How The Complete and Utter Destruction of Sharon Newman Parallels MAB’s Dismantling of The Young and the Restless

For a few months now, viewers of The Young and the Restless have been subjected to the once popular and beloved character of Sharon Collins Newman (Sharon Case) having decided to delve into an icky romance with her former father-in-law, Victor Newman (Eric Braeden). Fans have been none too amused over Sharon making this skeevy choice — to plunge head first into a relationship with a man she once considered a father figure. The plot twist has been all the more maddening, following years of Sharon's character being utterly assassinated, via one ill-conceived storyline and/or romance after another.  

Some may say, "It's a soap opera," or "This creates great drama and conflict," but in my opinion, this was one line that didn't need to be crossed with these particular characters on this soap opera. Soap vixens sleeping their way through families is certainly nothing new for daytime or primetime soaps. Guiding Light's Reva Shayne, The Bold and the Beautiful's Brooke Logan and Dynasty's Fallon Carrington all had near incestuous parings. However, the key word in the above sentence was "vixens". Sharon isn't a vixen; she's the show's heroine, not some hellcat in heat. She's also supposedly the love of both of Victor's sons, Nick (Joshua Morrow) and Adam's (Michael Muhney), lives.

Viewers were able to suspend their disbelief when Sharon fell for Nick's vile-yet-alluring, younger brother—and continued to be drawn to him even after learning he'd switched her baby at birth—due to the enormous chemistry the actors shared. Also, brothers being torn apart over the same lover isn't nearly as unseemly as a woman suddenly deciding to go to bed with her children's 70-something grandfather.

Why, instead of continuing to capitalize on Shadam's forbidden love affair, or the highly debatable Phick vs. Shick saga, did TPTB opt to have Sharon pursue Victor? For the life of me, I can't understand how anyone believed this would make for good soap opera.

We've read countless interviews where Y&R's showrunner, Maria Arena Bell, pledges to make Sharon into a "strong woman". Forgive me, but what's been done to this character under MAB doesn't bring to mind Kelly Clarkson's "Miss. Independent".

Has transforming Sharon into a promiscuous, recovering kleptomanic, who never considers what her sexual choices will mean for her children, really made her stronger in MAB's eyes? I'm starting to see a parallel between what has been done to this character and the dismantling of The Young and the Restless as a whole during this current regime's tenure. I guess my question is, can anything be done to fix either at this point?



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    Good article. Sharon Case should sue for non-support of her character at the hands/writing of MAB and her merry band of assasins, HS and SH. As for doing anything to fix/save Sharon? I’d have her exit the canvas for a while, but that would be with the proviso of a new writing team in place to re-tool/reset the character. I’d also bring her mother, Doris, back on. She always called her daughter out on her foolishness but also defended her when necessary. Just a couple of thoughts… 0:)

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    Jillian great piece and you ask a great question. One that I have struggled with. Can anything be done to fix Sharon or Y&R at this point. My answer to the Sharon part is absolutely not! I want Sharon Newman dead. I would rather her leave town or have Cassie whisk her off to heaven (well probably hell) than to see the character continually destoryed. I just don’t see how you redeem this character after this. I was through with Sharon after the whole Adam nonsense, but this “relationship” with Victor just makes me ill. I didn’t think anything could get worse than Shadam and then MAB & Co went there with SHICTOR OR what i like to call them SICK-TOR! The character of Sharon is unregcognizable at this point. TPTB should just put the character out of her misery. Also the same can be said for many characters that have been written under MAB. I absolutely hate Victor and Phyllis now. I used to love to hate Phyllis but I can’t stand her. Victor just has gone too far.

    As far as saving Y&R I think there is really only three people that can do it. Ed Scott, Kay Alden and Jack Smith. If these three don’t come and save Y&R I would rather no one else try. Save for the year of 2008-2009 I haven’t really enjoyed Y&R since about late 2005/early 2006. Y#R does have it’s bright moments but three bright days out of a month just can’t cut it. It needs to constantly be that way and this current regime has proven they obviously can’t handle that kitchen so they need to let some old cooks (Scott, Alden, and Smith) back in to save this show.

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    The moment Sharon slept with three guys in one week a couple of years ago, I knew there was no turning back for this character.

    But as to your final question, Jillian, I’d say YES. MAB has done a lot of damage to this show but there are still enough key characters in place to end the downward spiral Y&R has been in.

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    Good piece. I feel bad for Sharon Case. However, I admire that she’s putting up with it. I’m not sure that a lot of actors would.

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    The higher ups at CBS Daytime need to stick a fork in *The Young and the Restless* beause as far as I’m concerned–it’s done.

    Either that or fire the ENTIRE writing team–especially Maria Arena Bell. Something that for whatever reason they are unwilling to do. Which says to me that they just don’t care and are intending to get out of the soap business once the contracts for YR and BB are up.

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    I would make two cases in response to Jillian’s excellent article.

    1. Sharon was always a little screwed up. She was idolized by Nick, but her hidden ‘teen mom’ past kept her from feeling worthy of his love. As a result, she continues to enact ways for Nick to abandon her. It all seems psychologically sound from the background of this troubled young woman.

    2. When did we have to start liking all of the characters in our soaps? In my opinion the humbling of unlikable female characters is one of the worst troops in soap writing.

    Remember those stories that Eileen Fulton used to tell about people hitting her in the supermarket because of the bad things that Lisa used to do on ATWT? I can’t help think that the twitter-verse’s reaction to Sharon on Y&R and Jason on GH are the modern version of that experience. These characters are unlikable (at the moment) and I see nothing wrong with it.

    Now, if Sharon suddenly straightens up and forgets that she was both in jail and a mental hospital than I might be concerned

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    Lastly, (in terms of what goes around comes around) – I would bet fans felt the same way about Mac and Rachel on Another World, and that lasted for 20 years

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    It can be fixed. The character and the show. But for that MAB has to go! This woman is incapable of good writing and she isn’t honoring her father-in-law’s show at all. These times I ask myself if she maybe hated him and this is a way for her of getting her revenge!? Well at least that’s what the head of mine keeps telling me.

