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The Davis coven holds a memorial service for the baby.  Kristina snarks about Jason’s absence, but Alexis warns her not to mention him again because they need to help Sam through this.  Molly wishes she could do more, but Sam appreciates everything she’s done.  Sam cries and apologizes for not being stronger. Alexis assures her that she’s handling it as best she can.  Sam says she feels like she’s falling apart and that with her daughter she never saw her. However, her son was so beautiful and she doesn’t know how she’ll get through this.  Alexis hugs her. 

Alexis says there is no timeline to grief, but to be patient and it will be okay.  Sam says everything inside her says the baby isn’t dead and that none of it makes sense.  She says he was beautiful. Alexis says to remember him that way. 

Carly and Todd discuss the new Sun newspaper that Todd bought.  He mentions all the holdings that came with it, including Crimson. He says Kate sold her controlling interests a few years ago and he now owns the whole thing.  Carly’s shocked that he’s making serious commitments in town.  He asks her opinion of the paper. Carly is saddened when she sees an article about Sam losing her baby.  Carly says she feels bad for Sam, that it doesn’t make sense.  Todd says no one should lose a child and feels sorry for Sam’s suffering.  

Spinelli tells Olivia that he’s retracing Heather’s steps from the night of the storm and he’ll let her know what he finds.  He runs into the highway patrolman who stopped Heather that night. He explains that he’s a PI, looking into a woman. He shows the cop Heather’s picture.  The cop says the woman was travelling with her husband, a white haired drunk man.   

Heather overhears Olivia say “nut job” while talking to Spinelli on the phone and demands to know who she’s referring to.  Olivia deflects and Heather says she’s looking for a job so she can move forward.  She points to The Sun and says she’s thinking of something like that. However, Olivia doesn’t think Todd Manning is the type of guy to hire someone without experience. Heather says she can be very persuasive.  Spinelli shows up and tells Olivia that he has news about Heather and a “husband”.

Anna wakes up from her night with Luke and both wonder if it was a mistake.  Luke admits that it was enjoyable, but Anna feels it will put their friendship and her job at risk.  She asks him about his feelings for Tracy, but Luke deflects the question.

Jason runs into Michael at the Q mansion. He is surprised to hear about the funeral for the baby.  He explains to Michael how he’s responsible for the baby’s death, even though Michael assures him that the baby could have died even if he’d gotten to the hospital in time.  Jason says Sam will never forgive him for wanting the baby gone. He mentions thinking about Franco and asking Sam to give it up for adoption.  Jason says Sam won’t forgive him, that she’s lost too much.  Michael says he’s lost the baby too, but Jason feels it would hurt too much for Sam to see him. 

Tracy gets into Luke’s hotel room and is shocked to find Anna in his bed.  Anna covers and says she and Luke switched rooms, but that Luke left an hour ago.  Tracy says she needs to talk to Anna about Luke. She’s taking him off of Anna’s hands, that they’re getting back together, once the police stuff is no longer an issue.  Tracy says they had nothing to do with Anthony’s disappearance, despite the evidence against them. 

Luke overhears, as Anna reminds her that Tracy and Anthony are still married. Tracy says in name only, that they are separated.  She wants Anna to move out, since it doesn’t look right for her to be shacked up with a former suspect.  After Tracy’s leaves, Anna tells Luke that this shouldn’t happen again. 

Spinelli shows up at the memorial and offers Sam his condolences. He knows there is no way to make it right, but tells her he loves her and they hug.  Michael shows up, but Kristina warns him that Sam may not want to see him because of Jason. Sam calls out to him. Michael offers his condolences and a hug.  Carly shows up and offers her condolences, a hug and spots Todd lurking outside the gates.  Carly catches up with Todd back at the hotel. She tells him she saw him at the cemetery and that he has a bigger heart than they thought. 

The Davis women leave, but Sam asks to stay awhile longer and sits there by herself until Jason shows up. 

Todd is surprised to find Heather waiting for him in his room. 

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    So, none of the Qs went to the memorial? I get Edward, since JI’s health isn’t that great, but no Monica?

    Loved the Davis coven scenes and KeMo was doing a bang up job again.

    HAted the Michael/Jason scenes, and Michael’s constant tongue bath of all things Jason.

    Hated that LUkAnna clearly did the deed.

    Loved the Tracy/ANna scenes. Well played from both JE and FH. I’m not sure if I should feel sorry for Tracy or not, since she’s in for a world of hurt when she finds out the truth, but at the same time, she seems in denial of what’s happening right in front of her.

    I like that Olivia/Spinelli are working together. It’s different for this show, and has nothing to do with the mob.

    I wish they would show me that Todd has a twinge of a conscience.

