Adrienne Frantz Goes on Recurring at Bold and Beautiful

Looks like we'll be seeing less of schemer Amber Moore on CBS Daytime's The Bold and the Beautiful. Soaps in Depth is reporting Adrienne Frantz has gone on recurring.

 According to the item, Frantz will take her free time to pursue other projects. The actress was recently accepted to an improv and comedy school affiliated with the Groundlings.

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    Bring her back to Y&R. As much as I cringe at MAB, she did know how to write for Amber. Under her, Amber matured but still had that Amber spark. Sadly, Brad didn’t add to that and regressed her. Plus, there’s a storyline just sitting there with Daniel, now that he is now a FATHER (and even married a psychopath in order to stay in the child’s life!)

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    I havent seen much of her anyway, apparantly theres only room for the tired Liam/Hope/Steffy triangle.

    Havent watched in weeks, its horrible, they turned Brooke into a shrew like Stephanie.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @SoapGod: Don’t bring nobody back to Y&R until Maria and co. are gone.

    No wishful castings Jamey for Y&R. Just wishfully firings or how it should have been done…

    I hear by declare Y&R on house arrest.

    On another note, they been playing her as 21 since Clinton was in office. She gonna be 60 years old and just turning 30 on B&B. So unless they can write her as a “woman” and not as a girl then it is useless to have her.

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    Yeah, only Hope/Liam/Steffy/Brooke are allowed to be on contract. They are the only ones on the screen….so yeah it makes sense. *rolls eyes*

    By the way, why keep Amber when you bring Deacon Sharpe back for a few episodes so he can prop Hope and make us fall in love with the pill popping hussie. He’s around for a few, yet no scenes with anyone of any significance. Amber, who has tons of history on the show and is connected to just about everyone is on recurring.

    And we get more vomit inducing Hope/Liam/Steffy. Jesus….keep me near the cross!! PLEASE!!!

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    The Bell soaps are just doing everything wrong these days. Why isn’t B&B just keeping Hope, Liam, Steffy, Brooke, Ridge and Bill under contract. These are the only faces you see on that show anyway.

    B&B had the great opportunity to reunite Amber and Rick – one of their main couples ten years ago. And Brad Bell blew it. Jacob Young is only on like once a month and then has to be involved with the younger cast in some ridiculous love triangle. This is Jacob Young! If you have a talent like him use him instead of showing us these awful teens 24/7.

    But with Sean Kanan gone only weeks after he came back and giving up that potential, I don’t think we should be surprised anymore.

    It’s one huge disappointment. Maybe I’m done with the CBS soaps. It’s just frustrated when TPTB demonstrate that fans have no say at all anymore. -.-

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    ER Writer

    So I guess Amber joins the Gone and the Fallen with Jackie, Nick, Felicia,
    Whip, Oliver, Deacon, Owen, Bridget – will Taylor be next?, because they rarely show her these days – not to mention Thomas.

    Is – is Texas Battle still on contract?

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    ER Writer

    @soapjunkie I totally feel you.
    I want to support these shows but they make it so hard.
    And it’s just shameful to watch these primetime shows (Dallas, Revenge)
    come out of no where and DEMOLISH everything going on in Daytime.

    A lot of times I don’t post on DC, though I visit the site a lot, just because I am just tired of complaining about these shows.
    The Bell’s have watched 4 soaps get axed in the last few years, and instead of trying to patch the hole in their sinking ship they’re using buckets to scoop in more water.
    It’s beyond comprehension at this point.

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    I called it way back when it was revealed to Rick all that Amber had been doing. Bill Bell Jr ruined the maturity this character achieved over on B&B’s sister show, Y&R, just so it could tell lame repetitive stories. Instead of fallling the only good thing MAB did with the character over on Y&R and have her return to LA a stronger woman, someone that Stephanie could look at and be proud to see the woman she had become, Brooke could have a challenge to her “stay away from my family” mantra towards her, and Rick could actually see a viable relationship with the old time schemer.

    Bell jr could have still written her as a schemer but not on the level of what she was 10 years ago. It’s sad when the Bell’s make one big step forward in story telling only to take 22 steps backwards in development of the characters.

    Y&R should take her back and have her return to Daniel and that landscape. She could work at any of the 500 hundred cosmetic companies or even have Tucker as her sugar daddy or something. But have her work

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    Im starting to really resent this show – i started watching for SJB and RicH and then they wrote nothing for them. I loved SK from his days at GH and nothing for him. I love WH from his start at AMC and the dell/kendall relationship and we havent seen him in eons. Ditto HT even though Im not wild about her surgeries. I FLOVE susan flannery and it seems like shes never on either. I like JMW’s steffy, i love bill and I like liam but the fact that their stories are tied to vapid hope and breathy brooke drives me to distraction. Now out the door goes amber. I guess that means we are eventually going to get an endless rick/caroline/thomas triangle and since the logans always win out, the ending is sort of a boring foregone conclusion. I find myself wondering more and more why i watch this show and the answer seems to be with FF it only last ten minutes.