    If MAB would be fired there would be a few points at how the new writing team could make Sharon work again.
    Explain her behavior with bringing her to a breaking point. Show us that Sharon tried to find something after her marriage with Nick ended. Explain that she lost herself after her break up from Jack, which was the one that kept her going. Show the audience that Sharon is broken inside and she tried to find security in life.

    It could be done. And it wouldn’t be that hard. Because the choices that Sharon made since MAB took over … they all go in that direction.

    Another idea is a rip-off of a “B&B” storyline that involved Brooke and Stephanie in a few years back. Remember when Brooke was made an easy target while fighting for her children and ended up being raped?
    A storyline like this could redeem Sharon. It sounds horrible … but from a writer’s point, you could show this character from another side again. The audience would start to care again. Maybe Restless Style could write another article about Sharon and how she slept her way through the Newman family & the Abbott brothers.
    After the issue gets out some creep could go after Sharon believing that she’s sleeping with anyone anyway.
    This story could lead for Sharon to believe it’s her fault and you could work the first suggestion I had in. It would make for a great story which has social relevance and shows what a good actress Sharon Case is.

    Anyway … yeah you could fix it. It’s just sad that nobody at Sony and CBS wants to.

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    FINALLY, an indepth analysis of the character of Sharon and the utter desire of MAB to ruin the character.

    Thank you for writing it.

    The only way to solve the destruction of Sharon, since she is vital to the show in the sense that she is the mother of 2 characters, former wife of 2 brothers and is a link to a central character who was killed on the show would be for Sharon to ultimately see how her choices in life have had consequences that she never realized. It’s ironic that since MAB is showrunning this character into the ground all the while saying it’s to make her a strong woman, that MAB writes Jack as the only man who has TRULY written Sharon off if MAB thinks it’s a good story to tell. Recently, he said as much when he utter “I gave a long time ago on why Sharon does what she does and don’t care anymore.”

    But the only way to solve it is to see the character leave the show for a year, at least, to rediscover who she is and to return that strong woman ALREADY. Way back when the character up and left Nick, Cassie and Noah for a year without any word she only returned the same person. A man followed her back and it was shown that Sharon was still making bad choices. This time Sharon has to leave, whether Sam returns and has a heart to heart with her and convinces her to return to New Mexico NOT for his love but for her personal love of herself and to refocus her life OR Sharon just opts to leave GC to rediscover what she wants to be as a person, not just a woman, then she should because fans would welcome back the character wholeheartedly.

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    Sharon went to the point of no return for me when she hooked up with Adam after what he had done. It’s sad to me because I like Sharon Case as an actress but Sharon Collins, the character, is ruined for me. I think the character should leave Genoa City for awhile.

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    I’ve been disappointed with the writing of Sharon Newman but I can barely watch the show & haven’t for a few months…I get tired of trying to “save the genre” by watching when the shows aren’t doing their part by trying to save the show in their writing its like they purposely write the shows to fail.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @everyone: “It’s a soap opera” — The only people who say that are desperate to defend bad writing or deal with it for fear of losing the soap. Also there are those few people actually enjoy this mess. But it is what it is.

    Yet, you are exactly right about how the destruction of Sharon mirrors the destruction of Y&R in general.

    The thing with The Young and The Restless is that Maria is has very little investment in the characters on the canvas and constantly brings on newbies or ages people kids in hopes of having a hand in creating the next generation. She also comes up with plot-driven storylines that are bad ripoffs from other soaps, films and television series.

    Maria herself touted Sharon as being somewhat like Reva Shane Lewis. But you can’t copy or imitate the “slut of Springfield.” Especially with Sharon, who was the heroine and the Nikki in waiting.

    When it comes to her listening to the fans. It appears she does “listen,” but what that translate to on screen shows that she does not get it.

    We asked for more diversity. What did not ask for was a crackhead, a welfare mother who slept with her assumed Nephew, a singing child, an iconoclastic character who was sex on a stick recast with Willie “what da deal? what da problem?” the garbage man and a black female executive who is nothing more than a glorified secretary. We also didn’t ask for a vet like Neil to be given a CEO position only to be backburned in favor of Patch. And the list can go on…

    We asked for more business oriented storylines and corporate intrigue. What we did not ask for was that these stories would be centered around newbies like Genevieve and Patch.

    We asked for more family and romance. What did not ask for was Jill’s ever changing paternity, bringing on every aged kid of every character on the show played by some vapid actor as “mad at the world.”

    We asked for this show to get back to its roots. What we did not ask for was it to become Passions of The Port Charles Sunset Beach.

    We asked for this show to focus on core characters. What we did not ask for was the cast to be filled up with every out of work ABC and P&G actor.

    We asked for Drama and suspense. We did not ask for Lifetime movies of the week tales, that are even worse then the actual films.

    We understood that the show needs to be on air and remain on air for as long as it can. We understood that Y&R needs press. But we did not ask for every out of work 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s sitcom star to have a guest role or short-term stint on Y&R just to get in Entertainment Weekly or People Magazine. If your writing can’t do the job, then it is a wash.

    Now with 3 hacks writing this show into the ground (don’t let them Emmy’s fool you Hogan), what can be done?

    Well, just call Sally Sussman Morina or better yet, I would beg Agnes Nixon to come over to the show as a favor to her deceased friend and former co-worker Bill Bell. Then you just do an entire reset. Coma storyline can reset the show all the way back to 2007. And from there we can build tales that actually are what put the Y and R in The Young and The Restless.

    Until, then ain’t no hope.

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    With everyone suggesting Sharon’s character be written off the show, whether it be temporary or permanent, maybe THAT was MAB’s agenda all along.

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    It’s sad to me that Doris aka “Mom” has never checked Sharon like a piece of homework for all this crap. Doris always seemed like the only one who could get thru to her.

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    Restless Fan

    Great article. I’m not sure either can be fixed. Perhaps under a deep commitment by all parties involved. Y&R is a shell of show. For quite a while MAB was riding the coat tails of better writers before her but those coat tails have run out. This show has her signature all over it and it stinks to high hell. Now she is ruining Nikki is this god awful storyline with Victor and Sharon. Why the Bell family lets her get away with it is beyond me. IMO they are ALL part of the problem.