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    I thought they would attempt to make Michael more of a kid, young adult than they have with the new regime. I just don’t get what any woman would see if him as he seems to much of a drama queen (and nto the gay sense) and always lending his 2 cents to someone else’s moments at the ripe age of all 22, if that.

    Still in the court of CONNIE is the real personailty that should be allowed oiut and Kate’s is the “loony” one since life was started with COnnie and not kate.

    The show continues to showcase these events that because of budgets are glaringly small and hence dull to watch. Sam’s child serive was OK

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    I thought they would attempt to make Michael more of a kid, young adult than they have with the new regime. I just don’t get what any woman would see if him as he seems to much of a drama queen (and nto the gay sense) and always lending his 2 cents to someone else’s moments at the ripe age of all 22, if that.

    Still in the court of CONNIE is the real personailty that should be allowed oiut and Kate’s is the “loony” one since life was started with COnnie and not kate.

    The show continues to showcase these events that because of budgets are glaringly small and hence dull to watch. Sam’s child serive was OK

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    Kate/Connie had sex with Johnny so I doubt that they are mother and son.

    Anna could do a lot better than Luke Spencer!

    Alexis needs a love life. Luke has Anna, Tracy and Heather sniffing his old bones, while Alexis can’t even get a kiss!

    It’s too bad that Michael didn’t join Krissy at college in a far off land.

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    Todd looks good shirtless. I want to see more men shirtless (not Sonny). I wonder if all the men got told to tone up for the summer? Hum… I wonder if ME will go shirtless soon?

    I’m probably going to regret saying this, but I like the friendship developing between Carly and Todd. I do believe she’s going to throw a hairy, monster fit when she finds out his role in the baby switch (well once she finds out it’s Jason’s baby and not Franco’s), and maybe their friendship won’t survive that bit of news, but we shall see.

    Now I’ll get to it… Carly shocked the bejinkies out of me today. The Carly that showed up after the service today was a Carly that I actually liked. She gave Sam a hug, and kept her damn mouth shut about anything having to do with Jason. Seriously, I did not see that coming. Now I know it’ll all change the next time they speak, but damn, it was refreshing to see her for once to be about Sam and not about Jason. I also like that Michael and Spinelli also kept their fool mouths shut about Jason while with Sam today.

    I love Sam and Molly together.

    How does Heather just get into any room at the MC?

    Tracey’s going to get hurt by Luke once again. Anna will probably get hurt by him also when she finds out that he sent Robert off on a Ethan goose chase when he should’ve been at his daughter’s funeral. I like both women and don’t want to see either one of them hurt by Luke.

    I do think that Todd is showing some remorse about what he did. I just wish this story wouldn’t have played out this way.

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    So we’re supposed to believe that Luke, an alcoholic, rapist, child killer, and deadbeat father is being fought over by 2 strong, smart, beautiful, independent women…yeah right. Fight over Mac for God’s sake! At least he’s worth it!

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    I do think that Todd is showing some remorse about what he did. I just wish this story wouldn’t have played out this way.
    Todd has been showing signs of remorse once he saw Sam at the hospital with Jason, which is why he hustled Tea out of town! I think RC missed the boat with the baby switch, and should have allowed Tea’s baby to be born healthy, while Sam dealt with a premature baby with major health issues. GA had a very compelling story line with one of the medical interns dealing with a premature baby.

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    @Lisason- I agree with you on the baby storyline.. He could have had Tea’s baby wake up- I don’t know something soapy like. Have Sam not reconize the baby and having trouble bonding with it.. I don’t know exactly but I can think of a hundred ways that would not have involved killing the baby.

    I feel so bad for Tracy. I hate that every time someone like Skye, Holly and now Anna comes along Luke drops her. Oh- and hookers from New Orleans. She is such a class act and deserves a real love story. IMHO Luke isn’t good enough for any of them.

    I was also happy Carly kept her mouth shut about Jason. They have been showcasing a lot of great scenes between Carly and Sam. I totally loved KeMo again. I feel like she must be exhausted when she goes home everyday- she has been bringing it. It’s nice to see her driving a story.

  9. Profile photo of soapbaby

    Wow. Just wow at Luke and Anna. I thought more of her than “slumming” but since she left grieving Patrick and Emma to room with Luke, I should have seen this coming a mile away. Just wow.

    And as much as I like Tracy, I have a difficult time feeling sympathy for her when she is having a “silly schoolgirl crush” on Luke even as she sat on his very bed with a naked Anna in it! Hell, even I smelled the sex just had from here (fighting back vomit as I write) and Tracy had no clue. I mean c’mon. Tracy should be smarter than this. I am no fan of Luke but if written as a love triangle of three intelligent and passionate adults versus dumbing-down Tracy and Anna to bolster Luke and his, ahem, appeal. Argh.

