a pig, the actor a ham, and the story’s poor.

  26. Profile photo of ConqueringBlue

    alexrochet, Yes I do remember our many Lante debates ;-) I agree that Johnny really owes Luke nothing, and I agree in regards to Luke telling Sonny about Johnny’s true parentage, the only thing I was saying is that Luke is indeed Lulu’s father, and if she knew that Johnny was framing Tracy and Luke for Anthony’s murder, I don’t think she’d be too happy about it.

    I will be the first to admit that Lante’s storylines have been pretty dreadful, actually since just after Dante found out Sonny was his father. I still think the actors have great chemistry, and I found it refreshing that Lulu was finally into a guy on the right side of the law (I won’t get into Sonny being Dante’s dad, and how shady it was to lie about Sonny shooting him, etc, because believe me, even as a Dante fan I wasn’t happy about that)

    I can definitely see that JMB was having a good time in her scenes with BB the other day, but regardless of whether she personally as an actress has a preference for her character, I would think she’d just be happy to have something new to play for a change, which I am happy about too. I thought both she AND BB seemed to be having fun, so I’m willing to give this story a chance. I just feel more invested in Lante in the long run, so I’m fine with Dante fighting for her, I just hope they stay together in the end :-)

  27. Profile photo of ConqueringBlue

    Regarding the comparisons of RC to James Reilly, I’ve been noticing that a LOT lately. So many of the same Reilly-isms. Characters talking in great length aloud to themselves of their schemes. Women as constant victims in peril. The constant “daydreams” where characters would reveal major secrets, only for the viewer to find out that it wasn’t real. Days lasting for weeks and weeks. Over the top camp.

    I don’t mind the camp, and I liked some of Reilly’s stories, although they were frustrating as all hell. But to balance out the violence and dreariness, Reilly would also write some really silly stuff that would lighten things up a bit. I’m still waiting for RC to lighten up GH. Every now and then there’s a hint of some lightness, but it’s so entrenched in all the darkness that it’s hard to truly enjoy it

  28. Profile photo of Camp is not a sustainable model
    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @Soap Baby and Conqueringblue:

    Soapbay – Yes all of that drove the ratings down on Passions. It was also odd how the network brass always touted the ratings in the teen demo as something to praise given these types of storylines that should have had the Christian Right protesting. It also suggests that you really have a low moral view of the fans. Too low.

    Also writers have normalized rape to the point that it rivals having an affair in the way in-which it plays out these days. Thus a more appropriate name for GH would be All My Sex offender’s, The Rapist and the Rest of Us or… “Like ruffies to a drink glass…so goes the Rapes of Our Lives. Now this is not make light of sexual assault as it is a serious act. I just wish these writers today would stop writing sexual assault as if it is like puberty.

    Conqueringblue – Often those stories were just a little too silly and preposterous… But you are correct he did at times try to balance them out. Part of the problem and one of the reasons why Reilly left Days was because he said and I quote “the show had a preexisting audience…” I always took that to mean that if he could have he would have turned Days into Passions. And Thus, Passions was made up of all the stories he could not tell on Days. Thanks for the Soap Gods intervening on that one.

    Yet one thing that Ron does that ultimately was never a success or rarely was with Reilly is that he never saw an envelope that he didn’t want to push further. And there is away to test the audiences patience and churn out good story. Agnes famously did that with the controversial imitation of life story.

    Reilly really messed it up when he had Sami pretend to be a man, go off to the Iraq war and be implicated in Phillip losing one of his legs. That story was a complete flop and for most fans it was seen as complete disrespect to those who fight to protect and serve our freedoms.

    But you have to know your limits and most importantly you have to remember that at the root of everything is always supposed to be about the “love” that drives characters actions. And when soaps were at their best, it was generally always about the “love.”

    Keeping secrets, engaging in criminal behaviors, flying over the coo-coos nest was all about the love. And when it wasn’t, then you were getting killed off and that was that.