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    It can all be fixed! :)

    1. Fire the current writing team- reinstall as many of Bill Bell’s people as possible with some younger blood that will actually take the time to learn and CARE!

    2. Do a contaminated water supply story. Something (it could be natural) has been poisoning the water supply for MANY years causing EVERYONE to act out of character. Characters become themselves again.

    3. Restore Jill & the Chancellor family. It’s the link to the beginning and the only family left from the first decade of Y&R. At least one Phillip Chancellor (III and/or IV) should carry on. Recast if need be. Have a new re-cast Mac return, or SORAS her son. Remember Jill’s original motivation, she may be a Fenmore or whatever, but she grew up poor- have her lead on with what she has gained in experience and wealth to lead her AND Kay/Brocks family into the future. It’s not ALL about Newman.

    4. Get rid of unneeded Newbies. The newbies should be younger legacy characters, or love interests for our long time Y&R veteran core characters. We don’t need a Tucker, Sarge, and Carmine (even though he’s cute) etc. Cast a young hottie for Chance/Phillip4.

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    they’ve continued to destroy and dismantle the Sharon character while every damn week we’ve been getting some ridiculous Phyllis propping to make her look like a saint/heroine/victim.

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    [quote=Mel_O]With everyone suggesting Sharon’s character be written off the show, whether it be temporary or permanent, maybe THAT was MAB’s agenda all along.[/quote]

    I couldn’t agree more. You have to know by now that MAB must be hating Sharon Case. And I have to say that SC is really one of the most professional people in this business. She stays classy and doesn’t go to the mags and publicly complains about her situation.

    People that keep wanting the character gone are doing exactly what MAB wants. This spring it was Eileen Davidson … in the fall it could be Sharon Case that is “let go”. Just sayin’.

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    Hmm, I’ve never seen Sharon as the “heroine” of Y&R. Evah.

    But she’s definitely not a vixen either. I just can’t imagine the Sharon who wsa horrified by Nick’s betrayal with Phyllis thinking it would be okay to do her former father in law….

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    [quote=david46208]@everyone: “It’s a soap opera” — The only people who say that are desperate to defend bad writing or deal with it for fear of losing the soap. Also there are those few people actually enjoy this mess. But it is what it is. [/quote]

    From what I can see most “the few people” enjoying the mess are hard core actor fans who followed the one they love and covet from another show. No matter how awful the character, or story, they love it as long as their actor is employed. They are over represented online, the vast majority of viewers follow the show, not one actor’s career.

    I could see how some Phyllis & Victor fans would be happy because those characters are on ALL the time. But I don’t think MAB’s done their characters any favors. I used to love watching both characters, now I fast- forward them.

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    I am so disgusted with this show that I cannot at all stomach it. How MAB is still in charge is BEYOND me! Brad Bell is letting his father’s legacy die a painful death and he needs to tell her, “I think it’s time to invite someone else in.” Not that B&B is any better with the dominating Trifecta!

    I used to love Sharon but the damage they have done to this character is basically irrepairable at this point! The ONLY way they can repair this is by making her realize she need a 12 step Co-Dependency Program and to figure out why she is the way she is. She needs to express her anger at Nick and his lording over her and telling her how to run her life when his isn’t that much better. She needs to find her Dad and understand why he left her.

    I could see some AWESOME scene with Doris talking about her father. Sharon dealing with the idea of seeing her father and being scared as an adult and not understanding anything but looking at how Cassie must have been scared as child, talking to Heather….stuff for Sharon to figure out Sharon!

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    [quote=pennywise555][quote=david46208]@everyone: “It’s a soap opera” — The only people who say that are desperate to defend bad writing or deal with it for fear of losing the soap. Also there are those few people actually enjoy this mess. But it is what it is. [/quote]

    From what I can see most “the few people” enjoying the mess are hard core actor fans who followed the one they love and covet from another show. No matter how awful the character, or story, they love it as long as their actor is employed. They are over represented online, the vast majority of viewers follow the show, not one actors career[/quote]

    ITA and That doesn’t just apply to Y&R by the way.

    Ever since Sharon got involved with Adam it’s all been crap. Sleeping with 3 men was understandable. She was undergoing a nervous breakdown. Putting her with her babys kidnapper and her choosing him over her daughter was disgusting. I don’t care how much alleged chemistry SC and MM had.

    Sharon needs a long trip off canvas. Send her to an ashram or somewhere and bring her back in a year. And no more bed hopping.

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    Cordelia Chase

    Even though I no longer watch Y & R, I keep up with via this site and Soap Opera Digest. When I was watching the show, however, Sharon was one of my least favorite characters. That had nothing to do with Sharon Case, who I think is a good actress, but because of how the character was written.

    Nick was constantly putting Sharon on a pedestal, and it was inevitable that she would say or do something that would cause her to fall from it. Sharon, in my opinion, often acted like Nick was her savior or that she was somehow unworthy to be with him. Nikki treated Sharon like crap, which I never understood, because even though Sharon came from the wrong side of the tracks, at least she was never a stripper. Victoria also disliked Sharon, but back then, Victoria was full of herself, intolerant, insufferable, and played by a much more appropriate actress (no offense to AH, whom I LOVED as Steffi on Loving and as Mia on AMC).

    With Nick, Sharon was a perpetual victim, and that got old really fast.

    I thought Sharon’s relationships with Brad and Adam were gross, convoluted, inappropriate, and unnecessary. Y & R has a lot more cast members than B & B. Does one woman really have to go through every man in a family, or the men who are involved with that same family?

    I really loved Sharon with Jack. I thought their relationship was adult and both of them had their eyes open as to whom the other truly was. Also, I believe Peter Bergman brought out the best in Case. He’s such an amazing actor, and she really shined when she was paired with him. I can’t help but think about his reaction when Jack saw Sharon walk through the door after believing she had died in the plane crash, OMG. I loved them together.

    This ish with Victor…I can’t. I don’t even want to know.

