The Young and The Restless Spoilers: Will Phyllis’ Secrets be Exposed?

Ricky/Phyllis: Things are going from bad to catastrophic for Red. While Phyllis is out, Ricky heads over to her penthouse and snoops through her stuff. He hits paydirt when he finds a credit card receipt for the SVU that hit Paul! Now I know what you are all thinking, why the hell does a SMART vixen like Phyllis Summers Romalotti Abbott Newman STILL have a receipt from back when Clinton was in office? It appears she kept it for taxes….

Carmine/Abby: The two start to get a little closer as the Naked Heiress starts to rethink her latest PR move.

Victor/Ashley: Mr. Mumbles and Ash butt heads over how they should go about looking for their missing-in-action daughter. Later, Ashley goes to Tucker for a shoulder to lean on.

Nikki/Sharon: Lord in the morning and Jesus at night. These two seemingly smart ladies are hauled off to jail after their cray-cray brawl in the stables. Victor has Michael delay their bail hearing so Nikki and Sharon can work out their differences. Is he drinking moonshine on the ranch? In jail, the women do chat about the bitterness they have towards each other. Both Nikki and Sharon cop to how nasty they act with the other one. Sharon is quite aware Victor still loves Nikki and always will, but feels as though being with him will give her respect. Yeah, we see how that's working out..

Cane: The Aussie con man once again remembers things from the past he'd like to forget (I know I haven't either!).

Daniel: The artist is accused of being behind Daisy's disappearance.


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    Booo! One stupid plot after another. Ricky finds out about Phyllis through an credit card receipt? WTF!? This is stupid. Phyllis ain’t stupid. Well at least Phyllis Romalotti (Abbott) never was.

    I’m not really interested in the rest.

    Cane and his past? Well they screwed with that how many times now? This boy shouldn’t even be allowed to think how he drank his coffee yesterday.

    And there I thought Victor and Ashley get a decent goodbye before she leaves town. Well there goes that opportunity.

    Daniel being accused of Daisy’s disappearance screams yet another soap trial. It’s “The Legal Team and the Rest of them”. If they would even be half as clever as “The Edge of Night” was back in day this could be good. But … it’s going to be REALLY stupid.

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    Phyllis kept that receipt right next to her voodoo dolls with Cricket and Sharon’s likenesses.

    Why doesn’t Victor try to ‘work’ things out with others? Better yet, why doesn’t someone leave Victor out in a bear sanctuary covered with honey and tied to a tree? Oh, it won’t be that bad– Eric Kane faced off with a bear and managed just fine!
    All he’d have to say is ‘I am Victor Newman and I don’t scare easily, you got that…Mr. Bear?!’

    Is it just me, or does anyone else smell an ill plotted, poorly executed Murder Mystery coming to GC, like I do? Or worse yet, perhaps there will be no body so that they can bring back Daisy any time they please. Horrible storylines and characters are never really over on this show anymore.

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    Hopefully the Y&R writers will watch Dallas and take a cue from it. Now that’s a soap!!! The first episode entertained me more in one night than Y&R has in a year.

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    OK…I loved the story arc when Red was really going bonkers… ala hitting Paul & Christine and I distinctly remember the vehicle she used. (It was recently shown in a flashback as well)… She didn’t use an SUV, but a sedan actually. I don’t know if it was an honest typo from Jillian or if the foolish writers just decided to not research the scene!?

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    I dont know why everybody getting upset Maria & Co will not change unless Sony finally get some balls and make something happen, but the Phyllis storyline is the only thing on this show worth watching. Sharon kissing Mr. Mr. Mumbles is too much! Lily/Cane/Daniel/Daisy snooze fest…However you just DVR the show and Fast Forward and life is good with this show…Im just sayin…

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    I love the fact that the show is revisiting the car accident (intentional) from over 15 years ago. And I love that it could reveal that Phyllis should stop going around screaming at Daisy for all that she has done when Phyllis’ past is just as tainted and more. (Remember, someone who was first going to reveal Phyllis’ misdeeds years ago was killed in a suspicious fire, also unsolved.

    My only problem with this whole story, well, 2 problems, is that everyone seems to be forgetting that Phyllis was the QUEEN bitch back then. Lauren and Michael definitely knew it as would Paul and Christine, so why anyone would have a problem with Ricky delving into her past to reveal Phyllis evil hypocrisy is the biggest glaring problem for me.

    The other problem is with Paul himself in this story towards his son. Yes, I know it’s more dramatic to make Ricky a nutjob like his mother and aunt but why? Here we have Paul’s 2 offspring in town that were raised with NO influence from Paul and barely knew the man until they were adults. Heather befriended him only to discover he was her father and recently she said “you are a good father” to him. Which throw me since WHAT HAS HE DONE FATHERLY to garner that compliment?! As for Ricky, the poor kid was a baby when his mother went nuts and attempted to kill Christine. It was no sooner that Isabella was carted off to the nut house that Paul JUST GAVE RICKY UP because Isabella’s parents lost their daughter! Then Paul barely saw the guy.