    Surprisingly, I like Olivia these days and appreciate her one-liners and looks of shock at Heather’s lunacy. And I love Heather’s lunacy but NO WAY should she be able to intimidate Todd “M.E.” Manning and especially as he saw her disposing of a dead body!

    And speaking of Todd Manning. He made this episode worth watching. I can’t get enough of him and especially shirtless. Whew y’all. He is hot as hell. I loved him “prepping” for Carly before she walked in and the way he unabashedly flirts with her. Roger Howarth and Todd are what GH needs. I feel the same about Michael Easton/John McBain. I’d take Todd Manning & McBain over Sonny & Jason any day but that’s me!

    Back to Todd, he and Carly have a strong chemistry and I have liked all of their scenes together. Unlike Perkie, I saw Todd register guilt when Carly discussed Sam’s loss. But, as a long-time OLTL viewer I may be projecting what I want to see in Todd. Still, his actions are deplorable.

    I FFWDed everything Spinelli, he’s too much of drain. Saw him sniffing on the wet ground like a hound-dog and ugh. Jason and Michael scenes were par for the course as were The Davis Family scenes. All Davis Family scenes feel too contrived and forced. Seeing Alexis and Sam at a gravesite reminded me of their previous encounters at gravesites’ for Sam’s dead family members. Sam blamed Alexis for the deaths of both her baby girl in ’04 and her brother in ’06. The writers not mining Sam and Alexis’ complex history is a missed opportunity. But I guess giving Nancy Lee Grahn meaty material to work with is out of question when she can just stand around wringing her hands playing the mother of lesser characters.

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    This whole Kate/Connie mess makes no sense and I hate when TIIC think we are stupid not to see through their plotpoints.

    Kate sold a controlling interest in Crimson? Was Jax OK with this? When she had money to spare why did she buy half of the Metro Court and not her magazine back.

    Also, before anyone knew about Connie, Olivia implied that Connie has been a “wild one” and a “handful” (SLUT) in her teenage years. This to me rang absolutely false. Now we find out that until she became Kate, Connie was technically a virgin. This makes more sense than slutty Connie, but goes against what they were making us believe just a couple of months ago.

    Also, 17-years old Connie gave up Sonny because she loved him so much she wanted to save him; Kate loves him so much she will forgive anything. Can someone then please explain to me why Crazy Connie hates him so much?

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    I FF’d pretty much all of the cemetary scenes. KeMo not doing it for me this go around and its probably because I know a) her baby is alive and I have to live thru that craptastic return eventually b) once her baby is back she will forgive Jason once again and all of her new found balls will be again placed on Jason’s couch.

    Spin so much less annoying when he is not pining after Maxie or doing Jason’s dirty cyber deeds

    Todd Todd Todd…my my my. I think more of my love for Todd comes from RH and when he played on ATWT. This is how I like my soap men….hot with a side of nasty boy (i.e Rick, Lorenzo)

    Today was my first time that I saw the chemistry between Carly and Todd, and I loved all of their scenes.

    I am in agreement with the above who mentioned having a hard time even fathoming that The Todd Manning would worry about Heather. I also feel Todd’s guilt and I think that showed when he went to the cemetary.

    Still feel dirty watching Luke & Anna the afterglow (cuse’ me while I go hit myself upside with a shovel)

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    [quote; mipeony]The Carly that showed up after the service today was a Carly that I actually liked. She gave Sam a hug, and kept her damn mouth shut about anything having to do with Jason. [/quote]

    But that scene wasn’t about Jason, it was about Todd and his supposed guilt that I’m not seeing. Had it not been about Carly seeing Todd, I beleive she would have said something about forgiving Jason. Also though, she’s sort of been on Sam’s side in this, telling Jason that he needs to reach out to Sam.

    [quote]How does Heather just get into any room at the MC[/quote]

    same way Tracy did, bribe someone.

  13. Profile photo of JasonMorganIsAHottie

    My eyes, my eyes…looking at that pic of Anna & Luke is just eww. It made no sense to me that Anna would move in with Luke instead of Patrick and adorable Emma. It’s disappointing that Patrick dropped almost totally off the canvas after Robin’s “death”. Would rather see Patrick mourn Robin than Luke being in a triangle with two amazing women. The Davis service and scenes with Carly, Spin and Michael were nice, but wished for a Q’s presense. Carly & Todd, not interested in them.

  14. Profile photo of sassysdreams

    An excellent soapy hour!

    Loved the Luke and Anna and Anna and Tracy scenes!!!

