The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Is Daisy FINALLY Gone For GOOD?

Daisy: The milquetoast villainess contacts Michael and wants him to meet her in an alley, but when he arrives she isn't there. Michael comes across Daisy's bloody scarf. Did someone do us all a favor and off this hot mess? Word spreads about Daisy's disappearance, which makes both Daniel and Phyllis wonder if the other finally got rid of the wench permanently. Things don't look good for Phyllis, when Avery and Heather start to question why she made the choice to drop the charges against Daisy.

Anita: She hits Genoa City and breaks some stunning news.

Daniel: Evidence that can clear his name turns up.

Michael: The legal eagle had to decide between his wife and new job as the D.A., when he fears Lauren will be locked up again.

Carmine/Abby/Ashley/Victor: Abby spies Carmine kidnapping Chloe and stashing her inside the trunk of his car! Seems Carmine decides to pay Kevin back by snatching up his wife. Abby comes to the fashionista's rescue and takes her place! Ms. Newman realizes the gala is a flop, and thinks her kidnapping can be used as a great publicity tool. Later, Abby sends a text message to her family letting them know Carmine has absconded with her. Ashley freaks when she learns what has taken place, and wants to hold a press conference to help find her only child.

Meanwhile, Victor deduces Abby is behind everything, doesn't want to do a thing. Ashley isn't trying to take any chances with Abby's safety. The exes have a heated argument about how to get Abby back home. Don't be surprised when Ash turns to Tucker.

Carmine thinks he's bested Kevin, but gets the shock of his life when he listens to the radio report of his "kidnapping" of Abby! He pulls over, grabs Abby out of the trunk and lets her know they are going back to Genoa City to clear this all up. Abby warns she will tell the authorities he tried to abduct Chloe instead. Carmine heads to a motel to regroup. Look for sparks to be flying like crazy for these two!

Ricky/Eden: Michael's little sis will find a sharp object held very close to her throat, courtesy of Paul's deranged son!

Paul: The gumshoe has to deal with the guilt he has after he participates in a heated showdown.

Cane/Lily/Colin/Genevieve: Daddy's home…

Ronan: Nina's son will find himself in the mix of multiple storylines when he retuns to Genoa City.

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    As much as I am glad that Daisy is out of the picture I am not too happy that YET AGAIN a good mother has been taken down. MAB must have mommy issues with the number of stories on this show that portray moms as dimwits, morons, losers, selfish psychos and the lot.

    Here is the long list:

    Sharon: Forgetting that Sharon RAN AWAY years ago because she couldn’t take the stress/heat in GC anymore and leaving behind husband, daughter and young son, Sharon first took up with the man who admitted to kidnapping her daughter and making her believe she was dead EVEN after everyone and her son said “No MOM”. Then she was wrongly convicted of Murder and instead of fighting the charges (whether behind bars or not) she opted to runaway and FAKE HER DEATH. Then she took up again with Adam, made several wrong choices that had her lose custody (only to win it back by using Victors manipulations) and then taking up with the grandfather to her kids, the father to her 2 ex husbands and the ex-husband of her nemesis and ALL FOR HER OWN PLEASURE. None of her motivations were with her kids in mind.

    Sharon in Genoa City is the lead for WORST MOM and dumbest blonde.

    Ashley: How many times will this woman marry a man who is not right for her? Seriously, her love life is a train wreck. She married Tucker and didn’t listen to her daughter who had been telling her left right and center that the man was a louse, a scoundrel, a manipulator, a cheater and a loser. Then she had to watch as everything her daughter said came true about YET another man she loved.

    Ashley may be a business titan but in love she is one big loser and one selfish woman for thinking about herself FIRST.

    Diane: Now, Diane was a bitch, a cheat, a vixen, a liar and some might say a liar. But when she was killed the one thing everyone in town said about her was that she was truly a GREAT MOM. The majority of her motivations came from her desire to not only have a family (look all the way back to her giving up Victor so that Nikki, who was dying at the time, could wed her one and only love TO ONLY LOSE OUT MORE when Nikki recovered and Victor stayed with Nikki) and when, through the same process of theft that Ashley worked with to gain a child, Diane was maligned and portrayed as a horrible woman. She raised Kyle to be a great kid and only to protect herself from the likes of Genoa City did she send her son off to boarding school without his dad knowing. Still everything was for him. She was killed for being a bad person but a great mom. (I’m still in the camp that she did not deserve murder).

    Lauren: Yes, to protect her son from Sheila Carter Lauren sent her first son to live the majority of his life in a boarding school, safely tucked away in Canada under an assumed name all the while, Lauren lived it up in GC and LA, hobnobbing and partying with multi-millionaires and billionaires. Seriously, if Lauren wanted to be a good mother she should have sold her family business or put the stores under a trust and lived off the proceeds modestly in Canada while being a mom 24/7 to her son. If she did do that, Sheila never would have found him years later. Lauren is guilty of abandonment and she almost did it with Fen all because of her fears.

