Oprah to Interview Pop Princess Rihanna For Next Chapter

The Mighty O is keeping the momentum going with headline-making interviews. Winfrey revealed to followers on Twitter she's lined up a one-on-one with Barbadian singer Rihanna for Oprah's Next Chapter. The talk show titan tweeted:


The news of Winfrey's Rihanna get comes on the heels of R&B singer Chris Brown and rapper Drake allegedly coming to blows, possibly over the singer.

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    If it’s going to be anything like the puff piece she just did on the Kardashians, why bother announcing these “big” interviews if all they’re going to spout is P.R.-approved rhetoric?

  2. Profile photo of SoapArmageddon

    Oprah, please ask her why, despite her obvious talent and coming from a family that is very well-respected in Barbados, she feels the need to keep dressing like a five-dollar streetwalker?

  3. Profile photo of MsAgentProvocateur1

    LOL, SoapArmageddon. I’m find her costume choices (and whatever she wears can only be describe as a costume) less disturbing than her taste in dating companions.

    Did anyone laugh at one of those Twitter handles in particular?

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    Oprah is doing what she gotta do to pay them bills at Disney. They said it is time to collect. They ready for the first payment. I’ll give her some other people she should have on:

    -President Obama
    -Mitt Romney
    -Bill Gates
    -Chris Brown (for the sure controversy it will stir)

    Let’s see here…

    -Beyonce with Jay Z and their baby
    -Hue Hefner
    -Ralph Lauren
    -Gregorio Armani
    -Charlie Sheen (That will be a real ratings hit)
    -Demi Moore
    -Hillary Clinton
    -Queen Elizabeth
    -Mark Zuckerberg

    Now these are some heavy hitters and sure to get them bills paid.

    Hey, i’m just tryna help a sistah out! ;)

    So while she is paying bills she can start developing programs that work with the audience and move away (at least 75%) from that “physicians heal thy self” style of network she tried to make it out to be. This ain’t Berkeley!

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    I don’t agree that Romney is at “the bottom level of the food chain”. He will be the Rebublican nominee for President of the USA. That’s much different than being Rihanna, the Kardashians, Rielle Hunter, the Octomom or Paris Jackson. Politics aside, let’s be fair.

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