Will Heather Webber Pay For Her Crimes on General Hospital?

Heather Webber (Robin Mattson) has done a lot of deliciously bad things since returning to Port Charles, and so far she’s gotten away with it. With Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) on her trail and her decision to blackmail Todd (Roger Howarth), has she overestimated her abilities? Will she finally pay for her crimes? Watch this week’s General Hospital promo after the jump! 

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    If her stay on the show is temporary, she will be hauled off again. But if not, she really is so delusional she could just go on her merry way and keep on scamming. Thats how crazy she is. Wouldnt it be fun if Janet from another planet came over to GH and haggled with Heather? And I think Janet is funnier and more entertaining.

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    Heather is a fantastic character who needs more airtime, more shenanigans, more room to create havoc in the lives of PC residents. She shouldn’t be relegated to just Sam/Jason and Luke and now Todd. Unlike some characters, Heather has always been able to think on her feet and turn her little tidbits of information to her advantage. She does need to get over Luke and set her eyes on someone else. How about Sonny? He deserves some of her attention.

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    Heather Webber and Robin Mattson are the best! I hope Heather sticks around PC and they give her more to do. Maybe she can find out Anna was involved with Dr David Hayward and bring him to town to keep Anna away from Luke. David and Heather would be a good evil duo. I was also hoping that maybe Steve and Liz’s dad Jeff would come back. Maybe played by John Wesley Shipp who would be great with Robin Mattson and played the evil Eddie Ford on OLTL and also on Guiding Light and ATWT.

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    I hope she stays long enough to rid the canvas of Booblivia and Steve. Heather’s stories so far have been so riddled with holes that it’s hard to root for her. And I always LOVED Heather but RM stints on GH have nearly always been wrecked by poor writing even in the 80’s. It’s a shame a more talented writer couldn’t flesh out Heather and make her multi-dimensional rather than the cartoon we have on screen. It’s such a guilty pleasure to root for a soap villain but when the story is so bad all we do is laugh, it’s hard to do any rooting.

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    I’m rooting for Heather, too. I hope they keep her around a long time… maybe she can figure out a way to pin her crimes on Olivia. Among other things, it would be fun to see her try to fix up Steven Lars with a new girlfriend

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    I seriously like Robin Mattson as an actress. I think she was AMAZING on Santa Barbara when she was on there and made the show that much more enjoyable. It’s sad that no other soap has given her a role that has longevity since then.

    As for her role as Heather, soaps… all of them and even before OLTL and AMC were canned… have been writing VILLIANESSe and VILLIANS as utterly evil with murder, kidnapping, rape and the like instead of just writing them as devious and manipulative so that when they do something horrible (and no, not murder, kidnapping or rape) they can believably get away with it or get off.

    With Heather, the writers have a great source for not only comedy but for old school bitchier with Heather. She has a great connection to Monica, has a connection to Jason and in return Sonny, can drop a one liner as well as Luke and can be a pain in the ass to Carly. But the writers have since written her as a murderer (that nurse), a kidnapper (that nurse and Sam’s kid), she’s tempered with a dead body (Anthony) and she will most likely try and kill either Spinelli or Olivia to keep them quiet.

    But why? Heather could have easily just tempered with ANthony’s body to save Luke butt (since she believes he killed the mobster) and only spied Todd switching the tykes and used that leverage to blackmail him and then she could freely go around town manipulating, scheming and bitching her way through the lives of everyone.

    No. That would take thinking and originality that the new team doesn’t have. Let’s just make her a LOONEY BIN and let her do her deeds and then we’ll lock her up.

    What’s missing from soaps right now is a BITCH. Not a murderous NUTJOB.

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    I would just love to see Steve disappear, actually. He does nothign to the landscape of the show, just like Olivia. There could be a few less characters and a lot more good drama on this show if the showrunners weren’t so busy copying scripts from old shows of OLTL

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    Robin Mattson is a brilliant actress; I was never a huge fan of her version of Janet–Kate Collins will always be definitive for me–but her work on Santa Barbara was ridiculously good for every second she was onscreen. Sigh…..now that was a great show.

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    I lie Robin Mattson. No matter what show she was on,she brought it,all the way.
    I love to see her going for it. I don’t want to see her kill anyone,but blackmailing Todd and her and RH were great the other day. She could put Olivia in a coma and I would think that was fine. But the actress plays very well off of RM The show needs desperately some of this.All we ever got was dead stone cold jasbot running in guns blazing. Sonny the king running around with a gun,now we have Heather.
    Heather I never FF the mob I do .
    I am giving the show a chance now, I even like the people from OLTL ,now if Sonny Could be gone and also Jason.
    I would watch every day to see Sam with McBain. what a kick in the head it would be for Jason to see McBain the honest cop raise his child Sort of like when Jason and Sonny stole Michael and raised him on the other side of the law! Paybacks a you know!

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