    Sharon doesn’t need to be the new Brooke Logan. She’s already been raped, beaten, kidnapped, had a child die, had a child stillborn, had a child stolen, etc. I never saw her as the heroine as the show, just one of the leading players. She’s also never been a vixen like Brooke. She’s certainly no Marlena.

    What Sharon does deserve, however, is a legitimate chance, and certainly better writing.

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    [quote=david46208]We asked for more family and romance.[/quote] Unfortunately we also got family dating and romancing each other.

    And I agree with Ryan-Scott– they lost me when they had Sharon get mixed up with Adam.

    And Jillian has mentioned what I’ve been thinking all along: Sharon is no vixen, and for MAB and her crew to try to shift her into one, has been an utterly ridiculous FAIL! First of all the writing is not good or convincing enough, second of all based on William J. Bell’s characterization of the Sharon character, she was clearly meant to be a flawed but decent heroine, the kind that an audience would root for.
    On this show though, it’s not just Sharon that’s become so unlikeable, it’s EVERYBODY on this show.

    I watched a few clips over the past month (after not watching for almost 3 years) and there was not one character that I didn’t want to SMACK. I was so irritated with everyone. Lauren was getting on my nerves and not in a good way, like she used to get on people’s nerves in the 80s but back then she had some Diva-licious Flavor! Now, you just want to smack some sense into her hair-sprayed to death head!

    This show can be fixed but THE CLOCK IS TICKING! They need to do a bit of housekeeping. Start with the writing staff. Then look at the cast and trim the fat.

    As for the SHARON character, HERE’S HOW I’D REHAB HER CHARACTER:

    As I understand, they didn’t show scenes of Victor and Sharon inflagranti delicto, so I would ‘create’ a flashback where they show that Sharon and Victor DIDN’T do the DEED. Perhaps he carried her upstairs and in the midst of kissing, SHE SAY’S NICK’S which KILLS THE MOOD, they stop in their tracks. Sharon attempts to explain, Victor pretends it doesn’t bother him and tells Sharon, he believes they can eventually move past this but the awkward feelings remain. This can also provide extra incentive for Victor to leave Sharon sitting in jail with Nikki– he’s still somewhat upset about what didn’t happen in the bedroom.

    I hear the BREAK-UP is imminent anyway, so why not have that be part of the reason for the breakup, as well as the fact that they were never right for each other in the first place!

    I’d REVEAL THE FLASHBACK, when SHARON is SITTING IN A PSYCHOLOGIST’S OFFICE, telling the Doctor about what happened. Have her begin therapy. Perhaps, the Psych can Flush out her DADDY Issues. In the Right Hands, there could be some great PIVOTAL DRAMATIC MOMENTS. She could talk about getting Pregnant in her teens, why she chose to hide it from her first husband, the Rape by Matt Clarke– the fact that she never got counseling then. Eventually she could make the connection with her feelings of inadequacy, promiscuity and spiraling after Cassie’s death and marital break up into the mess that she represents. The Psych could make the connection to Sharon’s absent father and encourage her to explore those emotions.

    Y&R NEEDS to do SOMETHING Momentous (a Judith Light/OLTL moment) to FIX this MESS. These Writers are the Wrong Ones to Write any show that wants to Survive though.

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    Well, that’s what I always thought they are make it so bad to wing people off like they did the other soaps, Y&R to far gone to save it, I believe it’s dead soap walking.

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    I’m glad someone mentioned Sharon with Jack. In some ways that relationship made the most sense for Sharon.I don’t think Bergman and Case had great chemistry but Jack was sort of her safety net and security after losing Nick and Cassie and Jack adored Sharon. But I don’t think either had blinders on when it came to what one meant to the other. Had they stayed together, I think Sharon would have matured into a much stronger character and it would have saved Jack from some of the nonsense he was put through.

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    It COULD be fixed, if TPTB were inclined to improve the quality of Y&R. I’m convinced MAB has been taxed with ruining the show and eroding its ratings by Sony & CBS so that when it’s finally cancelled, they can point to the dip in ratings and high cost as the culprits. I think Sony & CBS want out of the soap game as much as ABC does and are willing to drive away viewers and ruin a show’s legacy in order to do so.

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    Nothing short of getting rid of MAB is going to help this soap. The Peter Principle is certainly appropriate here. MAB has definitely risen to her level of incompetance. She needs to be gone…… Yesterday!!!!!!

  29. Profile photo of Bartman202

    These three co-head writers/hacks need to go:

    Maria Arena Bell
    Hogan Sheffer
    Scott Hamner

    Once these three show-killers depart, bring back someone with a knowledge of “Y & R” – the characters, the backstories, etc. MAB & her fellow hacks have:

    – SORAS’ed characters for no good reason – Ricky (who should be around 12); Summer (now a teenager, but was born in late 2007); Kyle (who was about 12 when Diane was ‘killed’, but comes back in his early 20s – REALLY?!?) My list could go on and on, but ‘JUST BECAUSE WE CAN’ seems to be the mentality there in the writers’ room
    – Pushed long-standing characters WAY into the background (Jill & Kay come to mind) in order to focus attention on newly-created boring, shrill one-note characters that nobody likes (Daisy, Tucker, Harmony, Sarge, Chelsea, Anita, Angelo & Angelina, etc,), all in order to push forth any number of their badly-conceived, poorly written ‘stories’
    – relied on stunt-casting to get viewers (most recently, Brett Butler – REALLY?!?)

    Before it gets any worse, these three butchers need to get pink-slipped and ASAP!!!

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    hey mon

    Never Sharon naked. And the bad thing is… we really never get to see Sharon having sex. Never Sharon Case in bed in her bra and panties. It’s always, Sharon has a sex-glow grin with Victor afterwards. Or Sharon is rolling in the hay with Sam, but not much skin. I did like the scene with Adam though from January. That was pretty good.

    Got Victoria having sex. Looked good in her underwear. Ashley looks great in a bikini, and her clingy sweater from March. Who can forget Red on her desk with Ronan? Classic and steamy.

    But I think MAB wants to have it both ways. She wants Sharon to come across as somewhat virginal, hence we never see the skin of her body. But at the same time, she wants her to act slutty. 2008-3 guys in 1 week. Making with Nick, with Adam, with, with ol Vic.