    Ricky came to town and instead of trying to forge a meaningful relationship, Paul let his son do his own thing. Not once, even now, have they written Paul as more fatherly concerned for Ricky as he is intent on proving his son nuts and saving the world.

    The two most evil people in this story is not Ricky and Daisy. Daisy didn’t kill anyone, she just kidnapped, beat and attempted murder and tricked a guy into sex, pregnancy and marriage (well, Daniel tricked her into it). Ricky is just an adult abandoned by his selfish father and his mentally unstable mother. No, the 2 most evil people are Phyllis, who has done more sinister and evil things in her life prior to being a heroine than Daisy has achieved, and Paul, who as a guy who wants a family but not the responsibility is more apt to pay attention to anyone else than his son who is crying for the attention of a parent he never got.

    Yes, it’s a soap but wouldnt it have been great that the show wrote it less predictable (anyone who sneers on this show turns out to be pure evil) by making people psychos and wrote them as needy. How amazing would the drama be if Paul was proved wrong and that Ricky is just a journalist making his mark… remember Paul, your daughter Heather is a DA and is always trying to put the innocent away…and just so happens to bring Phyllis down? Then Paul would be forced to step up and ask forgiveness and be a dad. Phyllis should go down and I hope Daisy is there for it and says something snarky to her like “now isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black”.

  7. Profile photo of The_Moustache

    LOL @ this show. it’s getting near PASSIONS quality now.

    and Phyllis will NEVER pay for her crimes against humanity. she’ll come out of this smelling like a rose and a victim of big bad Ricky and Daisy.

    how predictable.

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    The Shikki fight today was the lamest thing I’ve ever seen. Since when does someone just stand there and let the other person dump stuff on you or dunk your head in a pail without even trying to get away or fight back? They both just took turns waiting for the other to do the next scripted thing to them. Those two deserved a real knock-down, drag-out, hair-pulling fight. I wanted Nikki to really give it to Sharon. She’s had it coming and needed the smirk wiped off her face.

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    This is what I think (purloined from my own post in another thread):

    Unfortunately with Ricky right now being much too much an obvious villain (meaning he probably isn’t as bad as his sainted Father thinks him to be), someone else (Sasha Green or even Isabella?) is the culprit behind the scenes. So … Phyllis’ past will probably be rewritten and she will be absolved from all past crimes (we will be forced to believe were committed by someone else) and we will continue to have to suffer through her until the end of Y&R times.

    So pjc722 … I most obviously completely agree with everything in your post #10 about Ricky. It has always really bothered me that everyone has been so suspicious and against Ricky with no real basis. So what if he used old Heather to his advantage … she kind of asked for it all with her behavior. I think he’s just used a few people and has not hurt anyone physically.

    LovinVilly … I have to agree with you about Dallas. The first two episodes gave us much to anticipate even if it is all pretty much a retread.

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    RealityCheck 33

    Not diggn’ Sharon at all these days. She’s turned into a real whore by spreading her legs for an elderly billionaire. Doesn’t she have enough of his money through her diviorce from his son Nickolas, who hasn’t had a real job in his entire priviledged life? Really honey, you’re a moron. Titty-titty bang-bang.

    Phyllis should be run over by Ricky. Maybe he’ll rent an SUV and hit the gas pedal when he sees the skanky red-head. She’d look good as road kill.

    Daisy is dead girl walkin’…. it’s another insane whodunit?

    I don’t give a shit about the rest of this crap, especially anything to do with Cane/Lilly/Genevieve. Just get Daniel Goddard some acting lessons or kick him off the show.

  11. Profile photo of tedew

    sallyv … both are silly silly stupid women but I think Nikki was by far the worse offender in that cute little display of feminine spite. Why should the oft ex-Madame Newman have free reign on the Perfume Baron’s ranch anyway? Why doesn’t she just concentrate on her futile future with Jack? And why was that cop so conveniently on premises to make that ridiculous arrest?

  12. Profile photo of bnt83

    @tedew I make fun of the criminal justice system on y&r quite often but in this case victor called the cops to report the horse missing lol

  13. Profile photo of The_Moustache

    so f*cking sick of this “POOR ME, WHY ME, ALL BAD THINGS HAPPEN TO ME!!??” garbage from Phyllis.

    uhh, maybe because you’re an evil betch and deserve everything that is happening???

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    hey mon

    tedew — Am I the only guy who wants to see Ricky ‘have a good time’ in the sack with a Y&R vixen? What a weird way to write a good-looking guy, let alone a Latino guy? Why does everybody from our ethnicity have to be half-crazy on this show? Isabella, Ricky… The guy should be doing something productive with his hormones, like pursuing Abby or Eden, rather than fixating on Phyllis.

    Second weirdness, Ashley is on every other day, then she will suddenly be gone? It’s a MAB, MAB World.

  15. Profile photo of timepass

    It is surely unlikely, but I hope that MAB would have the courage to tell this story the right way. Bringing Phyllis to court and find her guilty. MS having to reguilt her life from NOTHING would be a great story. Having eveyone turn their back on her, having to rebuilt a relationship with her children and sister would be great.

    But knowing her she will slide it all under the carpet and have Phyllis going out of it on a technilaily and smelling like a rose, again.

