SOAP BYTES: Todd Strikes a Pose on General Hospital; Nikki and Sharon Come to a Jailhouse Truce on The Young and the Restless!

GH BYTES:  General Hospital kicked off the week by having Todd (Roger Howarth) pose shirtless in his hotel room, when he saw it was Carly (Laura Wright) knocking on his door. The scene was hilarious. Todd can be such a cad, and oh so manipulative.  It turns out Todd bought the Port Charles’ paper and changed its name to The Sun. It also seems he’s the majority owner of Kate Howard’s (Kelly Sullivan) Crimson. I'm not sure I want to see Todd in scenes with Kate, but I like that he renamed the paper. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Todd and Carly are SO HOT! They need to jump in bed already!

Sam (Kelly Monaco) continued to mourn the loss of her child with her sisters and her mother at the cemetery. Thanks to Monaco, I'm feeling almost as bad for Sam as I did for Patrick (Jason Thompson) when Robin (Kimberly McCullough) "died". Meanwhile, Michael (Chad Duell) and Jason (Steve Burton) spent a bunch of time talking about Jason's emotions. 

Anna (Finola Hughes) woke up in bed and discovered Luke (Anthony Geary) watching her.

Luke: “Well, that happened.”

Anna: “Yep, it did.”

Now that’s a ringing endorsement for their roll in the hay!

 I’m not a fan of Luke with Anna, but if this results in Tracy (Jane Elliot) going on a rampage, I’m willing to give it time. 

Heather (Robin Mattson) got it into her head that she wants to be a reporter. The prospect of Todd having to manage a loose cannon like Heather actually sounds like fun. I hope it happens!

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    I predict that the hand we saw playing with money today on Y&R is none other than Genevieve’s dead daughter and Cane’s sister, Samantha. And she will turn out to be Tucker’s daughter with Gen.

    It’s the only explanation that seems plausible.

    But do we care. Seriously, Cane, Tucker and Genvieve could leave the canvas tomorrow and MAB could hire Victoria Rowell back as Drucilla and none of us would blink or question the decision because Dru came back and replaced the dullest TRIO on this show.

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    B&B was hands-down the best soap on yesterday and, again today. Kimberly Matula (Hope) and Sean Kanan (Deacon) really nailed their scenes. It was very compelling to watch because of the acting. Kudos.

    Now, a shirtless Todd Manning made GH watchable. Sorry, watching Anna and Tracy be made fools of over Luke is not good drama. I ask, does Anna and Tracy realize a very attractive Mac Scorpio is single? Geez. An Anna/Mac/Felicia triangle could be interesting. What does this show have against John J. York? He’s attractive and can act.

    Back to Todd…he and Carly have great chemistry. I am a big fan of Manning Enterproses, M.E. but not a fan of renaming Port Charles newspaper The Sun. So, does that mean that The Sun still exists in Llanview too? It’s a small thing but I found it annoying and not thoughtful.

    Also, I prefer Todd & McBain as leading men versus Sonny & Jason.

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    [quote=david46208]I was having a good day until I saw Nikki in pig-tales.[/quote]


    Have you seen today’s DAYS? I thought it would have put you in a bad mood david46208. :-(

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    I just don’t get the utter power that Bill Spencer has in Wisconsin that Victor Newman doesn’t possess?! Seriously, Victor went to prison to save Nikki from going because he couldn’t pull strings. Deacon goes to prison for his part in the crime, the coverup and blackmail and then Bill Spencer swoops in from another soap opera to get Deacon out without anyone on my soap finding out?! Seriously?!!!

    Then to make matters worse, the dumbest… wait, THE DUMBEST BLONDE ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH… cries over and over again because her daddy, her real blood daddy shows up at her wedding?!!! Seriously, Hope has to be the dumbest character ever written. First, she invites Steffy to fly with her and Liam to COlorado only to leave early so her fiance could suck face with her step-sister. Then she can finally marry her fiance who married her step-sister and then filed for divorce from her and Hope, the idiot, asks the ex-wife, step sister to stand up for her at her WEDDING?!!! Seriously.