    MAB, you cant have it both ways. If you want Sharon to be thought of as a sleaze, show some of her skin.

  31. Profile photo of MsAgentProvocateur1

    [quote=jetty]It COULD be fixed, if TPTB were inclined to improve the quality of Y&R. I’m convinced MAB has been taxed with ruining the show and eroding its ratings by Sony & CBS so that when it’s finally cancelled, they can point to the dip in ratings and high cost as the culprits. I think Sony & CBS want out of the soap game as much as ABC does and are willing to drive away viewers and ruin a show’s legacy in order to do so.[/quote]

    Like P&G got out of the Soap Biz.

    I agree with you Jetty. I’ve thought this was the case for quite some time. No other explanation makes sense to me.

  32. Profile photo of dede261

    The only reason I tuned in back to young and restless was for Shadam. Sc and MM have the best chemistry I have seen in years on a soap. Once they broke up a lot of viewers left. Shadam was filled with drama and heat. Now young and restless is boring and gross. Sharon and Victor is the worse story ever in soap history. At this point killing off Sharon and having her twin come back will make her viable. It is a shame how MAB has ruined the show

  33. Profile photo of ChrisGa

    Yeah, I think MAB’s firing is gonna be the only thing that can bring this show back from it’s current brink of ongoing destruction. Also agree with the poster who’s never considered Sharon a heroine; she’s not an inherently bad person, but to me she’s the show’s dumb slut who keeps making the same stupid mistakes over and over again and never ever learning from them(I sorta thought the same thing about Carly on ATWT). Frankly, I wish MAB would agree to an interview with Jamey and the gang and actually face the questions and criticisms that have plagued this show since the minute she took over.

  34. Profile photo of cgoff

    Sharon was a whack job from the first day she came on the show back in 1994, before Sharon Case was on the show. Sharon came on as a liar and from what her mother said she has been a thief for a long time. She is a cheater and she has always put a man before her kids. How many times has she abandoned her kids? and the first time was before MAB was a writer on the show. Sharon has also always used sex with ANY man to soothe her ego, and it has never mattered if that man was a relative either.

    and since when was Sharon Collins Newman Wilson Newman Newman a lead character anyhow?!?!?!? Who cares if she screws her Daddy figure, I have always that that she made a play for her own Daddy years ago and that is why he left!

    As for the poster that brought up Rachel and Mac from Another World – can you imagine if we had the MB’s back then?? or when she got knocked up with Steve’s son while Steve was in love with the virginal Alice? or how about when Rachel fell in love with, married and had twins with Carl Hutchins her arch enemy?

    and Jillian you are right, ‘it’s a soap!’ it is called daytime drama for a reason if you want all goodness and light, may I suggest Sesame Street!

  35. Profile photo of MsAgentProvocateur1

    [quote=dede261]The only reason I tuned in back to young and restless was for Shadam. Sc and MM have the best chemistry I have seen in years on a soap. It is a shame how MAB has ruined the show[/quote]

    I can’t entirely agree, dede, since I hated Sharon and Adam together. I do, however agree that MAB and her regime have ruined this show. Whether intentionally (which some of us believe) or not, the result remains the same.

  36. Profile photo of Mel_O

    Just finished watching today’s episode of Y&R (I live in Canada) and just when I thought Sharon couldn’t sink any lower, she did! She’s become snooty, arrogant and bitter. You would think being the town pariah might humble her a bit…but, noooo. Agenda or not, I do not recognize this character any more, therefore I’m on board w/ her leaving. If for no other reason than to keep MAB from destroying her any further.

  37. Profile photo of shirls429

    I really love Sharon with Adam but,i love Melisa
    Claire Egan(Chelsea)and i don’t want her to go anywhere.What a great actress and i hope they will keep giving her grea storylines. :)

  38. Profile photo of tedew

    Sharon is redeemable (if you will) but most everyone is here; even Adam and even Daisy for vastly different reasons. Michael was redeemed, Paul was redeemed, Kevin was redeemed … and on and on.

    But I still somehow remember that Sharon has always been a troubled little creature. She’s always had major problems that need to be addressed and corrected so she can become “likeable” again.

  39. Profile photo of thecourt99

    Anyone can be redeemed with good writing, and since that doesn’t exist….well…..

    I loved Sharon as a character, flaws and all. I accepted the hits to her character when the left her children with their father to go find herself, because I knew that some backstage stuff was going on. I never let that incident become a part of her character, but every writer since then has made it a part of her character and added to it. The worst is with Faith and staying with Adam after find out the truth. Actually…that wasn’t the worst. The worse was when she didn’t seem to have the slightest idea why other people thought she was crazy for being with him.

    Anyway, many people mentioned that they missed a good opportunity by not focusing on her father and her mental issues while she was in the hospital. Doris brought it up once and it never came up again. Speaking of Doris, these writers need to do her justice. She always told Sharon the truth, but it was always in love. Sharon respected and listened to her mother. The last few times that Doris was on screen was a horrible representation of their relationship.