    But let me get off my soap box before Ice Princesses and Demon Poisson stories are touted for their short-term ratings success, without mentioning the long the ultimate long-term failure and loss of integrity that these types of stories can and did do to the soaps and the genre as a whole.

  29. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    Once again, I feel as though y’all have never watched soaps before. Rapes. Murders. Dead babies. Switched babies (who ALWAYS end up back where they were supposed to be). Back from the dead/longlost storylines. They’ve been a part of soaps since soaps began. The only thing that’s new under the sun is all of your outrage. You would think you’d be used to it by now.

  30. Profile photo of soapfan616

    [quote=engradypind]Tell me, would you rather watch GH or the asinine melodrama of Jersey Shores or “whatever-current-city” Wives? I’ll take GH any day of the week.[/quote]


    Luckily those two extremes aren’t the only choice. The thinking fan can see the stupidity in a poorly written soap opera AND the stupidity in reality programs.

  31. Profile photo of soapfan616

    [quote=TV Gord]Once again, I feel as though y’all have never watched soaps before. Rapes. Murders. Dead babies. Switched babies (who ALWAYS end up back where they were supposed to be). Back from the dead/longlost storylines. They’ve been a part of soaps since soaps began. The only thing that’s new under the sun is all of your outrage. You would think you’d be used to it by now.[/quote]


    I’m sorry your soap watching career hasn’t allowed you access to quality soap operas. Sure, we’ve all sat through crap but we’ve also gladly been glued to romance, intrigue and heartwarming stories that dared to change the face of television, while they also uplifted viewers by chipping away at social traditions that restricted women, African-Americans and other minorities.

    So yes, we do know good soap when we see it. And GH isn’t it, not now anyway. The reasons why it’s not have all been so eloquently written by the above soap fans that I feel no need to repeat them.

    I really don’t get the logic. Soaps have always been crappy so we should want crappy? NO they haven’t and NO we shouldn’t expect them to be. Did Claire Labine feature these kinds of stories on GH? Did Agnes Nixon feature multiple rape stories going simultaneously? Has any show ever featured so many rapists as leading men at one time? Has any show so casually used rape as a plot device? Has any soap ever been as misogynistic as GH is right now? Perhaps I made up Claire Labine’s tenure at GH in my head but I don’t’ remember any long lost twin serial killers coming back and raping their twin brother’s wife on her honeymoon. I don’t remember Labine going through each female character and having them take turns being subordinate to and victimized by the male characters on the show. I guess I must have dreamed it. Because soaps just can’t get any better than the current GH! What a laugh!

  32. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    I’m just saying sit back and enjoy the shows while they’re still on (adding…because they won’t be for much longer). Reading a couple dozen posts in a row, I can’t believe how twisted up in knots people get by a show that’s supposed to be entertaining. I sincerely don’t get why people who can make themselves SO upset keep watching!

  33. Profile photo of JASAMMABBY

    Sure there has always been a silly story here and there.. Freezing the world, Casey the Alien.. But this is really just to dark and not well written. The first story to ever get me was Robin and Stone- Lucky and Liz Jason and Sam- Felicia and Frisco.. Those are just a few of the stories that had me glued to the tv. However I need to be emotionally vested in the character to care what is happening with them. The stories now are either run super fast like Jakes death, (not taking the time to show any memorial) or super slow like Skate.. Also how are you suppose to engage me with say Sam’s rape when it is about Jason.

    On the note of other stuff to watch- there are a ton of programming on cable that’s not reality tv.. Not to mention my dvr’s of Gilmore Girls.. Or to be really honest if I am not watching it simply turning the tv off…

  34. Profile photo of Camp is not a sustainable model
    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @TV Gord: I don’t think you can fathom the point that is being made here. Yes soap fans know that there are stories that are a part of the tradition of daytime. They or most get that. But for some to insist that people must accept everything that a writer does because it has been done before is not a legitimate response. It’s like telling people to “eat their peas and shut up.”