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    [quote=ER Writer]@soapjunkie I totally feel you.
    I want to support these shows but they make it so hard.
    And it’s just shameful to watch these primetime shows (Dallas, Revenge)
    come out of no where and DEMOLISH everything going on in Daytime.[/quote]

    And you know it’s hard. Some say that complain is everything soap fans do these days. But there is a reason for it. We don’t do it out of fun.
    I don’t want to complain all the time. But news like this one and creative decisions that keep upsetting fans make it very hard.

    I love this genre. I think there is still room for daytime drama. But it has to be done the right way. The creative people should read message boards and take criticism. I’m angry at people from the industry who keep saying that angry viewers are good. That they’ll keep talking about the show and voice their opinion.
    It’s not good at all! There have to be people that are still behind what goes on on-screen. But if you have a big number of fans who don’t like certain storylines or other decisions made by TPTB these people should start to listen.

    They are the ones ruining this industry. With their own arrogance, thinking that they know everything. What let’s this industry die are not viewers who stop watching. The people that clearly don’t know or respect anymore what the audience wants … these are the ones letting this genre – and with that I mean daytime drama, not soap operas – die.

    Sadly, after Maria Arena Bell … her brother-in-law, Brad Bell, seems to be one of them. I don’t know what happened to him. The year of 2005 brought a change in his story-telling that slowly is taking his show down. He plays the same characters, one storyline and for that he’s letting SEVERAL talented people, who have stayed on this show for a long time (Jack Wagner and Lesley-Anne Down), go. There is no balance. There isn’t even a B storyline anymore.

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    B&B is really getting on my last damn nerves!Frantz probably decided to leave and it’s because they won’t write for Amber and show her with Rick-EVER! I guess if you don’t play a Logan family member, you really can’t stay on THIS show? Whatever, I bet Adrienne Frantz will is better off, I hope the best for her, Why can’t the B&B writers share the wealth and write for EVERYONE and alternate airtime for the whole cast-and not the the “chosen few??”

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    I bet the next person to leave the show will be Jacob Young, wait and see.
    The guy is never shown and when he is, it’s only for Rick to prop up little sister Hope, and play badazz big bro. JY didn’t even get alot of time to get into Caroline/Rick/Thomas thing before the writers decided to push the Liam/Hope/Steffy triangle back into the spotlight again. Mark my words, Jacob Young will soon be on his way out right behind Adrienne Frantz and I sure won’t blame him for leaving.

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    Jacob Young, Alley Mills and even Hunter Tylo. There come a lot of people to my mind that ain’t used anymore. I expect one of these three to join Frantz, Wagner or Conroy on the “recurring basis”.^^

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    I so agree with you, I also love Don D’sBill, JMW’s Steffy and adore Susan Flannery’s Stephanie but I just hate that my faves have to prop up Liam/Hope crap like they do, and they are beyond this.It makes me not want to watch anymore and I’m getting tired. Something better change or B&B will join AMC and OLTL in the “soap graveyard.”

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    EXCELLENT thoughts soapjunkie88, ICAM the most talented on this show are/were shoved to the side and not written for and Bell has changed the writing since ’05 and not for the better. He keeps featuring the same ones over and over and it’s like he doesn’t care what the fans want or think, but he’s killing the show I’ve watched since I was elementary school and it’s very sad to see. Can’t CBS step up and DO SOMETHING???

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    B & B has been a one trick pony for years! Ridge/Brooke/Caroline, Ridge/Brooke/Taylor. Now the ratings rose at some point for a short period of time so now we have “the next generation” (Brooke & Taylors daughters) going after the same lame male type character. Popular actors are brought on with much fan fare, then disappear 3 months later, wash, rinse, repeat.
    The problem(?) is that BB is very popular internationally, so BB is a novella type show which plays very well over seas, but has US audiences shaking their heads. When you throw in a VERY tired repetive head writer and “diva” actors it turns into one big boring hot mess.

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    Well this is it. The last straw that broke the camel’s back.

    Even though I was kind of expecting this, it still is a shock. AF used to be one of Brad’s favorites and I really, really hoped that she would be the ONE person who he would write for in addition to Liam/Hope/Steffy. But obviously that was not the case. And the storylines for Amber since she came back have been ridiculous. Now there was this big ray of hope of her re-uniting with Rick and really becoming the new Brooke. That would have been classic soap material.

    For AF this is definitely for the better in the long run. I’ve actually been feeling sorry for her, and wondering how long she will be around. They have destroyed her much like Sharon Case on Y&R.

    I am 99,9 % convinced that Hunter Tylo is next in line. It is only a matter of months before she is dropped.

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