  40. Profile photo of drsky

    Soap fans that followed As The World Turns in the mid 80’s: Do you remember when soap heroine Barbara Ryan went from squeaky clean to manipulative bitch? It worked because of the writing. The powers that be looked at the history of Barbara Ryan and could justify that she had simply had enough of being the victim. She took charge of her life, decided she wanted Tom Hughes back in her life and tried to break up his marriage to Margo. She and Margo, their history involved Margo’s affair with Barbara’s husband James…well to make a long story short…the evolution of Barbara from nice girl to bad girl worked and it’s because the writers and the sensational acting of Colleen Zenk paid attention to history and made it work.
    Now fast forward to the present over 20 years later, and let’s look at Sharon Newman and the evolution of her character. THe writers paid no attention to her history. The woman who overcame giving up her baby for adoption when she had a teen pregnancy; survive a rape; struggle for her identity in the Newman family in her teen marriage to Nick; and then years later lose her marriage and family after the death of her teen daughter. Sharon was growing and changing with everything that came her way. Suddenly someone decided that Nick needed to have an affair with an older woman, Phyllis…and Sharon Newman as we knew her was gone. She married and divorced Jack Abbott, had a fling with Brad Carlton, slept one night with Billy Abbott, and as noted by an earlier comment, slep with three men in one week. Had any attempt at explaining these mistakes been made, then maybe we’d be seeing a woman experiencing a complete breakdown dating back to the loss of her daughter. But that’s just one idea and it’s grasping at straws. Unlike Barbara Ryan, the character of Sharon has been assasinated with no tribute to her strong history in the Newman Family. About the only way to save her now would be to bring in another “Look Alike” who took over Sharon’s life around the time her best friend Drusilla went over the ridge. OR, perhaps have her dealing with multiple personalities for the last three years or so… that might help to explain the kleptomania (what a cheap storyline that was). But I do agree that this is the breaking down of the Y&R. Sharon was the one heroine left on the show for fans to cheer for.. but no longer. And when the fans are given such horrible uncharacteristic like events to watch their favorite heroine go through, well the fans will see that the writing is on the wall (no pun intended). Still though, I hang in there daily and hope to see the Y&R return to its glory days.

  41. Profile photo of CSN44

    I am so happy to see your article. As a 30yr. plus viewer, I am so sad to see what is happening to my favorite show and to my favorite character. The dismantling of Sharon has been very hard to watch.
    Starting with her falling in love with the very man that let her and Nick think their child was dead for months. So sad to see the reationship that they have written for Nick and Sharon. They have been written to almost dispise each other. Then to top it off now Sharon and Victor. This is a man that has been like a father to heb and acways treated her like a daughter.
    I am a fan of Victor but he has even been made out to be worse than ever.
    The re-writing of these long time characters is just awful and I hope someone in charge sees this before it is too late.
    As for can Sharon be redeemed? Of course she can…She has had a brain tumor and since New Orleans she has not been herself!

  42. Profile photo of hey mon
    hey mon

    [quote=RealityCheck 33]Shadam was the HOTTEST couple in all of daytime because SC and MM sold their relationship. Their sex scenes are probably the most sensuous seen in daytime for years, yet the howls from the douche-bags continued. So it’s really over. Are you happy now? Well tough shit.

    True, their sex was good, and watching it was real.

  43. Profile photo of hey mon
    hey mon

    From another Forum Board.

    an excerpt from their steamy night of passion…

    Sharon was dreaming and thinking as ‘the Boxer’ (Victor) and her were making love. Sharon could see many aspects of Nick in her new love, Victor. The steady hand, the powerful physicality of it all, as the pill taste of Viagra sloshed around in her mouth as he kissed her.

    Yet, she could understand the mannerisms of Adam in Victor, too. As the 73-yr old moved his dentures around in his mouth, she could understand the drive in Victor Jr. How nothing could stop Adam, just as Vic would not let his false teeth stop him from kissing his new-found love and ex-daughter-in-law.

    As she glanced over at his box of Depends on the night-stand, she understood the comforting grace of her own son Noah, and how he inherited that comfort from his grandfather…

  44. Profile photo of thecourt99

    @realitycheck33 – You think people asked for Sharon and Victor? Talk about false choice, you make it seem like there was a choice between Sharon and Victor, and Sharon and Adam and since people didn’t like Sharon and Adam, that was the only option left. I call bull.

    I also call bull on the entire Sharon and Adam story. Chemistry aside, because I do acknowledge their chemistry…they had no story or buildup at the beginning. Their “relationship” was built on a lie with the framework being that she was reacting to Nick moving on with his life. I can’t even count how many episodes I saw where Sharon just went along with the program. After the truth about Faith came out, Sharon was never even angry. Her emotions were always tempered with love…for the man that did this? Is there anything in Sharon’s history that makes her reaction make sense? And bringing up the court cases are laughable because the court case basically clearing Adam for what he did to Sharon and Ashley were just as laughable as the case against Sharon for killing that girl. The point is that the story was written horribly from beginning to end and Sharon as a character suffered.

  45. Profile photo of Bartman202

    [quote=stoney07]I don’t care what anyone says…I will NEVER want Y&R off the air and I’m not going to help it get cancelled.[/quote]

    I don’t want “Y & R” off the air and I’m sure that sentiment is unanimous with most of its fans. However, when the show has become as plot-driven and far-fetched as it has become, we the viewers have a right to voice ourselves.

    Will our rants fall on deaf ears? Most likely, but at least we care about the show enough to vent our frustrations in regards to the bad writing (courtesy of MAB and her co-hacks), bad stories and gaping holes in terms of story line time and continutiy.

  46. Profile photo of tedew

    RealtyCheck33 … I also thought Adam and Sharon made perfect sense together. However … because some of us whine and complain does not make us assholes; it’s just our opinion (if we made one).

  47. Profile photo of Karlie

    I think this writing regime has had it in for “Sharon” for years now. I knew that if they put Sharon with Adam, it was the officially beginning of her destruction. Look what’s happened to her ever since she took Adam back AFTER she found out what he did to her and Ashley? MAB threw Sharon under the bus to prop her new pet, MM’s Adam. They completely re-wrote Sharon’s character and tried to force-feed us this disgusting and unbelievable “us against the world” love story of Sharon and Adam. Sharon didn’t ever really show any anger or hatred towards Adam after learning he kidnapped her daughter and continued to lie to her for months and months afterward -even when confronted by the GC posse at the Abbot cabin. She begged Adam to tell her the truth, “if he ever loved [her]”, and he still lied to her face. That was it for me. I knew Sharon would be destroyed all for the sake of pumping up Adam. The pairing made me sick to my stomach because Sharon would NEVER have put such a sociopath like Adam before her kids, yet that’s exactly what she did time and time again. Sharon became the one repeatedly mocked, insulted, ridiculed, an outcast with everyone that cared about her – even her own mother and son!! – all for Adam’s sake? No, I never bought it or this supposed “chemistry” between Adam and Sharon. All I ever saw was this vacuous-looking Sharon clone who kept going back to her daughter’s kidnapper and the sicko who tormented Ashley (the one person who was only ever kind to him!). Sick! The mass exodus of Sharon fans began there….