    For that fact because in your words:

    “I feel as though y’all have never watched soaps before. Rapes. Murders. Dead babies. Switched babies (who ALWAYS end up back where they were supposed to be). Back from the dead/longlost storylines. They’ve been a part of soaps since soaps began.”

    Chuck Pratt Dina Higley, and Hell/Slammer/Heifer come to mind when if we followed that logic we should have just accepted stories that even in the world of soaps are not grounded in reality and often tarnish history for the sake of a plot point.

    Now i’m a serious writer and you don’t have to be one see the current failure of writing in daytime in general.

    Aside from Dallas, primtime suders like the currents Breaking Bad or Mad Men and past shows like The Soprano’s, Soul Food, 6 Feet Under, Ugly Betty have pretty much been able to give fans what daytime has gotten out the business of telling. And what is that you might ask?

    Interpersonal relationship where the “love” is at the root of everything. Where there was a shred of relate-ability to characters even in the most extreme situations. Fans could suspend their belief for baby switches and kidnappings and constant bed-hopping because they knew “so-and-so” was trying to find the love she did not receive from her father.

    Basically there was a method to their madness. A reason behind it that was plausible.

    On Days Lexie was driven by the love she had for baby Isaac to do unthinkable and unspeakable acts to keep him.

    On Y&R Victor was driven to be such a unscrupulous man due to having abandonment issues as a child.

    On ATWT it became easy to accept Barbara Ryan turning from the heroine victim into a calculating pathological liar doing anything to protect her children from harm. Why? Because of the LOVE. It always went back to the love.

    Now writers like RC (and he is not alone) just think because someone was bad in their past or because they think it will be a good story, they will just write plots and have characters act out-of-character with little to no viable reason for them to do so.

    It is no wonder why for example Joe Mascolo gets it correct when he comments on how much Stefano loves his children when they write stories that totally go against the history of the character and how he relates to his family, friends and foes. Douglas Marland had a rule about that too, but I won’t go into detail about it right now…

    But since they’ve done all the stories in the past fans should not be smart enough to actually be able to assess a good story from a bad one. Or as Celeste said in the movie Soapdish:

    “Another trial…David…Another trial…”

    The thing about Agnes and Bill was that they knew how to bring something new to the table. They were innovators who looked at the newspaper and pulled story from there and as Victoria Rowell once said about Bill Bell “pulled story from air.”

    These writers knew how to tell engaging tales that were as entertaining as they were educational. They were also successful at establishing a means and a motive for a characters personality flaws that would follow that character for the rest of their lives on their soaps.

    That is what is missing now.

    So I did not write this to chop your head off, it was to just clarify a few things with soap fans in general.

  35. Profile photo of pjc722

    This is where the writers lose me. Sure, maybe Sonny didn’t kill John’s sister and that he just covered it up because that was his job. Sure, I will buy that stupid scenario.

    BUT I WON”T BUY it when Sonny is saying that to a COP who is the brother of the murder victim and Sonny just admitted to him that he covered it all up (he said it was his job to cover up for Jr). Plus, I would be more pissed if I was John that Sonny just admitted to doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING when it came to his sister’s murder and is now getting away with it.

    If anything, the character of John should have taken his handcuffs out and arrested Sonny as an accessory to a murder since that was what Sonny was! No John is just like “OK”.

    Same way Starr is over the death of her family at the hands of Kate/Connie (really Johnny) just because she has a mental disorder! If that happened to my family I would stilll feel an enormous amount of anger, NOT LOOK TO A MOB BOSS TO BECOME A SINGING STAR from UPSTATE NEW YORK!!!!

    Lame resolutions to poorly plotted stories.