    Phyllis: Now Lauren and Phyllis in the bad mommy category truly started un Bill Bell Sr but under this regime, MAB has made Phyllis the nut job of all mommy’s by bringing up her evil past deeds of attempted murder and the like while passing judgement on her granddaughter’s mommy at the same time. Every time Phyllis yelled at Daisy that she is a loser one has to wonder where she is getting off passing judgement and, also, why she is not being blamed for bringing Daisy back since it’s her selfish actions to gain custody of the child that saw Daisy return. Plus, we never hear of her talking about her daughters ever as much as when she speaks of Lucy.

    Daisy: Daisy is Phyllis 2012. She has done some bad things but has been caught and convicted and released by a judge. Phyllis has never EVER paid for her crimes like Michael or Kevin or even Daisy. Yes, Daisy is a bad mommy because of what she has done to Lauren, Jenna, Daniel and Kevin, but when you look at her from the time she returned she is the nest mom on the show because she is always concerned for Lucy and is always taking great care of her. Much like Diane, Daisy doesn’t deserve the type of ending that takes her from her child.

    Paul: Paul is here because under MAB, both of his “I haven’t seen these 2 kids since they popped out of the womb” kids have returned and Paul never really owned up to his selfish and self centered ways of parenting or being a father. Sure, Heather recently said he was a good dad but Heather had an abusive step dad growing up so as long as her real father never raised a hand to her, he was a good daddy. With Ricky, Paul never got to know the kid especially since Ricky’s mom was locked up in a mental hospital. Paul is mostly to blame for whatever happens to Ricky.

    Victoria: She lost Reade because she lied and slept with Deacon and committed a crime. She also enlisted the help of her manipulative father that caused her ultimately to lose her child. She is a great mom but the way MAB let her be written has proven that initially Vicki was to be a lot less “loving mommy” and more “mommy dearest”.

    Chloe: Chloe is a great mom. But in the beginning everything she did was a selfish reaction to her own predicament no matter how you look at it. 2 baby daddies and both brothers?! And then making Billy out to be a bad dad to win custody and then blaming him for not being there when she refused to let him see his child painted her as a selfish shrue.

    Katherine: Tucker? Seriously.

    Harmony: Just watch the show.

    Genevieve: MAster manipulator and liar.

    Jill: Never around for her son.

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    More plot-driven, uncreative drivel from the uncreative minds of Maria Arena Bell, Hogan Sheffer and Scott Hamner!!

    Anita – again?!? Why does this character even exist?!?

    Carmine – A “Jersey Shore” moron written by hacks – NEXT!!!

    Colin – why is he returning? He’s not allowed in the States – why must be subjected to his ‘return’?

    Ricky – another character that could have been a legacy character in the hands of TALENTED writers will be offed by Daddy Dearest – surprised?? I’m not….

    Lameness all around…looks like a boring summer on “Y & R”!!

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    So Tristan Rogers is returning months before Jill? Is there an air-date set?

    I love TR and planned to return for a Colin/Jill/Cane story (& Genv too I guess), but if they are going to have Colin return as a one-note villain to steal babies and attempt kill Genevieve, that has nothing to do with the Kay/Jill Chancellors I’m not interested. His magic was with Jill/Kay and as Canes father as as grey character. The ultra evil intentional drug kingpin who steals babies crap is too over the top, and too STUPID for a children’s cartoon much less entertainment for grown women.

    I watched GH years ago and loved Laura and Robert Xavier Scorpio, but it’s not the 1980s, and Y&R is not GH. TR is an asset as a Y&R character Colin, he brings interest to Jill/Kay and Cane-original Y&R characters. There is no reason for Y&R to rely on nostalgia from another show in this case, new magic is so much better and it rarely happens these days. Colin was a hit when he first appeared and the writing was OK, but the second session written around Genevieve was a huge fail! I tolerated it for the actors only. Millions of viewers grew up watching Jill/Kay- Genevieve never existed and GF isn’t supposed to be Laura, they shouldn’t be writing the story around her. I may love certain actors but I don’t watch just to see them act. If the story is GF and TR (& Stefan?) from GH emoting- who cares?

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    I don’t see Daisy being gone forever. She’ll be back. MAB put this character down our throats for three years now. She doesn’t care what the viewers think of Daisy. MAB clearly loves writing for this character. She thinks she created a new dynamic mix out of Sheila Carter and Phyllis Newman. I say Daisy is going to be back around November sweeps.

    So Daisy’s gone and Anita is back. Well … Y&R won’t make it easy on everyone to watch this show. What purpose has this character again?

    Michael in trouble because of his family already. Wow that took them about two weeks. I’m impressed. NOT.

    Abby is yet in another stupid storyline that has no value. It’s sad! Don’t they know how to write a decent storyline for her? But then again that seems to be the problem with all the characters these days.