    I enjoyed the Carly and Todd scenes even though I really hate Todd. And I don’t believe for even one second that Todd feels any guilt or remorse for stealing Sam’s baby or that he has any compassion or empathy or sympathy for Sam!!! If he really does feel ANY of those things then perhaps he should return the baby he stole to it’s real mother!!!!! |(

    I’m enjoying watching Spinelli and Olivia working together to try and unmask Heather’s crimes! So far it’s been a lot of fun.

    The memorial service was very moving and had me in tears. I love the Davis girls together and I especially like when Molly, Sam and Alexis share scenes. I’m still not used to nuKristina and she still doesn’t seem to fit in. Loved that both Spinelli and Michael showed up to offer their condolences but I was disappointed that neither Maxie or Monica made an appearance. And Carly showing up and pulling Sam into that big mama bear hug had me full on crying. Sam’s pain broke my heart!!! Bravo to KeMo!!!!! :love:

  15. Profile photo of GHteenybopper

    EWWWWWWWWWWW to Luke and Anna!!!!!
    Loved the hug between Sam and Carly, I wish they could be friends, but with Carly’s head halfway up Jasons…probably wouldn’t work out considering Jasam current breakup.

    Todd is funny..until you remember everything that he’s done, I thought it was hilarious that he was flexing his abs while Carly was knocking at the door, I definitely see the chemistry between Todd/Carly, I wonder how that dynamic will play out once Blair come back this summer, and Johnny’s horrible deeds come into light.

  16. Profile photo of BellaDonna

    Maybe it’s just me, but the whole Connie/Connie/Kate thing makes a lot more sense now. Kate has to be the host personality, since she’s the one with no memories of anything that happens when she splits. Keeping those memories locked up and protecting her from them is the job of the alters. 17 year old Connie who appeared the other day is a lot more in keeping with the way both Sonny and Olivia remembered her originally – she never really fit in with the rest of the neighborhood kids because she was more interested in fashion, appearances, knew that she was meant for a different kind of life, and she sometimes made Olivia and the other kids feel like she thought she was better than they were. The way that Olivia more recently described Connie as something of a wild child didn’t make any sense until now. That Connie is probably the personality that emerged while the original recipe was being raped and traumatized. As for why she’s so angry with Sonny, it couldn’t have gone over too well in her damaged psyche that after Connie left him – which was largely because of the rape and her fear that if she reported it, Sonny would get hurt – he almost immediately took up with her cousin/best friend and then proceeded to knock her up. By then, Connie would have realized that she was pregnant, and after she delivered and abandoned the baby to die, which would have been completely against her strict Catholic upbringing, she buried the memory of what had happened to her so deeply that she probably never thought she’d think about it again and then moved on and made a new life for herself. I don’t think 17 year old Connie is an actual alter, just the part of Kate’s mind that she used to lock that memory up tight, and older, angry Connie was the means to make sure that happened. As long as the memory was suppressed, there was no need for her to come out, but then years later, things happened that started to tweak Kate’s memory – the constant pointing out that “you’re not a mother, you can’t possibly understand” on the part of Carly, Olivia, and Alexis; Kate’s feeling that Sonny always put his kids, particularly Dante, before her and the obvious resentment that was causing; Sonny’s being shot while protecting Dante, and his subsequent refusal to put the need for revenge aside and leave Anthony and Johnny alone – all that probably started to nudge Kate’s memory to the point where Connie found it necessary to come out to keep that from happening. I also wouldn’t be surprised if there was another gatekeeper personality waiting to come out and play.

  17. Profile photo of mufasa

    Spinelli is going to be her son….
    OR Trey is going to be her son……

    cause he called Joe, Jr.

    so WHERE is the camera crew with Kristina at the graveside?

    Hating the new Kristina – the character and the actress is too harsh-looking…

    gimme more of Todd!

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    I thought Sonny and Olivia were together first and that Connie was the younger cousin but I dont want to give it too much thought lest Bishbay’s prophecy of a stay at Shadybrook come true.

  19. Profile photo of maxsmom

    I am the original recast opponent but I like the looks and acting of the new Kristina, I just havent liked the character since Lexi took over.

  20. Profile photo of SwanQueen59

    maxsmom-I was under the impression also that Olivia was the older of the two women. But with the writing the way it is, and the history check keys being ignored, we really shouldn’t be surprised that the ages change on a whim to fit the plot for where it is one day to the next… 0:)

  21. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    Does GH reuse parts of sets or is Sam burying her dead babies in Sonny’s backyard?

    Other than that thought, the whole episode was boring.

    Oh and Tracey and Anna need an intervention. Luke? Ick!

  22. Profile photo of shirls429

    I love Luke and Tracy but,it is fun to see him with Anna. They need to bring in someone new for Anna and let Luke and Tracy get back together eventually. :love:

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