    And then they throw her with Victor to ramp up the hatred towardst he character. They tested the waters with this offense at the beginning of the year by having that ridiculous quickie marriage when Victor was in jail. TPTB saw the outrage and hatred of the storyline from fans, YET they went ahead again with the pairing months later and taking to the ultimate disgusting and disturbing point: sex.You might as well just call it incest because their father-daughter-like relationship was so strong over all the years, that you just can’t ignore it. It’s vomit inducing what they’ve made the Sharon character do.

    As Jillian pointed out, why did they need to go there? Just for shock and awe? It makes no sense why they drag Sharon down even lower (and Victor too!) when it’s clear there is no real romantic feelings or love involved. It’s just plain sick for no other reason than for kicks. Apparently, degrading and humiliating Sharon for years now seems to be some sadistic game these writers enjoy. They turned a kind, sweet, loving mother, a woman who had a career and friends, into someone fans don’t even recognize anymore. Sharon was never a snoby, bitchy vixen, which is, I guess, what they’re trying to turn her into now. I guess in MAB’s warped mind, that’s Sharon showing “strength”, Sharon, MAB’s “wounded bird”. It’s utter garbage. Sharon has never been given any backstory to even attempt to explain this complete 180 turn-around in her behaviour. Nothing about what they’ve done to Sharon makes sense to me other than someone on this writing team or in the executive suite is trying to push Sharon Case out the door. Her character never, ever deserved to be treated like this (Bill Bell must be spewing in his grave, rest his soul). Someone is getting some perverted pleasure out of degrading Sharon.

    Time to clean house and fire Maria Arena Bell, Hogan Sheffer and Scot Hamner.It’s the only way to save the character Sharon specifically, and the show in general.

  48. Profile photo of MsAgentProvocateur1

    This show is on a road to NOWHERE. If it gets the AX, it will be because of Lousy, Sh*tty writing, an unsustainable bloated cast and indifference from Sony, which is losing $ daily and looking to cut losses, one Department at a time, and has been planning its escape from producing Soaps.

    Seriously, look at the shape that Sony’s soaps are in. Does anyone honestly believe Sony, that had a $4 Billion loss in earnings last quarter, is actually committed to these shows?? If you do believe this, I got a bridge in Brooklyn I wanna sell you!

  49. Profile photo of splashdpow

    Here’s my two cents on Sharon – I absolutely agree that the character of Sharon has been ruined, I also agree that Sharon was very much being primed as the future heroine of this show in the mid-late 90’s and early 2000’s. Saying that, Sharon wasn’t a saint either, and both she and Nick made a lot of mistakes during their relationship (see Matt, Grace, Diego, Cameron).

    This is going to get a bit of pushback, but the real problem for Sharon came when the old regime paired Nick and Phyllis together. Now granted, Nick and Phyllis are a strong pairing, but a proper Nick/Phyllis/Sharon triangle could have gone on for years, and be the backbone of the show for the next generation (much like Victor/Nikki/Ashley). Instead, this present regime insited on re-writing history, turning Phyllis into the heroine, and Sharon as the vixen (and I completely agree with Jillian – we can see Brooke Logan doing this kind of sleeping around, Sharon, not so much).

    Sharon and Brad has some good potential, until, in what I believe is still one of the biggest mistakes Y&R made (outside of killing John Abbott) was killing Brad Carlton. Sharon and Jack never worked. And inexplicably, even after we painfully got over the fact that Sharon would be in a relationship with her baby kidnapper – they ruin that relationship too! Whereas, a Sharon/Nick/Phyllis/Adam quad could at least turn into decent soap.

    The moment I really started to wonder WTF? with Sharon was the moment they made that poor girl run in some field and get sprayed by a cropduster…and then the volcano. Don’t get me started on the volcano.

    What Sharon needs storywise is a good old-fashioned cliche illness story, maybe something like breast cancer, that will allow the character to work through what happens when her main asset, her body, is comprimised. However, as we are now painfully aware, this regime doesn’t know how to write long form story, which is why the character, the Y&R overall, is unrecognizable.

  50. Profile photo of SoapArmageddon

    [quote=splashdpow] What Sharon needs storywise is a good old-fashioned cliche illness story, maybe something like breast cancer, that will allow the character to work through what happens when her main asset, her body, is comprimised. [/quote]

    Or an extreme STD.

  51. Profile photo of stoney07

    I don’t blame anyone for stating their opinion. I never said I had a problem with anyone voicing their opinions. All I said was I don’t want Y&R to get cancelled….

    I know people on this site don’t like my views, but it is what it is. I personally just don’t think the show is as bad as everyone on this site makes it. Sure, Sharon has been RUINED…but the show itself has not been ruined. To say it’s ruined would mean that it’s been written so poorly that a new regime of writers couldn’t come in and fix the mess. And that’s not the case. Am I a big fan of this current regime? HELL NO!!! But at the same time, if I find something to be interesting, I talk about it. I don’t just sit back and complain about everything I hate and never speak about where I feel something is interesting. I don’t read vague spoilers, assume what’s going to happen, and then complain about my assumptions. And honestly that’s a lot of what goes on around here.

    I could see if it was EVERY site, but it’s really not. Sure, on other sites everyone has their complaints and criticisms (even me), but there is also some positive. But to have people praise the crap that is GH, and trash Y&R, when in reality, both of them are pretty bad soaps at the present…it’s laughable to me. Just my opinion…don’t shoot me.

  52. Profile photo of marybee50

    stoney07-I agree about Y&R right now.I’m finding more I like than dislike.But watching today’s episode,I have to wonder what the hell is wrong with Sharon.She’s acting like she’s drunk or high.The way she was at the place where the benefit is being held and with Adam.Are they going to give her some disorder or has she just gone mental?

    About opinions,I’m in the minority right now about Days.Seems no one liked Friday or Monday,but except for the Chad/Melanie mess,i enjoyed Maggie and Victor.Brady and Madison.Glad Will is back on,but I wasn’t bored with the show.