  36. Profile photo of katehhoward

    I am in completely awe of this episode. As much as KS has done an amazing job portraying Connie, I am sadden by the death of Kate Howard and Crimson. The real Kate Howard came to town as a strong female who was able to stand on her own two feet. I recall an episode where kate and Sonny were on the island and Kate told him that she was no push over. These writers have taken a strong, classy, amazing character and turned her into gutter trash. They have truly destroyed the charater and I am absolutely disgusted with the writers for doing this. Todd acquires Crimson right under Connie and we are suppose to believe this crap? Kate worked so hard to get her fashion magazine off the ground and now its done and over. No more couture nor Crimson. I am in shock and disappointed and if it was not for some of the other characters I would have stopped watching GH a long time ago. I do not believe they will go back to classy business savvy Kate Howard, I just hope they take this one and make her permanently Connie. The use of the name Kate Howard is a dishonor to fans who adored the Megan Ward version.
    I wake up early in the morning and right now they are giving classic episodes. The ones with Megan Ward as Kate Howard. Who could of believed they would take this power house and turn her into a nutty fashionless, baby abandoning whore. I know GH will be cancelled soon. Maurice has let himself go and is just phoning in his performances. I am embarassed to say that I am a fan of General Hospital.

  37. Profile photo of jencrum

    I soooooo don’t want a Jolu reunion, she is married to the love of her life and SHE HAS MOVED ON FROM JOHNNY. I couldn’t be happier that Dante and Lulu got married, LANTE 4 EVER.

    I hope that we soon get news of a lante baby, Dante and Lulu totally rock together and they are destined to be together. Johnny is a rapist/killer and deserved to be with someone like Carly or Heather.


  38. Profile photo of soapfan616

    [quote=TV Gord]I’m just saying sit back and enjoy the shows while they’re still on (adding…because they won’t be for much longer). Reading a couple dozen posts in a row, I can’t believe how twisted up in knots people get by a show that’s supposed to be entertaining. I sincerely don’t get why people who can make themselves SO upset keep watching![/quote]

    That’s the point. It’s not enjoyable to watch women portrayed this way.

  39. Profile photo of JohnnyLover

    [quote=TV Gord]I’m just saying sit back and enjoy the shows while they’re still on (adding…because they won’t be for much longer). Reading a couple dozen posts in a row, I can’t believe how twisted up in knots people get by a show that’s supposed to be entertaining. I sincerely don’t get why people who can make themselves SO upset keep watching![/quote]
    I think what you and alot of other “soap fans” don’t get is alot (not all) of GH fans do NOT think of it as a soap.We thought of it as cable/primetime in the daytime.We liked it because it was NOT soapy.It stood out because it was dark & edgy and that is why we like it.Now it is just another DUMB soap that is too much like OLTL (which was STUPID on all levels).Some of us GH ONLY fans take it as a insult to even call GH a soap.

  40. Profile photo of JohnnyLover

    [quote=jencrum]I soooooo don’t want a Jolu reunion, she is married to the love of her life and SHE HAS MOVED ON FROM JOHNNY. I couldn’t be happier that Dante and Lulu got married, LANTE 4 EVER.

    I hope that we soon get news of a lante baby, Dante and Lulu totally rock together and they are destined to be together. Johnny is a rapist/killer and deserved to be with someone like Carly or Heather.

    Dante is BORING.You can tell in the Jolu scenes that JMB enjoys working with BB more and is clearly bored in the Lante pairing.That is why a few people here have said straight out that she looks like she is phoning it in when she is in scenes with DZ/Dante.It seems even the actors who play “Lante” are bored with that pairing.Lante needs to end ASAP and Jolu need to reunite eventually.

  41. Profile photo of giogio

    Johnnylover – All these years I have heard people complain that GH was dark and edgy, to much mob, too much violence etc. Now its been toned down soapy. I never ever have missed this show since vcr’s were invented. So I watch it no matter what and love it. I also love the night time soaps. Maybe that will appeal to you more if GH appears too soapy. And as far as OLTL goes, I have watched that the same way that I watched GH as well as AMC. How long did you watch OLTL to say it was stupid on every level? Did you watch it for years to know the history? People are mourning that show.