    Then as she is about to go to the church her father, who abandoned her for her whole life, and one can only imagine that the picture Brooke painted of him to her all these years was not a rosy one of him, LEST THE DIM-WITTED ONE went online and did a simple google search and discovered all his misdeeds… INCLUDING HIS RECENT INCARCERATION… she still wants him to walk her down the aisle, hugs him as if he was always there for her, cries for him?!!

    This is why the Bell’s soaps suck right now even though they are number one. Bell Jr and MAB think because they are number one that they know what people want to see or watch but they don’t. I keep turning off the show 10 minutes into it hoping that one of these days there will be a character talking some sense into Hope or Steffy or just BITCH SLAPPING them into realizing that Liam AIN’T ALL THAT!!!

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    I thought yesterday’s episode of Days was crap.

    Abby and Cameron are being thrown together faster than she went psycho over Austin. The two have little chemistry and we don’t know very much about Cameron except that he is Lexi’s brother, I mean do we even know his last name?

    I haven’t like Brady and Madison from day one. Much like Abby and Cameron they were thrown together for no apparent reason and before we knew it Ian came along trying to break them up for no apparent reason.

    Finally Maggie and Victor, I know alot of people like them, but I don’t. Maggie has been useless on Days for decades, and to me she brings Victor down with her. Victor should be involved in the Titan business, he should be having Ian’s head for hiring Kate to work for Titan, but instead he is busy appologizing to Maggie for stealing her eggs back in the ’60s which was medically impossible back then, but thats another issue for another day.

    Days is at its best when they feature Marlena, Sami, Will and EJ. If Days is still worried about their budget they can fire everyone that was in Monday’s episode and focus stories around those four they will still be able to produce a quality show and keep Peter Reckell on as Bo!

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    Well, now that Todd has aquired/renamed the PC Press the Sun, does this mean that CH’s Diane will no longer have a job as a columnist there? Not that we see her anyway. And since it’s a foregone conclusion that Heather will be joining the paper, should we assume she’s taking Diane’s place? Just wondering… 0:)

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    Regarding Y&R: As awful as the character of Daisy is, if she were portrayed by a decent actress the story could be fun. Think Robin Mattson as Heather Webber on GH, that character is as crazy as the day is long but the actress makes her every scene enjoyable. Sadly, on Y&R, both the writing and the acting is so horrid everything fails completely.

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    Roger/Todd needs to be shirtless more often. When he was shirtless in that fantasy episode of Fraternity Row on OLTL I was blown away. The hairy chest and the amazing body!

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @soapbaby & everyone: Yes I saw Jay “Rashawn” Leno Jr. and Abby, Ian boring me, Brady getting a drug test and the only good thing on air was Maggie and Victors reunion.

    I hate to sound negative…But the state of soaps today leaves the good moments few and far in between.

    Like Ian drugging Brady on Days? What the hell was that for? Ian is just a mustache twirling villain. No rhyme or reason.

    It is like we are down to 4 soaps and they have the bottom of the barrel writers. No one is writing like their life depends on it.

    Do they love this genre or what is going here?

    Heck I can write for 3/4’s of what cost to pay Maria, Hogan and Scott put together. I’d show Ron C. a thing or 7 about writing character driven drama.

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    [quote=The_Moustache]does Carly know that Todd rapes women and steals their babies??[/quote]


    The way Carly has been written for a decade, I’m sure that makes him a catch. After all, she “got over” Johnny’s maybe rape of NuKate rather quickly.

    But we all know this regime can’t help but go there with Carly. She might be the first character in soap history to be sleeping with two rapists at the same time. Stay tuned to find out.

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    I love that Maggie & Victor are together. Plus Heather’s antics on GH. Otherwise Meh to these previews.

    Guess these writers are borrowing each other’s crayons again. Todd reminds me of the shirtless Fords of OLTL infamy. Then there is detective Daisy on Y&R and the Italian wedding over on B&B.

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    hey mon

    FiretrUCK Fest bewteen Ashley and Cane – Thanks Luke or Jamey for seeing the potential that a great fire-truck fest that could have been had between Ashley and Cane. No holds barred throw Ashley up against the wall, rip her clothes off, “Who in the #ell is Lily Ashby?”-type sex. With Ashley hiking her skirt up, and then sitting on Cane’s desk, making the Aussie forget about his child-bride Winters.