    On B&B,only good thing is Deacon and Hope,way too many flashbacks with Steffy.

    I dropped GH in Nov and haven’t looked back.I hope it stays on for it’s fans,but I cannot not watch it.

    Everyone has opinions on what and who they like.Enjoy the debates,but don’t shoot anyone.

  53. Profile photo of thecourt99

    @stoney07…I see your point.

    This Sharon article has really brought back a lot of my disappointment for the show. I think Sharon’s character starting going downhill while Sharon was with Jack and they made it seem like she was really pining for Nick all that time (I don’t know who was writing back then). She lost all her ground and her growth. They made Shick (I am a former Shick fan) nothing but a fantasy build around a dead Cassie. Like the couple had nothing in common other than Cassie. That insulted me and in my opinion, started the downfall.

    That being said, I wouldn’t say that the show has been ruined. I will say that the show has become a show that I am not interested in watching. Not at all. I have seen Sharon turn into what has been discussed on this thread, Victor has become one note (he was always on the verge but now he has gone completely left), Victoria is not her father’s daughter, Jack is clueless, Lily and Cane are boring, Jill is a shell of her former self, Kay is a jack in the box, I am tired of seeing Phyllis, Lauren has become a scared and boring chick, Michael has lost his fangs….I can go on and on.

    Whew….that was a good release.

    Regarding GH…I am on the fence about that show too. GH isn’t my show, I have no emotional attachment to it, but it is just okay to me right now.

  54. Profile photo of archangel

    Please don’t ever compare the late great Douglass Watson from Another World to Eric Braeden. The romance of Mac and Rachel was one of the best in the history of daytime TV.

  55. Profile photo of Bloop

    I just finished watching the Wednesday, June 20th episode of Y&R and I have to agree, the character of Sharon has really gone downhill. When did she become such a snotty snob?! I was like, “This is not the Sharon I know.” It’s a complete 180 degrees from what she used to be.

    MAB, keep ruining core characters and have them doing stuff that we know they’d never do and you’ll definitely put the final nail in Y&R’s coffin. I have to say, I think MAB, SH and HS have already got Y&R’s grave dug and the coffin’s encasement is in the ground. It won’t be long before the casket is in it, the lid on the encasement is put on top and MAB, SH and HS will then shovel about 6′ worth of dirt on top of the show that they literally killed with their awful, awful writing.

    I really feel bad for the cast that they have to put up with the writing on this show. It’s just a travesty.

  56. Profile photo of ChrisGa

    I agree about her on Wednesday’s ep, particularly her exchange with Adam. I really wanted someone to walk up and knock her flat of her ass for the way she was talking to him about Chelsea and I’m not even that big an Adam fan to begin with. Guess the assassination continues.

  57. Profile photo of Karlie

    Yup, that is it exactly I think: make the fans turn on Sharon and hate her so much so when they opt not to renew SC’s contract (pink slip her basically), there will be no fan uprising. No planes flying over CBS studios demanding her return for long time vet Sharon Case. No-sirreee, they don’t want that. So what better way to accomplish that than to purposely tear down her character (while simultaneously propping and pimping the woman who helped break up Sharon’s marriage to Nick, the start of her downfall, and mocked her about it).

    If I recall soap reports correctly, SC always had “tough” contract negotiations. Even way back when Sharon first left her kids to “find herself” after kissing Victor, that was because the actress was in tough contract negotiations and the writers had to come up with her exit in case SC didn’t come back. Now, I think they just want to push SC to the brink so she doesn’t WANT to come back. I have ZERO trust or faith in this writing regime to right the wrongs they’ve deliberately (and with glee it seems) inflicted on her character.

    Everything went downhill for Sharon the second Phick got together. It started with Phyllis-worshipping Lynn Latham, and it has only gotten worse with MAB and her wrecking team. Both head writers continually subjected Sharon to pain, hurt, humiliation and insults over and over and over again, for no good reason. Phyllis broke up SHARON’s marriage intially, not the other way around, and Sharon never had any prior issues with Phyllis. Yet Phyllis was always allowed to get the upper hand over Sharon and ridicule and taunt and torment her (why did Sharon constantly have to “see” Phick’s gazillion recommitment ceremonies and pine for Nick??). Why? Wow. Poor SC. I almost wish she would leave and try for prime time because TIIC just don’t value her character at all and I can’t watch her destruction anymore. It’s just not justifiable in any shape or form outside of the writers hating “Sharon”. Period. JMO.

  58. Profile photo of tedew

    I’m not sure I’m seeing Sharon the way some of the rest of you are during the past few days. Some of it is just her fighting against the “upper crust” establishment and hypocrites surrounding her. The rest of it is her showing her jealousy of Adam’s new possible love life and regret that she let him slip away. You can take just so much of pretenders to the throne former low lives like Nikki and her snotty offspring throwing their high and mighty ways about against you and not react. She may be coming across badly but I think that is a normal and realistic reaction.

  59. Profile photo of Cuppa_Coffee

    Sharon is no heroine and she isn’t a vixen.
    She’s a slut and a thief.
    She wears that stolen necklace like she’s proud of getting away with it. When she get’s caught it will be ‘poor me :(, I can’t help it.’ But this time she won’t have Nick or Adam or Jack or Billy to come to her thieving rescue. Maybe Victor will leave her in jail again.
    She will continue to be Victor’s bed warmer until he tires of her clinging.
    I hope they check her purse on the way out too.

  60. Profile photo of Cuppa_Coffee

    They are hammering Sharon, Phyllis and Victor. But Sharon’s always been a bit of a dingbat. Sniveling, taking off by herself to “find herself.” She put a lip lock on Victor many years ago and Nick seen it, Sharon took off, left the kids behind AGAIN.I believe all this was before MAB.
    Every time she started redeeming herself she’d jump in another bed.
    That is Sharon’s character on the show. Phyllis is a hot head, Victor is an ass, Jack is unlucky in love and business, Kevin’s a chipmunk.
    That is their character.
    Her taking off for a year and spending it with Sam is a good idea. Sam is a boring but good soul. She can help him as a vet assistant. Raise more Fannies.

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