Tyler Christopher and Natalia Livingston Re-Team For Fans

Former General Hospital stars Tyler Christopher (ex-Nikolas) and Natalia Livingston (ex-Emily) reunited at The Brokerage Comedy Club in Bellmore, New York. The stars mixed with fans, signed autographs and posed for pictures at the June 10 event. See more photos after the jump!

Natalia Livingston and Tyler Christopher

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    I know she was widely criticized, but I really like Natalia Livingston as an actress, only Emily Q. became annoying and Taylor on DAYS never worked as a character. Tyler Christopher really looked disinterested and disengaged in his performances for a few years before the show let him go. Hopefully, the time away will have done them both some good. I would love to see Emily Quartermaine and/or Nikolas Cassadine return to Port Charles versus the many unrelated faces around town.

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    Love Natalia so much & it was great for her fans to get a chance to see her. She’s so gorgeous its ridiculous. GH needs to bring Emily & Nikolas back, but as a fan of both of them who were wronged I’d hope they’d tell them where to go if they asked them back. NEm will always be my fave soap supercouple.

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    Alot of them are widely criticized, but that doesn’t take away from the size of their fanbase. She was so loved as Emily & haters will continue to hate. Funny how some loved her until they made Emily get with Nikolas & then all hell broke loose as if it were her fault. She has a big fanbase as does Tyler & its nice to see them continue to recognize that.

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    The decision to kill off Emily was dumb. Emily could have taken a medical internship in Switzerland when NL left the show, only to return during the toxic balls of yawn in early 2009.

    I miss seeing Emily and Elizabeth at the hospital.

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    I always liked the friendship between Liz and Emily way back into the period where Amber Tamblyn was in the role. The writers’ made a serious faux pas when they decided Emily had more value deceased and brought NL back as Rebecca. Not only did they lose the friendship aspect between Liz and Emily, (as well as material played out at the hospital), they deep sixed Spencer/Q/Cassadine story that might have kept TC, JJ/GV, and NL on the roster. We might not be lamenting the nearly non-existent branches of these core families… 0:)

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    I always liked them both. I don’t watch GH anymore but I might have tuned in to see their characters reconcile. Oh well. They both look great and happy. It was a nice gesture for their fans. Both donated the proceeds to charity as understand it and Natalia is now living and working in NYC. She also I guess gave a pretty scathing review of her time at Days which is very not like Natalia. Tyler also looks very relaxed and happy. Glad to see them both doing well.

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