Mary Beth Evans’ Life Hangs in The Balance in The Bay Season Finale!


Daytime Emmy-nominated webisoap The Bay wrapped its most impressive season to date, with heroine Sara Garrett (Mary Beth Evans) in mortal danger! Ahead of the season finale's potentially lethal final scenes for Sara, her daughter Marly (Martha Madison) was feeling guilty that her muy caliente affair with Manny Ramos (Ignacio Serrichio)—the brother of her mom's mortal enemy Janice (Lilly Melgar)—had cost Marly her family. More of this couple next season, please!

 Meanwhile, Mayor Jack Madison (Nicolas Coster) was as desperate to find Sara, as Peter (Kristos Andrews) was to find his big brother, but why? I suspect Father's Day may come early in Bay City…

Elsewhere in the beach community, Mac Johnson (Lane Davies) was interrogating cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs—and Brian Nelson's (Dylan Bruce) junk—Igor Chambers (Camden Toy); while Capt. Elliot Sanders (Charles Shaughnessy) prepared to face a blast from the past. Watch the sudsy season finale of The Bay after the jump!

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    I wonder if Mary Beth ever has nightmares about Matt Ashford! His characters are always doing something bad to her characters!
    I sure hope that Sara’s possee grows cause right now it consists of the mayor who can’t remember from one moment to the next and a kid with a brain injury that caused him to lose several years. Wait a minute then we have the guy that was drugged and pix of him were taken of a prostitute and no memory of it. 3 people with memory loss. Could that be a clue as to what is going on around town?

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