  42. Profile photo of Camp is not a sustainable model
    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @Jillian Bowe: Passions was a love/hate relationship. It could be frustrating, absurd and just plain stupid. Then it would have those moments where it was good. I guess kind of like the Carolyn said in Soap Opera Digest:

    “When it was good it was good. When it was bad it was bad.”

    That about sums it up. lol

  43. Profile photo of Everett

    I wasn’t a fan of all of Ron Carlivati’s work on OLTL but think he is doing a good job on General Hospital. Is it perfect? No. I am, however, watching it without criticizing every scene and I am enjoying General Hospital more than I have in years.

  44. Profile photo of SwanQueen59

    This one is very, very, very, late. There was much to mull over. As there is in the next installment. And I’m a lot calmer than when I first watched it…Not as many knee jerk reactions on this trip through PC…Onward…

    If it wasn’t for ME’s McBain I might’ve fast forwarded through yet another woebegone schpiel as told by the bully. “I ain’t done…I will see you pay…for my sister…promise.” “You gotta remember, I was a kid…”
    “Don’t start…making excuses…” Please! :| Is there any other way for the bully to start telling his side of any story? Seriously, I’ve come to the conclusion MB’s mob boss is related to Bart Simpson with all of his “Not my fault”/”Nobody saw me do it” explanations. Responsibility? Pffft…

    Law and Order question. Is there a statute of limitations on murder? Especially if there’s a federal interest?

    What is this regimes fascination with a woman being raped so as to produce a child that ends up providing impetus for story? Will there ever be a baby conceived and born at the heart of a loving, stable relationship on this show?! I’ll let you think about that unique, tantalizing and frankly, refreshing option. Oh, the delicious possibilities that would offer. But I digress. I will admit that this horror, as it’s occured to Kate/”Connie”, fills out some of her story. What bothers me is, again, it’s focus on her turning blame on herself for the choice the bully ultimately makes to commit to the mob. Making it about him, as opposed to how her choices affected her as a result of the violence done to her. KSul gets good marks here for her portrayal. I’ve never felt she wasn’t fully committed to the material she’s been given. If she’s a bit overboard in spots, NB’s nicely modulated Ewan reels her back in, helping to tone down and counterbalance the “flailing” nature of this traumatic “revisitation”…

    Okay. I guess Anna being police commissioner and Luke still being under a cloud of suspicion (for Anthony’s disappearance/possible murder), is an amusing backdrop for a “mature” romance. “There’s no body…You have certain constitutional rights. Even if you are my roommate.” “…sound defensive.” A beat. “I had a run in with the mayor.” AG’s description of Luke and Tracy’s “floor show” lunch was pretty funny as were FH’s slightly more than curious questions about said lunch: “Tracy…I hold her in high esteem…” “How was the kiss?” “Sticky.” Her interest in a more than platonic friendship comes out when she first fishes then throws caution to the wind and asks outright: “Do you want Tracy back?” Cue the proverbial knock, signaling room service and dodging a direct answer. His entertaining her with dinner and the attending shoulder massage tells me he’s just as interested. At the expense of his ex wife. And his best friend. When she kisses him and he goes with it, Tracy and Robert are nowhere, literally and figuratively…

    Watching JE and BeWi I had the odd sensation I was at a ‘tween slumber party. All that was missing were sleeping bags, The Twilight Trilogy, and, if not Justin Bieber, maybe a mix of Michael Buble` and Harry Connick Jr.
    for this mature pair. I always get a kick out of seeing Alice go dreamy eyed over “Mr. Luke”, anticipating his re-entry into the Q mansion. At least Tracy puts the brakes on the enthusiasm (albeit not much), when Papa Z’s being missing gets a mention for the delay. Did they look silly batting their lashes and twittering like birds at a feeder over Luke? Who, really, isn’t that much of a prize. Yeah, they did. But I had fun watching them… :bigsmile:

