Peter Reckell Tweets About Days of Our Lives Exit

Days of Our Lives fans hoping for a "Hail Mary" regarding Peter Reckell's status with the show will be disappointed. The popular actor confirmed his exit via Twitter. Reckell tweeted:


This news comes as no surprise for Reckell's fans. Last week his wife, singer Kelly Moneymaker, revealed her husband was leaving the serial on Twitter. Reckell reportedly decided to exit the role of Bo Brady after being asked to take another substantial pay cut, as first reported by Soap Opera Digest.

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    I guess Eileen Davidson ain’t cheap. Also, I hope the show is not about to make Chad the show’s focal character. I can go for Ej, but dammit if a “write in” Days character is going to help carry the show.

    I’m so bummed out about losing Bo. But at least we know the show has a few more months left. Truth be told, I thought the show would be over by September. #smallmiracles. Still I think getting rid of a mast character like Bo is going to tank the show faster than Roman yelling “EVERYBODY GIT OUT!”

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    ^ lmao, I can hear Roman saying it like that lol.

    Sony is really stupid for letting stars like Peter and Eileen go. Days won’t be the same without Bo.

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    To quote the hilarious Jamey Giddens who quoted the criminally poor performance of Josh “Chris-Kositchek-and-never-Roman-Brady” Taylor: “Everybody git down, everybody git down!!!”

    Cuz’ true and true DAYS’s fans ain’t havin’ it! :-(

    DAYS has been unwatchable for months now (about when Lisa Rinna returned) and now I will surely not watch until the show airs it’s final episode (or if Will gets it on with somebody…that would be recorded.)

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    You know if I had a quarter everytime Ken put a new team in place and touted some crap along the lines of: “Days is going to be the best you’ve ever seen!” I could retire.

    I have the issues of Soap Opera Digest to prove it.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @everyone: Truth is, that is the reality of show business especially in daytime. You will have your decades in the early to mid part of your career on a soap where you are the hot potato. Then someone else will come along and become the new “it thing” with the audience.

    So while I like Joe Mascolo as Stefano, James Scott just came in turned being bad on a dime. He became the show’s new hit villain, anti-hero, bad boy extraordinaire.

    When Joe came on as Stefano he eclipsed Victor as the popular baddie. So now it has just been a passing of the baton, so to speak.

    I’m gauging that when it comes to Peter Reckell, it’s despite many’s protestation (and mines) Galen Gering who is poll testing well with the audiences as well.

    Will has become a hit too! So don’t count him out.

    Yet, I know there is a place for characters like Bo, Hope, John, Marlena, Carrie Austin, Jack and Jennifer. But there has been little growth to these characters over the years. And they are not alone. Moreover, (focusing on them) that Rielly style of writing and the subsequent writers who kept the tradition going never really matured and/or rarely showed any vast amount of 3 dimensional complexities with this group and most of its characters.

    The storylines were almost always the same or a redux of popular storylines from the 90’s. And they seem to have one those 3 to 4 templates that they revisited over and over again with the same group characters in the same situations.

    For example it took almost 20 years for Sami to have “life” and Hope has just been an incarnation of whomever is writing the show at the time (mostly weak).

    Marlena unless she was possessed was just a victim all the time. Sometimes to the point of delusion. The one time I saw something that remotely resembled a different side to her was how she reacted to Brady when he first came on.

    John has just been a million and one terribly acted personalities.

    Also Lexie (accept for the babyswitch storyline) seemed to end up in a redux of sleeping with brotha’s Tyler Perry had not cast yet.

    Maggie spent the last 2 decades mostly taking orders and giving out menus.

    And to rise above the character’s one-note-writing some actors were able to turn shit to sugar (Renee Jones and Suzanne Rogers come to mind).

    Thus, how do you write for characters whom have been written like they are from a primetime procedural?

    Also how can you write for couples, when most of the supercouples pairing are almost always just alike. There was very little difference in the character archetypes when you compare Bo/Hope, Patch/Kayla and John/Marlena. So having them on the show at the same time leaves little room for creativity.

    When it comes to villains it just was not plausible to have EJ, Stefano and Tony Dimera all on either. Since when they did do bad deeds, it is almost always some “Big Event.” Even EJ and Tony battling for Stefano’s love and rightful place as the head of the Dimera empire only had so much mileage in it.

    Abe on the other hand was played as such a “goody goody” that it left very little room for story. And everyone knows that if your character lacks flaws and sins that you ain’t gonna get much airtime.

    So while Days had its moments in the ratings spotlight with Short-term sales gimmicks… Like I have always said and will continue to, Days overall lack of character growth & development, its focus mostly on plots verses character driven storylines and its constant need to focus on casting looks over talented actors (all of this mainly since the 90’s). Has brought it to the point it is at.

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    Very good points, @David.

    I wonder why with Renee Jones leaving it doesn’t open up a bit of salary room to keep PR around. It seems crazy to lose two vets in quick succession. :/

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @arielade: I think by far over the years Renee Jones has taken the most cuts of all. So I don’t think even with her leaving that there is enough. But what has not been said is if there was also a decrease of guarantee episodes per week in his contract.

    I guess Eric Braeden is the last man in show business who can get what he wants.

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    Being the only soap on its network could have been a huge advantage for Days, but it has turned out to be a very big liability: They frequently seem to forget that it’s on, and when they do rememember they interfere to the show’s detriment.

    They promote the show at times when the storylines are downright embarrassing and fail to do so when big, big things are happening. Why wasn’t the story of Renee Jones, a twenty-year vet, who decided to walk away from the world of soaps, given more exposure? There was a period of time when she basically carried Days alone on her beautiful shoulders.

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    I love and have always loved Peter Reckell. The show will not be the same without him. I do not even know if I will continue to watch it. Without Bo and Hope it will be like all the other couples who jump from one bed to another. They had such a wonderful love story. They may have brought others in but Bo and Hope are the best.

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