    Having said that, how boring have Gen and Cane become? Wondering if the mysterious hand is Samantha’s? Let me guess, Samantha really was her father’s protoge’. She was really a female version of Colin. She got shot by Caleb, and has been driving her mother daffy with grief for the last 7 years? Oh, poor poor Gen. And Jill will be mixed up with this mess?

    When are we going to see some naked daytime women? BTW, this fellow Todd, with his hands on his hips. That is hard work, to have your body fat ratio down to that level. Fruits and vegetables for 5 days a week is the only way to pull it off. And no booze. That counts me out.

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    Todd and Cujo – no, no, a million times no! No one is so vile that they deserve to be stuck with that rabid She-Wolf from hell, except possibly Jerry Jacks.

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    Why would they bring this Cameron on Day’s much less pair him with Abby,ridiculous. Abby has no chemistry with him,they need to recast this character with someone else!!!!

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    Yesterday’s DAYS was one of the worst episodes in some time. The whole Abby/Cameron stuff has been forcefed from day one with all the googly eyes at each other; excuse the coarse language, but they need to fuck already and get it over with so they can discover what all the viewers already know–that it’s a chemistry-free bust.

    Brady/Madison/Ian…..I don’t inherently hate Brady, but I think I do inherently hate Sarah Brown. KIDDING. Seriously, she’s a forceful actress but, as someone else pointed out, also very harsh and as such I just find very limited appeal when it comes to her. Speaking of acting, Ian Buchanan, who I seem to remember thinking could act back in the day, has been Hogestyn/Taylor-level awful on this show but yesterday for some reason struck me as especially bad. Ready for both of them to go(though I suspect he’ll stick around long enough to be one of the candidates in the who’s-EJ’s-father? sweepstakes).

    Finally, the Maggie/Victor mess. They’ve been on exactly 3 times in the last month or so and the entirety of their screen time was a repetitive rehashing of Maggie’s eggs and lack of trust and sometimes love isn’t enough blah blah blah. I’m not a huge fan of Victor but I do love Maggie and the writers are wasting Suzanne Rogers with these scripts;I suspect that episode’s script actually had only two lines for Maggie and the queue for each succeeding Victor/Maggie scene read “Repeat previous two lines here”. Ridiculous.

    At this point I’m watching for EJ, Will and Marlena(and Sonny when they let him out of his room that one day a month).

    As for Y&R, as juvenile as the whole thing has been, I loved the Nikki/Sharon stuff the last few episodes; their scenes together actually put a smile on my face and break up what is an otherwise ongoing hot mess(though I do think revisiting the Phyllis hit-and-run is one of the only times MAB has actually used the show’s history for the better…oh wait, it’s DAISY who’s gonna bring down Phyllis for pulling that stunt. You’re right Luke; they are using crayons to write scripts at Y&R).

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    [quote=GG78]Damn, I didn’t know he had such a good body. YUM !!!![/quote]

    It’s called having a job requirement to spend every hour outside of the studio at the gym. It’s called having a weight trainer appointed to you by ABC. He didn’t “have” such a body…LOL come on you guys aren’t this naive :-)

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    Ugh no a thousand times to Todd & Carly! Must she come between every soap OTP I ever had? First vintage Sonny & Brenda & now, Todd & Blair?

    Besides, as delicious as Roger Howarth looks shirtless, it was so OOC for someone with issues like Todd Manning to strut around shirtless on purpose in front of someone like one of the Ford brothers.

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    [quote=Cath]Ugh no a thousand times to Todd & Carly! Must she come between every soap OTP I ever had? First vintage Sonny & Brenda & now, Todd & Blair?
    Besides, as delicious as Roger Howarth looks shirtless, it was so OOC for someone with issues like Todd Manning to strut around shirtless on purpose in front of someone like one of the Ford brothers.[/quote]

    I love this post! Todd is a disgusting character. At least Connie was not screaming “No” when she was having sex with Johnny and Johnny didn’t push some his friends to rape her also. And Johnny has not sold one of his kids (yet). I HATE that CarTini are making Todd the “good guy” / the “good alternative” to CarJohn. Like many, I was very hopeful when they were appointed to GH but I can’t forgive how they are ruining one of my favorite GH character Johnny to the benefit of pimping their favorite character Todd who I always thought watchable only with Blair.

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