    For someone who owns and runs a first class hotel and has been the center of many men’s attention in PC, it’s kind of amusing that Carly would have any insecurity about L working with her current beau. Give John props for giving voice to her misgivings. “I’m starting to think…you’re not okay with it.” “I’m not.” Points to Carly for honesty. And points for her taking a leap of faith (and a big one at that), when she decides she’ll trust him. I’m going out on a limb here. The way BrBa is playing this, his take on John is sincere, oddly sweet and boyish, tickled to be with a woman who could easily have walked away from him. But here she is, offering her heart. As does he. But his is tethered with ropes of guilt and subterfuge for his actions, mockingly voiced by the spectre of Papa Z:
    “…She doesn’t know…does she?” He dodges the first echo. Not the second. “It’s done…time for…the life I want.” “Too many loose ends…can’t outrun the past.” The seething rage boils over, much as it did the night he lost himself pulling the trigger. “Who are you talking to?” “My grandfather…saying I’m a fool…” “…Dead or alive he has no power over you.” Hmm. I think John wishes that were true. For the mob life he’s grown up in, and can’t seem to get out of. I wish it too…

    She pulses one leg back and forth as she sits, staring at a cashiers check. Her eyes then focus on the “above the fold” news story about Luke
    and Tracy on the coffee table. You can see the wheels turning, as if she’s thinking “How do I play this?” Anticipating D’s resistance to her going into “business” with her ex. And helping her father in the process. Hmm. Foregone conclusion. He’s thrilled L’s sold the Haunted Star, but hearing who she’s sold to causes his face (and enthusiasm) to fall and mask over. The to-be-expected sarcasm about what the Star will be used for emerges as well as the scoffing at L’s revealing John wants an above board, legit club. “Tell me you refused.” She can’t, further adding to his agitation with her news that she’s his partner in the new venture. “I thought that you would trust me on this.” “Like you trusted me?” Ooh, not a good comeback. Her Spencer hackles rise up and it’s clear he’s opened a door that’s been closed for a long time. And not just from a financial aspect. “Let’s talk about what’s really going on here.” “I think I’ve covered everything.” “Except…that Johnny is my ex.” Yeah, that’s the core and it’s also wrapped in concern that’s not just testosterone fueled jealousy. It’s also coming from a place of worry about the real change that he’s seen, up close, take over her former lover. To say nothing of his continuing mob ties. “This is his way of doing the right thing.” “Has he done one thing to prove that to you?” Two beats, a different angle.
    “…I have a chance to reopen…make it something to be proud of…” She gets on a roll. “…I want something more…If this takes off I could quit my day job..” The insecurity resurfaces. “…quitting your job with me…spending your nights with Johnny?” It’s now her turn to scoff, but gently: “This is not about spending my nights with Johnny…You could come to the club.” He counters, annoyed, about getting up, being on the clock. She talks working out the schedule. He’s frosty at her, irked that she’s made this large decision without him. “It’s my boat…(Yes it is. And it is a large decision.)…You know how much this means to me.” “I guess I didn’t.” Cranky. “I wanna feel good about my job…like you…” Stubborn. Not backing down. Good. “This is not about us. This is about me.” He’s not hearing her. “Course not. Who cares about us.” Stubborn as well, hurt, resentful, bruised, withdrawing. Walking out. “Are you serious?! Dante, where are you going?” The door slaps shut. Gone. And she’s just as hurt, resentful, frustrated, bruised. Stalemate. And she didn’t even get near the other reason she’s entered into this partnership. Ah, yes. A marital spat that covered egos, jealousies, fear. It also exposed worry over balancing career goals, and financial support, without openly saying so as to who’s got the majority of that job. Wow. How normal and everyday. I loved how JMB and DZ were so natural in their delivery. These exchanges were like watching a couple inflict tiny paper cuts one on one, each word direct, piercing, leaving a sharp sting. Small in and of themselves, but painful when taken as a whole. Was it painful to watch? Yes, but the realism and rich execution made for good drama. These two are terrific together…

    Till next time…
    Swan! 0:)

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