    One can hope but MAB love for Phyllis and hatred for Sharon is proverbial!

  16. Profile photo of tedew

    hey mon … well if for no other reason than to see Ricky with less clothing on; he could go any which way and still please me.
    Otherwise … I agree with your post #22.

  17. Profile photo of yojoromo4469

    [quote=tedew]sallyv … both are silly silly stupid women but I think Nikki was by far the worse offender in that cute little display of feminine spite. Why should the oft ex-Madame Newman have free reign on the Perfume Baron’s ranch anyway? Why doesn’t she just concentrate on her futile future with Jack? And why was that cop so conveniently on premises to make that ridiculous arrest?[/quote]

    I felt that Victor had called the cop, since he thought the horse he had bought Sharon, had been taken and the cop was there to investigate. If they hadn’t cut the cast so much, would have probably been 3 cops. Don’t know if anyone notices,
    but anytime they go to coffee shop or anywhere that use to be packed with customers, they are not there anymore. They have hired so many overpriced, non talented actors, they can’t afford to have any extras on the show to make it look more authentic. Times are tough.

  18. Profile photo of tedew

    yojoromo4469 … Since I don’t always pay rapt attention I probably missed the police being called. But it seems that the Perfume Baron doesn’t even have much faith in his home security staff.

    Of course now it seems he is going to use the legal system to try to tame his two vixens.

  19. Profile photo of yojoromo4469

    [quote=tedew]yojoromo4469 … Since I don’t always pay rapt attention I probably missed the police being called. But it seems that the Perfume Baron doesn’t even have much faith in his home security staff.

    Of course now it seems he is going to use the legal system to try to tame his two vixens.[/quote]

    I have watched this show forever, and am deeply saddened by how Maria Bell, being married to a son of the original Bill Bell, that started the show, has managed to practically destroy it. It always amazes me that someone like Victor, would allow anyone to just come onto his property, open the door and walk in, or go to stables and ride just any horse they felt like. So unbelieveable. I presumed that Vic called the cops, when he found missing horse. Not sure where all his security staff could have been.

  20. Profile photo of marybee50

    Victor has always let Nikki on the ranch no matter what.Nick still(?) lives there.The security staff probably would not have stopped her.I thought it was funny,because Nikki realized Victor was doing what he always does.Bought a horse for his latest victim(Summer) or conquest.As Nikki stated she wanted to ride the horse before Sharon,since that seems to be their pattern.Victor just under estimated Nikki.

  21. Profile photo of yojoromo4469

    [quote=MsAgentProvocateur1]Not to mention stable hands. Good grief, Lucinda was never without one, even after Holden married Lily![/quote]

    I thought this was a thread about Young and Restless. Who the hell are Holden and Lily?

  22. Profile photo of MsAgentProvocateur1

    E.G. Lucinda Walsh, ATWT, well known soap icon (to most of us, anyways) had a stable and hired adequate staff to maintain it. Not a big deal, didn’t mean for it to go over anybody’s head (LOL). Holden (who also does guess stints on B&B now, I hear) and Lily (hard to believe that any soap fan wouldn’t know who Martha Byrne is) are all characters on ATWT.

    The point being,

    Rich people with stables need to hire hands to take care of said stable.

  23. Profile photo of RebeccaJ

    Ok, I’m seriously worried we’re heading for another hideous “who killed Diane” story only with Daisy in the starring role.

    I had hoped MAB learned from her mistake with Diane’s story. Five minutes after the rock smashed into her head, the entire town was suspect, and we ceased to care about the possible murderer.

    But after seeing at least four people profess their desire to see Daisy dead or disappear this week, I’m guessing MAB doesn’t watch her own (hack) show.

  24. Profile photo of tedew

    RebeccaJ … do you really think so? Could that be why Michael is now DA … so he can now be the one to harass the good citizens of Genoa City? Could that be why the intrepid Ronan is returning … to also help harass the good citizens of Genoa City? Oh woe!

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    soapy opie

    “Phyllis Summers Romalotti Abbott Newman STILL have a receipt from
    back when Clinton was in office? It appears she kept it for taxes….”

    Wow!! Phyllis can deduct the cost of a “murder car”??

    She must have one really, really great tax accountant.
    Mine won’t even let me deduct my two cats. lol lol

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    [quote=RealityCheck 33]I don’t give a shit about the rest of this crap, especially anything to do with Cane/Lilly/Genevieve. Just get Daniel Goddard some acting lessons or kick him off the show.[/quote]

    The man is unfireable. They already tried to get rid of him. But he cried (literally) to the producers and when that didn’t work he got his pimply-faced/40 year old virgin disciples to bombard CBS and the studio with phone calls and emails. That didn’t work either so they hired an airplane to fly over the CBS studios. That worked and that’s why we’re still stuck with this underwear model trying (and failing) to be an “actor.”

  27. Profile photo of tedew

    Coffee_Junkie and RealityCheck 33 … so why don’t you tell us what you really think of Daniel Goddard. But really, I just didn’t understand the frenzy with the concept that Cane and Ashley might possibly be coupled. Hasn’t she been terrorized and bored enough in recent years?

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