    Colin’s back? Isn’t he supposed to be with Jill and return with her in the fall? I have to say that I rather would have Tristan Rogers back on GH. It saddens me that CarTini messed this up. -.-

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    I WANT THE REAL SHEILA CARTER back on Y&R or B&B! DAISY is teh worst charcter to be on Y&R! DAISY must Die and never come back! I do like Ricky, I think he will be the one to kill her or have both on them killed in an accident!
    Y&R must get their act together!

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    What I hate about all this Daisy chain stuff (like has been previously mentioned) is that she did not cause the miscarriage and is being blamed and persecuted far too much for it. The impending charges are ridiculous.

    What I hate more is the usual expected endless set up of all the usual (non)suspects for a murder which will not occur. I dread the coming persecution of those usual (non)suspects by that Columbo imitator named Ronan.

    This is going to be so very riveting and suspenseful! Isn’t it?

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    Genie Francis and her character of Genevieve has tons of fans who love to watch her and appreciate her acting. If you don’t like her,fast forward!

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    hey mon

    Bartman. Too true. I have said since Day 1 that Ricky came on, he could be the future of the Show. But no, this half-Latino fellow will soon be gone. Ricky the serial killer. Ricky who obsesses on Phyllis for no reason. Ricky who hates his sister. I feel bad for Peter Porte. And today, many get their wish and see Porte shirtless for the first time. In a scene where he is killing his girlfriend? It should be in a scene where he is giving it good to Eden or Abby. Oh well.

    I guess it’s going to be up to Carmine from Joisey to represent the Latin men on this show. Wow. That’s a scary thought. Ab-mine could be a decent story-line, if handled correctly. But this is The MAB Show, so we know it will be fire-trucked up. One final complaint…How much better would it have been if Ricky had been romancing Abby, and gotten control of her millions? Not as a serial killer, but as someone who could have taught Vic a lesson.

    But instead, I know, let’s have another 3 months of the Show revolving around Red’s troubles from 15-20 years ago. Never mind that Christine has come and gone, the person Red ran down. So that scene of drama will not be played out. Or maybe the Show can rotate around Red being falsely accused of Daisy’s murder, or Red and Ronan, or Nick and Red suffering together, or Red…

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    [quote=tori87dec]Genie Francis and her character of Genevieve has tons of fans who love to watch her and appreciate her acting. If you don’t like her,fast forward![/quote]

    Fast Forward to what?
    -AMC/NBC -Tucker
    -GH- more Genevieve
    -AMC- Sarge?
    -AMC- Chelsea?
    _AMC- Chloe?
    – or Avery? Daisy? Ricky? Anita? Abby? Sophia? Eden? Carmine? Angelina? and the year before NuDiane & NuHeather ate up major screen time.

    The only Y&R characters that get real story written around them is Victor,& Phyllis w/side kick Nick. Y&R characters that I used to like but they are written for adnauseum,so unless you’re an avid super fan of those actors it’s overkill.

    Where does one fast forward to to see what’s happening between Jill & Kay, what’s up a Chancellor Industries, what is happening with Phillip Chancellors offspring we watched grow up onscreen over almost 4 decades? Where does one Fast Forward to to see and appreciative our long time Y&R/CBS actors, like two time Emmy award winning Jess Walton for Y&R for her role as Jill?

    The least Y&R could do is wrap up the Y&R families and characters they don’t care about and give the loyal viewers that made them a fortune over decades a resolution. I could care less about “celebrity” I WAS watching a story. But they aren’t adding the new hires to the story, they are starting a new story around them and ignoring most everything 35 years prior.

    If someone doesn’t like complaints about too many newbies,maybe they should Fast Forward past the comments instead of telling posters not to make them, because they have DO HAVE somewhere to go and a whole show to watch that’s written just for their favorites. I’d be in 7th heaven if my compliant about Y&R was posters complaining.

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    hey mon

    tedew– Ultra-disappointed when Abby climbed into that trunk. How can MAB play her so shallow all of the time? One minute she’s signing a half-billion dollar business deal for an international cosmetics firm, the next she gets into the trunk of a mobster goon’s car. And she gave out such good advice to her Mother during the Tucker/Yolanda bed ordeal. But now she’s stupid Abby again, instead of smart businesswoman. Weird.

    No secret I’m sad the way Ricky ended up. I like Carmine, wish he wasn’t still an affront to the Italian in me. I’m wishing that he can dish up some romance and love to Abby, in a clear and well written way, but I’m holding out too much hope for MAB. I’m hoping maybe he can add some spark to the lackluster sideshow that is Chloe and Kevin. Oh well.

    Let’s see, what’s happening on the “The Phyllis Show” next week…

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    Still not convinced about or just what’s all about Ricky. But if it’s just that simple that he does turn out to be a demented demon then it’s a cheat on all of us and not fair at all to the character of Paul. I still hold out hope that there is much more than meets the eye in that department.

    Carmine … what useless lunacy. It’s just that plain and simple. I sure hope that the exhaust isn’t leaking into that trunk where Abby secreted herself in though (or do I?).

    Someone else approached Daisy in that ally. I doubt it was Ricky (nor probably anyone else we know either).

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